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Developmet Of Domain And Hosting Control Panel

This project is for the development of new control panel as mentioned in the subject. for which we require 4 individuals(students and persons intresting in creative works)

All resources will be made available by us and a charge of USD 50 provided to each indivdula

A premium of 10% (on net profit) to indivduals would be made.

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Admin Panel Redesign

Create a easy-to-use admin panel for the Nigburs Fine Furniture site, including client instructions to make the admin pages usable for a non-tech-savvy client.

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Model Directory

I need a Php and Mysql admin panel and image display for dancers. The admin panel needs to be a password protected. In side the admin I need the following.
2 Categories to upload pictures and tect data too.
Inside each category I need Text boxes for the following information.
I also need 1 text area box for a BIO or Profle
The final thing is Up loading pictures
1) Be able to Upload 1 Main Profile image
2) Be able to upload 10 other images

Also beable to enter admin panel and be able to EDIT or Delet each entry in either of the 2 categories.


1) Print out all main images and name for each categorey on a page
2) Be able to Click on a image and see the bio and all text data mainimage & other images as thumbs or just smaller
3) You can enlarge each image.

This has to be done quickly its probable something someone good can do in a morning or a day.
Thank You For Bidding In Advance

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Joomla Re-Fix

Hello guys,
i have a Joomla base website which i like the design very much, but the back end not organize so well and i want to have someone expert with Joomla to arrange all the component to be more easy to use.

1.Check and fix XHTML validation code.
2.Check and fix CSS validation code.
3.Check and fix JavaScript/error console "Firefox "
4.Make sure all the site is SEO friendly
5.Fix the back end to be more clean and easy to use
For example: Left panel in 1 category and top panel in another category. Blog category, content category.
6.Check if mobile device view can be better
7. install a nice extension for better use.

* Dont bid if youre not a professional with Joomla!!!


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Wowza Control Panel

we are a small streaming provider and use Wowza to manage live and vod.
we need a panel to check the statistics of users and bandwidth.
The panel must be able to log on as administrator to monitor all applications and log in as user to be able to control their consumption to our customers and their statistics.

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Hosted Pbx System For Us


we are a company with few guys who work from homeoffice. we need a pbx system, where every guys from our team are available on this system. everything must work over voip. we need 100 call numbers and few groups like service, office, grafic, …

who can intall us a pbx system on a webserver? the admin panel must be easy, that we can edit too. if possible, we will start few month an own callcenter with 5 agents. it must be a system, where we can add this to the pbx.

please contact us and send us a bid and how long you need for this. if you know an admin panel with german language, it will be better. but not a must.

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URGENT WordPress Fix

WE have used a commercial component for integration between wordpress and joomla. Its all set up properly but

wp stats upgrade and activation caused it to crash
need to uninstall but cant see site in front or wp admin panel in admin to do it
need to get consumer front back up
need to get admin panel back up
need to upgrade rest of plugins already installed
need to install these

max $20

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Content Exchange Site Like

I want a content exchange site or a traffic exchange site Fully functional With user sign up page admin control panel user control panel Similar to or or any one interested in the project can bid for it

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Betting Website With Admin Panel

We need a Sports betting website built that also has an admin panel.

The sports betting website must look like one of the following:

We also require the admin panel to be fully functional: An example of what we require can be seen at:

The also must be a part of the admin panel that displays every bet placed as they are placed.

We would like to see frequent updates and have a working site/back end before payment.

There is an option for equity in the company instead of full payment. Any questions feel free to ask. Thank you.

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Undetected Remote Control Connection Program


The program is a remote admin access, Which when .exe/server is ran on employees computer it must be undetected by all anti-virus and bypass all firewall, Also must support unique server making/so if 1 is detected by anti-virus then i can create new one. Also must connect from the employees computer to my control panel instead of my control panel connecting to employee. Also be able to use the remote connected computer internet connection to make remote proxy, Must be able to create servers/bind server with other files. The Control panel must be able to download, view files,log passwords,take screenshots,activate camera,delete files…and many more. Only serious bidders with experience in this field.

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Draw Polygon And Calculate Its Angles

This simple program should do the following: the user clicks 4 times on the panel. After every click a line should appear. After 4 clicks a polygon is on the panel. There should be 1 button on the panel which allows to select 1 of the 4 displayed lines. After line selection that line should be the reference to create a rectangle. Selected line should not be moved. The other 3 lines have to be repositioned in order to display a rectangle with 90 degree angles.

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Music Player App Project Work

I need a music player made. A site will be made, but you dont have to make that. Just the application. Ill pay $200-$225 for this work. I have tiny bit of it done. Not much really.

The first page (home page) the person will see is divided into two horizontal segments: the first segment (25% of the home page space) is the username and password (login) segment. The remaining space on the home page will be the autobounj section.

The autobounj section will look like this:
1) The left panel will have a list of instruments just like the profile page pic we sent you
2) The right panel will have a list of featured compositions (1st half) and a list of lastest compositions (2nd half)
3) The center panel will look like a play button with AutoBounj written next to it.
4) Instead of the "MY COMPOSITIONS" panel shown in the picture we sent you, there will be Genres.
5) So when the user clicks on a Genre and hits the AutoBounj button, the respective music instrument notes fly from the left panel and get stacked on each other over the autobounj (center panel)

Also note, we will have a streamer of newly composed songs scrolling across the screeen for each profile page.

Player functionalities:
1) Play
2) Stop
3) Pause
4) Download
5) Bounj (when this button is clicked, all the different instrument tunes stacked on the player collapse and it is added to the "MY COMPOSITIONS" window)

The "MY COMPOSITIONS" window has a list of all compositions created by the user and each composition has a play button that plays the composition, a facebook logo (that lets them paste it as a link on their facebook page) and a download button (that leads to the paypal page where we charge a centain amount for them to download the composition).

When the user visits the website, he should see a screen with 3 horizontal segments.

Segment 1(The top segment): Will prompt the user to enter his email id and password to access
his console or for a new user, will prompt him to create a username and password.

Segment2 : AutoBounj segment which means that on the click of a button the player should
randomly pick a bunch of loops (instrument tunes) and compile a song. There are going to
be a preset list of genres from which the user will choose and ach genre will have a list of
instruments associated with it from which the autobounj tune is compiled.


Once the user logs in, on his account page he will see:

1) Libraries of loops grouped by genre
2) His own compositions / favorite tunes will be available
3) The music player /editor itself with drag and drop functionality (User should be be able to
drag and drop loops and compositions onto the editor/ player)
4) The player editor has the ability to play / record voice / pause / stop/ rearrange loops in
terms of timeline/ post composition on Facebook /download composition.


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Android Application For A Restaurant

I need an android application to display the menu and place orders for my restaurant.
In my spare time I developed a Web based application but I need it on the Android platform, which I lack the skills to do it myself.

The specification and design processes of the app are already done, only the coding is needed.

The app can be divided in 2 parts: front-end (the menu display, what the customer sees) and the back-end (the admin panel with orders and a control panel to update the menu)

Front end:

– It is like a photo gallery or slideshow (similar to the default photo view app) where all the dishes are shown.
– On the center the main image for the selected dish.
– On the top will be a category menu (first plates, meat, fish, desserts, drinks, etc…)
– On the bottom the thumbnails for the different dishes of the category selected.
– On the right side a Info button, when pressed a small window or tab pops with info about the dish.
– On the left side a menu to place the order.

Back end:

– Control panel to update the images, categories and info.
– Control panel to manage the orders.

A developer with android app development experience and examples is required.
A detailed blueprint with the full specification and design will be given.

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Local Stores Compare And Guide CMS

My project is simple :
I want to create a website that indexes local stores of my country based on the states of these stores, and based on thee category of their business.

I want these things :
*admin panel
*I want store owners to have a control panel, where they can edit their products and update their product lists.
*ads management around the site.
*a good search engine for products listed, and comparison between stores, and a rating system.
*a map of the location of this store

I want it fast and with some ajax.

If you think that an existing CMS can do that, please tell me, so you customize it for my needs.

thank you all.

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TCADMIN Billing Panel With WHMCS

Everything can be done in whmcs and TCADMIN no coding should be needed
tcadmin is a game server panel and whmcs is what we use to configure the billing
if you are not very familiar with whmcs then please dont ask

it iwll be good that you know bot whmcs and tcadmin but if you only know whmcs then it is ok

the billing panel will be for buying game servers

options game server name
public or private
number of player slots
and anything else you might have in mind as an experienced person

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Simple Website Design

Hi web designers,

I am a DJ who just started but I need a flashy website to promote myself and my music.

This project involves developing a website right from scratch. I have a reference website which I would like the website to look like. I hope this would be easy. Please go through the website and familiarize yourself with its functionality so that you would understand my requirements better.

Website is:

I don

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Expert Flash Action Scriptor

Hello All,

We are looking for an Expert Action Scriptor. Our assignment is minor for now. But having Mega Projects in April month.

Project Details :

Please have a look at the link :

For now we just need, that if somebody click any Auto Panel in the Flash, the Panel name should be displayed in the TEXT FIELD below. Only 1 Panel will be entered in one time. If need more panel, then need to click Add More, again the same process. The 2nd Text field will be appeared with Clicked Panel name. Thats it.

We have similar 3 autos more. and the work is very simple. We can pay $30 for this. Max it will be doing to take 3-4 hrs. for an expert professional.

Please apply with relevant experience.


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Expert Flash Action Scriptor

Hello All,

We are looking for an Expert Action Scriptor. Our assignment is minor for now. But having Mega Projects in April month.

Project Details :

Please have a look at the link :

For now we just need, that if somebody click any Auto Panel in the Flash, the Panel name should be displayed in the TEXT FIELD below. Only 1 Panel will be entered in one time. If need more panel, then need to click Add More, again the same process. The 2nd Text field will be appeared with Clicked Panel name. Thats it.

We have similar 3 autos more. and the work is very simple. We can pay $30 for this. Max it will be doing to take 3-4 hrs. for an expert professional.

Please apply with relevant experience.


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Price Calculator For Printing Website…Read Carefully..

Currently we have printing website under construction and we have instant printing price calculator for different printing products we sell online printing products like business cards, brochures, Flyrers etc. We need someone who is expert and know how to integrate instant price calculator for all products. we do have shipping calculator from ups and fedex. we need anyone who knows how to make changes in current instant price calculator and know how to integrate that with database so that any discount offer we put on product tab should be implemented to to instant price calculator. We needs to add this thing in our admin panel so that when ever we want to make price changes we can do it from admin panel in Instant Price calculator OR we need expert who knows how to make instant price calculator in PHP and be able to integrate on our website thats in php.
visit our website and make one demo for anyone of the product and send me with all details about how i can operate from admin panel. Freelancer who has not done this short of work or dont have any sample project with same features should not waste there time.. u will have to send me your demo with front end and admin panel excess in order to make sure that you have prior knowledge to do such work. Do not bid without going through the website..

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Community Website To Be Done In RoR Or Python

Hello Programmers. The project is to build a website allowing members to trade items within a community. The items will be physical items therefore there must be a location search.

Fluent in Ruby on Rails or Python
Active Portfolio

Advance Search
Trading System
Users Feedback
User Panel
Update Information
Add Listings
Manage Trades
Administrator Panel
Manage all aspects

Please include your portfolio in your bid.

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Flash Webiste With Php Content & Admin Panel Fix3

Need fixes to a Flash Website with PHP Content and Admin Panel.


1 Issue with Website Displaying proper text from the Admin panel and sorting issues in the admin panel.

We expect to pay no more than $50.00 for this project.

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Facebook Mobile Email Scraper And Poster

You must create a script that will collect a users Facebook mobile email (located at without them having to paste any sort of script in their address bar. It must be completely silent without the user knowing. The email should then be stored in a database. Duplicate emails will not be stored. If this can be acomplished simply by having them load the page that would be ideal.

There should also be an admin panel where I can view how many emails are in the database and I should be able to send emails to a specified amount of emails from here. The ability to spin text is a must. An example of spinning is as follows. {Hi|Hello}. The script would randomly pick one of the words in there. Also, when emails are sent it should tag the users friends in the post. The number of friends that are tagged should be specified in the admin panel. The maximum number allowed should be shown in the admin panel for reference.

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JQuery Multiple Toggles

Ive been writing a jQuery script and I need help finishing the script.

I need the script to have multiple toggle buttons, each button independently operates a div that animates up.
The divs animate over the main page content and if a panel is open and another toggle button is clicked, the open div will need to close and the next div will open. Currently the script I have works great for toggling a single panel, see here:

This is simple script shouldnt take more than 30 minutes for someone who is proficient in Javescript/jQuery.


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Rent A Car Website Like Hertz With Admin Panel Needed

Do u have a car rental website already done. show me we might have a deal

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Need Ushop Admin Panel

Need Ushop Admin Panel

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Restore MySQL Database From BackUp

We need an osCommerce database restored from back-up file. The site was stolen and we need to re-generate database – specifically customer and order database. We will need a working link to the admin panel at completion. The store will not go live again – we only need the admin panel and database detailed above.

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Serial Port Message Relay

This must be in Visual Basic 6 and an Access database file as it will be developed further in house. A knowledge of serial port programing will be required.

Our fire alarm panel sends out a message from its RS232 serial port. (A)
Our in-house paging system sends messages received from its RS232 serial port. (B)

We need to change the message from the fire alarm panel before it is sent out by the paging system.

We need a simple program to receive the messages from serial port (A) and looked up in an Access database the correct message to be sent to the paging system serial port (B).

Therefore the process would be:

Serial Port (A) >> Fire alarm panel messsage received (terminated with CRLF) >> Store message in an Access database table with a time stamp as an event log >> use the message to look up the correct paging system message in an Access data base table >> Place the found paging system message in a queue >> send queued paging system messages to the pager serial port (B).

From Fire panel to program via serial port (A):

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Facebook Custom Viral App

I am looking for a facebook viral script that will not be quickly deleted by facebook. Most of the viral scripts out there have a specific footprints that facebook looks for and deletes, so I need one that has similar functionality

without the footprint that facebook knows about.

The script needs to have a few key features:

Landing Page 1 (I must be able to disable it if i dont want it)
Landing Page 2 (this will appear after users accept my apps permission)

– Post a welcome message & status update to user wall.
– Post to up to 25 friends of the user.
– Must be able to set up apps from the script admin panel.
→ Copy, Edit, Delete Apps.
→ View & check app status, no. of users and pages.
– Control everything from admin panel ex: select user countries to post, manage applications, etc.
Option to disable email permission to make app look more genuine.
→ Set facebook App Settings from admin panel.
→ App Canvas Page Designer with WYSIWYG Editors.
→ Standalone admin panel Login
→ Admin panel Change Password, email.
→ Forgot Password/Reset Password.
→ View Logs of Users, Friends, Pages and Cron Job runs.
-Always active jobs which can post only to new users who added app.
-Manually run specific job from admin panel

I MUST be able to create new facebook apps from the admin panel!! I do not want to edit a config file every time.

The application has to be iFrame, NOT FBML please

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Need A Professional Facebook Custom App Developer

Hello guys,

Lets not waste each others time and get straight to the point. I need a custom Face Book application to be built from scratch. I dont want any app that is already being used by someone else. It should be totally newly coded. I just want experienced coder that can give a quick turn around time with flawless coding skills and clean coding abilities.

The app will be using a admin panel which will be easy to use and I can make unlimited apps from that single panel with a matter of some clicks. There will be certain other features like offline publishing and access data anytime so i cant post anything on walls of my users anytime. Further there are some more features I need, but they are private so PM me if you think you meet the requirements.

Once again I need newly coded custom app please remember that in mind before PMing me.


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