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Simple Professional Website Style With Database

I need a site that is simple and professional. I have a few sites for references.
Also, the site needs to have a data base that allows people to create simple profile.
Finally, users need to be able to send those people in the database, emails of pictures they designed.

Its going to be a cool site and I can give more details to see if you can finish the job.

Also, I would like to see your portfolio.


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Data Entry Of Retyping Words

hello welcome dear freelancer

now i am introduce u very simple and very easy data entry work of the retyping of the words and letters. your job is to only retyping words and i am pay u for this retyping words 0.80$ for the 1k means 1 thousand words. and i am also give u step by step process that how to start work and how u will get money.

i am also invite new freelancer who have less expirence in the online work.

my site is

this work is start after the indian time 11:00 pm to 6 :00 am so who is ready do work on this days only that people are bid here . i am give some selected people to chance to work with me and if they passed the test and honestly work with me then they willl selected as the winner of the project. and they can work with me.

so who is ready to work on the night time only that people are bid here.

best regards



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Php Project On WordPress.


Were a french compagny looking for someone than can develop in php for wordpress.

The project is to develop something like a facebook application :
When people want other people to clic on their links, they have to clic themselves several time before they can gain "coins" and have their link clic show to other people for clic.

Thanks by advance.

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Kill These People

I own the domain name I want to develop a website that allows political activists to have a place to post their own writings. I have already contacted quite a few members of the intellectual elite with the idea, including PhDs, major political figures and college professors, and they have agreed to be a part of it. Im a devout believer in minimalism, and want to develop a website that is clean, elegant, organized, and above all, easily accesible.

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Word Doc To Google Form

I have a 7 page word document that i need converted into a google form there people can be emailed a link to the form fill out the form and submit. The last 2 pages of the document are pictures with text that need to be added to the end of the form and be printable by the user. The answers are either text feilds, drop down selection, check box or radio buttons.

In addition to completing the form, people need to be able to upload either word or pdf attchements to be submitted with their form.

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We would like to increase the number of sign ups to a New social network. We need 100% REAL PEOPLE, who will use social network for chating, posting pictures, logging in, playing games They must fill out their profile and do things they do on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace

So if you have a lot of friends

We will be paying per sign ups and you will also have benefit of this people.

This is a long term project.

Your bid should include your plan how to get new people, your ideas how to get this people active…

1 rule: 100% real active people

See ya!

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A Website For Cars

Hello everyone i am looking for someone who can build me a nice clean fresh site that will allow people to sell there cars and car parts online.. it will be a very big style that will allow people to post pictures ans stuff of there cars. It must have a front page and 35 selections all that can be picked… such as bmw audi and then pergeuot. Then in each area the customer must be able to choose such in a search engine way what amoutn they want to pay.

we are also looking for a nice logo for this site because we have none.

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Commission Based Sales Reps Wanted For B2B Sales

We are a young green company selling eco friendly products to retailers and commercial end-users. We are looking for enthusiastic, professional, customer-oriented sales reps who have a true passion to paint the world green and feel good about the products they are promoting, just like we do.

What We Offer:

* Great commissions
* Flexible hours (perfect for college students)
* Work for a green company!
* Full sales support

Required Skills:
-Sales and customer service experience preferred
-Excellent verbal communication skills
-Ability to overcome objections

Job is commission-based. We ship all over the continental US so candidates from all over the country are welcome.
The ideal candidate would be outgoing, motivated, fun, energetic, warm, friendly, and someone who enjoys talking to and meeting people.

This is a canvassing position; so reps would need to generate their own leads. Not very hard, since almost all US retailers are a target. Wed love to have people who are excited, have a positive attitude and want to be part of this growing field!

We need highly motivated sales people that can produce numbers!

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Magento Fitness Shop Redesign

I got a fitness webshop based on magento.
The shop is selling anything for people to do fitness at home,

The current design of the shop is old, and dosent look very clean and make people come back.
Therefore Im looking for someone to redesign my magento shop with a functional and uptodate design.

Features I want on the frontpage including the design is:
A functional Big image slider just like on
A Box with best selling products

I want a preview of the design before you start changing the design on the shop.
More details will be releashed, just PM me.

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Task Description
Architect needs a quote on approximate size 960 x 160 for header. Header graphics must be astonishing enough to make people subscribe to a new website on the spot.

This header should show the following sentiment: (Potential economic financial collapse of society and/or an imminent natural disaster)!


A. Deep Impact
B. The Day After Tomorrow
C. 2012
D. Armageddon
E. Perfect Storm
F. The Core
G. Mega Fault

Must Have:

Graphics must be knock out and astonishing which make people subscribe on the spot without navigating through most of the website. Looking for a designer who is willing to go the extra mile with me and express a survival preppers holistic design concept, like I see it!! – People must feel the sentiment instantly upon going to website and looking at header.-

Will Require: (txt) NATIONAL SURVIVAL PREPPERS (txt)

Will Require: A concept mock up from winning bidder

Will require: (5) Revisions included with this project

Nice to Have:

1. Left side- Federal Reserve bldg & Wall Street financial symbolism in distress- ( or something similar)
Right half side- Urban buildings in flames and distress

2. Flying helicopters with red cross signs signifying rescue.

3. One Radiation, Nuclear or Gas symbols (Right Side)Translucent

4. Gloomy cloudy skies- illustrating doomsday sentiment

5. Mountains, tall pine trees and outdoor (Maybe)

6. A few black silhouettes of people running in panic

7. A fireball (meteor) with smoke tail headed for wall street and federal reserve from an angle with gases.

Should Not Have:
1. I dont want generic, boring stock artwork! I am looking for a designer to make this project yours and not from your generic stock of photos.

2. Should not confuse targeted audience as to what we are all about. Graphic main header should say it ALL!!


Good luck and thank you for bidding on my project..

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Customized Events Platform

Objective to create an events platform to allow people to setup events and people to purchase events. The events will be run world wide

The website will provide an events platform for people to setup events and activities at a set price for people to book into each day/week.

Worldwide service accepting US$ (if possible other currencies) via paypal

Min spend $50 per event

People running Event

Peoplecan make the event a weekly, monthly or yearly event, allow replicating the schedule
Must upload the character, type, dates, start and end time, location, meetup, what to wear, suitable ages, number of people, category, cost per person or group, what the trip includes etc of event run on set nights during the week or month (replication).
Event must be approved before being listed on website by admin
Default event programs setup as guideline
Payment to be taken by us via paypal
People paid after the event is finished by us via paypal
People will need to apply and granted approval before they can submit events
Only accept socialites will be allowed to upload events within their specific city
We will have each approved socialites description â how long in city, favourite drink, favourite bars, What makes their city special etc
Each city will only have a set amount of event organisers
Events/Tour to be rated on popularity and rating by people attending the events
Similar to any general event upload
Event to be liked / shared on facebook & Automatically onto Twitter when submited


Customer to sign in with username/password or via Facebook or Twitter
Can accept and pay for set package or event
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service feedback after event via automatic email
Similar to Odesk or freelance platforms
Internal emailing and response between parties, similar to

All Services

Follow up email requesting feedback
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service / or Liked or Not Liked (Similar to

Additional Pages on Sites

Blog submissions from each event organiser on going out in their city
Integration with facebook, twitter and youtube
List of Partners/Suppliers
advertising space on each page
Rules for Event organisers
Rules of Customers
Become a Even organiser, sign up questions
Monthly Poll


To take 20% of sale of every event booked (allocated event organiser 80% of sale in points, 3 days after event)
Refunds if event is not held or not satisfactory (within 3 days)
Approve all event listings
Approve all socialites worldwide
Offer advertising opportunities â focus on hotels, airlines and local services


Focus on high end travellers and corporate, must suit
Part of travel experience


To feature main regional areas; Great Britain, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, N.Z. and Pacific Islands â with major cities underneath them
Each city will feature the event organiser, the packages on offer, blog feed with information about their events, plus 2 x advertising spots
If no Event organiser in the city, request for a socialites to apply to offer events


Built on godaddy server
Must be automated in setup allow for monitoring and approval only
Search functionality on main page
MAYBE â enter trip dates and places and share with friends on social media â side feature!!
Built in Affiliate program, 10% of sale

Building or Website

– will happen in 5 stages over 2 months
– first phase is development of website to allow event orgniasers to apply to setup events
– second phase is build website
– third phase is confirm event organisers, and allow them to setup events
– fourth phase is launch website
– last stage is to complete all bugs and errors after launch
– you will be paid after completing each milestone

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Graphic Design Project

I run a law firm which has its own website (detailing the services provided by the firm). The firm is launching a marketing campaign to get customers for wills and probate work. (Wills are documents in which people state how they want their assets and money to be dealt with and distributed on their death).

the campaign will use a landing page with separate multiple urls which itself will link to the firms website. I am looking for someone to produce the graphic design for the landing page (as well as produce the landing page itself if possible). The concept is very light hearted and aims to make customers laugh. I have a very clear idea of what I want – the graphic will be vividly coloured with a red, green, cream and black background in the form of a stylised map). On top of the background will be the route a coffin will take through the map – the route will be outlined in red with red flashing buttons. Next to each red flashing button will be a different cartoon-style person which the designer will need to draw with a fair degree of detail. In total, there will be 9 people that will need to be created (as well as a simple coffin).

The landing page will be largely flat with a small amount of moving graphics. When a user clicks (or hovers over) a flashing red button (or person next to it), a small box containing text describing the person will open next to the relevant person. When the user removes his mouse, the box will close.

At the bottom of the page will be a slogan, the firms logo (which will link to the firms website) and a form requiring the user to submit a name and email address to receive further information. A button to "like" the page linking to the firms facebook account will also be included.

There will be two very slightly different versions of the landing page: aimed at slightly different audiences. The only differences in the pages will be in relation to two of the cartoon people and the content of their relevant boxes. (the additional two cartoon people required are included in the total of 9 people mentioned above).

Finally, the landing page will be replicated in a downloadable pdf and also a printed brochure. The images for these will use the landing page graphics with all boxes showing.

This is a very important project for the firm requiring excellent and experienced graphic designers. For this reason, I will only consider bids from people who are experienced freelancers on this site and who can provide examples of their previous graphic design work. Freelancers with an artistic flair and a great imagination would be perfect – the more creative input the freelancer can provide into this project, the better.

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Song Writer To Write Lyrics 2

I need to have a basic song written including :
1. lyrics and
2. basic tune with
3.basic vocals

The theme is medical (like the song, "How to save a life"

The tricky part is that it must feature the role of an anesthesiologist which could include:
1. taking away peoples pain (ie. cancer patients, pregnant woman, old aching grandparents)
2. saving people from near death in the operating room, or "coding" somewhere in the hospital
3. taking care of the sickest patients in the ICU and bringing them through from near death to a new life
4. helping people die with dignity and without pain, spending their last days able to interact with their families.

The person to work on this project will have to interact with me easily, have a good command of English lyrics, and be able to put the song to a basic tune (piano is best), and sing it so that I can tell what it sounds like.

The end product will be the lyrics and baic music notation, plus the basic sound file.

I will retain the rights to the song and lyrics. It will likely be sung by a small band at a graduation ceremony, etc or made into a not-so-basic final product. If you have the ability to produce it at a professional level, then I can hire you further to produce the song.

But, for now this is just a basic project.

Please provide samples of your work. Thanks

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Multiple Face Tracking On Green Screen & Put On Image-kinect


We have a project as detailed below, I think it could be possible to use a Kinect. The steps to illustrate how it would work are detailed below

1. Using a green screen background, 1-4 people stand in front of it.
2. The software then tracks their faces and a photograph is taken
3. Their faces are then cut out by the software and placed onto one of 10 backgrounds (touchscreen provided to do this)
4. This then shows the people on a digital screen of what it looks like. For example, a family of 4s heads are now shown on cowboy outfits etc
5. The software then prints this image allowing the person to take it away with them

We need someone to write the software to do all of the above and hopefully this is possible.

Would be great to see any work you have done in this area


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Wp Download Plugin Or Free Software Application For WP

Have Wp site that I want to integrate some sort of Download Manager
Want for people who sign up to be be able to download free material, material that I can control, files or programs etc. One week they can access certain files, another week different files etc
This will be free to people who sign up

Then if they subscribe, they have access to a Memebrs Area, again which I can manage

So basically looking for a Download Manager of some kind for wordpress
Need it to store email address, type of member (free/subscriber) and access to what files to download

I will of course pay you if I do use your recommendation

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Looking For Talented Video Editor

Im hoping to find a one or tow talented video editors to work for a few weeks editting large quantities of video for our US clients. We are open to working with people from anywhere in the world as long as you can communicate with us in English or Spanish.

We could pay hourly or just price the entire project. This project is for a young company in Silicon Valley, and were hoping to find a few really talented people to work with over the short-term, with options for follow-on work depending upon the quality of the output for this initial phase.

Please reply with a short bio and links to three videos that you feel showcase your best work.

[Removed by Admin]

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Article Writer Required

I need a person who can write at least 5 – 10 articles daily

looking for an article writer who can write 500 words article.
article should be unique and must contain original work. i have tools to check that. your articles must pass copyscape and should be free from plagiarism.
if you will do well then i will make you permanent member of my writing team.
currently i am having 2 permanent members in my writing team. but due workload i have to post this job.
this job is long term and on going more than one year if you will do well.
i am looking for some serious writer, i will prefer girls as they stay longer and they are trustworthy. people having English as their mother tongue will be preferred.

P.S. i need a person who is very good in communication. i hate people who take work in hand and never come back.
you must be available on skype or yahoo. i am very strict about deadlines. if you cant meet deadlines then please dont apply for this job. quote "i can do this" so that i come to know you have read all instructions carefully.

i am very soft and generous with people having quality work ability.

it doesnt matter to me if you are new. i need quality work.

i am seriously looking forward to work with you.

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1000 People To Connect App w At Least 100 Friends Each

I have 10 apps, and I need you to get 100 people to connect each app with at least 100 friends each. (total 1000 people)

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Virtual Assistants Speaking Spanish-Internet Research Task-3

We need several people for Internet Research task.
Spanish language required since the task is to contact Spanish website owners. We need people very well organized.

You Will go to google to contact by email websites under our requirements.

Payment: 2.5$ / hour .

Make your bid for 20 hours work. So make your bid around 45-50$. Do not bid for more please or your bid will be removed.
You will be required to make some test assignment.

Long time work, if you work fine you will remain with us long time.


1.- SKYPE. Let us know if you have skype since is needed for training.

2.- Outlook 2007: to organize email with website owners and manage an email account we will provide to you. you will be using an email adress under our domain. so you will have to set up at your Email client.

3.- excel.
4.- as well its important to have Mozila Firefox.

When you make your bid, let us know your comments about those 4 requirements to see if you meet them.

PAyment by paypal or GAF. ( we pay!! , see our profile).

We pay to all people working for us twice a month: day 1 and 15.

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WORDPRESS, THESIS THEMED-SITES: Simple Tweaks & Improvement

My main designer is taking too long to respond so Im looking for a secondary programmer.

This project is fairly simple: improve current layout of 4 WordPress-Thesis Themed sites (add right columns, drop down menu, add pages, fix small glitches, ADD WIDGETS (code ready), INPUT PRE-DEFINED CODES).

Note that these 4 sites are already up and running, with solid layouts,design and for the most part — already functioning, BUT I WANT TO IMPROVE EACH SITE and fix minor problems (ex: cannot upload pictures in blog post, thumbnail picture not working). This is more of a maintenance project.

I only want to work with people who do a thorough job and care about details: "a job half done is a job undone".

I value honest people who work hard. I treat people working for me with respect and dignity and I am loyal if you prove yourself to do a thorough job and respond in a timely manner.

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I Need 1000 Facebook Fans To My Website

Hey Guys,

I need 1000 facebook fans to my Website. It has to be people living in Australia and 80% of them has to be young overseas people.

Are you an expert in Social-networking? Then get in touch!

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Webdev Programmer Needed

Dear bidder,

We are in need of a PHP/HTML programmer.

We need to have made:

– login system (admin)
– Inside the login system a USER PANEL
– A reporting system/updating system
– A Super-user account that can check/remove/edit data and users

These are basic functions, as our inhouse developper is busy we need your assistance.
We had another programmer also work on this but he screwed up.

We are not waiting on people who bid to much or say that they can do the project but have no idea what their doing.
This project needs to be clean and nice, with open coding so that we can proceed onces you are finished.
We need the admin panel in the same style as our website and we will deliver you the specific files to work on that.

We dislike people who dont report their status, EVERY DAY!

If we see your code is filthy we will throw you of the case and hire a new one.

Your code has to be reported everyday.

If you KNOW you can do this for a 100% we will hire you.

We wont hire you if you have no references! (im sorry new guys)

Further details will be provided upon selection.


A quick recap of our rules:

– report every day.
– no filthy coding
– 100% garantee that you can do this
– you have to sign an agreement
– if you screw up or we see that you are not keeping your promise we will cut you down and make further steps.
– We have to be in contact trough skype, msn, gtalk.

Kind regards,

03/29/2011 at 12:19 EDT:





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Need Marketer/seller [potassium Iodide=anti Radiation Pills]

Hi. I have access to hundreds of thousands of potassium iodide capsules (no package, they are lab grade, EU norms compliant, best before end of 2011). Each contains 100mg of KI. If other specific doses need to be prepared it is possible. Matter of price.

I want to sell them for:
– 1$ each if someone orders 10 to 100 pills
– 0,80$ each if 100-1000 pills
– 0,60$ each if 1000-10000 pills
– 0,40$ each if 10000-100000 pills

You have a share in value of sold pills. How big? We shall discuss it.
Note that 10% of our sales go to help Japan.

Shipping is from POLAND, costs about 40$ per 1kg box, no matter where you need it. No free samples (you want to check the quality? order 10 pills and check them), no invoices, no returns, customs duties are on buyer. If someone needs to check the quality, he orders some and he may check it.

Before you bid, please check: potassium iodide, Wolf-Chaikov effect.

Who I look for?
– people who are smart
– people available on SKYPE
– people able to work on it, not people who have 100 other projects
– people who do understand some nuclear/health sciences
– people knowing how to market very specific difficult goods (note: took it myself so I know what I sell but formally there is no producer as product is not available in Polish pharmacies anymore – as far as I know at least; if Japanese situation goes bad, shortage problem may go global)

Who I DO NOT look for?
– people bidding on everything possible
– people demanding advance payments
– people who cannot speak/write PROPER English
– SEO html experts – this is SELLING. I do not need website for me. I only sell the stuff and recieve the money
– businessplanners/article writers – I just care for addresses to send the stuff to and for getting payments

Bid 30$, see you soon. Any questions?

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EMarketing Support

We are a Spanish company starting market positioning in China. A big part is web based.

This is a part time project. Within some weeks we will post a full time project

You have:
– You are living in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou
– University degree (economics, business administration, marketing or similar)
– Fluent in English (or Spanish) and Mandarin Chinese as mother tongue
– Experience in real estate business: minimum one year
– Your competences have to be focused over the client
– Your like the treatmeant with people.
– You own internet connection, computer…
– You should know Office (Word, Excel…)

What we will go to ask you:

– Answer to phone calls from clients, hopefully Chinese people, to give them information about our products (Real Estate Properties in Spain)
– Answer to emails from clients, hopefully Chinese people, to write them information about our products (Real Estate Properties in Spain)
– Presentations in person to interested clients. Sometimes.
– Updating of some parts of our webpage.
– Translation from English (or Spanish) to Mandarin Chinese
– You should spend in these works a variable time (between 2 and 10 hours/week)
– When business grows we will ask you for working more time but with increased salary. (new project)

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Virtual Assistant Needed To Email

I need a virtual assistant to email people for me.


You will email each contact from my list, you will copy and paste the content that I provide, you will need to change the name of the contact and send it. You will also need to paste each email address in an excel file so I can keep track and not resend to people more than once.

I will provide a few examples for you.

I need you to send 2,000 emails. I will give you 5 accounts to send from.

I will monitor the work and make sure it is correct.

If you have less than 10 reviews please dont apply.

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BaseTwits For Youth Baseball

I invision a way for parents, coaches or whoever to be able to give people at home updates on youth baseball games. It can be based off the twitter API. I would like to build my own messaging service and be able to log in with twitter versus being dependent on twitter.

I would encourage coaches or leagues to get on and register their Team Name and city, and maybe another qualifier like their division. Then people can get on and follow that team, just like you follow friends on twitter. Parents or coaches at the games could update scores for that team and others who also follow, could comment, like "great game!" or "good hit" or any other highlights they want to add from the game. (Coaches would also be able to post info about practice times, tourneys, etc and the people who follow the team or the coach would be able to see them and leave comments.)

Kind of the Twitter mentality, geared at parents, scorekeepers, coaches to write their own updates and highlights about their kids games for others.

These score and highlight updates could be tied to Twitter and have a corresponding website.

Any suggestions? I would like a ballpark fixed price for the total job. Very simple idea, just a way for youth game scores to be posted by someone at the game. The website would just be another way for people to sign up to post comments and follow teams, in addition to posting and following on twitter.

Similar concept to how uses Twitter and has a website. Of course my website would not have near as much info, just a portal to access if you were at home on a computer and not on the phone.

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Only Bangladeshi New Workers

This is the project for only Bangladeshi New people who dont have any review. This is a chance for getting so many reviews. If you are interested bid on it. I am telling again only Bangladeshi people who have no review. Thanks.

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Help To Promote Our Site

We have a site selling dedicated servers / seedboxes. The site is up and running quite well with few members. But we are looking for people who can promote the site heavily. We are looking to hire more than one person for this.

Please let us know how you plan to promote the site while bidding. All the details about the site will be given to chosen bidders only.

Requirements :-
You should know what a seedbox / dedicated server / virtual server is.
You should have access to sites / forums / blogs related to seedbox sales / advertisements.
We are also looking for people who can advertise the site through google adwords.

Thanks for viewing our project and bidding on it.

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Looking For People For Calling Service

I am looking for people with CPA experience. Because of poor oral English, I need you to help me to contact the affiliate manager by phone calls. I will provide everything including skype for use. You spend nothing except time. I will send 50 bucks by paypal for each approved CPA account. If you have the experience, please dont hesitate to contact me.

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SeeFollowMe Social Fan Video Network

Project Description: My Web Site+Company is called SeeFollowMe. I need a similar site done like the one below. However on the front page people will be able to choose what category of people they want to see going live. Whether its people talking about shopping, singing, dancing, network marketing, etc. All categories in other words. The point of my company which is called "SeeFollowMe" is for the average person to go on SeeFollowMe and do a live video stream and create a following to then have there Twitter/Facebook accounts connected under the video so people who like what they see can "Like" or "Follow" them on Facebook & Twitter. I will also need a way for every user who signs up to have the ability to have their own profile/ bio/name/age/location so people can learn more about them while watching their video. Another aspect is the "Calendar" where every user will have the ability to post on the "Calendar" when they will be streaming live. For instance someone who goes live Monday, Wednesday, Fridays at 5:00 , people will be able to see that on their page. More information from myself to the freelancer can be given through email!

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