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Rotating Cube Questions

I need to create 400 rotating cube questions.

Three sides of the cube will be visable and then a 90 degree rotation of the cube will be made (left, right, up, down)

There should then be a choice of 5 possible answers.

The format of each question should be as followed:

First Cube is to Second Cube

Third Cube is to ? Answer A Answer B Answer C Answer D Answer E

The first and second cube must follow a pattern (left, right, up or down)
The third to the ? must follow the same pattern but will have different shapes inside.

Each question must be different although some shapes may be repeated in different combinations.

Please make a mock up of one question to ensure quality and understanding of required questions.

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Minor Graphic Design Work

Hi Guys,

Im a real estate agent in Western Australia.

I just need someone to re work some of the colouring on my business logo.

You can see details here at What I want is to replace the blue fractured pattern with a darker, solid blue. I like the fractured pattern but its very hard to apply to different marketing collateral, especially print.

Will pay up to $20 AUS.

If you can help, please apply.


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Handbag Pattern Creation

Im looking for help in creating 4-6 patterns for handbag designs. The actual handbag design image and measurements will be provided prior to pattern creation. Some guidance on scale may be needed during creation. The first round of patterns may only take a few hours but additional hours may be requested if other patterns are needed. Please include cost of supplies and hours in your bid.

Would prefer to work with someone in person in Chicago to avoid shipment of designs and patterns.

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Pattern Design Technical Fashion Design Industrial Designer

Need to find experienced product designer with pattern making ability to assist on development of Messenger, Satchel, Tote, Sling, and Duffel style bags, as well as design of productivity products such as Ipad and Notebook cases, Journals, Organizers—–Experience with Bags and cases is very much preferred! These would be an ongoing commission based assignments with work passing back and forth between the technical designer and the style/fashion teams. Please respond only if you have worked on similar projects in the recent past. Thank You!

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Augmented Reality Mobile

Hello Its Urgent,

I want a small Augmented Reality app for Mobile mainly for Android and i-Phone.. Its very small app Half of the project is completed . Project is like when ever user shows mobile camera to any building wall a 3D dragon will start crawling on it small animation will occurred which is build in flash or any 3d tool.

Currently dragon is mapped on pattern. And i want this app without using any pattern.Result should be " The 3D dragon should come directly on the wall with out any need of pattern" .

Skills should till now : Adobe Flex 3, Papervision3D, Flartool-Kit And ActionScript Library.

Mayur Mohite
CEO & Director
Flenix Interactive Systems(

03/07/2011 at 5:33 EST:

Hello Its Urgent,

I want a small Augmented Reality app for Mobile mainly for Android and i-Phone.. Its very small app Half of the project is completed . Project is like when ever user shows mobile camera to any building wall a 3D dragon will start crawling on it small animation will occurred which is build in flash or any 3d tool.

Currently dragon is mapped on pattern. And i want this app without using any pattern.Result should be " The 3D dragon should come directly on the wall with out any need of pattern" .

Skills should till now : Adobe Flex 3, Papervision3D, Flartool-Kit And ActionScript Library.


Mayur Mohite
CEO & Director
Flenix Interactive Systems(

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Flash AS3 – Beginning Of A Game

This is the first step of a game project. Im a Flash developer myself, so Im looking to find someone I can give clear and definite tasks to.

The job is:

#1 Source an attractive set of vector gems images (at least 7 colours of gems, preferably 8). gpallis will pay for the images themselves.
#2 Display gems in a random 6×8 pattern, with some space between, as in this image: . Final size should be no more than 400px high, 350px wide.
#3 Clicking a gem should cause it to disappear. This should be animated – the gem should shrink until it disappears.
#4 When this happens (and the animation is complete) the column of gems above should all fall down. They should bounce a little before settling down (you could use the tweenlite bounce easing here).
#5 A function needs to be written to create a new pattern with a higher probability of some types of gem. So for example, it is passed [10,15,10,20,12,8,12,13] and it knows to make 10% red gems, 15% orange gems, etc.
#6 A function needs to be written to add new gems to the top of the pattern, and have them fall down into position. Like the previous function, it must allow changes to the probabilities. The gems should fall down from left to right, not all at once.

Thats it. If Im happy with the work, Ill likely award the winning bidder the next step in the development of the same game.

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Convert Python Application To C#


I have the following application in python and I would like to convert it to c#.

Im looking to have the web interface. I just want to have a C# method that receive html pattern and return the inline html pattern.

As I mentioned the source code is available in python.

Please dont reply if you are not familiar with C# and python.


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Stock Scanner [Triangle]

Need a programmer preferably with some understanding of technical analysis or chart pattern.
Need a program to scan end of day data from
major stock markets for triangle pattern.
Data to be downloaded from yahoo finance
Program should be able to scan & pick up triangle pattern from Daily, weekly and monthly stock charts.
Pattern scanned should be able to be displayed in the candlestick format
And displayable as HTML and as Iphone App.

For an idea of triangle pattern
Goto :

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Script For Fetching Mails

I need a script that connects to mail servers via POP3, POP3s, IMAP or IMAPs and fetches emails without deleting them. The script shall check for each mail if a pattern can be found within the mail body defined by the mail subject. If not an error shall be written to a logfile. If one error occurs during a fetch the status is BAD, otherwise OK.

The script shall take the following arguments: mailserver.xml tests.xml logfile.log status.log


<ID>CHECK ONE</ID> # Any (String)
<SUBJECT>Subject 123</SUBJECT> # Any (String), full match
<PATTERN>ABC</PATTERN> # Any (String), within mail body
<ID>CHECK TWO</ID> # Any (String)
<SUBJECT>Subject 456</SUBJECT> # Any (String), full match
<PATTERN>DEF</PATTERN> # Any (String), within mail body

logfile.log (Format and possible cases):
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TEST-CASE-ID OK # If pattern for subject can be found in body
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TEST-CASE-ID ERROR # If pattern for subject can not be found in body
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID CONNECT-ERROR # Mailserver can not be reached
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TIMEOUT # While fetching a mail an timeout occured


The script can be in perl, php, python or bash.

The source code has to be very lean and well documented.

Please state in your private message which language you want to use and add a sample script of yours as reference.

The chosen service provider has to be able to issue a valid invoice (including local tax id OR vat code in case of a company). Additional projects to follow.

Best regards,

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Fabric Pattern In Vector

I need to create a "vector fabric swatch". Basically, I need to recreate a fabric in vector form so that we can use it to print on a polyester shirt.

Please see uploaded images "ed1" and "ed2" for details of the fabric.
Please see "Edelweiss shirt" for an example of the final product we are trying to make.
You will notice that the fabric design in "edelweiss shirt" is NOT as detailed as the fabric examples, and so we need someone who can create this in vector format.

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Android Design (Dashboard Pattern)

This is a mainly design task for android. I want you to design a android app. The app should contain about 5 screens. The following needs to be done:

– Create an android project
– Design logo and banner to be used
– Make the layout of the screens for the different screens. The main screen should be based on the dashboard pattern. Its the same type of design that is used on the twitter and facebook apps for android. There are many code samples on google for this design pattern so its not that hard to implement.

This is a simple project that doesnt require much programming skills. The main challange is on the design part. However since android layout design kan be a bit of challange knowledge of android is required.

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UML And Design Pattern

This is a architecture Design,

The main aim of this project is to submit UML diagram based on the application of Design Pattern in an advance way.

It should represent an complete system of catering for elder with enough methods and the architecture should show the relationship of these methods with uses of the appropriate Design patterns.

20 methods , methods are flexible by the creativity of the Designer;

3 – 4 Design Pattern to be applied;

The main issue is first Design Pattern and Second UML.

A programmer should be able to write and make the architecture as code right away just by looking at the architecture.

The system should have use some design pattern and the design should be as the way that the UML design can be guide to write the complete code for a programmer without knowing the senario.

Design design pattern should have been used. Design should be implemented in UML.

A visual studio , Deisgn is enough , No coding is required.

UML with use case diagram and Class diagram and component diagram.

Specific requirements:


A government institution is providing catering to elderly people. People can place an order to receive lunch every weekday, every weekday and Saturday or all days of the week. The lunch is chosen from a fixed menu (e.g. normal, diet, etc.). Food is shipped to the homes of the elderly people on all days of the week except Sunday and holidays;

when there is no shipment, food is delivered on an earliest day as appropriate. In addition to their regular order profile (e.g. every day of the week), they can decline food for specific days or ranges (e.g. Sep 16-20), e.g. for the duration when they are hospitalized.

The institution charges the people based on their annual income, people with low incomes receive more discount; the discount is a percentage determined from a look-up table (e.g. people whose income is less than 5000 EUR receive 20% discount).

The look-up table changes every year based on government regulations. Design a system to be used by administration personnel that can track orders, make delivery and financial tables. Delivery tables help shipment determine what type and quantity of food to deliver to what addresses, they are printed at the beginning of the week.

Financial tables help the institution charge people based on the amount of food they have ordered, they are printed at the end of the month. As you can see, this specification is much broader, has lots of actors and objects that interact.


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Output Png Files From Multiple Illustrator Files

I am looking for a quote for a client, regarding images required for creating a shirt from Adobe Illustrator Files (CS4):

Quote Information:
We will supply all illustrator files (version: CS4), there are 48 of these. Each time we need a new pattern applied to a shirt, we will supply a high resolution image of the pattern; which needs converting into vector art (Illustrator) format. Each pattern will require each Illustrator file to be updated with the new pattern and output to a png file with alpha channel. Each of the Illustrator files represents a shirt part (such as sleeves, collar, etc).

Work Required:
For each pattern supplied, you will be required to convert pattern to vector art; open 48 different Illustrator files; apply the pattern and output each file to png format. Please supply a quote per pattern. A typical shirt pattern would be stripes or chequered; they do not get too complex.
1. Create a repeating pattern (vector art) from a supplied photograph of the pattern. (The pattern is used within the supplied Illustrator templates)
2. Open up each supplied Adobe Illustrator (cs4) file (48 of), apply the created pattern (in step 1) and output as a png file (with alpha channel)

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Triangle Scan

Need a programmer preferably with some understanding of technical analysis or chart pattern.
Need a program to scan end of day data from
major stock market [initially Austalia Stock Exchange] for triangle pattern.
Data to be downloaded from yahoo finance
Program should be able to scan & pick up triangle pattern from Daily, weekly and monthly stock charts.
Pattern scanned should be able to be displayed in the candlestick format
And displayable as HTML
For an idea of triangle pattern
Goto :

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Perceptron Learning Rules (pocket Algorithm With Ratchet)

I need a small program for Perceptron Learning rules (pocket algorithm with ratchet)
#Saves the best weight vector
#If find better than replace the best
#Before replacing w with w1 new, test w old , a w1 new on every input pattern
#Apply the rachet pocket algorithm to linearly separate input patterns
#Can be done in C/C++/JAVA

Must Use follwing dataset

Data for Pocket Algorithm with ratchet

(0.05 ,0.5,0.82,0.15,0.75,0.3,0.65,0.35,0.95,0.45,0.12,

#Programe should be able linealy separate all pattern classes

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Java Applet With URL Parsing

We need a Java applet with these features:

It checks some URLs from known domains and find patterns. If patterns are found return true, if not return false. Its a link checker.

The applet should reveive an ID when it loads from the website and that ID should be use to load a URL that have a list of links.

The applet reads the list and check every URL, and store the results. Then, makes an HTTP query to a URL with the result of each line or URL.

The patterns will be stored in a file like this, so we can update them when we need:


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Iphone Sound Pattern Detector

Detect particular sound pattern and make a phone call to a pre-defined phone number after it is detected.

The app will have some previously stored sound files (wav file, for instance). Each file will have a length of about a few seconds.

The app has to continuously listen what is received from the microphone and show in the screen a number indicating the "similarity" of what is hearing with the previously stored sound files, in a scale from 0% to 100%.
In case it is over the threshold (say 80%), it will make a phone call to a pre-defined phone number.

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C# MVC2 EF4 Template/Pattern

I have look on the net but no luck.
I am looking for a well constructed mvc2 Entity Framework 4 VS2010 Project that has the ability for unit testing, a generic repository so I can populate with hard-coded data for testing, and some example views/models that construct foreign key relationships between a few tables in SQL server.

Basically I want to create a project, but I am struggling on how to code the EF4 classes and how to use them.

I am hoping for someones best-practice guide, that is well documented in English, so I can follow, learn, and replicate for my project.

If you have any questions please ask.


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Seamless Patterns For Photoshop

I am looking for a highly skilled person who can make me a Photoshop pattern (.pat) set , with 5 different pattern types.

This must be 100% from scratch,and all sources must be included.

You must be the designer, please do not bid if you intend to outsource, or give the project to someone else.

I would like to work directly with the designer, to build a working relationship, and all work must be done through here.

If You can do , this I will keep You busy on here with extra sidework,and possibly alot more work , depending on how active you are, and how interested you are in what im doing.

Please be able to speak on skype, and please be on eastern standard time.

If You are from outside of the USA, You need not bid.
I can only work with people I understand.
Please,and Thanks

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Land Mark Pattern Designer (component Footprint)

We will provide datasheets or component part number for generate land pattern (component footprint). He/she should have experince in CAD/CAM, PCB Layout area. S/He should have hand on practice with OrCAD 9.1 and above, Protel, Protel 99 SE, altium. S/He has to provide data as per our requirement.

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Model For Pattern Rendering 3D-2D

Create a realistic 3D model based on 2D images of white a 3D object (for example clothes) such that it is easily possible to render arbitrary pattern over its surface and get the right shapes and shadows in order to produce a new 2D image of the original object with the pattern on it and in the exact same position as the original 2D picture.

When responding please let us know what techniques you want to use for this problem so we can see how it fits into the larger project.

A relevant portfolio and CV will help too.

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Magento CSV File

I am looking for an expert in Magento. I have about 500 products uploaded into my store. I added several attributes after products were already uploaded. I need somebody to re-upload these products again including all attributes. I need somebody who understands Magento well.

Second part of the project will be creating a brand new CSV spreadsheet with more products about another 500 and uploading them to my store.

Person needs to understand SEO especially when creating new CSV file
Needs to understand difference between type of materials for example: Pattern, Gingham, Plaid, Paisley, Patchwork, Damask,Toile, Quilted as one of the attributes is material style/pattern. I need these to be done well.

Please let me know how much would you charge for each part separately.

Please provide with some samples of work so I know you understand Magento.

Thank you

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SE Crawler

Linux based crawler to scan through search result on various search engines and dump data in mysql database .

should have experience in sock based programming . pattern matching . and databases .

Proven skills in heave text pattern matching

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Create Pattern Sheets From Sources I Give

I want a Photoshop/ Illustrator person who can design pattern sheets for me. I will give sources to use, you will have to use actions to make pattern sheets out. (you can also make a photoshop .abr file that is ok too.

Pattern sheets must be inspired from sources mixing matching stuff, and then they should also be of good quality and web 2.0 feeling with Damasks and vintage look. Not looking for regular stuff. Price is 30 dollars for 100 patterns and you will have to change color sceme 4 more times in each pattern by "ps actions" so that it gets different feel.

For example make a pattern sheet derived from

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Graphic Artist Needed To Create Sewing Pattern Images

Small independent sewing pattern company requires original images to use in sewing patterns. The ideal candidate will have experience sewing as well as a solid graphic design background. Images can be delivered as .jpgs or .gifs. Images include the following standard pattern directions such as:
installing a zipper
form a casing
trim close to stitching
clip corners
clip inner curves
notch outer edge
form pleat
right side of fabric
wrong side of fabric

Also required are 4 drawings (2 each) of male and female models that can be edited to show a sketch of completed garment. Drawings need to be editable in Inkscape or Open Office Draw. Model faces are important. They should be attractive and shown with a closed-mouth smile. Hair on female models should be shown as pulled back in a bun, male hair short and neat. Body stance should be forward facing, feet shoulder-width apart and shoulders level (i.e. not one shoulder lower than the other as if posing for a picture), arms should be shown as relaxed, slightly bent at sides. A second male/female model drawings should have one arm bent as if holding something. Model sketches should be approximately 4.5 inches tall, but also resizeable.

All sketches and artwork must be your own original work and cannot be copied from an existing sewing pattern.

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PHP Parser REGEX For 20 Sites


I have created a script that fetches properties from other peoples websites.

The script is quite rough but understandable.

I need some one to visit a list of 20 websites and create the REGEX for fetching the properties.

The regex looks like this

$pattern =
"/" .
"<title>(.*)((.*)) (.*)&euro; (.*) ((.*))(.*)</title>" .

preg_match_all($pattern, $subject, $matches);
$title = $matches[1][0]. .$matches[6][0];

Each site must fetch a

– title
– description
– photos
– price
– area
– postcode
– no of bedrooms
– land size
– Extra features

The sites are in French but I dont think you need to understand them.


Happy bidding

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PHP To Rewrite A String

For a group of text files in an input folder, I wish to have the corresponding processed text files in another output folder. The processing involves finding a pattern in the text of a file and changing to another pattern. For example if the input text is:

"{There are|You will find|You can find} {several|a number of|numerous} {strategies|methods|techniques} that {can be|could be|may be} {used|utilized|employed} to {ensure|make sure|make certain} a {successful|productive|profitable} goose hunt.."

We want output to be:

"{There are|You will find|You can find} several|a number of|numerous/ <strategies|methods|techniques> that {can be|could be|may be} used|utilized|employed/ to <ensure|make sure|make certain> a {successful|productive|profitable} goose hunt."

You will notice in every three strings of "{….}" the second one is changed to "…/" and the third one to "<…>" with the words and characters within brackets unchanged.

We wish to have a php code that will rewrite the texts in all files in input folder into this pattern in similarly named files in the output folder.

We also wish to have the flexibility to define the pattern and the rewritten patterns as far as possible.

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The Pattern Cover

Private bid on The pattern cover.

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