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PHP Form – 2 Pages – With Paypal Payment


I need somebody to program a PHP form with approx. 15 fields – separated in two pages. With a validation after page one .

The form have to be related to a nice and clean CSS Style, easy to modify.

The form also have to include a Paypal payment option ( but not mandatory ) and two confirmation letter, one if the person sent money by paypal and the other if he didnt .

– Also need a box than the person have to scroll to the bottom. ( Term and condition )
– The confirmation letter have to include variable ( Dear *name of the person* , )
– I receive the form by e-mail – no Database
– Please, plan an hour to comment the code in details
– I would like to have it ready in 48 hours if possible

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PHP Form Process And Pay To Paypal

We are a logo design firm. We are extending our service to online.

We are developing an online system where customer can select the package, pay and give us a briefing of the project.
Based on this we will process the design.

We segregate the project into 2 area.

Area1: Customer point.
We are looking for the following 5 step process development which is in PHP.

5 Steps involve to the process.
Step 1: Select the package (Currently we have 4 packages. Prize must be configurable via admin section)
Step 2: Payment goes to Paypal.
Step 3: Questions display based on the package.
Step 4: Acknowledgment
Step 5: Customer will be notified by an email with user name and password.
Features: Customer can login to the system where he can able to upload / download files, refund request, pending payment, know project status.

Area 2: Admin
Site admin can login and assign the project to the designer.
Admin can create / edit / delete / Authorize : User / Designer / Project
View: Sales reports, Performance reports and all sort of reports.
Project: Authorize by admin. Approve the download by admin.
Packages: Price can be configurable by admin.
Promo code option is required.

Designer: Can able to view the assigned project, rejected project, pending project.
Able to View the briefing.


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Fitness Tracker


Im looking to add a fitness tracking capability to a WordPress site to personal trainers to register/login, then to upload their clients fitness assessments and share the data with each client. From this information, the person will be able to produce a graph on their exercise to see how they are improving.

We already have the front end of the site designed, so I really looking for a shell site with the following:

* Registration/login module
* Database and personal page per user
* Ability for a personal trainer to manage multiple users
* Entry forms to input client data (with drop downs)
* Integration with existing WP theme
* Payment gateway via PayPal
* A form where the user can select or enter their activity and record time(hh:mm:ss) and distance (km/ml) against it.
* An ongoing graphical representation of the activity. Perhaps a simple bar graph that adds an additional layer per activity for that day with a line graph to represent the sum total amount of time spend on exercise for the day.

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Modul Payment Paypal And MoneyBookers On PHP

Modul Payment Paypal and MoneyBookers On PHP

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Joomla Forms pages

I need two forms pages added to the Joomla Breezingforms component. The component is already installed, and Breezingforms already has a simple function to create extra pages to its forms, and the component already has sample forms with teh functions I need. Therefore this job is easy if you know Joomla components, especially BreezingForms.
This job is to create two extra pages, decided by which input is selected by an existing form. One opens a PayPal payment page. The other opens to a course registration page, similar to the first page. The CatchPa function must be added to the form, and they must email to two addresses, and the heading should use a CSS style already in the site template.

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