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Retype PDF Into Word Document

We have a 50 page document in PDF format that needs to be retyped into WORD format.

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Blackberry Application Development – PDF Reading

Need a Blackberry application creating for our company. We want to add PDFs to a web service (already built) that the app can then pick up via xml.

The user can then view the PDF within the Blackberry app.

Only bid with examples of your work, anybody with an existing PDF reading app solution will be preferred bidder.

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PDF Project

Our company has PDF files, we want to provide people with different formats to read them in.

Please Pm with any solution you have created that allows for new ways to read & view PDFS.

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Simple Powerpoint Marketing Kit Conversion (PDF To PPT)


I have a powerpoint slides in PDF that I want to convert into an editable powerpoint format. This is a marketing kit powerpoint so if you have relevant experience, it will be good.


– you will have to extract all the information (content) from the PDF and put into a powerpoint slide
– please find relevant graphics to replace/modify
– please rewrite the content that is different from the existing source but the relevancy should still be there

This is a simple job so cost factor is of main priority in selecting the winner in this project.

Send me your portfolio if you have previous experience in doing marketing kit powerpoints.


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PDF Catalodue From Data Base

We have a web site,(Posting a link with contact details is not allowed in this site as this may result to account suspension by Administrators) and need the products to be put into a PDF format that we can print and have made into a catalogue, approx 300 items with 6 items a page,

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Need Experienced Online Graphics Expert Editor

Graphic tweaks that need to be done in the next 24 hours pays $40.00 USD

MUST have Skype to talk on.
MUST have at least a DOZEN or more positive graphic related reviews on GAF or other freelance sites I can view.
MUST have a large portfolio of ONLINE website graphics you have designed/created to show me on your website or some other online portfolio.
I dont deal with overseas middleman, project/bid managers or large companies, if YOU bid on this project you MUST be the one that will actually be doing the graphic creations/editing/revising and working 1 on 1 with me.
MUST be fluent in English.
As a TEST you must do the first assigned graphic tweak listed in PDF instructions attached (also attached the original .jpeg file that you edit for the TEST) and send it along with your bid. This is so I know that you can follow and understand simple but detailed instructions from me, secondly see your graphic skills firsthand and thirdly your commitment to wanting this project.

Bigger $75 project I have ready to go and 99% sure if you are awarded and do a killer job on this one I will give you that project. More details on that simple project is on the PDF specs.



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Tweek Forms For Medical Centre

I have a 7 page form used in a medical centre that has been typed out in Word with the text boxes where they should be. I need the form converted to an aesthetically pleasing format. The use of colours/shading and text boxes be appreciated.

My preference is to be able to print this form on a mono laser printer from a PDF OR in colour by a print shop so it must look good in both formats and be provided in a print ready PDF and as a PDF document to print on local laser printers.

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Transfer Book To Kindel Via HTML

I have a 365 pg book to transfer to Kindel via html. I have the book is in Wordperfect and pdf.

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Flash Banners With Simple Animations

We need 9 flash banners with animations ( 1) one banner for each services we offer.

each banner will have a simple animation and it should measure 950px width / 200px
Design should match layout, icons, and colors and must have a deeply integration with the them, ( we are not going to use any text so we need to give the message of each service with images we need some impacting effect ( see samples and descriptions below)
You can use known brands and logos. flashed must have border, all photos should use the whole space, no blank spaces plz

please check the attached files for more details:


1. Trucks and mobile advertisement
It could be a background coming from the top and after that a truck coming from the right like riding. The box of the truck must contain and ads from a well known company like Harley for the scenario below and Coca-Cola for a city background.
Sample animation: see pdf page 1

2. Printing services TBA see page 2

3. Website and online marketing see pdf page 3

4. Advertising, marketing and branding see pdf page 4

5. Marketing research see pdf page 5

6. Photo books and photos see pdf page 6

7. Design services: see pdf page 7

8. Commercial and jingles see pdf page 8

9. Outdoor media see pdf page page 9

mainpage :
website and oline marketing:

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Pdf To Html

Pdf file needs to be transformed into html so it can be sent as newsletter. As simple as that 🙂

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Video And Pdf

im looking for someone to create a program that can record a short video of the user using their webcam, and also allows the user to create a pdf document. Then the program will allow the user to send the video file and pdf document together as an email attachment. Im looking for user friendly software which can be sold retail on cd in the UK.. Also it must have a brand feel and a nice look about it, with a professional feel, sleek.

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Database Input Of Product From Pdf Parts List

we have an os commerce website and need to import data to it but do not want to do this
line by line , i have the catalog pdf of the items
and need to be able to import the data so the customer can brouse to find the correct
part no within the list and select it to buy , the catalog has some 300 pages , we need
to be able to sort through it to select the clutch kit type
engine size
sub model (ie BHP)
there are about 6 colums of data to import and needs to create an individual item for each
line with correct description so the search engines can also find the items
send pm for sample of the pdf

we need this completed very quickly and any bids must conform to the deadline of 7 days

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Web Pages Design From Pamphlet

One of my customer had a friend design a new pamphlet for his masssage business
Now he would like the design of his site to match the look of his pamphlet

I can provide the pamphlet in a PDF format, Not you cannot extract the PDF other than one image
Looking to get this broken down so that we can build a header, footer, common background, with the images. Bassiocally build a template that I can use to build all his pages from.

Think this should be a $15-100 range for this work. Yiou tell me what you feekl is involved with your bid.

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IPad PDF Reader

I need an IPad/IPhone App that :
– read an XML directory listing from a server ;
– public a tab view of the directory and the files ;
– make possible to view the files (pdf) ;
– the files (pdf) can be highlighted, searched and linked;

The application must be customized in the layout and in the color scheme,
in a way Ill send to the winner.

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Data Entry Project

This is a Manual Data entry project to enter data into an MS Access Database.

The Access DB and pdf files will be provided. There are about 65 fields in db row. There are 367 pdf files. Each is file is about 2 pages (small)

Delivery date is Apr 7th. This is a hard deadline.
– We also need to review the entered database in stages so that we can monitor how the project is going.

– Accuracy of data entered into the database is extremely important.
– We do not have any time for testing. So, the delivered database should be 100% tested by you.

Payment: 100% of payment will be released only after complete delivery with satisfactory quality.

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Flex AlivePDF Extension Class

Flex Builder 3: alivePDF Class extension:

I need a Class which extends alivePDF to perform the following task:

– add page
::: should allow me to define is the page is colored or black and white.

– set page measure in Pixel
::: to replace the Size method which I cant get to display the right measure.

– override the MM value displayed on PDF document without interfere with the page size
::: ex: page measure is set to 500X500 pixels but on PDF, this method allows me to display 85x55mm.

– set background color using RGB (hex: #FF0000)

– set background image
::: should cover the entire document area without padding.

– add html text
::: the method should allow me to embed the font into the PDF.
Ex: addFont(htmlText, embedFontName.
Also, I must be able to position the and rotate the text using its matrix.

– add image
:::: the method should allow me to insert the image into the PDF using its matrix position, rotate, scale, skew it.

– watermark
:::: it should allow me to add a watermark text into the PDF

– save to server URL
:::: could be the same as create.php

– display in browser
:::: file reference save() method (FlashPlayer 10) could be used.

– IMPORTANT: I need this Class ASAP so bet only if you have experience with alivePDF.

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One Page Marketing Pdf

Were a audio production company looking for someone to design an uncluttered, to the point, visially striking one page marketing pdf to email to potential video game clients.

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Pdf To Swf Flipbook

we need a script to convert pdf to swf flipbook, i will provide more detail in PMB. please keep the bid low.

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Project For Shoibeyg

extra data from PDF restaurant menu and type in html format

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PHP To PDF Report Create

I need php developer how have high experience to create pdf report from PHP, MYSQL.

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Conversion Of CMYK PDF To RGB PDF

Hi there,

I have a 56 page print-ready CMYK PDF document that I need someone to convert to an RGB PDF. I dont have access to the original files, just this PDF.

I am looking for someone to take the CMYK file and to convert it to an RGB PDF which I can then compress on a Mac to make it smaller for emailing.

I would like this done as soon as possible.

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HTML form to PDF

I need a simple HTML form script with the following fields: name, email, date and course title, and convert this into a PDF document which needs to be sent to the email address in the form.

Reason: I want to automate the process of people who are requesting a "certificate of completion" after they finished a training course. I want to send them a link to the form webpage so that they can complete the details; name and email address (course title and date are fixed fields). After submitting the form the details should be automatically converted into "Certificate of Completion" document (certificate background image see attachment) and send by email to the requestor.

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Swf Tools Expert Needed For Pdf To Swfs

Hello,I"m searching for a swftools expert. my need is to convert pdf into swf.
right now i got a good result but i need to change the swfs outputs to size that i define.
that means that every swf file should be height 1400 width 1000

if you are swftools expert and you know how to use this component.please contact me.if not,please dont waste my time.
i need this fix Immediate.

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Simple Pdf And Ppt Upload Site

Hi, I need a simple pdf and ppt upload and viewing website script like this site (it is basically a youtube for pdf files).

Please, PM ME WITH PREVIOUS WORK which is very similar to this. I would much prefer you had an existing script like pdfcast which you could modify for my needs. For this reason it shouldnt require much work.

Thank You.

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Prestashop: Changes In Pdf.php

I have a prestashop and need a change in the custom made invoice-pdf.

Somehow, delivery and invoice adresses are the wrong way round on the invoices.

I need someone who knows how to edit the PDF.php to swap those adresses on the invoices only (not on the delivery slip), without interfering with the layout in any other way. If you know what youre doing, that realy shouldnt take long.

Please provide some information on how qualified you are for this project.

Ill provide the single php-file and a preview-PDF on how it should look afterwards.

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RSS Aggregator, Save And Search

Part A:
I currently have a custom RSS aggregator but I need the data to be searched.

I need an advanced search function that allows me to search by:
1) keywords using simple logic (specific phrases, and, or, not)
2) sources (for example, only search from articles from
3) specified date range

Part B:
There are some websites that do not have a RSS feed, but update articles in a standard format daily. I want to scrape the articles and turn them into an RSS feed into my data base.

Part C:
I want to turn my emails in my gmail inbox into a RSS feed that can feed into the database to be searched.
The emails often contain pdf files, I would like those pdf files to be searched as well.

Please let me know if you can do any of the parts above. Thanks!

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PDF Printer Driver Win Xp, Vista, Win7

PDF Printer-Driver that stores created pdf files in a predefined path and name with

print dialog:
-folder and subfolder to store can get specified
-name of the document

setup dialog
-Compression ratio and resolution can be defined in a setup dialog
-evaluate a code to activate the printer driver

Distribution must be Royalty-Free.

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PDF Reader APP For IPad

We need to have an app built for both iPad/iPhone,. The source could be single but should be running on both ipad/iphone platform. We will need to see the samples of apps you have built for both ipad/iphone.

We need the app with the following features:
PDF reader designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Its quick and responsive even with very large documents. perfect for books, magazines, journals, comics or anything else saved as a pdf document.
I need something exaclty like fastpdf + app
look at the features in the following site:

he lowest bid will win this project. Also we have more projects coming for BlackBerry & Indroid. If you do good work, then the next projects too will be given to you.

Note : The payment is done in three steps. 50% will be provided once you provide the source code so that we could test it and you need to modify the code if there is anything change. 25% released once the app is completed. The remaining 25% will be released only after apple approves the app. Bid this project only if you are fine with this method.


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WordPress Form

What we basically need is a form on which people can signup for an internet service. The details entered in the fields of the form preferrably should be exportable so that I can put them in a local database. Also it would be nice as the results of the form can be emailed to the people that filled them in or that they can printed the form with data as pdf.
For the form fields please check the attached pdf. Design would be simpel and straightforward like the remainder of the

From solutions that we found and that look nice were:
Gravity Forms: (we have version available)
But of course we are open to other (better) solutions.

The form to produce is found at and it should be in the design/style of

Can you do this, how soon, price?

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PDF Form FIll

PDF Form Filler
USING: VS2005, VS2008, VS2010
SQL 2005, SQL 2008
I currently have a VS Project that will map database fields to PDF fields. The project uses I-TexSharp

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Add Form Fields To PDF

I have 9 sets of 4 PDF documents that need to have form fields added (36 PDFs in total)
These are simple forms and have many repeated elements that will make adding fields easy.

The final forms are for offline filling and do NOT need to be submitted by clients.

Please bid on the entire lot of PDFs taking into account repeated elements. A sample of the PDFs can be supplied by PM if required.

Thank you.

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