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The GUI must be sleek and written using QT. It should support windows, Mac, iPhone and android platforms.

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App For Android/Iphone (via Phonegap/Appcelerator)

We need to Implement an *Ecommerce* app for Android/Iphone/Blackberry via *Phonegap or Appcelerator*.


1st – Frontpage with a slider (javascript) and buy button.
The app should recognize your position and to know that youre in a certain place. If yes a certain price is shown.

2nd – Form to gather user info and credit card data (only the first time) then we would like to memorize the credit card data on the phone, we can use paypal or google check ut ANY PAYMENT SOLUTION IS EVALUABLE.

3rd – Code / Barcode Generator.

4th – Help/Credits page

Wed like to build it with a flexible technology like php/jquery/xhtml/css and then to port our apps on bb/iphone/android/ipad/ just changing the css and exporting teh overall pack via phone gap or similar solutions.

At moment we are working on the business model, user journey, wireframes, visuals.

We can pay for the dev of this project.
then, later on we can work together and share revenues.

We are a fresh Start Up based in London W1.

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J2ME/Android Cross-Platform Porting Tool

We require a experienced developer or developers for a major large project. The project is a universal Cross-Platform Porting tool. We require developer(s) who have several years experience in porting J2ME to Android/iPhone/Windows Mobile as well as porting Android to iPhone and Windows Mobile etc. The project must be developed in C# DotNet 4.

Once a winning bid has been selected further/more details will be provided going into detail about the project.

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