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Mixtape: Download, Upload, And Format

I am looking for somebody who is looking to upload and download hip-hip mixtapes onto our server. I want to start with a small trial run in which you would download, upload and 100 mixtapes. This amounts to uploading and downloading 8-10Gbs of data (16-20 Gb total bandwidth). Each mixtape will take 30-45 min to format for the server (you will become more efficient as you become more familiar with the format). There is an instructional video on YouTube that describes what you need to do. I will give you access to the video If you are selected for the project.

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Picture Frames Download/Upload

I need a PHP script that allows 20 people to download an image, then adds 1 to a variable, and displays the next image for 20 people to download.

In the server, I would upload hundreds of images.

Also, there would also be a upload system that allows people to tell me which frame theyre uploading, their names, etc. The script would name the files:

I will tell you more information as soon as I pick you!

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Auto Download + Upload Program Needed!

I need a program which automatically which monitors some folders on a ftp server and downloads them when the folder is complete. In every folder is a subfolder which shows if the download of the folder finished. (The subfolder is beeing renamed every second, depends on the download progress). Then it has to download the whole folder and unrar and has to upload it on a website. Then it has to copy the download link and paste it on a website.
APIs recommended.

For more detailed information send P.M.!

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Desktop Download/Upload Manager Software

I need a fast desktop download manager like "Internet Download Manager" with all the features of the latest version 5.19 and also an additional feature of uploading with a highly professional design.

50% escrow before starting the project.

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Youtube Mass Download/upload Software

I need a youtube mass downloader / mass uploader software

where i can enter all youtube links and it will auto download

it will save the video (mp4 format) to my local computer including:
-video title
-video descriptions
-video tags

after all videos are downloaded

-i want to mass upload them all but
—-i want to include my description in top of original description
—-i want to include my title including the original title
—-i want to include my tags including the original tags
—-i can spin my title, tags and descriptions something like "{hey|hi|hello} this is a description"

-i can enter list of accounts and specify how many videos to upload for each account

-please, this project is for experienced programmers only, no newbies please. Lets not waste our time talking and come up with nothing
-Software can be used on windows OS only.
-I have free tools downloaded somewhere else that can mass upload and download youtube videos but i want a handy tool that can do both.

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Locate, Download And Upload Videos

You will be asked to search YouTube for HD videos on specific categories
Download the videos from youtube (using some tool like DownloadHelper extension for Firefox)
then upload to the appropriate category using an admin tool that I will provide

there are 17 categories
to start I need 10 videos each category

please post a bid for 170 videos

later, we will want to add 5 new videos each day – but do not include this in the bid amount, just know there may be possibility for ongoing work.

I will pay per completed video upload
you should have a broadband connection
you should have an eye for quality
this is a fun project 🙂

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Website Advisor

I need to build a website, pretty simple and already have a template.
However I dont have knowledge and experience of building a website.
I need you guide me through every step along the way, therefore I can build the website myself
Major things to do: Download the template–upload to the site–change content–maintain it.
I should be able to maintain the website after launching.

It will be a plus if you speak Chinese.

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One-time Download Of File Using Purchase Email Verification

I need your help creating code (php?) and maybe also a database(?) to allow me to offer a one-time download of a product that I am selling to ONLY the buyer – using his verified email address.

Here is how I think this would/could work:

1) The user clicks on BUY THIS and enters his CC info and email address (at least)
2) My website (which is built using WordPress) automatically sends out the purchase verification and download instructions
3) The user clicks on the link for the download and downloads the file
4) IF the url is accessed again (perhaps by the users friend), then the file is no longer available for download (either the filename changed, the location, etc.)

Basically, I want to minimize the number of non-purchased products that get downloaded. Certainly the user could upload the file elsewhere or share it, but I dont think theyll bother.

To be clear, all I need is #2 and #4 above. What can you offer? Do you have a more secure solution to my problem?

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Fill The Survey & Download Thank You File .

I need people to fill out surveys and download "thank you" file .

i need at least 100 downloads a day,for these days : monday,wednesday & friday .

But if you can do more – thats even better ! 1000 a week ? 2000 a week ? You will get a bonus !

Downloads must be from different IPs for that day .

USA,Canada,Australia and UK – $0.1 per download/survey . The rest of the world $0.05 .

After your first week,if you are happy,this could be made permanent.

You will get paid on 20th – 25th of every month .

You must understand in english,i had a winner who couldnt even understant what i wanted him to do !

So please if you are not sure – do not bid .

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Need Someone To Download And Upload Files

Easy but grunt work! you need to download files, and upload them to file sharing sites we specify.
I have multi poster for you.
Pay will be once in 2 days and depends on number & quality of work delivered. And file upload sites also pay for you.(I will guide you making more money form their websites)
Only serious bidders, you should be able to follow instructions. Sent us a PM!

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Project description.

we have a finished photoshop template.

1. Task 1 make 2 more similar redesign templates, based on this template (colours, fonts, design elements), so we have in total 3 different templates

2. Task 2 We choose one of this 3 templates, and deliver you pictures and text for each section. Sections will be predefined clearly. You need to fill pictures and text into template at the defined places (means you just replace pictures and text) and maybe you need small adjustment (e.g. text is longer or shorter, you need to delete free space) and send us JPEG for approval. One approved you upload PS file on FTP server.

We have about 100 of this task 2 to be done, but here you just bid on 15 projects first.

So your total bid is for task 1 and 15 x task 2


1. you are real Photoshop professional
2. you have strong internet connection for upload, download high volume of data in short time !!!!
3. if you are available shortly
4. if you have German characters, as Text will be delivered in german language

Please in you PM you write
a) totall bid for task 1 + 15 x task 2
b) additional price/hour for some adjustment works which is not covered by task 1 or 2
c) your internet connection
d) country you are located
e) Germany characters set can use
f) your availablity in the bext 10 days (for additional possible work)
g) your timeline for this project (must be realistic)

Please place your bid only if you can fulfill this tasks professionally in short time

Small sample work (replacement of picture and text, take just a few minutes, need to be done before final decision of provides)

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Financial data webcrawler, data extraction

Looking for a data extraction program that can be applied to financial statements filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( I wish to have the ability to type a series of stock tickers along with a description of the data Im interested in, and have the program extract specific data from recent SEC filings and download it into a user-friendly format such as Excel. For example, if I wanted to find out how much Debt is owed by MSFT, CSCO, AAPL, I could enter these tickers into the engine, add a description of the debt, and receive the answers in Excel format. Flexibility is important for performing such searches as different firms use different terminology for financial items. I assume large financial firms (Bloomberg, Reuters, etc…) employ these methods and am interested in developing a similar mechanism for my research company. System needs to be fast, user friendly and very reliable. I have a customizable budget for the right product.

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