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I Need A FAST And SEO And Flexibel Site With Dedicate CMS

i need a FAST and SEO and flexibel site with dedicate CMS that design super attractive
specially Homepage of the site .The design must be super attractive and beautiful because when a
visitor even professional programmer or designer come to our site find that its professional design
site , because once visitors attract by site they
trust better to invest with our company and this increase our profit .
So we are looking for super professional company that do this project for us
Fast Support after design is other important things for us .
below you find the description of this project:

Please note i guid designer in all part to how do it and i made samples in all parts
to understand better what i want and i show it to whom win project , but all parts must be unique .

i want these parts :

-About us :About our company , Company Structure , Company News , In the Press , Contact us

-Open Live account part: all information about # Open Live Account
# Open Free Demo Account# Deposits/Withdrawals# Spreads and Margins
# Instrument * Currency Pairs
# Rollover/ Interest Policy# Change Leverage# Required Documentation
and other information we dont remember now list here

-client cabinet[ login] : show information of each clients accounts

-News part : in this part submit financial new form international sites by RSS

-Technical analysis part : submit technical analysis parts of other sites by RSS

-Fundamental part : submit fundamental analysis parts of other sites by RSS

-forex education part : all pdf ,videos and other training

-forum : place visitors post in it like other forums .

– blog service that each user can make his/her blog

+-make forex tools:( this part is important ):
include economic calender – currency converter – currency charts – currency rates – currency high and low – forex sentiment
– Central banks interest rates- pivot levels-custom pivot levels-stock index rates like NASDAQ , S&P500 and others –
Money Management Calculator – Fibonacci Calculator – Pip Value Calculator –

-Partnership : we want to grow our business service and need affiliate and
introducing broker program

-free service for forex traders enabling to analyze their forex trading account .

– make dedicate Automated link exchange part

-easy navigation to find content , plus powerful sitemap .

– mobile template for site that all users can come to site with cell phones

-the website must be in mutilanguage English ,Arabic , russian,chiness and french

+-contest part :(too important part )

in this part our goal is to find best traders of the year ,so you must provide and make a system that show traders rating

my site url :
[Removed by Admin]

one of our competitors:

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World Press Redesign Header Part And Few Other Things

need to design header& modify css for installed theme wordpress site.we want look really good looking blog
default theme already installed and design header already
but we need redesign header part and other few things..

if you know what you are doing this will finish in 2 hour project.
ill attach site sreenshot

few things need to be modify
1.if i change resolution down to 1024 header image look little big
2.remove + icon from left there is double icon just keep blue one box place move to end of top navigation banner design

budget is $35.00 do not over bid
thank you

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Shipping Module For Shopping Cart Website.


Need an experienced ASP Shopping Cart ( developer for online store. Full payment upon completion.

We need developer to develop a shipping module for our website www,

IMPORTANT: You must provide past work examples, including what part of project was your responsibility.

We Need from you:

– Shipping modules to be installed, like Canpar, Canada Post and DHL.
– Ideally this module would interact with my local postal service calculator to get the shipping cost rates, based on dispatch location postcode.

Full payment will be released immediately after Website has been tested to the level of high quality no problems. This is turn key operation, means this is developers issue to develop the product and hand us over to test.
Payments can be settled with only by GAF. No wire, no western union, no other method of payment is accepted.

No advanced and partial payment will be given for any reason what so ever.

Consistent communication on status of project is a must. Also time is essence of this bid.

** Buyers is allowed to copy development as and when and where he deems fit, he can modify change, reuse, un use any or part or all of development.
** Developer is not allowed to reuse, use, modify change , reverse engineer any or whole part of development.

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TR300 Plan – as agreed in part 1 for $200.

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Unity 3d Game Project, Need 3D Modeller Expert On Cartoons

We have created a dev team and we are already working on a Cartoon style game for iPhone and more using Unity3D.

We need someone really proficient on 3D modelling tools like 3DMax, C4D or Blender , expert on cartoon shading and rendering, that will cover the graphics part on the Unity 3d project.

The textures, lightning of the objects, partical systems and other modelling will be your part of the job, the scripting/programming part is made by us.

Contact me and show me some of your works.

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Partnership With IPhone And Android Developer


We are an Animation Production House called Monson Kings Animation in India and are producing and executing animated feature films for international market. We also provide our Animation services in both 2D & 3D to our clients.

Now, we would like to expand and jump into the iPhone game and app development business. We are looking to form a partnership with an iPhone developer group/ company/ individual to make iPhone games and apps. It is a great opportunity for those who knows technical/coding/programming part but lacks the creative/CG/ Animation part to join hands with us and reach a new level in the industry.

The deal is simple:

> Our company will do the whole CG/Animation on our cost.
> Your company/ you will do all the coding on your cost.
> Profit will be shared at a negotiated percent.
> Both party can take part in Creative discussion.

Please Note:

> You must provide me links to your previous works if you want to be accepted.
> We are not looking for a freelancer but for a partner.
> Please mention how much profit % share do you want in your PM.

Looking forward to make great games and apps.

Monson Kings Animation

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Vehicle Database

I would like to build a vehicle database/spreadhseet that shows each vehicle and the correct sized passenger, driver side and rear windscreen wipers for each vehicle. This information can be found using the Part Finder function at:

Each make, model and series can be selected using the part finder, and all the information is shown.

For the project to be successful, the following outcomes must be achieved:

(1) Develop a spreadsheet that lists vehicles by:
– make (e.g. Ford, Volkswagen)
– model (e.g. Falcon, Golf)
– series (e.g. G6E, GTI)
– start date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 06/2001)
– finish date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 08/2008)

(2) There are four different types of windscreen wiper categories for each vehicle:
– wiper complete blade
– wiper refill metal rail
– wiper refill plastic back
– wiper tridon flexblade

For each vehicle, the part number for all four categories (where applicable) for both driver side and passenger side (and rear when applicable) must be put into the spreadhseet.

(3) Information for ALL vehicles (i.e. every make, model and series) need to be collected and put in this spreadsheet

(4) Data must be well organised and accurate, so I can easily sort through and analyse the data. I am looking to find what the most popular sizes and categories are.

I can give you a starting template or example (see attachment) of what it should look like and you can work from that. You can make changes to this template if you think that this will make your job easier, as long as all the requirements are still met. I will provide very clear and helpful instructions to help you get this project done accurately and efficiently.

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I Need Part Time / Full Time Filipino Writers $1.5/500 Words

Please see the attached file

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Website Customization

Im the owner of a World of Warcraft oriented website. I coded it, but, as I have no skills in website design, I took one. Now, I would like to customize that design, to finalize that website.
What is required is the customization of the images, and, the graphical integration of one part of the website.
The picture is the part that needs graphical integration.
Bid 30$ for this,

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For Orginal Content Part V

I need 50 articles on business related topics.

50 articles for $75…

50 articles at 125 words each.

I will provide 50 differnet business related subjects. I will provide examples of what Im looking for. All articles must pass Copyscape, be SEO friendly, and NO plagarism allowed.

All articles must be written in GREAT fluent English, without ANY grammar and spelling errors

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A Part Timer Website Design And Coding

HI all,

I am looking to create a similar website that of Freelancer. However i do not need such a huge scale. If you are capable of creating similar webpage, do let me know. The job will include designing and coding.

Thank you

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Filipino (Part-Time) Virtual Assistant

I need someone to work at least 10 hours per week submitting articles, doing research, proof reading and other administrative tasks. You must be able to submit around 20 articles per hour to directories.

You must have time available to focus on my tasks. You should have skype and paypal details. Please let me know what previous experience you have. I have work that needs immediate attention.


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Drill Down Search Menu For Auto Parts CRE Loaded Shopping Ca

Looking for a custom search menu for an Auto Parts CRE Loaded V6.4.1 store. The search functions will enable the customer to drill down to a specific part by 4 parameters. Year, Make, Model and Engine Size.

We would then need every possible part that fits those parameters to appear center screen for our customers to shop and eventually purchase. In many cases there will be multiple brands to choose from and even multiple part numbers for each of those brands

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RTH@Services Para Taxi

Dear developper

We search for some developper to create a program to connect to our Central Dispatch Server to make a mobile link to Emergency Client Dispatch Central. We work since 1976 in developping System in Public Security and we have a System to Administrate Central 911 and Civil Defense for Administration of Disasters using Emergency Plan. This mobile application willl allow all our System Administrator of our Central to obtain information from the Central when they are out.

So the connection, inside this appalication will be made to a Server using TCP/IP connection, sending STRING as command and receiving STRING for answer (simple) to put on screen. All the project are defined by analysts. Each project will have a developping period, personal test period where we will dispose a Server to finalize your first tests, a test period will be make with some people from here together and a final test period will be done by us. After these periods, it could be necessary to adapt and modify some small part of the project (even not planed inside the project analize). If some bigger part is need and missing inside the first Analyze, these part will be evaluated separatly to add a specific value to the total of project.

We have some others projects defined and waiting to be developp in some other area. We need someone as a freelancer. Need someone who have already a very good experience with Android and has already developped some application using TCP/IP connection. All Source Code Project need to fully commented. Professional and responsable person. Need person who has a PayPal accound to transfert $$$, Smartphone with Android to make his own tests, email and Skype accound to comunicate with us.

If you are interested or have more question, communicate with us.

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Website Design And Development

Hello all!

I would like the nominated person to design and code a online store with a shopping cart. I roughly have about 20 different items and slowly plan to increase the product range (specialised iphone covers) so there is not a great deal of items as of yet. The more important part of it is the visual design part, which has to be of the highest degree. I will provide all pictures and the designer must add creative input to create the site with me. I am quite new to this so i would need very good communication so i can be guided in the right way.

the end result /lay out would be similar to , i understand this can be a long process when communicating ideas. In the end i would like to have the site managed by my self with ease ( adding and editing items)

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DL Flyer Design For A Day Spa

Hi there,

I just need a DL Flyer designed asap for a mothers day promotion. I have all of the content ready, I just need someone to make it look good now. On the front the offer (the text) is the most important part so I want it the biggest part with some kind of picture of a woman having a massage or a happy woman with kids.

The second side is mainly text.

I need the artwork provided to me in a PDF format with a 3mm bleed around an AUSTRALIAN sized DL Flyer. (210mm x 98mm)

Thank you,


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Geolocation App For IPhone Android Java


This is a three (3) part project, please do not bid if you are not capable of eventually completing the entire three parts.
The first part is the most relevant and is to be accomplished ASAP. If successful, the following parts will follow.
The code can be written using Titanium appcelerator or native code, whichever is easier, faster, and cheaper 🙂
Please place a price bid on each part separately.

Part 1
Create a client app for Android, iPhone, and Java which normally runs in the background.
The app

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Project For Ambar (part 7)

Project as described and discussed by pm for Ambar

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Part 2 For Dotsaravanan

SEO As discussed!

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A Bit Of CSS And Ajax

I have a site that needs some CSS and AJAX modifications made to it. Its not a major project and should not take a pro long to do. Basically the site has assets that are not in the correct place (the CSS part) and need to be put back where they belong. The site needs to display properly in all modern browsers. I also have some links from the home page that need to link to a page that uses AJAX to show that pages information (the AJAX part).

I can supply PSDs to help show what I require.

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Private Project To RockingExpert Part 10

As discussed

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Private Project To RockingExpert Part 4

We discussed the details. Thank you

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IPhone/Blackberry/Android Application Development

IPhone/Android/Blackberry Application Platform

Our company wishes to develop an IPhone application platform to host our clients applications.
The first application we wish to develop on the platform is specified in part one of our proposal below, we will then go onto explain the constituent parts of our platform in detail in part two.
Part one

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Web Designer / Programmer Part Time Committed


We are looking for a committed Design and Programmer to work at least 20 to 25 hours per week on a their own flexible schedule.

You will be working on internal projects and be project leader for various projects including:

Web Design
Script Building
Database Management
Server Management
Task Automation

Immediate Hiring

03/19/2011 at 12:49 EDT:

This position is long term (at least 20+ weeks)

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YouTube Comment Rater

I already have a YouTube comment rater & it works. But it doesnt has everything what I need.

I understand a little bit about programming logic and this is it should be done:

-> Login to account & post comments to SPECIFIC videos. It should have the ability to post spinning comments or simply take comments from a list.

-> Rate the comment always an x-times, which I type in myself in the beginning! Accounts should be either rotated or it can just go through the list. Proxy support is definitely a must & it should support privat proxies with user:name if this is easy.

Ok that was the first part, now comes the second:

-> It shoud automatically check every x-minutes if the comment is still in the "top rated box" right under the video. If not, start part one all over again. Here I would need to enter myself for each video how often it should check for new videos.

-> Now the Captcha part. I would prefer decapcha support if this doesnt takes to much time, but a simple "prompt" with the captcha would do it also.


This all means now 1 software instance for 1 video, but then I should have the ability to run it a few times more, so that it does that to 5 videos or more at the same time. Depens at my PC, accounts, proxies & comments then. Either this way or multiple threads if it is better.

Furthermore this is only the beginning of the bot. If you do this right, it will need more stuff to be added in the following few weeks, so that is even more $ for you.

I dont care in which language you write it, it just have to be a working desktop .exe & should work good and fast, so that I can run it more often at once.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions and / or suggestions so that the process can be done better / faster.

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Project For Simplycss

This project is for simplycss (Diane) only.

I have the PSD for my homepage ready. This project consists of two parts.

The first part is the creation of PSDs for a few internal pages, following the same layout format as the homepage. This task should be simple since you basically need to replace the central main part of the homepage with different content (can be a form, a table, or just plain text and maybe an image) for each internal page. I will also revise and make changes where needed.

The second part is the conversion of the PSDs into HTML & CSS, and a little javascript for mouse-over events on a couple of links. I am looking for an expert in CSS that rigorously follows web standards and standardized conventions (such as using generalized classes instead of IDs) and can build modular clean CSS (e.g. split layout from style into different files) that will be easy to expand, and that works on all browsers.

We will need to communicate via skype. I am willing to pay $100.

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Android Interface

Im in a project of Haze sensor system, I need some one can do the android interface,like attractive user interface,add navigation buttons,get link to map,record and reading history of data,show the calibration constants,show the battery status,make it background process and so on,I now get the hardware part down,and also get the simple program of the phone part,it can get data and send to server now,but the interface is only text ,

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This project will be done in 3 parts to maintain IP and secrecy. First part entails developing a client side (javascript is possible if you can get around the 3rd party limitation, otherwise firefox plugin, java app, adobe air app, or similar) interface that can load a .torrent file, process it in some ways, perform a few tracker related tasks, and store some information to a database and then spit out the .torrent file.

Part 2 will be the server side, with a few features like user verification/accounting.

Part 3 will entail expanding the capabilities and functionality of the system with small 5hr featurettes.

This project is estimated to go viral as such lower initial payment will be preferred in exchange for later royalty (we expect at least 10k users in the first 3 months, each charged $5 so 20% royalty would be about 7500 payable).

Only experience required really is a little torrent knowledge, I can supply almost 99% of the technology just need someone to put it together.

Estimated time to complete part 1 is 15 hours, part 2 10 hours (so total of 25 hours until project can go live), part 3 further 50 hours of additional features probably.

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PHP Programmer Part Time – Work From Home

Looking for a skilled and serious PHP / MySQL / Java Script programmer.

– Working from home part time
– Beeing online available for discussing projects and progress
– 250 USD / month for part time work
– Need somebody to be available online between 19:00 and 23:00 (Time zone GMT+2)

Please bid only if you are serious and skilled.

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Solidworks 3D Modeling Additional Part – For Krim Only

More drawings for the current project are needed. This project is for Krim only please.

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