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Memorise User Name And Password


we are travel agency base in Quebec we have travel consultant to open ther system with itch companie day need USER NAME&PASSE WORD AND CHANGE ITCH 3 MONTH we need sort of programme witch we could register in emplayer
with ther code and we could change it wen they are not working with us sorry regarding my englich i am french
thank you

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FTP Client For Automated Secure Backups, Window XP Onwards

We have a clear understanding of what we would like this software to look and feel like. We do not have time to develop it in-house hence we are outsourcing.

Our company offers remote off site backup. The aim is to have a lightweight software package installed onto a customers PC or server which once setup the customer will not need to look at again. all the files and directories that they choose will be automatically backed up as and when changes are made to them.

everything uploaded will be encrypted and password protected meaning they and only they will be able to access them. file name and file type will be visable but everything else will require thier password to be inputted.

the customer will also be able to restore/download using this new software and, if they choose, they can just enter thier password once to unprotect all the files they are downloading.

the list below is not exhusted and we will be looking for the developer we hire to make suggestions and come up with new feature ideas.

we understand that there are several opensource projects available for customising plus there are .net FTP classes available to buy. We hope to make use of these and save development time

please make sensible bids and leave your comments and suggestions.


Either or C++ to be used
Windows XP onwards & Windows 2003 onwards compatible. Possibly MAC compatible.
Long term relationship required to supply updates, fixes, new features etc etc, client side of this project if phase 1. Phase 2 will be server side.
Regular communication!


Automated upload of selected files/folder and or scheduled uploads.
Detection of file changes which activates upload.
Automated password protection encrypted for all files/folders, maybe some sort of zip?
Multiple ports used
Proxy server settings.
Directory browsing on client machine and remote machine.
Usage counters, total sizes etc
Ability to right click any file on the client machine and add it to the upload list which means that file will be constantly checked for changes.
Auto resume function for dropped connections
Multiple revisions stored on server
Auto creation of correct file structure on server.
Detection of client machine name
Optimized for speed and security
the ability to ignore certain types of files extentions for example .dlls

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Disable Or Password Protect Wifi On IPod Touch

I am looking for someone who can provide instructions or an application to *completely* disable wifi on an iPod Touch. Not just lock down the various wifi-using apps (like Safari) which can be done under the restrictionsi setting, but *completely disable* wifi – or put the wifi toggle behind password protection, so when turned off, you need a password to turn it back on.

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WordPress Emergency Password Reset

WordPress site password doesnt work. Cannot reset via email. Requires emergency reset via FTP

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SagePay Direct Module Oscommerce – 3d Secure Page

This is a very specific module, please only apply if you have set this up before as we have used two other people who have been unable to list. This is an urgent job we need completed by Monday. It should take someone who knows this module less than an hour to fix!

We have the sagepay direct module all setup on our site. We have fully tested everything in test mode and all transactions are being pulled through etc. Also live mode is all connected properly except we are getting an error on the 3d secure page. When we enter our 3d secure password we get the error

The Vendor or VendorName value is required. Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method.

3d secure is the page which asks the customer for their password for their bank card. Because this only shows to UK customers you will only be able to test this if you have a UK card or you know exactly what the problem is already.

We also want all the content took away from around the 3d secure box login form so on the whole page there is just the 3d secure box, with our logo above it with the text below it saying. Please enter your 3d secure password.


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User Log In System For My Website


I need a secure User Log In System for my existing website.

– User registration (Username, Password, E-Mail)
– Required fields for address, phone #, etc.
– Password Recovery
– Edit User information

– can view all user information
– can edit all user information
– can sort users by all fields

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CCBill Integration Help

Ok heres what I need:

I have an adult site that will be using CCBill for payments. Ive managed to get things almost to where I need it *I THINK*

Ive got my forms from CCBill, and when you enter your desired username and password on the registration page on my site, it pre-fills the username and password fields in the CCBill form. Now I need the CCBill form to write the customers info to my database so people will be able to log in through my login page.

CCBill customer support has been very helpful in helping me get this far, and when I asked them about setting this up, they told me exactly this:

"You will need to configure the script that is being created for you as the Postback URL. Once you configure the script, whenever a purchase is made, your script will trigger and post the information to your database."

Ive managed to get through building my entire site with VERY little knowledge of anything, but this is completely over my head. So I need someone to "configure the script that is being created for me as the Postback URL" and (as far as I can tell) thats the last piece of the puzzle here and once this is done, I will be completely set up to take payments (but please let me know if Im wrong!)

I need this done ASAP as I have set the launch date for my site to be April 8th. If it could be done today or tomorrow, I would be a very happy camper. It seems like a simple enough project, IF you know what youre doing (which I obviously dont)

03/29/2011 at 15:04 EDT:

*EDIT* The only info that needs to be written to my database is the username and password

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Password Storage Application

Build a secure application for an individual to store many id/password pairs. You may use any suitable programming language and cryptographic library. The task requires the ability to select appropriate cryptographic tools and proper use of a cryptographic API.

Password Storage Application

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Create A Blog With Adsense Revenue

Hello Freelancer,


USERNAME: blogtest91



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A Domain Registration Website (PHP, Mysql)

This is a repost for project number 987465 to increase BUDGET for the winning bidder which is avijitsum2 from INDIA.

I need a site similar to rohost dot com. Functionality, not webdesign. I have my own templates and I will provide you with them after you finish up the php/mysql coding.

I am aspecially interested in the shopping cart system. I myself am a webdesigner but Im skilled in graphics and less in coding.

Customer should be able to do:

1. check for domain availability.
2. if domain unavailable return unavailability message, if available the domain is added to the shopping cart in the same page.
3. once domain added the user has the following options for it: (a) select buying period from 1 to 6 years if domain extensions: com, org, net, biz, info (if domain extension is .ro the buying period will be lifetime or if the domain extension is .eu the buying period will be only 1 year).
4. next the user can select for the domain 2 webhosting options: WebStart and Webpro.
5. in the bottom of the shopping cart (left side) user must see the online EUR currency ( i already have made a script for that, you just need to implement it, I will attach it it to the project ). in the right side of the screen at the bottom, the user should see subtotal, under it TVA (which is 19% from the subtotal) and under these two the TOTAL.
5. the user must be able to buy more domains at the same time and also she shopping cart must have an X (delete) option for each domain if the user decides not to buy it anymore.
6. last but not the least the user cannot be able to buy just domain registration, webhosting option must be mandatory.

After choosing domain name(s) and webhosting option(s) the customer hits "Continue" and he is redirected to a page where he is asked to login if he is an existing user, or he is asked to register if he is new. Like here:
If he logs in his personal details are printed out and he is asked to hit the "Place order" button.
If he is registering he will have 4 register options: (a) Individual (b) Authorised Individual (c) Juridical Person (d) ONG
( just check out the functionality of rohost dot com and you will figure it out regarding these 4 registration options).

Once order placed, the details go in mysql. Then, in an admin panel the website admin will log on and check his order. After the domain will be bought from the national domain register the website admin will log on the admin panel and hit an "ok" button which will make active & visible the domain in the customer users account.

Customer account:
1. username is the first domain bought and the first password will be generated. the customer will receive an email with the username and password but also an activation link available for 60 mins. If the link is not clicked the order automaticly is deleted from the mysql db after 60 mins.
2. customer must be able to change his password once logged.
3. customer must have also a section where he can se his personal details witout having the option to changing them.
4. customer must have also an order history section.
5. website recovery button (a field where he inputs his email address and once he clicks the send me my password he received an email with his new generated password).

The website must also have a "Domain transfer" section. The shopping cart will work the same as the Register domain one but this time there will be no webhosting options here. Rest is the same.

I want a config fill where i can input/edit:

1. for mysql: hostname, user, password, database name
2. price per year for: .com .org .net .biz .info .eu and min-max years range for buying.
3. full price for lifetime domain names with the .ro extension
4. price for webhosting (start and pro)
5. price for domain transfer which is the same for all.

I wont pay anything until Ill get the source code to test it and debug it.

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Profiles Links Building

I am Looking for Experienced link builders to provide 1000 profile links

Project terms and condition:

all sites must be PR4 or higher.
All links should be from different domains.
All links must be DO FOLLOW.
All profile pages must be publicly viewable in Google.

Excel Spreadsheet should be provided profiles registered
URL of the profile page
Domain PR
Username / Password (You can use the same username password and e-mail on all profiles).
Email address and password to email address

All above criteria will be verified before final payment is made!!

Project should be done in 7 days!

I reserve the right to reject any links that do not meet standard

Happy Bidding!!

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1000 Angela/Paul/Kyle Profiles Links Building

Looking for Experienced link builders to provide 1000 Angela/Paul/Terry style profile links.

Project terms and condition:

1. Web Top Level Domain must be PR4 or higher.
2. We will provide 2 links/keywords to be inserted in profile page.
3. All links should be from different domains.
4. All links must be DO FOLLOW.
5. All profile pages must be publicly viewable in Google.

Excel Spreadsheet should be provided profiles registered
URL of the profile page
Domain PR
Username / Password (You can use the same username password and e-mail on all profiles).
Email address and password to email address

All above criteria will be verified before final payment is made!!

Project should be done in 7 days!

I reserve the right to reject any links that do not meet standard

Happy Bidding!!

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Password Protection & Shopping Cart For Small Business Site

I have a small business website and Im looking for someone to help me create (1) javascript password protection for multiple users and destination pages, and shopping cart.

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Word Template – Document Properties – Custom Dialog

Word 2010 and Word 2007
I need a custom dialog box that prompts a user to add document properties:
1 – when creating a New document
2 – on SaveAs
3 – on Save prompt: edit doc properties y/n

User to complete/confirm standard properties, including:
Author (auto)
Company (auto)
Category (drop-down – Draft, Final, Expired etc)
1 – check boxes for common items, or auto complete from list of common items
2 – free text (auto-add delimiters)

Also Custom:
Department (check boxes)
Confidential y/n (if y – prompt password required y/n? if y then password dialog)
possibly others

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Add Comments To Dailymotion Videos Autopilot

This is my second post, I havent had luck on finding a programmer to do this project for some weird reason.

We need a Video Commentor made for the website Dailymotion. We need this made is Visual Basic 2008 or at the very least 2005 or 2003. We as well need the source code because we are adding this onto our existing program also I would love to learn from the code.

Very simple program: All I need it to do is this

Interface of the program needs to consist of:
Load multiple accounts into a list box to use to send comments to
load multiple video urls for the videos to send the comments to
load multiple proxies into a listbox to use(We rent 1,000 Level 1 HTTP proxies that doesnt require a password to use)

This doesnt have to be multi threaded. We can get you to upgrade it later to multi thread it if we feel the need to have that type of speed.

Operation of program:
The program will need to sign into the first Dailymotion account we have loaded in the list box using the first proxy in the list box(Totally behind the scenes, NO WEBBROWSER CONTROL!), then send the comment we specify. Then log off that account then sign into the next account and do the same.

You can just rotate the proxies, like I said we have 1,000 of them.

The Dailymotiong Accounts needs to be in this format:

If we are happy with this project we will immediately hire you to make a rating, favoriting, subscribing, etc program for dailymotion. Thanks a bunch!!!

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Registration Page For Web-service

The existing HTML-code of a web-page is to be modified to perform the registration process to a web service.
Registration means, the user has to enter a username and a password.
The password has to be entered twice, for verification, and it has to be hidden.
Additionally, some type of captcha verification has to be implemented.

The user/password information has to be stored into a sqllite-database. Unique key is the username.
Parallel acces to the same database by other processes on the server have to be taken into account.

The web-page, to be modified for the registration, already exists, as well as the data base file.

Qualified bidders will receive further details about the project to refine their bids accordingly.

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Help In JAVA And JNI And C Language

Dears ,

I have a small task , I have c code that define JNI . the java will call the header

the c code is :

JNICALL Java_project_projectNative_getdata
(JNIEnv *env, jobject, jstring password)


// example format , unsigned char pin[] = {0x31, 0x31, 0x31, 0x31};



what I want is just a code that receive the jstring Password and assign the value of it to unsigned char pin[] as hex

the input of password is String and it will be like this "1,1,1,1"

it should be converted to unsigned char : {0x31, 0x31, 0x31, 0x31}


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File Finder

1. Crawl entire enterprise network from a central location and creates list of all files found.
2. Must be fast to execute may be multithreaded and distributed execution.
3. Platforms: Windows, Linux and UNIX (May be two independently compiled versions of same program. Linux and Windows)
4. Password protected to install and run
5. Password must be automatically generated based on a to-be-supplied ASCII string combined with four letters representing month and year of installation.
6. Program must require re-installation every 60 days or it will not run.
7. Creates an 256-bit AES encrypted password protected .csv file which lists all available information about each file discovered including computer name and IP address, file path, account, etc… This password is same as the installation password.
8. Source code should be well commented so that maintenance may be performed and build instructions and script provided.
9. Program must be complied under Linux operating system and or Microsoft Developer Studio 2005.
10. Resulting executable must be stripped and obfuscated.
11. Easy to uninstall.

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