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I Need A FAST And SEO And Flexibel Site With Dedicate CMS

i need a FAST and SEO and flexibel site with dedicate CMS that design super attractive
specially Homepage of the site .The design must be super attractive and beautiful because when a
visitor even professional programmer or designer come to our site find that its professional design
site , because once visitors attract by site they
trust better to invest with our company and this increase our profit .
So we are looking for super professional company that do this project for us
Fast Support after design is other important things for us .
below you find the description of this project:

Please note i guid designer in all part to how do it and i made samples in all parts
to understand better what i want and i show it to whom win project , but all parts must be unique .

i want these parts :

-About us :About our company , Company Structure , Company News , In the Press , Contact us

-Open Live account part: all information about # Open Live Account
# Open Free Demo Account# Deposits/Withdrawals# Spreads and Margins
# Instrument * Currency Pairs
# Rollover/ Interest Policy# Change Leverage# Required Documentation
and other information we dont remember now list here

-client cabinet[ login] : show information of each clients accounts

-News part : in this part submit financial new form international sites by RSS

-Technical analysis part : submit technical analysis parts of other sites by RSS

-Fundamental part : submit fundamental analysis parts of other sites by RSS

-forex education part : all pdf ,videos and other training

-forum : place visitors post in it like other forums .

– blog service that each user can make his/her blog

+-make forex tools:( this part is important ):
include economic calender – currency converter – currency charts – currency rates – currency high and low – forex sentiment
– Central banks interest rates- pivot levels-custom pivot levels-stock index rates like NASDAQ , S&P500 and others –
Money Management Calculator – Fibonacci Calculator – Pip Value Calculator –

-Partnership : we want to grow our business service and need affiliate and
introducing broker program

-free service for forex traders enabling to analyze their forex trading account .

– make dedicate Automated link exchange part

-easy navigation to find content , plus powerful sitemap .

– mobile template for site that all users can come to site with cell phones

-the website must be in mutilanguage English ,Arabic , russian,chiness and french

+-contest part :(too important part )

in this part our goal is to find best traders of the year ,so you must provide and make a system that show traders rating

my site url :
[Removed by Admin]

one of our competitors:

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Scrape Car Parts Database has a database of 130 million car parts I need to either scrape their database if possible… (here is what a search results page looks like )

If its not possible to scrape the results, I need a script that can query their database, without getting detected by them and return the results on my website…

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Adding Google Map Feature To Existing ASP Site

Hello freelancers!

I have a fully functional asp site containing a parts database. (see attached zip file for all source code)

All of the data is stored in XML files.

The existing functionality will be self-explanatory.
Basically, you browse the navigation tree and select a product line and the parts are displayed from the xml file.

For this project, I would like to add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file. one for latitude and one for longitude.

Then, on the main page, add 2 radio buttons that allow you to select "Parts List" or "Locations".

When "Parts List" is selected, the parts list will be shown just as it is currently.

But, when "Locations" is selected, the lat, long coordinates from the XML file are used to map all the corresponding parts on a Google map.

Requirement 1
Add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file, one for latitude and one for longitude.

Requirement 2
Populate lat and long with random US locations.

Requirement 3
Radio button functionality on main page which switches website function from parts list to location on google map.

Requirement 4
Map multiple parts locations on Google map when selected from Menu in "Locations" mode.

Thats it!

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Create 2-D Work Drawings In Inventor

For a project I need a person who is experienced in Autodesk Inventor 2011. I need a person to make 2-D part drawings with measurements, from 3-D parts that I provide. I have drawn a number of small 3-D parts in autodesk Inventor. I need also to make 2-D drawings and to put measurements on them, but due to some illness, I am now in a risk of not being able to meet my deadline. So it could be nice with a person to assist me with the routine task of making 2-D blueprints drawings of my parts. The person should be familiar with the common European practice of projecting parts and putting measurements. There will be about 40 parts, all of them are relatively simple. My estimate is that there is about 8-10 hours of work.
As I am a student I cant pay much, but these drawings will not be used for commercial purposes.
Many years of experience is not important in this job, but the person must have a good understanding of European practice of putting measurements e.g. ISO 128-24, ISO 128-30, ISO 129-1
The 3D parts are not finished yet but should finish soon. Then I will send them by email. Then the person will have to place them in 2-D templates also provided by me, according to the correct guidelines and put all necessary measurements.
The work should be done within a few days.
Sincerely yours
Michael Andersen

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Sport Website With Phpfox


i want to build social sport website, we have phpfox script and already installed .

i want to have in my website these parts:
1- champions
2- teams
3- matches
4- players – coachs – managers
5- articles
6- stores
5- video/pics

i already designed whole website with details and convert it to xhtml

i need some one to implement design with script and make sure that all parts connected together.

please provide me with your bid and milestone and duration and what you need from me.

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Native English Speakers For Proofreading Of 60 Pages

We are looking for a proofreader to review documents in English. ONLY native English speakers will be accepted.

The proofreader must check for spelling, grammatical, and syntactical errors and correct them. No rewriting is asked except for correcting syntactical mistakes.

Documents have been written by a non-native English speaker. However to help you appreciate the workload that will be required, she had a result of 935/990 for the TOEIC test (equivalent TOEFL: +600, IELTS: 8 to 9), is fluent, and has lived in England.

The work is in 2 parts, total 60 pages maximum.
Including a lot of screenshots, not to be proofread, which means around 30 pages of actual text to review.

The work is in 2 parts: 10 pages will be given immediatly and the rest a week later maximum. Please make a bid for the 60 pages.

We own all copyrights to the documents, they are confidential and cannot be reused.

Please answer with the code 60PENG in the subject

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Web Design – CSS

Need a web template/redesign for an existing website (mainly homepage but probably some changes on a few content pages as well that get loaded through the main template page(index.php))

Probably 3 design variations for the same design or could be different designs as well.

Must have great css skills and provide demo examples of your work.

Should have working knowledge of php as the design and php code are intermixed(some parts of design get loaded based on php logic i.e if statements etc.)

I can provide you sufficient help for what parts of design get loaded through based on which if statements to help you make subsequent design changes but still php knowledge would be beneficial for understanding.

Some parts of the project are still being coded and therefore on completion you might need to make minor changes/adjustments to the design to be fit for the new code.

Put web designer as first words in your bid when you bid.

You can provide a more refined quote once you have a look at the existing page(s).

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Flash Application

This project is for a flash application that will appear on its own page after the user clicks on a small version of it on the homepage.

On the homepage, the app should have animations of different body parts of the human form (I have the graphic for it already). This animation should actually just be a zoom-in of the body part when the user clicks on it. The body parts that should have this zoom effect are:

Each arm

Each leg

Head & neck together

Chest/abdomen together

When the user clicks on any one of these parts, it will go to the actual app on a separate page with more complex animations. The client doesnt want the app to look boring and static when they first see it, so the entire app should have some kind of animation that is always moving even if nothing is clicked on. We really dont have any ideas about what it should be, so you can be creative.

The body parts that have animations should be the same as the list above. When the user clicks on the body part, it should appear red (to represent pain).

After clicking on a body part and seeing the animation, a form with questions will appear. The purpose of the form is to give the doctor more information about the patients problem before he contacts them. The form should appear within the application itself, not on a separate page or a pop-up window. I dont have the specific questions ready yet for the form.

One other thing, I dont have the individual body parts for the animations so they will have to be made from the whole body graphic.

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2 Parts Job-1st Part Everyone Can Do,2nd Part CPA Leads Pro.

Greetings everyone.

there are 2 parts to this project.

Phase 1 – Easy as filling up forms! [anyone can do this]
You will be paid once for filling up a certain number of forms from a website.
You may do this only once.
Do check the project clarification board time to time.
pls bid according to per 100 forms and state in the bidding its phase1.

Phase 2 – CPA lead provider for 1 month*
This phase requires professionals experienced in this field to bid only. More will be discussed after knowing individual more..

Thanks everyone.. theres opportunity for everyone. So u may bid accordingly, pls state on the main bid board which phase u are interested in and more will be discussed in PMs.

Thanks again everyone.. Im using the GMT+8 time zone so i may not be able to answer all msges at ur timing..

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Solidworks / 3dsMax Animation


I am making a simple mechanical demonstration in solidworks. I have all the parts made and assembled, but I need these parts to be animated. It is very similar to this:

I can save the parts for 3ds Max or Solidworks. Aesthetically I want this to look very nice.

I am finishing up the drawings now so if you are interested I will send them over.



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Website Up Grade

This is the specification for revamping website

We make the following points

1. We want to keep most of the content of the existing site, we are happy with the categories and the layout but need some changes
2. The home page to be more dedicated to a parts sales with a section to search parts for parts available
3. We want a better appearance for cars breaking section and make it smoother, the existing way via wordpress looks quite blocky
4. In the parts section we need a full scale shopping cart facility
5. We wish to categories the parts as in ebay under vehicle parts listings
6. We want an easy to use dashboard that will do the following
a) Allow us to log details of cars that come to stock
b) Allow photos of cars that come to stock to automatically displayed, in the cars breaking section , and once the car has been dismantled to retain the photograph for the shopping cart listings
c) Allow a printed sheet to fit no more than 2 sheets of A4 to be generated, to give deatils of car and items of potential stock, this will help when we break a car
7. Site to be developed with SEO in mind

Overall we are happy with the colour scheme and wish to keep- if it is easy to change logos etc then we may consider this. If the developer finds that it is better for him to start from fresh on a new web development template that is fine as long as the web page load ups etc are fast. It might be easier for him and cheaper for us

This is a revamp with adding a few new features not a complete website development package- so we expect a reasonably quick turnaraound

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Custom Built PC Site


I am looking for a Web designer to make a site where the customer can choose different elements and design their own custom desktop pc.

All available parts will be displayed on the site and the customer will choose which parts they want for thier computer the results will then be sent to me to then build the machine.

I must be able to add and remove stock easily so a content management system needs to be used to edit the parts available on the site. Include the code "noonle" in your bid to he considered.

Below are a couple of similar sites please take some time to look over them.

100% payment will be made after completion and upload to my server nothing before as I have been scammed too many times.

Please send previous work with your bid

Only serious birders time wasters will be reported.

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Auto Parts Ecommerce Website

I am looking for a ready made or new design of a used auto parts ecommerce website. PHP, Mysql

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Java And Php Page To Get Remote Mac Address

I need to add java script to the attached php script to be able to obtain someones router mac address when they come to my webpage.

$data = ;
$sendmail = true;

$keyword = ;
$destination = ;
$temp = file_get_contents(data/destinations.txt);
$dests = explode("n",$temp);
foreach ($dests as $dest)
$parts = explode(|, $dest);
if (count($parts) == 2)
//echo Checking .$parts[0]….;
$pos = strpos($_SERVER[REQUEST_URI], $parts[0]);
if ($pos === false)
//echo Nope <br />;
//echo Yep <br />;
$keyword = $parts[0];
$destination = $parts[1];

$emkeyword = ;
$em = ;
$temp = file_get_contents(data/people.txt);
$peeps = explode("n",$temp);
foreach ($peeps as $peep)
$parts = explode(|, $peep);
if (count($parts) == 2)
//echo Checking .$parts[0]….;
$pos = strpos($_SERVER[REQUEST_URI], $parts[0]);
if ($pos === false)
//echo Nope <br />;
//echo Yep <br />;
$emkeyword = $parts[0];
$em = $parts[1];

if ($sendmail)
$data .= "UTC Time:n".gmdate("F j, Y, g:i a",time())."nn";
if (strlen($destination) > 0)
$data .= "Keyword Detected:n".$keyword."n";
$data .= "Redirected To:n".$destination."nn";
if (strlen($em) > 0)
$data .= "Email Identifying Keyword Detected:n".$emkeyword."n";
$data .= "Response is from email sent to:n".$em."nn";

foreach($_SERVER as $name=>$value)
$pos = strpos($goodvars, $name);
if ($pos === false)
//echo Nope <br />;
$data .= $name.":n".$value."nn";
mail(youremailaddressgoeshere,Tripwire Alert,$data);
//echo $_SERVER[QUERY_STRING]."<br/>n";
//if query has fake folder info, discard all fake folders from google search redirect
$query = ;
$elements = explode("/",$_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]);
$elementcount = sizeof($elements);
if ($elementcount > 1)
$query = $elements[$elementcount-1];

if (strlen($_SERVER[QUERY_STRING]) > 0)

if (strlen($destination) > 0)
header(Location: .$destination);

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Laptop Parts Information Data Entry

You would go on The Laptop manufacturers website and copy detailed information off every model listed.
For example we would need to know the laptops, Ram type and capacity, LCD screen type, Hard drive size and type. The information should be provided to us in an Excel sheet.

We would decide the amount of models harvested per hour and pay accordingly.

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Need Developer To Create PDF System Of Content From Database

I have a few Word documents and a large database. Parts of the Word document (could be in text format or PDF format, whichever you prefer the output to be).

Depending on a school that we pick from the database, it would change parts of the document to be generated out as a new document to be sent out to students. This is for an affidavit.

Clients Database is in MSSQL, however we will only be pulling the data from that using SQL Connectors. We will be doing the development on an php/apache server and thats where the document will generate.

I have more information to give once I speak with you.

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Ecommerce Website – Migration


Update of an existing Ecommerce website and migration to a new E-Commerce solution. Regarding the technical ecommerce solution, I let you to propose (Magento, OsCommerce, Prestashop

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100 Local Craiglist Postings A Day

I need someone who can post 100 similar listings a day in for sale / auto parts section on craigslist.
I will not pay for flagged ads. Please offer your bid for a weekly job, i.e. 700 posting a week. By the end of the week – we should have 700 listings live. The listing are about car parts for sale. Ill provide listing text. Your job is to post, and make sure they are staying on craiglist website.

Please, ask questions if something is not clear.

If this run goes well – we will do this on a weekly basis.
Also, this is just for 1 site we own… we have over 100 sites and will need similar marketing services if you can prove yourself with this project.

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Photoshop Car Body Parts Onto Original Car Image. 100 Images

100 images needed to be created. We have all original photos. Basically adding aftermarket car bumpers and parts to an original image of the car. All images thereafter to be converted so all cars are the same colour. is basically the skill of what we are after, not too difficult at all. We have the original part pictures and also the original car photos already. All we need you to do is merge them and create all the end result images for us for our new catalogue. sample of our images can be found on

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Online Quotes Using Eletronic Cataloguing Automotive Part

What we do
We sell car parts ,
We recieve parts requests through third party websites,
We recieve thousands of leads per day
We then cross refrence these requests with our electronic catlougues
We then send quotes to customers via text and email

What we require
We require a person/s to process these leads ,delete bad requests and send out quotes

rate of pay will $100 per week for a 40hour week

Full training will be given, highspeed internet connection is a must , knowledge of automotive parts is a must .

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Auto Parts Webstore

Looking to create an auto parts website similar to

need to be able to maintain it myself (basic skills)

thank you 🙂

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A Small Project .net Windows Application


here is an attached file this is your another project a small one.
let me explain you something about this

when a customer comes 1st he will submit Job Card Entry
add one more field RegdNo which is related with JobEntryCard in $ form there will be added parts consumed and labour charged
Consumed parts will be redused automatically from stock
In bill when we enter Regd.No his bill will be generate and print it with detail like Parts and Labour Charge

If you have any question you are most welcome.
i want this with in two days.
let me know your queries.
find the attachment rename a file name WindowsFormsApplication1.vshost.ex to WindowsFormsApplication1.vshost.exe
location "WindowsFormsApplication1/bin/Debug"


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IPhone Photo Recognition

Hi Freelancers!
We are looking for a developer (or team) to work with our design team to impliment our idea by programming the App and then test internally and with Apple testing.
We need an iPhone app which can recognise bodily parts, much like cameras can do facial recognition (eyes, smile,
nose etc…).
This then needs to put into our design for the app which uses the following flow:

User takes image
App recognises body parts
User can selecct body part (touchable)
App reacts
Information is displayed
Back to App recognising body parts or user to take new image

Thanks for the bids.
DOH Productions.

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Rewrite A Java Module In Haskell

I have a Java project (NLP) that I want to gradually convert into Haskell. To get started, I would like to have the lexical module rewritten. This task itself comes in three parts:

a) parse lexicon files and create maps of strings and words in memory
b) tokenize a text and feed tokens into a morphological analyzer (written in C, you have to create the interface here)
c) digest the output from the analyzer and bring it into the final form, ready for syntactic parsing
Packaged this way, I estimate all three parts to be of roughly equal size/complexity.

You should bid only if you think you can cover all three parts. Your estimate of price should also include all three parts. It could be lower or higher than the amount indicated in the range. However, our initial contract should be binding only for the first part, with the assumption that we proceed afterwards, but the right to discuss conditions for the next phase or withdraw.

The lexicon files are organized by word class (noun, verb, etc., in total 8 classes). They are filled with a small number of words and some annotations. There is considerable variance in the syntax of the entries.
For each entry in the files, two datastructures have to be created: a Word with the given type, and a Concept with a type determined by annotations in the entry. In Java, there are hierarchies for these types, with abstract superclasses and quite a few subclasses.

Concepts are a field of words, and words are mapped to strings.

There are two objectives of this exercise:
– to help me cross the bridge between thinking in Java and thinking in Haskell, e.g.
… how to translate class hierarchies
… how to layout a project
… how to do practical things such as parsing filea
– to create the base for potentially rewriting the whole project

Id be interested in some initial expressions of interest with thoughts and/or questions. Before you
commit to a final bid, I would of course share the actual Java files.

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Nissan GTR App Maintenance Tracker

GT-R Maintenance Tracker – App would list all suggested maintenance intervals, track maintenance applied to vehicle plus include a reference of recommended parts (like specialty fluids, brake sets and link to wikis on upgrades/options for maintenance parts).

i have 2 ideas if i could get a cost on this than i would decide which one to do.. and my other one would be

Being able to track things like:
vehicle mileage
when service was performed (fluid changes, etc.)
when parts were installed (tires/pads/rotors/etc)
count track days (or sesions) in between service to determine life-span of parts
temperatures/conditions at the track
fluid temperatures for the weekend

would like to get estimated cost for this project

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Identify Parts Of Speech In Sentences

You will receive a list of sentences. For each sentence, you will need to identify the part of speech for every word. Only apply for this project if you have a very good understanding of English grammar. Dont PM me with writing samples, this is not a writing project. Just PM me and let me know if you can do this project. If so, I will send you a simple test with 10 sentences. You will be expected to identify every word in those 10 sentences correctly in order to win this bid.

This project will be for 400 sentences with the possibility of more projects later.

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Data Entry In Excel, Small Project

A parts catalog that needs to be entered into excel. I will need a spreadsheet that contains 1. quantity 2. parts number 3. amount of the part and then the total price on side as well as a total combined price on the bottom. I will use this to order parts from my supplier. The parts catalog contains a few hundred part numbers that would need to be entered. I am not familiar with Excel, so I am posting this project!

Thank You,


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Expert Needed – Database, Registered Users, Rate System More


I have an idea for a website that I want created through joomla (if you feel something might be better, let me know). Ill have a template for the website, or you might be able to provide one.

The project has the following:

Rating System, User can post anonymously or as a registered user (registered user gets more features, like being able to view parts certain parts of the website), Email notifications, Picture upload, Search database, Top 10 lists.

As you can see I dont want to go into great detail about the project. Please feel free to contact me. You must have skype and able to speak english!

Budget for this project is $200 or less. No Milestone payments – once complete, payment will be revived.

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Scripting To Perform Statistical Analysis W/in MSFT Access

Part Data Report
Data will be collected every 10-20 seconds and placed into a unique Microsoft Access MDB file in a given directory. The script must recognize when a new file arrives in the directory, perform statistical analysis (min, max, mean, and standard deviation) on the data contain therein, and then generate a

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