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Academic Paper Writing

We are looking for writers to cooperate with our company on a regular basis. We have a big number of different commissions. Specific instructions are assigned to each of them. You will be able to select the ones you want to work on. There is a variety of subjects to choose from, the most popular being: Business, Management, Psychology and Classic English Literature. We pay from $5 to $20 per page (275 words), depending on the level of difficulty of each order and how much time you have to complete it. The fees for urgent orders of PhD level are the highest, and the fees for High School essays are the lowest.
Feel free to ask me any additional questions.

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5.5" X 8.5" Trade Paper Back Full Color Book Cover

This is a cover for a cancer survivor book. Short-run, offset and LSI file preparation required. Front cover, spine and back cover – bar codes provided.
Thank you.

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Technical Report Writing

Can you write research technical paper about face detection using LBP algorithm (Local Binary Pattern) ??
i want 50 pages you can use some diagrams to support the research.
The paper must be plagiarism free.

Budget: $30 – $60

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Research Paper On The Topic Of Eugenics

I need a 2500 word persuasive research paper done. The topic is eugenics and how can we benefit from using that study in the positive way. Paper shoul have at least 5 – 7 sources all cited. For further information please contact me.

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Very Simple Research

The research you be about WORKING WITH LATINO AMERICANS the paper should highlight the following information:

*What is the historical background of this group in the workplace? For example, when did this group begin to enter the workforce in greater numbers? Are there any historical, legal, or social events (recent or otherwise) that have greatly impacted this group in the workplace?
*What specific challenges face this minority group at work? How can organizations better accommodate the needs of this group?
*How does this groups cultural background differ from the majoritys (e.g., male Caucasian) culture? How might this impact their behavior at work?
* Discuss any relevant employment laws that protect this group of workers.
* Each student should also address how todays emphasis on diversity may (or may not have) caused a backlash against white men in the workplace. In addition, each student should address the role of white men in organizational diversity issues and how they can be integrated as diversity partners.
Your paper should be based both on empirical and/or theoretical research.

it should be written in APA format, and all references should be scholarly journals and I need a minimum of 5 different references, the paper should be 6 pages in length. Please no plagiarism I will submit paper to to make sure paper is not plagiarize. I will compesate $40.00 for this.

Paper should be complete in 4 days after selecting the candidate to work on the project.

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Information Technology Academic Research Paper

This project is to write 6 short papers (500 words each) on six Information Security topics. This paper is technical and therefore requires an IT student or someone with strong IT background (Information Security specifically) to write them. I will provide the topics to the selected candidate. The first one is due in 48 hours and rest can take up to a week.

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Psychology JOURNAL And Research Paper Writter Wanted

(1)I am looking for an academic writer who might be interested in working to writte a reasearch paper.about 10 pages, topic will be provided .I need the source folder along with the reasearch paper. No plagiarism ,I want original paper I have ways to find out if you copied from internet.

(2) you will be provided with some words and you have to find meaning and write a two paragraph on it . All this words are on Child Development Psychology. for example nature and nurturer.There will be 50 to 60 words in total.

Font: Times New Roman
Size: 12
Margins: 1 all around
MLA style

April 10 2011 day or two extention may be allowed depending on progress


I will not pay more than $45 for my frist project.
i will not pay more than $60 for my second project.


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Medical Essay Paper

You are a video reporter piloting a mini-sub that has been put through a miniaturization process making you and the sub only 8 microns long. You have been swallowed by a 55 year old man eating a hamburger, french fries and a root beer.

1.For the first portion of the mission, you are to pilot your sub through the gastrointestinal tract to monitor the digestion of his meal. Describe all major structures you pass by or through, just like a tour guide would do. Also describe what happens to the meal during the digestion process. Once you arrive at the distal ileum, go through the mucosal membrane and enter the bloodstream via the Superior Mesenteric Vein.
2.Now in the bloodstream, you are to go to the left kidney, following the rules of the road Rules of the Road:
Rules of the Road:
A.You may never go the wrong way down a one-way street
B.You are not allowed to create new roads
C.You may choose any possible route

Trace your path from the superior mesenteric vein to the left renal artery, via the hepatic portal vein, heart and lungs. Describe all major structures you pass by or through (but you dont need to indicate every side road).
3.Once youve arrived at the kidney, enter the nearest nephron by crossing the glomerular membrane into Bowmans capsule. Describe the structures you see, and narrate what happens as you travel through the urinary tract, until you leave the body via the urethra.
4.Based on your first-hand observations, wrap up your report by explaining the integration of the body systems in maintaining homeostasis. You must include at least the circulatory, digestive and urinary systems in your explanation.
Assignment Instructions:

Write a 2-4 page informative essay that addresses all of the above criteria. The paper must be 1000-1200 words. You must provide at least 3 professional references, in APA format.

This paper should include a viewpoint and purpose, be written in Standard American English and demonstrate excellent content, organization, style and mechanics. Your communication should be highly ordered, logical and unified. Your paper should be double spaced, with 1-inch margins. Use a font such as Times New Roman, with a font size no larger than 12 point. Correct grammar and punctuation are required.

The paper you submit must be original and pass copyscape. Medical dictionaries and encyclopedias are not to be included as one of the 3 minimum references. If you are unfamiliar with APA reference formatting, please research it or submit all of the information regarding the source so it can be formatted correctly, however, there are many places online that APA format information is available.

I need this paper by 4:00pm/EST on Monday, April 5, 2011 and will pay $30 for this project after I have reviewed it. Please write a short sample addressing one of the points above to include with your bid.

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Write A Techanical Review Paper

I need someone to write a technical review paper.
It is a engineering relative topic.
Project detail:
1. write a 3000-word paper.
2. The paper would be based on the 10 academic articles
(I will provide these ten articles)
3. The paper must demonstrate important engineering concepts
4. plagiarism will not be tolerated
5. It must be finished within 5 days

More detail would be provided after the bidder is chosen.
The budget for this project is 85 USD.

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Write A Technical Paper

I need someone to write a technical paper for me.
I will give you an academic article. Your job is to write a technical essay based on that article.
That article is about some renewable bioengery. And the article is about 19 pages.
The required technical essay should have about 4000 words.

It should be very simple. The project has to be done as soon as possible.
My budget is about 20 to 40 USD.
More detail would be provided if the bidder is chosen.

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Rewrite Research Paper (experienced In MLA) URGENT

I am looking for someone to rewrite, and proofread a research paper. I need to to be totally rewritten, so it can pass copyscape. IIt is 5 pages, double spaced, and must be rewritten by 6 pm…tomorrow (March 29) (eastern time).

Also PLEASE…when you rewrite it, I need it to be dumbed down a little…just the big words. There are a lot of big words in it, and I do not like that. But keep in mind, I do not want any info that is in the original paper to not be in the rewritten one.

Only experienced writers please. It will be looked at by someone very tough on grammar and stuff like that.

Will be payed, only if pass my approval. I am very picky. ONLY NATIVE SPEAKERS

Please pm me. 🙂

Will pay from $30 to $40…but only if WOWed. Please only big $30

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3000 Word Research Paper

Apa style 3000 word research paper about the hospitality industry in singapore

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3000 Words Research Paper


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I need someone for the long-haul. A long term commitment, with lots of writing and research work.

This is for a doctoral thesis. So a very high standard of writing is required, in addition to clear, logical sentences that are free from grammatical mistakes.

The first assignment I have for you is below. Let me know if you can do it up to a very high standard of writing. If you can, I will give you a lot more to do. I would like to work with the same individual over the next few months.

What is needed: An academic literature review of trends in international democracy assistance, who the main academic authors are, and what they said about it.

Before you begin writing, you need to understand what international democracy assistance is. This includes mainly US, but also international organizations. This is mainly financial and technical assistance given to local organizations on the ground to help push for governmental reforms. READ: the summary to understand what this subject is about.

To begin, so I can judge your writing quality, I will give you a short assignment. I will then follow up with more assignments if I am happy with the outcome of this assignment.

I am not interested in paying for a high number of pages. For me, it is quality of the content rather than the quantity or number of pages. So I would rather pay more for fewer pages done well, than pay less for more pages that are not done well.


Summarize this academic paper below. What are the main arguments? This will only be one part of the literature review. 2-3 pages. For now, this is a simple and straightforward assignment.

. Carothers, Thomas. Revitalizing democracy assistance
(there is a section in the article called "Summary" DO NOT simply rephrase that section. It needs to be an analysis of the whole paper)

MUST be free from plagiarism. I will check with a number of different plagiarism checkers, including automatic (e.g. copyscape) and manually searching for phrases and sentences myself in google.

Let me know if you can do it, please. Thanks!

03/20/2011 at 5:03 EDT:

Please also include a please writing sample with your bid. Bids without writing sample will be ignored

03/20/2011 at 5:06 EDT:

Bidder must have perfect, native English. I do not want to receive a good sample, and then have my assignment outsourced to a second user who writes at a lower quality. I am interested in a LOT of work, but need to find an individual that is good and reliable.

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Macroeconomics Research Paper

Full details will be given when the project is awarded.

Topic:Explain the correlation between the price of gasoline and the price of basic commodities.

Essay MUST be 100% original. I will check with Copyscape.

It needs to be 4-5 pages long, professionally written, include all in-text citations, and include references in APA format.

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Medical Paper Box Design,can Be Edited Accordingly

It is a medical paper box design

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The Impacts Of Web 2.0

You are to write a research paper of 3000 words that covers the following issues in separate sections:

a) Explanation and Critical evaluation of Web 2.0 technology
b) Evaluation of the impact on e-business
c) Discussion of possible applications using concrete examples and focusing on opportunities, benefits and risks
d) Synthesis of the above and summary of the lessons that can be learnt from this and what recommendations can be made as a result

The standard of presentation in your paper should match that of papers published by academic journals. You should use the IEEE sample paper format for IEEE conferences or similar as a template.
You should use examples taken from real web sites and the organisations they represent to illustrate your points.
You must justify what you write by using academic sources (based on academic journals and conference papers) to research and cite and discuss them using the Harvard Referencing System (minimum 8 academic papers).

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New Algorithm For Skin Cancer Detection

I would liket to get some help about my graduate project. Journal should be about Detection of Skin cancer using different algorithms and focus on any of the algorithms and redevelop the algorithm.

All the work must be shown and explained in a manner that can be understood easily. Please focus more on Mathmetical side insted of medical side as this is subject for Biomedical /Biotechnology Engineeting and Mechatronicz.

The main goal of this paper should be any developed algorithm and research previous developments, why we have choosen this method and what further developments can be done.

Project should be approximately 80 pages with minimum 100 references. References must be used throughout the whole paper and also at the end of the paper. i will provide the formatting and further information to the winning bidder.

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Company Website Re-design

I currently have a website that I need redesigned and integrated with a content management system. The back end PHP coding is already done and just needs to be integrated with the new site design and CMS. The new website will also need an integrated email signup and autoresponder for people wanting to download our free white paper on the site. Example current sit You can also use new content on this site
We want a very professional logo, website design and user interface, like this site (
The new site should be very clean and simple design, with a landing page to include signup and email submittal for access to our free white paper. (like

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Academic Research Writing Second Life For Distance Learning

I am in need of support writing an academic research project that is based on using Second Life (SL) as a distance education/online learning tool. I have a detailed proposal drafted already and an outline of the research paper to be written. The jist of the paper is how Second Life can enhance distance learning by facilitating/providing a deeper understanding of material and development of interpretive skills. The paper would examine the documented benefits/advantages of Second Life in education to date and compare those benefits to what constitutes a more in-depth understanding of material and also interpretive skills. The paper does not need to absolutely prove the thesis but just present the teaching methods used and that can be used in combination with a platform like Second Life to provide more of a benefit than current 2-D online learning tools like blackboard or elluminate. (Person should have familiarity with Second Life and possibly provide some screenshots/examples)

Like I mentioned, I have a proposal written for the project, an outline of what I am thinking for the project as well as a good amount of research and resources to use as a basis for the paper. Specifically, I would be looking for someone to draft the narrative portions of the paper through research and case-studies that have been done (most provided) and then to write an "analysis" of the research against the benefits to determine if SL actually provides the beforementioned skills.

This needs to be professionally written and NOT plagarised, I am able to use a plagarism search tool to determine if content has just been copied. However, this does not need to be a PHD dissertation level effort or something that is going to be submitted beyond this specific effort…I need a satisfactory research paper, not a work of art.

I am in need of 10-20 pages double-spaced and in good shape (I will proofread/edit as needed) in 7 days or so and then hits on the majority of the project but would be in draft form…not final. Id like to continue work with the same person after that for some additional support/content and plan on doing so if the work isufficient.

I was looking around $20 per page, more if qualifications or level of effort warrant. Please PM if you would like to see any of the supplemental information (proposal/outline) or if you have any questions. Im looking for a RELIABLE person that communicates well and that I can work with over the next few months and perhaps again in the future. I have no problem paying for quality and timely work.

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Small DB System To Maku Up Results Of Survey Sheets

I need a small DB system to enter result of paper-based suvrey sheets and to do some data-processing.
I prefer using Excel but FileMaker Pro 10 is acceptable.
Questionnaire form is a sheet of paper and entries are check-boxs, numbers, and a bit of free comments.

Form layout should be as same as the questionnaire to understand easily.
I have a template file of the questionnaire as a PDF.
It must have function to export all data as a CSV.

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Medical Thesis Paper Proofreading, Very Urgent

Hi I need one medical thesis (2000 words) to be proofread, very urgent. You must complete it within next 6 hours.
Otherwise dont bid.

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Simple White Paper – Technology

Looking for an original (must be original) White Paper on a simple B2B technology topic.

Length is short – 800-1000 words.

If interested, either send a sample of previous work or a link to your portfolio. Also includes ares of expertise if you have any.

Provide your price for one white paper.

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Information Security Academic Research Paper

I need someone to write a 1200 word Academic Research paper on Information Security. This paper will be about an Information Security topic on a Fictitious company so this requires someone who is in America or who can make up an American based fictitious company. I will provide you with a list of three topics to choose from. The paper should be
in APA format and turn around has to be less 48 hours.

Please demonstrate that you can write this and I will email you the topics.

Thank you,


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Business/Research Report

I have a business report i need to outsource, looking for quality writers who can provide me on-time basis with completed output and easy to contact, please show your previous work for me to consider, then i will send the project. Please show written work, could be a research based essay, business report, nursing paper, psychology paper or what not.
Thank you

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Engineering Technical Paper

I need someone to write a technical engineering paper. I will provide them with around 10 sources and they have to write about the subject based on those sources. Therefore having an engineering background is an asset

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(only MS Word )I Need Hand Document To Enter To Word.

I need hand document to enter to word. 100 A4 paper for day need to do 1 week i will send all paper photos

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Paper Editing

I am looking for some help in editing a paper that cannot exceed 10 pages (not counting Title and Reference pages). Final form must be in APA format.
I have drafted the guts of the paper but it needs a full-blown edit.

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2.I Need Hand Document To Enter To Word.

I need hand document to enter to word. 100 A4 paper for day need to do 1 week i will send all paper photos

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English To German White Paper Translation #3

Two small white papers.
Word count: 1621 and 1186.

Needed for Friday Fe. 25th.

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Medical Academic Assignment Start Today Please

In need of an Academic Writer serious and prideful about what they do. We have an assignment for only one person.

Preferred language style: English (U.S.)
Must be able to start on this assignment immediately.

This assignment will be published in a Medical Journal.
The paper should be free of plargerism.
Should be written on a PhD level
The writer should be a specialist in Computer science or comoputer engineer and or in image processing.
The writer should send me also the database and the source code (using Matlab).
Pay will be $50 with a $10 bonus if done on time with no errors, $5 if you are in contact often until completion.

Pay attention to what you write
You must create the project in the most proficient way. Your writing should be clear to the point and logical in structure. The paper shouldn

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Writing Compare And Contrast Paper

Good day freelancers,
Need a skilled writer to complete a 1 page compare and contrast paper for one specific story. Proofreading is required, no plagiarize, 100% original, Need to complete in the next 6 hour since its only 1 page. $4/500 words.
Thank you

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2Translating And Editing A Scientific Paper Russian->English

We have a draft of a scientific paper on a protein involved in DNA repair. The paper is in Russian and is 13-pages long 1.5 spaced. There are four pages of references and these need to be linked.

We need to translate this paper into English (scientific translation) and edit it to comply with PLoS Biology format.

Timeline: 5-6 days after the project is awarded.
Payment is negotiable.


1. There are many biological terms
2. If you send me something like "Resistance against to stress"… in the first sentence of the translation, I will provide a negative reference….

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