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Need Someone To Quickly Write Me 3 Assembly Functions

I need someone to write me 3 assembly functions in MARS (must be done quickly, within 1-2 hours of me accepting your bid)

Very simple, please look at the attached file. I will paypal you $15 as soon you deliver the project.

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POS LoGger…

Software development for verifone vx670. data will be transmitted via wireless or RS32 data cable. please see attached file for application details thank you for your time.

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Email Headline And Email Body Text For Attorneys

I need to send an email blast to attorneys.
I want to let them know how they can partner with our company to sell real estate at auction. This could push their income into overdrive.
Instead of telling their clients to search out a realtor or auctioneer, we can conduct the auction and the attorneys would conduct all the closing transactions. This would be done on a revenue-split basis.
Business Type: Live Real Estate Auctions-Online! Our company has been in business for 23 years. Keeping our clients informed along the way with all interest, webhits, calls, and any pre-auction offers.
I am unsure if I should state this all in the email, go to a landing page or have them call for more info.

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Work On A Dolphin 7 Site

I need a php expert for work on a dolphin 7 site. If work is good there will be plenty of more jobs. Here is what I need.
See the attached file for the job I would like completed.

Any questions send me a message.


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Want Mba Dissertation

I want business management dissertation to be done. I am looking for fast people who can work more fast and can deliver me fastest perfect work in 1 week.

15000 words to be written. my budget is $150

Please find the attached file for title

Only freelancers who have already worked on dissertation are preferable.

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