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Joomla Webdesigner For Regular Small Edits/tweeks To Website

We are a UK-based coffee company with an existing Joomla website. We regularly need to tweak it a little bit, so are looking for someone to do little bits and pieces. Most of these take only a few minutes to take care of.

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Joomla, Paypal, Merchant Pro, Recurring Payment, Expresscart


I would like to have someone who can easily integrate paypal merchant pro with recurring payment and express cart. My web site is in Joomla and I need someone that understand how paypal and Joomla work perfectly. I dont want to pass 4 weeks on that. It must be optimal and well design. If it is done fast and correctly I will give a generous bonus which could double or triple the initial price of the set up. I need someone that it worth trusting and eventually we would be able to work for other project.

Thank you,

Steve ST-Pierre

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Joomla CommitCRM Integration

Need 2 way sync of customer info between joomla and commitcrm …

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Iphone And MySQL/Joomla Website Integration

I have a Joomla 1.5 website which runs on a PHP5/Apache server with MySQL. I would like to get some iphone code for integration into another objective c project which does the following: "Login" (using a username/password combination entered on the iphone) into the database on the webserver, find the corresponding record of the user on the MySQL table and download some data in XML from a field in the table record. It also needs to be able to do it the other way round, ie write some xml into a field in the correct record of the database on the server. No further integration needed with the Joomla website, ie no component/plugin required which would make the tables visible etc. The tables do not yet exist on the server, so you need to create them. The idea is to have some code which can read user-specific data from a MySQL database and write data into such database. Budget below 100 USD.

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Joomla Integration Expert New Website –long Term

I am not giving lot of description instead i am giving example sites.

NO prebids. Going through the given sites will give you good understanding of the requirements.
(this would be easy for joomla experts)
Integrate following components of joomla and made as one single site.

1. Joomsocial

2. ( componnets ,articles, community answers,poll ,quiz..etc)

You will find one example site which used these components at corejoomla. this what i exactly looking for

3. ( point system) or some other best if you already worked.

4.Site Design : use the creativity . Best simple modern elegant design.
Should be user friendly.
If you think of any built in templates and save your time i can buy that template
SEO links
Please provide Relavant example sites of your work.
Please dont send me all of your profile.
5. Marketing links should be seo

6. Use of AJAX would be better

Payment : Escrow.
Support : Should be there for at least 60 days.

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Finish Joomla & Magebridge Integration Issues With Magento

Finish Joomla & Magebridge Integration Issues with Magento

Need RT Template cleaned up, some added modules enabled to create a seamless look across the site. Jomsocial template is currently not streamlined with site.

User experiences tested and working: Nothing fancy just the basics working
– Login (auto-login/single sign-in; Facebook/universal ID linked – bonus if you can do this)
– Search
– User Pages (all user functions available, if they have not requested the functions, give them the option to establish)
— My Account
— My Wishlist
— My Cart
— Checkout
— My Comments
— My Reviews
— 3 User Groups created and tested (Clients, Wholesale Clients, Authors/Editors)
— Clients – typical users whole buy or write comments/reviews; accounts automatically approved
— Wholesale Clients – get access to articles focused on their niche; access is not automatically approved
— Authors/Editors – established to edit/publish new Joomla/K2 articles, just like Joomla intended; access is only created by the administrator on the back-end
— Jomsocial users features integrated/available to Client/Wholesale Clients
— MailChimp status of subscribing to newsletters for Client/Wholesale Clients (bonus if you can help with this)
– Shipping Features (bonus if you can help with this)
– PayPal Integration (bonus if you can help with this)

– Update Joomla to latest 1.5 stable version
– Backup/Migrate content/extensions/modules/plug-ins being used from current live site to new site.

Note: No users on current site to migrate, just need the functionality on the new site.

Need this done within 15-25 days. My budget is $120, bid no more than that. But I will give a big bonus if you finish in under two weeks of an added $60, if you finish between 15-25 days I will give a bonus of $30 for staying under deadline. So you can potentially earn $180-150 for this job, but bid no more than $120.

Will provide details in PM on the sites and simple layout changes (activating modules/plug-ins) needed.

Skills Needed:
Template Overides

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Joomla 1.5 IPB 3.1 Integration

We need a robust/safe/professional Joomla <-> IPB user integration
IPconverge just doesnt cut it.

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Joomla + Vtiger Integration Website


I am looking for a design of a website for a IT Consulting company.
-About 5-7 static pages with company info and services
-A section of a website for customers, which should be integrated with Vtiger ticketing + knowlegebase modules
-Web design is required(you can use any templates of the web or design your own)

Please make sure to provide demo of website design templates and your previous websites you have built along with your timeframes and prices in your proposals.

Happy bidding.

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Website Computer Solutions

Support for customer computer serv ice online

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Paypal Pro Integration

I currently use paypal pro in my website for credit card processing. I have a membership site and I want to add monthly subscription processing to my payments instead of a one time payment. I also need someone who understand payment processing for international credit cards.

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Recruitment Website


I am searching for a developer who could create an agency recruitment website. To be more precise, I would like this site as inspired by

Furthermore, the sources have to be delivered per se to me, since this will represent my thesis to my university.

Hope that someone will be interested soon.


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Correct Broken Links In A Publisher Website

I already post this project, but last bidder didnt get the job done.
So, im here again with a Publisher file who has links that doesnt work in some pages.

When the website is generated with the publisher tool, hyperlinks dont work in the index.htm and in some other pages.

What im expecting for is someone to :

– repare the corrupted publisher file
– upload the website in the FTP so it will be online !

Budget for this : 30$
Before choosing the bidder, i will send him the PUB file, so he we can be SURE that this time the job is done correctly.

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Joomla Website Redesign

I would like my existing joomla website redesigned onto this new template – – Aug 09 Nexus
There are about 19 pages that need to be moved onto the new template. All existing content will be moved over. The current website can be viewed at www. natural seo marketing dot com. I would also like to put up new images on the new site.

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Deal Of The Day Website – Similiar To Woot

I am looking for a premade deal of the day website script similar to woot . Please private message me a demo to the front end and back end and your price. If you dont do that you will be ignored. One key feature is that it needs to accept paypal as the payment gateway.

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Joomla Template Integration

Hello i have a Joomla template that i want to put online with little modifications (NO art work simply changing links and make it the adapted for my company)

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Simple Website With Paypal Integration

I need a simple clean website with paypal integration. I will be offering services through package deals were the customer could just click and buy which package deal he wants and it will take them to a paypal page to pay. very simple but the graphics have to be relevant, edgy and clean. I am a designer i just do not have the time but i know this is an easy job. I am willing to pay 75 bucks for this please ENGLISH speaking and fully understanding. thank you. I will pay full amount when designer shows me something i like. i have hosting with domain already. thanks

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Lawyer To Build Terms And Conditions Of A Website

Hi I have a website that is designed to be a marketplace of music, I need a terms and conditions of using the website.
the website is still on its BETA stage and have not launch live.
but come and check it out its online already at

Edwin T

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Vtiger Expert With Joomla Integration Experience

I need a vTiger expert with previous Joomla experience. If you do not have previous Joomla experience with vTiger integration please do not bid.

If you cannot hold to your estimated timeline. Do not Bid. This project has to be completed by the given deadline and by the requirements agreed upon.


1. Currently I have a contact form on a joomla website that creates a contact record in vTiger. I need this form to be merged into the registration form for Joomla so its one process for the user.
– Desired Outcome – When a user registers in Joomla I want them to have an account created in Joomla and have a contact & account record created in vTiger.

2. I need a Joomla form created that will create a Sales Order in vTiger.
– Desired Outcome – A registered Joomla user can go into Joomla and create a new sales order form. It would auto populate address information and account name from vTiger and any other info it can get from vTiger.
– Once submitted the sales order would be created in vTiger. Joomla would also have a saved copy of it, for viewing from the user.

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Joomla Website Integration

PLEASE NOTE: This Project has already been started by a freelancer from this site but it hasnt really worked out. Please visit the link below to see the progress so far, but as you can see the functionality of the site a mess and incomplete. The easiest option would be for someone to start again form out original HTML and CSS, but you are more than welcome to use the work that has already been done.

IMPORTANT: Please check the functionality of our requirements on how the site will work.
Do not bid if youre not really sure to take the project forward. Please read the full PDF from the link below and view the CSS and HTML code that will need to be incorporated.

We have the CSS and HTML code already, we just need it developed into a Joomla CMS website, we will supply the server codes in order to develop, please note that the site needs a few customer functional forms created. The PDF will show this in detail, the last page of the PDF shows a plan of what pages need to be developed and linked to each section etc.

Please download the files below to view the project.

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Javascript Slider

Need a javascript slider like this

We only need the script. We will do the integration. If you have it send a demo and suggest a price.

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Want To Create A Blogging Website

I want to create a blogging website something like where people can come and start their blog. Only bid if you have create something like that before and have a demo to show me

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Classified Website

I have an idea in my mind to create an automated classified website.
visit this website ( for an idea.

Use PHP and MySql.

Ill need the website design too. so quote the price keeping designing in mind.

If you can build one like this, please revert back.

use of any ready made CMS like Joomla or Drupal is not desired, but you can quote your price including both the ways i.e. what will be the charges if u use CMS, and what will be the charges if you create a fresh system.

and yes, ill need to integrate payment gateway too.

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