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Original Articles At $1 Per 450 Word Article

Looking for a writer than can write articles about any subject that I provide. The payment will be for $1 for each 500 word article. When I buy these articles from you I will hold the rights for these articles.

Here are some of the requirements:

– 100% manually written . No software allowed.
– Keyword must appear 2-3 times in the body of article.
– Bold each keyword.
– Articles should be delivered by DOC format.
– Articles will be 450+ words each depending on my requirements(excluding article title).
– Articles must be written in perfect English (native English speakers only).
– Correct spelling or grammatical errors.
– Must be able to write up to 3 articles each day.
– Articles must be written manually, sound natural, and be easy to read.
– Bid for 10 articles.
– Send a sample of your writing when you bid.
– I will own the full copyright once I purchase articles from you. (you may not reuse them!)
– Each and every article MUST PASS COPYSCAPE and dupefreepro.

Bid only if you agree to the terms.
Delivered must be sent with in 24 hours.
This could be a long term job if the articles have good quality.

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300 Word Articles / $1 + BONUS : Unique Articles Needed!

I need a writer that can provide me with at least 5 unique articles per day.

Rate : $1/300 word article + bonuses (depending performance)


1. Only few grammar mistakes at most
2. Write informative articles
3. Articles will have 1% keyword density
4. Meet deadlines
5. Have good communications

Bid 30 please to show that you are following instructions.

YOU MUST be a good writer with some experience!


1. your experiences
2. sample article
3. why you would be a good candidate for this job

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Article Rewrite

Need good writters for essays and article rewriting work, preferrably native writters.
Per pager 3-8 $ upon quality.

Bid for 50 articles.

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??????????????????ARE YOU A GOOD WRITER?????????????????????

EXPERTISE – As many subject matters as possible
QUALITIES – Honest, Open Communication, Efficient and Speedy without sacrificing quality
PAYMENT MODE – PAYPAL (those without PayPal accounts please dont bid)
PAYMENT RATE – $1.5 per 500 words. bonuses given for quality and or fast delivery

1. bid for 20 500 word articles
2. Attach one sample article you have made before
3. If your sample article passes our initial assessment, you will be asked to write one test article, which will be paid if it passes our standards.

Project officially starts upon successful completion of one small test.

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Need 100 Articles – 150 Word Articles For $50.00

I am looking for English writers who will write short, informative 150 word articles based on a given key phrase.

You will be asked to provide a sample of similar work before being selected. Please also provide an email address that I can contact you on.

I will order and pay in batches of 100 articles per key phrase. I will pay $50.00 for each batch of one hundred 150 word articles.

Ten of these articles should take around than 40-45 minutes to complete at the most.

Each article must have a unique title which contains more than just the key phrase.

Each article body will be at least 150 words long (the article title does not count towards the article length so make sure you do not count it as such).

Each article should contain the key phrase at least once (twice at most) and the article should be 100% unique content and all your own work.

Each article requires a little research using / or for unique article ideas however the content must be your own.

All work will be checked using a plagiarism / duplicate content checker -> so copying and pasting someone elses work will not suffice.

Some examples of the kind of articles youll be expected to write :

Key phrase: King size divan

Article 1:

For comfort and storage only a king size divan will do

King size divan beds are the largest of the standard bed sizes. This means that they are exceptionally comfortable especially if you move around a lot in your sleep. Divan beds have drawers in the frame for extra storage space under the bed. Spending some time thinking about what you want to store under the bed because this might make a difference in the type of drawers you want. After this you can think about what sort of head board would match the rest of your bedroom. But remember that the main use of a bed is for sleeping in so making sure you have the right base and the right mattress will ensure you have years of restful nights in your king size divan.

Key phrase: King size divan

Article 2:

How to Choose a King Size Divan Bed

The most obvious point about a king size divan is the size. Being a large bed means that it is more comfortable and gives you lots of space to move about in your sleep but you do need to make sure that you have the space for it in your bedroom. King size divans have many different options for the base and you can choose from many types of mattress. This means you can make sure that the bed and mattress combination matches your needs perfectly to give you years of restful sleep. Once these decisions are made you need to think about a headboard that matches the décor of your room and what types of drawers you will want in the bed frame.


When you are selected youll be asked to provide each one of the articles as separate notepad .txt document with a unique article title for each of the document names (the article titles should also be the very first line contained within the .txt documents and there should be one blank line between the article title and the article body) – an example of the correct formatting has been provided with this listing, please download it.

Now, please express your interest below and provide a sample of similar work and provide your email address. Remember, Im ordering in batches of 100 articles @ $50.00 for each batch of one hundred.

Im looking forward to hearing from you.

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500 Word Articles At $1 – 1st Batch Of 30 Articles Required


I require 30 articles on 2 electronics related niches.

My budget:
500 or more words — $1 per article.
750 words : $1.50 per article

Please bid only if you agree with the price.
A long-term working relationship with higher prices per article if you deliver quality stuff.

Writings must be original. We do copyscape professional check. Reply if you can deliver and can start work right away.

Payment of $10 will be given for first 10 articles (to review your articles quality) , rest will be given to you upon project completion of 30 articles.

Happy bidding!


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Write 100 Articles In The Financial Psychology Area!

HI there,

I am looking for a writer to write 100 articles of around 500 words each. All articles should be written to optomize certain chozen keywords. All articles will be in the area of Financial Psychology and show the relevance and benefits of understanding your Money Blueprint or Money Profile in increasing the success of your online business. YOur Money Profile or Money Blueprint are the attitudes and beliefs you have around money. Attitudes and beliefs that have been moulded by your parents and up-bringing, social and cultural influences,where you grew up, education etc.

I would like these first 100 articles to be written in 4 to 6 weeks.

Some psychology backround as well as on-line business knowledge would be required.

Please post some samples of your work.

warm regards


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10 Articles: Financial/ Online Forex Trading

I want 10 Forex/ Financial Trading articles. price 1.5$ per article.

They will run from generic Forex/ Financial Trading topics to specific product reviews.

Our plan is to have 3,000 unique articles over 3 months.
The one who wins this Job: if we have a good working experience
then the other Job will be offered to them without going through a bidding process.

The Articles Must:

Be Original
Not Re-written
Not generated from article Spinners
Not be derived through Rephrasing or adopting a Thesaurus-version

If you are a bidder with less than 3 reviews you must be willing
to write a sample article.
If picked for this Job your sample article will be counted as work done.

Pricing: 1.5$ per article
Articles Required: 10
Niche: Online Forex Trading

Serious Bidders Only (Dont Waste my Time and I wont Waste Yours)

PM me, on why I need to hire you for this Job

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20 Articles: Financial/ Online Forex Trading

I want 20 Forex/ Financial Trading articles. price 0.5$ per article.

They will run from generic Forex/ Financial Trading topics to specific product reviews.

Our plan is to have 3,000 unique articles over 3 months.
The one who wins this Job: if we have a good working experience
then the other Job will be offered to them without going through a bidding process.

The Articles Must:

Be Original
Not Re-written
Not generated from article Spinners
Not be derived through Rephrasing or adopting a Thesaurus-version

If you are a bidder with less than 3 reviews you must be willing
to write a sample article.
If picked for this Job your sample article will be counted as work done.

Pricing: 0.5$ per article
Articles Required: 20
Niche: Online Forex Trading

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100 Total Articles About US Cities

Summary: Visit Google Doc, choose a city, write about it, send it to us, get paid.

I need 100 x 500 word articles written about the top cities in the US. Articles must be flawless in terms of English grammar and usage but not necessarily flawless in terms of the actual content. I was going to limit this to US Residents only however if you can write like you dont sound like youre from another country, then thats okay. These are web-quality articles and not intended to be professionally written works by professional writers for top pay.

Articles will be checked through CopyScape,, and DustBall for originality so, please, original works only.

Heres how it works:

1. Once you win this gig, view the Google DOC and choose a city.
2. Write your first 5 articles. Submit them for review.
3. Complete the articles, get paid. Get more work. WE HAVE 2000 CITIES TO WRITE FOR. WE WILL KEEP YOU OR YOUR WRITING TEAM BUSY.

Thanks for reading and happy writing.
Youll need two sites to write these articles:

1. WIKIPEDIA (for the content information ideas, never cut and paste)

2. ZILPY.COM (for the demographic data, OKAY to copy and paste just the demographic data)

Check out the LINK below and view a sample article for SAN JOSE, CA. This is the format were looking for.

Here is a sample for you to look at to get a feel for this assignment: (expand More About This Region at bottom of that page)

Please try and provide your quote on a WHOLE job basis (for all 100 articles) not just per word, per article.

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Require Article Writer!


I am looking for good article writer who can provide me with quality articles written on the products and topics which I give. The writer must able to write which ever niche I give him and he is free to use internet for his research.

Here what I want him to do:
1.) Articles must be 100% original
2.) Articles must pass copy scape. Suppose they fail to pass copy scape then I will not pay for the article.
3.) Articles must be free of any spelling and grammatically errors.
4.) Articles must SEO optimized.
5.) Copyrights of each article will be fully transferred to me after you receive the payment; you will NOT be permitted to reproduce, reprint, resell, or lease the articles to anyone else
6.)Must be willing to work on any revision or corrections for the articles without any question. If you fail to do so you might lose the project.

The price of articles will differ as per words required in article! For a article of 450-600 words I will pay $2! If the article is less than 450 words then price will get reduced!

Remember, I am very particular regarding deadlines! So, if I provide you with a deadline for completion of the project, then I expect you to be ready with the articles by that deadline!

I will provide selected bidder with keywords and keyword density which I want in article. The bidder can come up with the title of article with the keyword included in it.

I need all the articles to be finished 3 days. I will be paying through GAF after completion of the work!

!!!!!!!!!!———-Important Note———!!!!!!!!!!!

Im looking forward for honest people who are loyal to their work rather people who just come here to bid and waste time.

I would like to see at least 2-3 sample articles which you have previously written on pm once you bid for this project. If I dont find any of your previous work then your bid will be ignored.

Im looking for a dedicated person who can help me out with my article work, so if you have many article work going in hand with my work then please dont bid, because I want the work to be completed quick!

Thank you for bidding on this project:-)

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Team Of Article Writers Needed

We are looking for a team of article writers and rewriters.

We will give the articles to rewrite. This is easy for someone who knows what they are doing.

We prefer writers from the US and/or UK. If you are from India, and you have a good track record, we are willing to consider you.

You will be rewriting articles on health niche and self development niches. You may not need to do any research at all to rewrite these articles.

You will be creating blog posts out of the articles and being SEO friendly is expected from you.

All articles should pass the copyscape test and should be free of any grammatical or typo errors.

We have a big team of investors backing up the project and we plan to keep you engaged for a long time to come.

If you think you fit in to our requirements, please send the following:

1. An original article you wrote

2. A rewritten article based on the first article

3. Your most competitive bid per word.

If you are not following the instructions, you are automatically out of this process.

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