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Ebay Sellers Wanted — High % Per Sale -300$ Per Day

We are looking for productive eBay sellers. At first you will be listing around 1-2 items daily , after a certain period of time you will be listing more . Some of our sellers are making $350+ a day.

—-Youll need an eBay account with a decent amount of Positive Feedback. You will be listing on eBay US & UK and sometimes Canada .
—-Your eBay, Paypal & Amazon account must be more than 6 months old. Preferably more than a year old.
—-You must have a valid, working and completely unlimited verified Paypal account which has been used often for transactions (So payments dont get held). You must not have any sending or receiving limits.
—You should have the time in the day to answer customer questions, list items and create sales reports.
—-You should be experienced in selling; I will provide listing descriptions, images etc.; I will answer your questions but you must be able to follow simple directions and think for yourself.

—–Auctions will be BIN (Buy-it Now).
—–You will receive 10% per sale; you will be selling more than one item per day.
—–We will pay eBay, Amazon & Paypal fees.
—–Shipping for items is free.
—–You will send a sales report at the end of each day; items will be posted the next working day.
—–Your eBay, Paypal fees & commission stays with you when you pass on the payment.
—–Items will be shipped once I receive payment and tracking numbers will be provided with most items.
—–Support questions will be forwarded to me and I will write the reply to send.

Please include your eBay ID in PMB with your bid.

This is commission based Only , so your bid is just to start communications and to get started .
Thanks !!!!!

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Paypal Subscription Checkout Gataway Programming/coding

We need to integrate paypal API 1 year subscription system to our website.

1. 4 pages or so to complete checkout process: client information input, showing subscription terms, etc…

2. Seamless integration with paypal-API subscription system (paypal payment flow)

3. Seamless integration with our subscription contents

4. Recurring system integration with paypal/and subscription cancellation system with paypal and website content.

For experienced, this system implement should not be a difficult task but a typical system for many websites.

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Magento Template/Theme Install

I need a Magento expert to:
a)Install the Acumen template onto an existing Magento store. There are also minor CSS changes that need to be done on the template.
b)Include Paypal Standard, Paypal Express, Google checkout, Western Union/Bank Transfer payment methods at checkout.
c)Upload content onto static pages
d)Offer post installation support directly related to the install
Work should be done preferably with 2-3days.

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Ads Website Integrated With Paypal

I am looking for someone to build an Ads/Classifieds website in Joomla which has Paypal integrated to support paid Ads/Classifieds. If able to provide graphics will be excellent, else will be provided.

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E-commerce Website For Cable Making Online Shop


Im looking for some to build up&design a site. The site got to do create sound cables (like XLR, Mic cables, Video cable etc.).
The site need to cart in it and have to be attach to paypal.
The design needs to clean and must contain the logo.
The site must have a clear admin which will be easy to control.

It will have the next few sectections
Create you cable
Contact Me
Terms Of use

Create your own cable

This is the most complex thing in the site,
What I need is the customer will choose a picture which will be one side of the cable. (for example XLR MALE)
The sec. picture the customer choose is the sec. side of the cable
the thirs category the customer need to fill is how long should the cable be
and the last thing is how many cable like this you need.

The customer need to have add the cart and the moment he will press on go to cashier he will be send to paypal for paying.

There will be combination that could not work so the site wont let them work it out.

you can see a sample site here –
This site dont have ecommerce, but it similar to what i want.
Please ask me if you need any more details.



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WordPress Guru Needed – Reservation/paypal Integration

Im in need of a WordPress programmer for integrating a reservation system onto my site. You will be integrating Paypal with the reservation system. In addition, you will need to make some configurations to an existing theme. Only professional need to apply. The job must be completed in 5 days. I will give additional details to serious candidates.

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Streaming Platform Website

I would like to create a streaming platform of video content. The graphic design is already taken care of.
The website will be something similar to youtube with some elements of social networking send messages, post comments etc.

The platform will have two different types of accounts that will be free or premium. Payment for the premium accounts will be made through credit card transactions or paypal. I also want a paypal donation option to fund some projects that will be popular among users.
Finally a search engine that will be able to provide results based on the mood of the person doing the search and not only based on title.For example if a person feels sad and wants to see something funny to cheer his mood the videos that will be categorised as comedy or uplifting should appear.

I want a quote for the total website development cost as well as specific costs for each element

-Cost of design
-The feature to enable paying with credit card or paypal for premium accounts
-The feature of Paypal donation
-Search engine development cost and how much time it will take to be developed
– Is there something else the website requires to run that i have not taken into account and if yes what is the cost of that?

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Very Easy Article Writing Job (Urgent)

$1 / 350 word article. Payment via paypal. Bid only if you accept payment via paypal

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Implement Paypal Pro API With C#

I have a website already running and I am taking online reservations. I am already taking user credit card info and later process it online. I have recently got a Paypal Account and I want to use Paypal Payments Pro API to be used so that I can charge my customers seamlessly while they make a booking on my website.

if you have implemented paypal payments pro before in an c# website please bid.


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Ebay And Paypal Accounts Wanted On Loan

Hey Bidders,

I will keep it simple, i am looking for people to loan Ebay accounts and paypal accounts on a commission basis, i sell televisions and mobile phones, i need as many accounts as possible as i need maximum exposure.

I do not need to be questioned, if you are interested drop me a line so we cantalk further,


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Accepting Paypal Payments On My Website

On my website I need to accept paypal payments.

Ive read on the internet and it says something about paypal API but Im not very sure.

I need someone whos done this before and who was a ready script.

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PHP Form – 2 Pages – With Paypal Payment


I need somebody to program a PHP form with approx. 15 fields – separated in two pages. With a validation after page one .

The form have to be related to a nice and clean CSS Style, easy to modify.

The form also have to include a Paypal payment option ( but not mandatory ) and two confirmation letter, one if the person sent money by paypal and the other if he didnt .

– Also need a box than the person have to scroll to the bottom. ( Term and condition )
– The confirmation letter have to include variable ( Dear *name of the person* , )
– I receive the form by e-mail – no Database
– Please, plan an hour to comment the code in details
– I would like to have it ready in 48 hours if possible

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PayPal Payment Pro Integration ASP.Net AJAX/

Hi, we have a checkout page and intend to use Paypal as payment gateway. We are looking for integration code for Paypal Payment Pro and Express Checkout using ASP.Net and We had browsed past projects and found project # 673012 is exactly what we want.

Require all source code and a workable solution.

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PayPal Payment Integration Description

I need someone to integrate PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Flow payment systems.


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Web Page Development

I need to get two webpages added to my website where in users can login , see their allocated dates for coaching classes and make the payment (redirecting to my paypal account)

This is an urgent requirement , pls reply back only if you can do it in 1-2 days time.

Many thanks,

PS: Well give all details to the selected provider.

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WordPress Wishlist Membership Plugin Expert

I am looking for someone who has used this Wishlist membership plugin and has experiance setting up membership sites using this plugin, especially the paypal part and sequential upgrade section

I need someone to set up my membership site with this plugin and create the error page, registration page, etc and get it all working correctly with paypal subscription button and aweber.

I am only looking for someone who has experiance using this plugin.

I am not looking for someone who has to go and read and watch the video tutorails to find out how to work it on someone with actual hands on experiance as the answers are not in the videos unfortunatly.

This job should really take no more than an 1 hour to an experianced person and thus the budget is $10-15

you must also have skype as we will need to liase to install the paypal and aweber part

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Integrate Shareasale Code In To WordPress ( PayPal Checkout)

We are setting up as a merchant on Share a Sale and we need to integrate the code into our WordPress website (via PayPal checkout).

We are currently having problems with the integration on the thankyou page.

If you have experience with this in the past please make your bid. If you have not attempted this before I would prefer to have an experienced person.

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Looking For Seller On Ebay Or Amazon With Great Feedbacks

in need of people who are fast reliable and can send a daily report of all auctions in an organized matter.

All fees from ebay, amazon and paypal fees are paid by me
We pay you 5%-10% commission pay per item
knowledge of selling on ebay and or amazon required (sellers for other websites are also welcomed)
Must be able to receive and send money through paypal with no limit!
good standing feedback
all items are shipped directly from our warehouse brand new and sealed!
We will ship out the item only after payment has been made to our account. Our handling time is extremely quick. We ship within 24-48 hours.
Tracking # with delivery confirmation will be provided to you and all customers for all items shipped
Need seller with more than 25 positive feedback

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**Magento Orders Not Showing**

I had a few transactions that appear in paypal express however are not appearing on magento at all.. I get the order in paypal with the list of products, but when I log into Magento the order is no where to be found. The emailed order does have a invoice number, but it can not be found in Magento.

This error looks a lot like our current problem, but we use paypal, and not Sage.

Please advise, if you need me to supply more details please let me know exactly what you need.

I need this error taking care in the next day.


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Paypal Buttons Coverting From Okpay

i have 2 payment buttons on my site that use OKPay i need them converting to my paypal account, they are subscribe buttons with 2 options.

See here: and here:

There is another button inside the members area for a "topup" of credit, basically the same as the payment button.

I need this doing ASAP


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Ebay Sellers Needed Worldwide – £100 Per Sale

Looking for experienced ebay sellers to sell items on a regular basis.
Items are mainly t.vs.
Excellent commission rates.

You must meet and agree to all of the criteria below :
1. Ebay account must have 100% positive feedback
2. You must be an experienced seller
3. You must have a fully verified paypal account
4. No selling limits on ebay
5. No limits on paypal – you mut be able to send and receive funds immediately
6. Excellent command of English
7. You must forward all questions from buyers me and liase with me on a daily basis via messenger
8. You must fill out a simple report after a transaction is complete
9. Must agree to send 50% of payment to me on every sale made immediately and the other 50% once tracking number is sent.( Only accept paypal to protect me and you.)
Delivery Time is 2-5 working days.

If all of the above sounds interesting and you meet the criteria please bid now with Ebay Selling as your subject.

Thank you for your time and good luck !

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Shopping Cart For Paypal Integration

I am looking to build an open source shopping cart (magenta or zen cart) for integration with paypal website payments standard (Australia). The shop currently needs to cater for a single product but we will be extending to 2 products in the coming month. The website is ready and all that is required is a cart.
The product we sell will be shipped to Australian customers only. For shop layout I can provide sample from our sister organization in Europe.

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I URGENTLY need a qualified programmer to integrate PayPals Website Payment Pro into our existing auction website. Programmer must have experience with PHP programming and be familiar with PayPals Website Payments Pro (WPP) merchant account and gateway.

Here is what you need to do in general terms:

1. Plug in the WPP script and integrate it with the order process in our code. The order or purchase process is part of the existing code. The code was written by PHPProbid software company. Our site is hosted by

2. Inform me when WPP is ready for testing, so that I can change the logins to the cpanel and ftp. You will have to show me how to do this.

3. I will then edit a file you point me to you to use my API keys from PayPal. You will have to indicate how to edit this file plus provide the keys from PayPal.

4. I will set the mode to sandbox which is the testing method of the integration of the script.

5. I will then test the whole order process and check my PayPal account (sandbox mode), to ensure funds are getting through.

6. After we are both sure that the testing through the sandbox mode works, we will set the mode to live store to test with real money.

Please refer to the links below to understand more about PayPals Website Payment Pro.


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Ebay Sellers Needed Worldwide!!!!

Looking for experienced ebay sellers to sell items on a regular basis.
You must meet and agree to all of the criteria below :
1. Ebay account must have 100% positive feedback
2. You must be an experienced seller
3. You must have a fully verified paypal account
4. No selling limits on ebay
5. No limits on paypal – you mut be able to send and receive funds immediately
6. Excellent command of English
7. You must forward all questions from buyers me and liase with me on a daily basis via messenger
8. You must fill out a simple report after a transaction is complete

In return you will receive :
1. On going work
2. the more you list the more you can earn
3. The possibility of lisitng 10+ items a day
4. Generous commissions which will increase with your eficincy to list and complete all required tasks

If all of the above sounds interesting and you meet the criteria please bid now with Ebay Selling as your subject.

Thank you for your time and good luck !

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