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Looking For Article, Blog Content Writers For Pharmacy Site

*** Writers Needed ASAP – 40 articles at $1.00 per article. We will not wait until bidding period ends to select writers. ***

This project is for 40 articles of 500 words each at a rate of $1 per article. The articles need to contain a particular keyword phrase (which we will provide) which should be used in the article 3 to 6 times.

The articles should be well researched and interesting to read. Articles must be well written and free of any grammar and spelling errors.

The topic of the articles will vary however they will be on topics related to various niches such as weight loss, health and fitness, skin and hair care, pain relief, etc.

All work must be 100% original and pass Copyscape and Plagiarism Detect. We will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. Articles are not to be reused in any way for any reason (including resell, reuse, re-write or give away). Scraped content will not be accepted.

When you bid, please let us know how many articles you can complete in a day and how many articles you can complete in 7 days.

Any articles that are not submitted on time or do not meet the guidelines will not be paid for.

Payment will be delivered weekly via Freelancer (Paypal is available for repeat writers) after each batch of articles is completed.

Please submit a sample of your work and if you have submitted articles to EzineArticles before, a link to the author account under which your articles appear.

Please include the words *Ready to Go* with your bid to show that you have completely read through the description for this project.

Only bids of $30 will be considered. Please do not bid if you are not satisfied with the $1 per article rate. Multiple bidders will be selected for this project and can be selected at any time. We will not wait until the bidding period ends to start making selections.

We need writers to start TODAY. There is work available immediately after you bid!

Thank you for reading and happy bidding!

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Internet Research

I need contact information found on the internet. This project begins with accessing a website link to gather initial contact information. From that link, you will follow another link to gather email addresses for the contacts that you gathered from the first link. The initial link will be provided by me to the Freelancer that is awarded the project. All contact and email address information will be entered to an Excel spreadsheet that is provided by me as well.

You will access about 2,000 websites for the initial information and about 1,000 websites to capture the email addresses not found on the first link. No passwords are required, the information is public and is readily available the vast majority of the time. The total number of "contact records" will be about 28,000. Each "contact record" will contain about16 to 24 fields. I prefer a price per contact information. For example: $0.02 per contact with all required information or $1.00 per 50 contacts with all required information. Along with the Excel spreadsheet, the Freelancer that is awarded the project will receive specific step by step instructions from me.

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Very High Rate 0.95$ Per 1k Captcha Work And Easy Work!!!

I have very good project its a very easy work..anyone can do this..i will pay 0.95$ per 1k…but u have to do atleast 2k per day…during the whole month…if you really can make upto 2k per day then i will increase the payment to 1$ per k….but you have to do it everyday atleast 2k per day…n for the whole month…i will pay you monthly…
Serious bidders only…
Thank you

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Experienced Article Writer Needed

Your primary task is able to write good 1 unique articles (450 words) on various topics every hour

You must be an author and have written article and accepted by them.

You must be able to write article for web content (keyword density,LSI focused)

Important notes:
– Great native English speaker and writer
– Reliable and hardworking person
– Able to meet project deadlines
– Long term career opportunity with rewards and attractive incentives
– Available at Skype for updates during working days

Our offer : USD 1.5 USD 2 per hr
4hr per day, 80 hrs per month.

Please note:

a) All candidate need to show previous working experience to us

b) All candidates must do a simple test to show that you know how to submit article and build link

c) Then you need to go through an interview process with us.


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PR6+ Links Needed

Its easy. I need some high quality links on pages that actually have a PR of 6 or above. Not the domain – the page.

No more than 20 links per page.

The links should be permanent, with at least a one year guarantee.

Give me your price per link. Obviously, I will have to authenticate their existence, so the page where they exist after they are posted. I will check the links every thirty days to ensure they are there.

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10 Articles – $1.25 Per Article (eventually 175 Articles)

I need ten articles written on 10 specific keywords which i will provide. The articles should be grammaticality correct and should include the article keyword multiple times. The articles must be unique and all will be checked carefully for uniqueness. I would like the ten articles within 24 hours if possible…although 48 hours max. If the work is quality and I feel we work good together i have an eventual total of 175 more articles I need written at a later date I would consider working with you on.

04/05/2011 at 9:28 EDT:

I forgot to add – the articles need to be at minimum 450 words… preferably 500-550

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Project Management Assistant Needed ….,,..,< Start ASAP

We are looking for a project management assistant to help us with organizing and compiling documents for various article writing projects. Your job will be to check all incoming documents in a batch of articles so that the articles all look the same with regard to formatting.

This is NOT a proofreading project. You will check the documents to make sure that they all use the same font, margins, zoom, file naming scheme, etc. It should take no more than 2-5 minutes to review each article.

The rate for this project is $1 per 10 articles completed. The projects you will receive are of varying sizes with regard to the number of articles included in the batch for that project and the rate per project will be adjusted upward or downward accordingly. This first project will be for 300 articles for multiple projects which you should be able to do in about a week.

We own all copyrights to all project documents. Documents are not to be reused in any way for any reason (including resell, reuse, re-write, give away, or as samples to employers).

Payment will be delivered weekly via Freelancer (Paypal is available for repeat assistants) for all projects completed during that week.

The following experience/qualities are required for this project:

– familiarity with the style of writing for article marketing (EzineArticles), web content, creative writing
– Native English speaker (your English must be flawless otherwise you will not be hired)
– experience with web based project management software
– ability to handle multiple projects at once
– available 6-7 days per week via chat/email

Projects that are not submitted on time or completed properly according to the guidelines will not be paid for.

Please include the words *Ready to Go* with your bid to show that you have completely read through the description for this project.

Only bids of $30 will be considered. Please do not bid if you are not satisfied with the $1 per 10 articles rate. Multiple bidders will be selected for this project and can be selected at any time. We will not wait until the bidding period ends to start making selections.

We need assistants to start TODAY. There is work available immediately after you bid!

Thank you for reading and happy bidding!

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HOW TO Type Articles ( $1.5 / 450 Words Article )

Hello Freelancers,

I am looking for 1 or 2 RELIABLE article writers to work with me on long term relationship, you must be experienced to write, edit, rewrite and proofread articles on various niches and able to write at least 5-10 articles on every week day.
I also expect you to deliver all these articles on the same day.

You should have a Copy scape premium account to check for any plagiarism and please submit us the originally written articles. If any plagiarism is found, sorry to say your articles will be rejected.

I expect you to produce " How to " type informative articles on various topics but not limited to the following ; health, fitness, travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, business, small business, education and real estate, )

I will provide sample articles and guidelines to make you understand, what kind / style of articles we are looking for.

You will be paid after submitting all the articles ( i.e 25 -50 articles ) every week, and please excuse there will not be any upfront payments. Initial pay per 400-500 words article will be $ 1.5 and will continue to increase after 1 or 2 months. You will be engaged in other lucrative projects too. Payments shall be through GAF or Paypal as you wish.

1. MUST be 400-500 words each
2. MUST be in American English (simple-structure, made-easy to comprehend, grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.)
3. MUST pass Copyscape Premium (please check your article before submission)
4. MUST be SEO optimized
5. MUST spell check, grammar check and proofread your work before submission
6. I own the full rights to the articles that have been completed, approved and paid

Please make a realistic bid and tell me how many articles you can write per day or per week. Also, Please attach your sample articles especially in "How to " type niche.

Please write " Yes, I can " in your bid, so that I can understand you are not a spammer.

Happy Bidding, buddies 🙂

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Craigslist Post *** HOUSING SECTION – RENT **** Experienced

We need someone to post a few ads for me on CL. I will pay per live ad. Easy work and need this done ASAP.

We seeking someone who can post in either " HOUSING SECTION – RENT " Craigslist per their Terms of Service.

Daily post 5 to 10 adds and cites will be USA only , if you work good than we increasing capacity of adds

We will pay up to $.40 per LIVE Ad. Ghosted, deleted or flagged ads will not be paid for.

Payments will be made weekly, NO MONEY WILL BE GIVEN IN ADVANCE.

if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Also connect on our yahoo email

joergshaglaterr yahoo dot com

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Required Article Writers For $1.25 Per 500 Words

I am currently looking to hire quality content writer(s) to work on few web projects for me.

Your job is to write articles which will cover topics from one particular or different niches. I have about 10-15 such niches that need to be worked upon and each niche has about 100-200 articles to be done.

Ill expect you to submit at least 3-5 articles in a day (Mon – Friday). Ill send you the work order and accordingly you have write me on given topics. This is going to be a long term work (on an ongoing basis).

Basic Requirements:

– Written copy must be 100% Unique, must clear COPYSCAPE. I will terminate the working relationship immediately (without any payment due) if your article failed copyscape.
– Each article should be of minimum 500 words.
– Good/Native flow of English is a must for smooth flow of sentences.
– Must have basic SEO elements in the articles. Should be able to insert keywords about 5-10 times in the article.
– Strictly adhere to my INSTRUCTIONS.

Please dont bid if you cant meet these requirements. This is for serious bidders only. Send me atleast one sample with the attachments.

Please type "Danni" in your bid & pm response, so I know that you have read and understood the job description very well OR else Ill ignore your bid.

The pay rate is strictly $1.25 per 500 written words and rate goes up depending on your performance and once you have proved your content writing skill.

Thanks for your time, and happy bidding!

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Data Entry Project – Extra Job For Companies Takes Minutes

Data entry project

Want data entry companies
that can use extra project

Each person fill out
two forms per day for 5 days

10 cents per form

2 forms per day

for 5 days =$1 per person

forms take a few minutes each day

cannot be done by computer robot program
must be people

good as an extra job for your company
can do thruout your regular work
requires a few minutes of each employee sometime during their day

– do your employees have their own computers or share them
– how many employees
– country you are in

If you have 30 employees doing this for 5 days
it would be
10 cents per form x 2 per day x 5 days x 30 employees = $30

If you have larger group
example 150 employees
10 cents per form x 2 per day x 5 days x 150 employees = $150

The project is evaluating the registration system
so we can make sure all steps are registering.

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Rewrite 70 Article


I have 70 articles that need to be rewrite, 10 per day. PAY $1.00 PER ARTICLE

I will give you the articles that need to be rewritten, you can use all text or part of it. Final article must contain 500 word, be at least 85% unique from the old ones and pass Copyscape. If an article has many spelling, punctuation errors and does not pass Copyscape I will not pay for the article until it is fixed and resubmitted.

Please attach a sample of your previous work for my reference. Also, TEAMS WITH ENOUGH EXPERIENCE AND NATIVE WRITERS WILL GET FIRST PREFERENCE. However beginers can apply too.

Thank you.

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# # # # # Need Captcha Worker For Qlink Server # # # # #

>> I Have Captcha Entry project for server.. WITH SOFTWARE.
>> I need team .
>> I need 50 workers for this project.
>> Working time 11.30pm -6am ( Indian time )
>> My rate is $0.80/1k captcha . I can give u $0.9/1k (but u must do minimal 5k per week),
>> The payment is send every saturday.. u dont need to requested..
>>The requirement is :
>> 1. I need team
>> 2. Must have a good skill for typing
>> 3. Must Per id finish 5k-10k captcha per week or more
>> Can increase the rate if u can give me much captcha per week..
>> Please send me pm if u interested for this job.
>> Feel free to contact me if u have another question,
>> U can add my y_M ( captchabosss )

Happy bidding.

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2000+ Anonymous Private Proxies Per Daily

I am looking for minimum of 2000+ US private proxies per daily without any repeat ip in the same month, (Http, Https, socks4 or socks5 will all be fine), prefer high anonymous private proxy, but anonymous is okay, scamster bypass please. I will pay you through paypal for our first collaboration I think I do pay u daily just like one by one, that would be much better. About further work I will pay you for be-weekly or monthly. Please understand me i should make sure you are not scam.

Please PM me if u can offer these for me.

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Ebay Sellers Wanted — High % Per Sale -300$ Per Day

We are looking for productive eBay sellers. At first you will be listing around 1-2 items daily , after a certain period of time you will be listing more . Some of our sellers are making $350+ a day.

—-Youll need an eBay account with a decent amount of Positive Feedback. You will be listing on eBay US & UK and sometimes Canada .
—-Your eBay, Paypal & Amazon account must be more than 6 months old. Preferably more than a year old.
—-You must have a valid, working and completely unlimited verified Paypal account which has been used often for transactions (So payments dont get held). You must not have any sending or receiving limits.
—You should have the time in the day to answer customer questions, list items and create sales reports.
—-You should be experienced in selling; I will provide listing descriptions, images etc.; I will answer your questions but you must be able to follow simple directions and think for yourself.

—–Auctions will be BIN (Buy-it Now).
—–You will receive 10% per sale; you will be selling more than one item per day.
—–We will pay eBay, Amazon & Paypal fees.
—–Shipping for items is free.
—–You will send a sales report at the end of each day; items will be posted the next working day.
—–Your eBay, Paypal fees & commission stays with you when you pass on the payment.
—–Items will be shipped once I receive payment and tracking numbers will be provided with most items.
—–Support questions will be forwarded to me and I will write the reply to send.

Please include your eBay ID in PMB with your bid.

This is commission based Only , so your bid is just to start communications and to get started .
Thanks !!!!!

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Market Research (Australia)

This project requires the collection of market research data.

The data needed is for applications for the follwoing services made by Australians to Australian businesses only:
– average number fo credit card application made per month
– average number fo home lona applications made per month
– avergae number of superannuation applications made per month
– average number of life insurance policies applications made per month
– average number of private health care applications made per month
– average number of investment fund (i.e unit trusts, etc.) applications made per month
– average number of residential lease applcaitions made per month

The candidate will need to present a strategy and sound methodolgy on how this data is to be collected before succesfully being awarded the project. Strong knowledge of the main players in the Australian Financial sector and Real Estate market is absolutely necessary!

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Full Time Assistant Needed

I need an assistant to basically send emails all day.

I will send you a video on what I need done and you are to send a minimum of
100 emails per day.

This is a full time role at $150 per month + Comission.

Looking for someone reliable who wants to work with us long term.

Please reply with your resume attached – NO RESUME NO JOB!

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I need an experienced expert to set up a PPC campaign so we can test keywords for 2 websites.

I need a true expert that has experience in setting up and running a successful lead generate system, using Google pay per click.

You will set up a ppc campaign, tweek and select keywords that will generate many leads per day.

please only apply if you have experience in this,



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English – Portuguese (Brazil) Article Translation

Make your bid for a total of 100 articles in English to be translated into Brazilian Portuguese with aprox. 550 words per article, to be delivered within 30 days. I am willing to pay U$ 1.00 per article but feel free to bid the price that suits you best.

Please bid only if you agree with the following:

1. You are a portuguese language native with outstanding Portuguese language skills, capable of writing Brazilian Portuguese.
2. All translated portuguese articles should have no grammar errors, and be 100% true to the original english source article.
2. You are fluent in English.
3. Capable of translating AT LEAST 5 articles PER DAY (25 articles per week – 100 articles in a month). You should be sending the articles on a daily basis.
4. Able to KEEP to deadlines.
5. Before picking the winner, it will be asked for you to translate a sample article.
6. All work produced is done on a work for hire basis and the copyright of it will belong to me after payment.
7. Please only bid if you are in good health and have a reliable Internet connection.
8. Please only bid if you can start working on my project immediately.

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$4 Per 500 Words; Article Writing (1)

I need 50 articles for SEO purpose and i am willing to pay $4 per 500 words. I will create full milestone. Please bid $200,

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Craigslist – Experienced Poster Wanted

Please Read Discription FULLY:

Looking for an experienced CRAIGSLIST POSTER "PRO", to post 20 – 60 ads DAILY.

Must know the ins and outs of Craigslist.

Must speak good english, write and read english fluently.

Ads will be posted throughout southern california in 3 sections- los angeles, orange county, and inland empire of craigslist. Postings must be throughout the day and not all at once between 6am- 8pm pst ( flexible ) 6-7 days a week if possible.

Will give ad titles and bodies. Most is simple text. Also have to know HTML for Craigslist.

We will pay $.20 per Ad. Ghosted ads will not be paid. Flagged ads will be paid. Expected to get flagged but must replace the ad as soon as possible. Must have your own PVAs, Proxies, IPs and Craigslist accounts.

We will pay weekly or Bi-weekly if requested

Bonuses are possible if everything goes well.

Please only bid if you are interested in LONG TERM work. Ready to start immediately

Important!! Bid amount for 14 days, anyless days your bid will be ignored. As this is a 2 week job. If goes well this will long term. Bid the base pay of at least 20 ads per day for 14 days at $.20 per ad. Extras ads will be paid. Do expect to post 30-60 ads per day to replace flagged ads. Dont forget flagged ads will be paid, but ghosted ads will not.


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Article Spinner W/ Spinning Software Wanted – Quality Writer

Must have article spinning software and you MUST be an expert in spinning articles up to sentence level. You need to add 3 additional sentences out of the original and then perform word spinning on selected words/phrases.

When applying for this job state which article spinning software you are using, your experience, and daily output.

If you can submit articles as well using a mass submitter you will be interviewed

State code: 342ccw
then I know you read this description, otherwise you will be ignored.

Price 2dollar per article to be spun at 90%+ uniqueness and submitted to 20 + article directories per day. If you are submitting content you will require an ip changing software and preferably use USA ips to submit content.

If you can not submit, the price is 1 cents per article spun.

5 articles per day needed.

State code: 12NV1
then I know you read this description, otherwise you will be ignored.

Thank you!

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Academic Assignments On End User Support,

This is an academic assignment comprising 3000 words.I will be paying $3 per 500 words. The assignment have four sections, so you need to provide at least one section per day.If you can provide more work its up to you. The work should be according to the specifications provided and fully referenced.I am sorry if the work is copied, I will not be able to pay.If you are agree I will send further details, and there are 3 more assignments if you can provide quality work.

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I Need Highly Experience Craiglist Poster

I Need Highly Experience Craig list Poster
I Need Per day 100-200 Post Per day Room&share.
I dont pay any Ghost or flagged Ad Payment Only live ad.
Please PM Me your Offer.
This is Ongoing Project

Happy bidding

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Telesales Marketing Professional

Telesales Marketing Professional is a new property selling website with a difference you can list your property for FREE with no agents fees or commission payments. is also an advertising portal for property related websites, as well as an advertising vehicle for property sellers in the United Kingdom.

Users (Listers) are encouraged to register and to upload their Property Listings (as many as they like) to the website via the Property Listing Wizard.

The site also has an active Guides & Resources section, supported by relevant advertising, a blog and regular newsletters and information bulletins, also providing a platform for advertising.

How do and the Telesales Marketing Professional make money from this service?

The Telesales Marketing Professional will be selling advertising space on each of the listing pages of the website. This includes properties that people List on the website as well as articles and news feeds in the Guides & Resources section and on the Blog. Every page provides further opportunities for advertising to be sold.

Having done some research (which will help with), the Telesales Marketing Professional will approach businesses that are local to the specific property for sale or rent, and offer them a package that is based on payment on performance. Geographical relevance will be as important as business relevance that is, the Advert should offer goods or services both relevant to the properties being listed, as well as a useful service to people looking at those properties.

There are currently five advertising slots available on each page. We will want to sell each position (which could be a banner advert or text link) on the basis of CPM cost per 1,000 impressions.

There is no requirement for prior knowledge or experience of CPC, CPM or other specific Internet processes as all relevant guidance will be provided. But a determination to sell advertising on the site is a must!
Although cost-per-click, or CPC, advertising is enjoying great popularity, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) advertising is still an effective way of reaching potential customers on the Web. Instead of paying per click in a CPC arrangement, in a CPM campaign the advertiser purchases a set amount of impressions. An impression is a single instance of an ad appearing on a Web site.
CPM-based advertising can be a cost-effective alternative to CPC deals. For instance, in CPC-based advertising, you pay for each click your ad receives. Let us say that you are spending $1 for each click; 10 clicks costs you $10.
In a CPM-based campaign, you may pay $3 for 1,000 impressions. If your ad receives a click-through ratio of just 1 percent, youre paying $3 for the same 10 clicks. will be looking to achieve £10.00 per 1,000 impressions, or 0.01 pence per impression. This allows an advertiser complete flexibility as to how much they wish to spend with us and for how long. It also provides flexibility for the Telesales Marketing Professional to sell packages which maximise the revenue of the business and improve the level of commissions that can be earned.

We will pay £10 per hour initially for set up and familiarisation, which will be limited to £150. Once the Telesales Professional is established and making sales, we will then pay 25% of the value of the business sold. If an advertiser repeats the advertising, the Telesales Marketing Professional will continue to receive the 25% commission ad infinitum. The intention is for a Telesales Marketing Professional to be better off earning commission, than on a job or per hour basis.

Wed be happy to explain or talk through any questions you have let us know!
Sell It Yourself!

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CL Posting


I would like to post my ad under Computer Service and Creative Service in 20 different cities. 20 ads per day. 6 days per week.

Nothing pay for Ghost Ad but Flagged is ok.

Please PM me your price. I am looking for someone who can do this for us long term. The last guy stopped after a week. Please only reply if you know how to do it. Thanks!

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