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Minor Technical Changes To A WordPress Site

I need some small but technical changes made to my wordpress-based Real Estate site – so strong familiarity with PHP and wordpress is essential.

The changes are:

1. A minor safari compatibility issue – a javascript text input box is not working correctly, it only works when user refreshes the page – which is very annoying.

2. Basic image size issue – when users add images, they display in the post, but some display too big. I need there to be a limit on the size at which the images display.

4. Inside the wordpress admin dashboard, some of the fields related to posts users have submitted have disappeared. I need to be able to see those fields again so I can edit them from inside the dashboard.

4. I have a slider with an inbuilt google map on my homepage – it displays some information, but at the moment it is displaying the wrong information sometimes and needs to be fixed.

5. I would like several basic sliders put on my homepage that display the featured listings for the 4 different post types I use on my site.

6. When search results appear, the Page 1, 2, 3, 4 etc option at the bottom of the page does not work. Page 1 displays ALL the posts, page 2 also displays ALL the posts. I would like them to display 10 results per page.

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* * * WordPress Site Building * * *

Create a website that will hold all functionality represented in the following template:
Website will be implemented on wordpress using flash components as in the template. Database in use will be MySql.
All text areas and pictures should be controllable and changeable via the wordpress interface.
Attached logo should be incorporated into the site.
All buttons in the template should be press able and customizable as to the link they should be linked to.
All graphic functionality, for instance, button behavior, hovering over behavior etc. must be duplicated from the template
All sounds existing in the template should be duplicated to the site. Exact fonts, colors etc. should be used. The site that will be built should be a full and detailed replica of the template.
A designed contact us box should be added to the template.
A testimonials roller or something of that kind should be added to the template
Single items such as newsletter subscription (but not limited to) should be controlled and with the ability to be removed via the wordpress interface.
Browsers support should include i.e. , firefox, chrome (all 3 on all versions) and also Ipad, Iphone and Android.
Full QA will be done by the contractor.
On all browsers the site should look 100% with all graphics cuts visible and nice.
Installation of wordpress and the site should be performed on the client

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WordPress Site

Private project

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Interactive Map For WordPress Site

Creative interactive map using google map apis or jquery plugin like zoommap (

The map will include:

– Initial View with 4 quadrants (regions)

– Each quadrant/region will be highlighted as the user mouseovers the area

– When clicked, region maps grow to fill the entire map area

– Approx 4,000 locations will be plotted on the map.

– Location data points will be populated from an xls file import. The xls file is not dynamic. The file will contain location type, name, address, and contact details

– Approx 10 different icons will be used to represent location type

– Visitors can select a location for pop-up of location details

– Users will have the ability to filter by region or location type

Please provide examples of similar type maps you have completed.

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OnSite SEO For A WordPress Site

A well designed WordPress site needs some on-site SEO.

The changes needed are:
Add alt text to images
Add meta tags
Add meta descriptions
Change/add headings

and any other on-site work (no content rewriting needed)

Please post your preliminary bid with work experience. You will have a chance to see the site, analyze the needs, come up with a plan, and finalize your bid.

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Dynamic Tutorial WordPress Site

I am hiring freelancer to make a dynamic WordPress tutorial website. Bid only if youre familiar with WordPress, php programming and Photoshop. The design of the website should be similar to and should be designed in css3 with ie6 support. I want an excellent work from the bid winner.

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Create A WordPress Site Theme

Design a wordpress theme, change colours, develop theme and customise it.

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Need A WordPress Site For Acne Treatment

Hello freelancers, I need a wordpress site for acne treatment, I want to build this site for adsense and to sell my own acne product and some affiliate products. You must be able to build an Adsense site which consistantly is earning $10-20 per day. I have the following requirements:

– Ill give you all researches keywords, your suggestions would be a plus point.
– Must be 100% within the Google TOS
– Must be Adsense Optimized
– Traffic driven must be 100% white hat real people no bots
– Should earn earn $10-20 a day for 30 days
– All Content (5-10 pages) MUST be original and SEO
– WordPress, must be able to install to Godaddy account and you must be able to transfer site to my account.
You must be able to make a complete affiliate setup for site like affiliate and adsense link setup
– All Copyrights Belong to Me

I will pay the amount of the bid AFTER I see a consistent income for 30 consecutive days and can setup a milestone payment.

Please be prepared to tell me how you plan to drive the traffic if you bid on this project. I dont want to risk an adsense account ban.

The perfect person would be someone who is willing to give me a good and fair price and would be willing to work on future projects exactly like this for me as we build trust with each other. Provable Adsense income is a must. I have the money but need the design and SEO help to succeed and multiply my efforts. Let me see your best work.

Again, this is for ONE site which will be a test case for future work.


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WordPress Site Changes Needed

I have an existing WordPress site that needs some updates and additions.
Need to do the following:

-Change several links with an old affiliate link to a new one
-Add a couple banners with new affiliate link
-When person signs up – need to have an automated email mini course sent (17 day mini course)
-Needs a database to track the new subscribers name and email address
-Add icon to top of page (in the tab)
-One of the page sections needs to be fixed – the formatting is incorrect and the affiliates need to be changed

Budget is $25

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Fix Outstanding WordPress Site

Asher here are the outstanding Items:

-Add social media sharing module to blog
-Add recent posts to blog module
-Add like button to pages
-Switch out logo for high resolution logo

Please also use discretion and change anything you think needs to be added to the site to make it better.

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WordPress Site Theme Programming

Please only experienced programmers. This is NOT setting up a WordPress site with small changes. You must know how to program, make functionality changes, database changes and make the theme work correctly.

The theme is Templatic Real Estate theme. Check it out before you bid:

Here are the changes that are required in 3 days. I will clarify these changes with the winning bidder.

1. Property Listings
a. Add a Community field
b. Add Type (type of house: Bungalow, 2Storey, Townhouse ect)
c. Add Down payment field
d. Ensure all fields operate as original with warning when required fields are not filled in.

2. Latest properties (abbreviated listings on index page)
a. Remove

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WordPress Site Needs Top-rated-posts Page

Im using GD Star Rating to let users rate posts. I need a page on my wordpress site to display results of the top rated posts on my site. The posts on my site do not have titles so i need this page to display the content of the posts and not the post titles.

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Migrating Phpbb To BBpress On A WordPress Site

I have a forum on phpbb that I would like to migrate membership with topics and threads to a bbpress installation.

Forum is not very big, with about 800 member (not all active) and only the latest discussions which is not huge I would like to retain as much data as possible but not necessary as users are not terribly active or have avatars and such.

Forum is wordpress site is


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Modification Of WordPress Site

I am looking at changing the layout of my wordpress template. I have all the artwork and layout ready to go. Should only be a few hours.

Looking for other ideas in improving integration with my other websites.

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Build A WordPress Site

WordPress site .. private project for galaxyweb

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WordPress Site Repairs

I have a website whose theme was created from an HTML site that I made myself. I assigned this first to someone else, who was unable to complete the work. He found the code too complex and didnt understand it. This theme was created by someone else, from my own HTML design. I like the theme and dont want to change it now. I just want to make it work correctly.

There are three things to fix

1. The news/articles page.

The architecture of this page disappeared. It should look something like my News/Articles page on another website that I have that Ill tell you if you accept the job. The left side should show the Categories, Latest Articles, etc… like a normal wordpress page. The body should show the latest articles, and on the top, it should have the title "Malpais News and Articles" and should say:

"Here you will find the latest news about Malpais and Santa Teresa. Many people who are living here have contributed to this Malpais news section. If youd like to write an article, please contact us and let us know what youd like to ad to our site. Thank you."

Once you create this page, then I will fine-tune the details/format of how it should look.

Also, please make sure that the newest three articles always appear on the index page on the left navigation.

2. Vacation Home Rentals Page

This page was never built correctly. For each rental house, if I click the category "Malpais Rental Houses", "Santa Teresa Rental Houses", "Playa Hermosa Rental Houses", or "Montezuma Rental Houses" on those posts, then they should automatically be listed on this page, in the correct section. Also, each towns section should have a "featured" section, with a yellow background, such as on the top. If I click the "featured" category for the post, then it should appear in the top of the section, with the yellow background.

Also, if I choose multiple categories for a post, then it should appear in multiple sections. For example, I might want a rental house to be in both the Malpais and Santa Teresa sections.

3. Photo Gallery Page:

This was supposed to be set up with ten thumbnails, each linked to a different photo gallery. I will make the ten page galleries after you create the main photo gallery page. Ill send you a JPG that shows what it should look like.

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WordPress Expert To Develop A WordPress Site

I need a wordpress expert to design a new website for me. Please include your experience and example in PM.

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WordPress Site

I have a free wordpress template I need slightly modified and placed in my server.I need the background to be white instead of black. I will need a logo. Using my adsense account I need adsense adds added to the site. This theme will be used as an affiliate website so I will need this site prepared for items to be placed on the site. All work will be done on the providers server before placed on mine. There will be no multiple milestones, only one at the end of the project. The provider will be responsible for creating sql when site is transffered, information will be emailed to me. This is a simple project so dont over bid. Lowest bid gets the first consideration.

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WordPress Site Needed

I need a WordPress blog to connect to my exisiting website, or template modification.

Self growth site. I need a site built around this theme. Already have an existing website, need to integrate it into the site. And also, use our design on the 3rd party shopping cart page. I hope that makes since. Basically, we dont want shoppers to realize they have left the main site. We will also need a blog, which shouldnt be a problem because most templates come with a blog.

What to use this site for SEO and meta tags to bring more traffic to original site. Need a menu and tSo in short we need 5 pages, one of which will be the 3rd party online store. Which will allow us to over lay our design on the store page. Please have experience doing that.

Please be a good communicator, and talented.
Please have examples of work similar to this project. If the price is right we can get this thing moving quickly.

I am giving more bidding time than required so dont worry about that.


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Modify WP Theme To Match Main Site (remove the ___) site has WP installed.

Would like the WP theme / look feel made to match the main site and sensible layout.

Budget is $30.

Please advise:-
——– experience
——– examples of WP work
——– any ideas for making it a nicer solution

Many Thanks

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Private Job For Adeel Detail Site

Private job for Adeel. WordPress site.

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WordPress Skills For WordPress Site Update

I have this small website that I created for my wife business. The site is functional, but I need to improve by adding 2 functionalities:
– Contact form – There is a contact form add-on already, but I am not getting any email when I test the functionality
– Testimonial add-on – I am looking to add a Testimonial add-on which will allow some of our past customers to go on the site and leave testimonials viewable by all visitors to the site.

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Simple WordPress Site Needed

I need a simple website, from where i will provide twitter followers to clients accounts. Several package i will offer to them like 500 followers, 1000 followers, 2000 followers etc. You can find lot of sites similar to my demand. Shopping carts should be needed. I think wordpress would be the best option to build such site.

I would like to finish this job as cheap as you can and of course with quality works.

Please provide me previous examples of your works and let me know how you plan to do this work and how much time you need.

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WordPress Site Needed

I need a WordPress site designed, or template modification.
My client sells gift baskets. The need a site built around this theme. They are using a 3rd party store so we dont have to do the actual e-commerce but we need to integrate it into the site. And also, use our design on the 3rd party shopping cart page. I hope that makes since. Basically, we dont want shoppers to realize they have left the main site. We will also need a blog, which shouldnt be a problem because most templates come with a blog.

So in short we need 5 pages, one of which will be the 3rd party online store. Which will allow us to over lay our design on the store page. Please have experience doing that.

Please be a good communicator, and talented.
Please have examples of work similar to this project. I dont need to see every website you have designed. Just stores please.

Good luck, and if the price is right we can get this thing moving quickly.

I am giving more bidding time than required so dont worry about that.


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Problem With Javascript Conflicting On A WordPress Site.


Im having an issue on a clients wordpress site where an e-commerce plugin seems to be causing conflicts on a datepicker field on a form on one of the pages.

i need someone to fix it so there are no conflicts and so that the e-commerce plugin and the forms datepicker work correctly.

Please only bid if you are an expert with wordpress and jquery and only bid if you can do this straight away

My max budget for this is $30.


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Four Small Changes To A WordPress Site

I need four changes to a wordpress site. Ill pay $40 for this work. Needs to be done in less then a day. Its not hard work. Maybe #4 could be tricky, the rest are simple.

1. Home Page Menu Colors are wrong.

Main menu code on home page is wrong color- The menu colors are correct on the specials page. Change that.

2. Change lodging sub Menu
change wording on lodging menu below pictures from "Getaway Packages" to "Leisure Package"

3. 2 pages are about 1 inch space between the pictures and Header. Make the space smaller like on the hunting page

4.The events page is controlled through the admin interface

the admin page for this is not working because the FCKEditior is broken on the site. I think fckeditor will need to be reinstalled. Or it could be another issue. Youll need to fix that.

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Help With WordPress Site Immediately

Okay so I have a podcast website that gets 1000s of visitors on its own. I now need help from a really good person to get my website listed on search engines, obtimized and a redesigned a bit. Right now the site that is up, I put up myself and I dont like the fact that I dont know where the keywords and meta tags are, I am new to wordpress but Im sure there is an app out there than can help simplify this process so every article I write will have keywords as well. I would really prefer to work with someone that knows how to add a drop down menu to wordpress along with a page that will look like this: If you cannot or do not know how to make this happen please do not bid on this project please. I also want to have my homepage main body look more like this: If you cannot do this as well, do not bid on this project please. I also need some help fixing our logo images, I cut them out myself but it needs a professional touch. I need someone honest that can work on this immediately and get me results in a timely manner. I do want to know everything you do and you will need to explain how I can see and manage everything myself in my wordpress so if you have a problem with this request as well, please dont bid on my project. Oh and one last thing, I need the ability to make the background different on every section (meaning if I click on Game Reviews on the menu bar it will have a different background than the rest of the site but the background would be universal for everything under that menu choice and if I click on Technology Review it would have a different background and so forth and so forth) Now that we have everything out there, thank you for taking the time to read my project and happy bidding.

My budget is a firm $30 if its not enough for you then please dont bid. Thank you.

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Interactive Map For WordPress Site

Hello. I am in need of an interactive map for a wordpress site. It is preferable that this not be flash based.
This map will need all of the countries of the world defined. A user must be able to zoom in and out of the map and when they click on a location, that country will change color and cause a corresponding checkbox to be checked. If they click the same location it would go back to its original state. Same behavior for the checkboxes. The user then saves the map and all the checkboxes are saved into a database. When the user looks at their map again, all entries from the database are populated on the map.

Wish list:
Ability to custom define areas on the map. So if a country changes or additional places (such as individual states in the United States) are added, the map may be easily updated to provide this new information.

Ability to have other information drawn on the map such as multi-color pins for various lat/long locations.

This is for a travel website that lets users check off various places theyve traveled. We track countries of the world and States in the US and Canada currently. It also has other lists such as world heritage sites that I would like to be able to be displayed on the map as well. So when the user zooms in on a particular area, all the places theyve been have a pin in the lat/long provided.

I can get you more details as you need. This site is based on wordpress, php, and mysql. Please let me know of any questions.

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