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Form Submissions From Unique IP

The work involves form submission from unique IPs. I will pay per 1k submissions. People can bid for 1k

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100+ Real, Unique Forum Members

Our goal is 100+ forum members to begin with. We have 10 presently. The forum has great potential, we just need to harness it. Its not a difficult project. All we need is 100+ members on our forum. This can be done through backlinking, social networking, design tips, and more. We dont care how you do it, as long as you dont pay people to do it and create many fake accounts. We can tell if they are fake.
This isnt a very difficult project, but it is important to us. Thanks!
For reference, our forum is at

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Sales People Wanted, Lucrative Opportunity

Were looking for sales people who are able to make phone calls within
the USA selling press releases and website services which we can provide the leads or you can do your own, This can be any business in the USA. This is a serious
opportunity for sales associates to make alot of money. Note: There are other methods to sell our service, whether it is face to face with any business or making calls. This will pay $45.00 per closed sale.

Kindly reply to this with your qualifications. I am
looking for a few people who are willing to do around 50-100 calls per
day. I need someone to close the sale on the phone, and I will
do the rest.

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SALES PEOPLE Sell Our Aged Leads

We are looking for salespeople to promote our entire optin database to call centers and bulk emailers around the globe. This data is aged and has been used for email before but hardly ever for telemarketing. Over 100million unique optin data records of USA citizens in a wide range of niche markets. We want you to find buyers to purchase the entire collection for the year 2010. As a bonus you can offer them the complete 2009 collection as freebie.

There is alot of value in this database. Used right and by a very worthy call center, they could easily turn alot of these leads back in to realtime, live transfer leads worth a good $$.

If you would be interested in finding buyers, we can dicsuss price ranges but this is not some $500 pump and dump. Great value in the data means a price that corresponds to it. Great income injection for anyone who finds the right buyer. One sale to a Pakistan call center brought in a 110k sale resulting in 25% commission payment to the seller of a very sweet $27k

Results solely based on your abilities and contacts you have in the industry.

We also interested in buyers looking for realtime, live transfer leads, call center appointmet set leads and more also.

PM me with what you are interested in doing

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70 X 200 Words Articles On Mobile Phones

I urgently need 70 X 200 words articles on different models of mobile phones…I need them in 24 hours time. SO I will hire 5 people….for every 10 articles of 200 words I would pay $5. Mind it , they are 200 words articles.
Please bid immediately with a sample.

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Commission On Sales In People / Lead Generation

We are looking for Sales / Lead generators to work on a commission on cash-in basis only. Companies or individuals can bid for this and we are looking for people from a number of countries world-wide.

The following applies to this role

– Preference will be given to native speakers of English
– This is a commission only of cash in role
– IT Sales / Lead generation experience essential with proven track record
– You must be able to contact targeted prospects in different countries and generate your own leads & ask for the order
– Communication is key and you also must be a team player
– Be able to see the bigger picture and share the company vision of the founding directors
– Commission is negotiable and may vary between different countries

Countries we are particularly interested in targeting are the following:

– UK
– Australia
– New Zealand

Contact me if your interested and we can chat more about the role(s)

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Need Sales People In India

We have recieved a project for a management school in Pune which is in collaboration with esteemed US university for MBA courses. Need sales people all over India.

Good earning potential as demand for MBA is booming in India, Pune is educational hub and it is in collaboration with one of the best US universities. Good money for introducing each candidate.

Sales people from Indias neighbouring counties and middle east countires also welcomed.

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Sales Needed! 5000$ Guaranteed!

I need someone who bost my sales on two websites for 5 months!
The websites are forwarded to clickbank affiliate links!
So I need 5-6 sales per day.


Please bid. I pay you guaranteed 5000$ I pay you monthly 1000$!

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Pay Per Placement SEO Experts Required, is a UK based company, which allows anyone, whatever their technical knowledge, the ability to create a free professional looking website by utilising their award winning website builder, SiteMaker; now been used to create over 2 million websites worldwide!

We are looking for freelance SEO expert/s who are willing to work on a paid per placement basis for specific keyword phrases relating to our business on We are looking to pay these expert/s a monthly, ongoing fee per keyword phrase which is achieved and maintained on page 1. We are not interested in achieving anything less than page 1 position and no payment would be made unless page 1 position is achieved.

We are not willing to pay an advanced fee, but will promptly pay via PayPal once specific keyword phrases have achieved page 1 of Google and then will continue to pay the same fee every month until the keyword phrase drops out of page 1 for that specific search term.

For the right expert/s this is a lucrative earning opportunity. We will be looking to grow the relationship organically, starting with more achieveable keyword phrases with less monthly search volume. This will increase our traffic and sales. We will then re-invest for new keyword phrases to be achieved and maintained. You could therefore be managing several keyword phrases and receiving an on-going payment per keyword phrase every month, whilst it remains in the top 10 search results. You will be assigned specific keyword phrases to achieve within a six month time frame.

Your quotation should be based on the minimum that you would charge in US$ for achieving and maintaining page 1 of Google on a specific search term. We have a number of keyword phrases used by our competitors, plus have the monthly search volumes so we know which are more difficult to achieve than others.

We are open to all ways in which this can be achieved and await your minumim quotation. Thanks.

Pete Moore
Co-Founder –

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Romanian Content Writers Needed!

Hello bidders,

We are a company owning several gambling-oriented websites and we are looking for 2 Romanian content editors for one of our Romanian websites. The applicants should be native Romanian with a very good knowledge of English. Some gambling experience (mainly poker) is highly preferred.

As a content writer, your job will, for the most part, consist in writing poker/gambling articles for our website. We will provide you with examples and a clear structure of how it should look like. Also, as you get more experienced you will learn to upload and format them by adding pictures, links and videos. You will also be required to be an active member of our forum and contribute with ideas of improvement for the website as a whole.

We are a team of (so far) 3 people, and we are looking for 2 more. The pay is on an hourly basis ($2/hour) and payments are done at the beginning of each next month (usually in the first 5-6 days). For starters, we would like you to have a webcam and to be available some 25-30 hours a week or more. Conversations and conferences are done through Yahoo Messenger in both Romanian and English.

Please apply only if you agree with the abovementioned conditions. Happy bidding!

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Call Center Or Individual Sales People Needed Immediately

We are a graphic design firm and we are looking for highly skilled individuals or large or small call centers to handle our marketing department.

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Software Sales People – Good $$

White Knight Digital is a software company with offices in Brisbane Australia and San Jose California USA. We have over 3000 customers worldwide and pride ourselves on supporting our customers, employees and contractors.

Our sales people can earn over $100,000 per year with $20,000 in passive ongoing income!

We have a number of B2B sales positions we are looking for.

1 x USA sales person (excellent English, basic understanding of ecommerce and CRMs)
1 x USA sales person (Mandarin and English, basic understanding of ecommerce and CRMs)
1 x USA sales person (Hindi and English, basic understanding of ecommerce and CRMs)
1 x USA sales person (Thai and English, basic understanding of ecommerce and CRMs)

What you get from us:

-A supportive company with a great product that effectively sells itself
-A range of products with a massive market
-A short sales cycle
-Prompt payments
-Possible shareholding for top sales people
-Ongoing payments on sales made for the life of the customer! You sell once and get paid forever!

What we need from you:

-Enthusiastic sales people who have a genuine passion for delivering software solutions to companies
-Sales people who are resilient and can deal with rejection, dust themselves off and get back out there and drive success (success is defeating successive failure)
-Work from home or if you have an office, from there
-Enjoy the thrill of a sale and look for the next thrill

What we pay:

Average monthly income based on the below and equivalent sales people ($4,500 – $10,500)

$50 per sale. These products have a very short sales cycle so there is effectively no limit to how many you can sell in a week.

$10 per month per customer in passive income for the life of the customer. Once again there is no limit to how many customers you can own. This is passive which means that once you make the sale, you get this income and you dont have to do anything for it!

For those sales people that can sell over 50 new customers a month will also receive an automatic $1000 sales bonus monthly.

Bid today and ensure that you address our selection criteria. Please keep in mind this is a commission based position. Please only bid if you are willing to work on commission.

This is not average commission work, this is a product that has a genuine market.

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Tele Sales 10 People Needed $30 Per Deal

Im looking for 10 seats to do sales for me.
I am looking for telemarketing that will go through the whole cycle and provide and signed closed deal.
You will be calling small US based businesses and offering a unique product to help grow their business.

– Sales experienced required
– able to work in us time
– Speak Clear English
– No Accent
– Having Great phone connection for telemarketing is required

Please read all the requirements before you will apply.

The package will be weekly rate +commission.(commission will be $20 per sale). minimum target is 20 sales a week per seat.
This project is for Professional Sales Person Only.

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Sales People And Affilliates Wanted

This project is specifically for selling products directly, and developing business relationships. This project is in direct sales of products to certain online businesses. Must be able to research and Identify sources for this type of market and those who understand forums such as digital point and how to market products such as these will be most successful. Successful candidates will be granted a renewal on this project.

The success of the project depends on the ability to target these buyers. Specifically there are about 4000 + members of this site that could benefit from one of the products specifically article brokering and how to increase profits by 300%
If you can target article writers and sell this product directly you are the #1 candidate for the project.

Please provide your resume including experience in direct sales and development. Language skills that are useful are English, Portuguese, and other langauges natively spoken by freelance article writers and other online business people.

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Sales – Hourly Pay

Sales, Selling a product online, hourly pay not commission only.
no money up front from you
no cashing checks
no spamming
no illegal
no scam

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Raffle Ticket Sales For A $3million Home Or 1.5million

We need someone who can sell online raffle tickets for a $3million dream home in USA Florida.
Or a cash prize of $1.5million.

There are only 300,000 tickets so the odds are really good.
We want some one who can quickly turn over 50 sales.

We will pay $2 a sale so $100 for the 50 sales. Sales must be legitimate with no chargebacks.

Tickets sell easily with many people who buy usually buy more than one and as much as 30 at a time.

Only legitimate white hat methods please.

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Advertising Sales People Needed

TheUndernet is a Business Advertising and Local Community Meeting Portal, offering local business and community meeting area, Business Directories supporting local services, latest news, and social community.

We are looking for lively, proactive and self motivated people who want to work from home, aged 18-80 and fluent in English?
It offers flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle, in your local area online or offline with a high earning potential?

We offer 50% commission and recurring payments on sales to reward your efforts?

Previous sales experience would be beneficial but is NOT essential as we provide training and support for the right people. is an established and expanding company based in the UK and if you fit the criteria above, then we need you!

We have a range of quality products and services for you to promote with packages as low as

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