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The Vetbook

I need a web-designer with good .php skills to make my site database driven.

I am a final year student at the Royal Vet College-London. I have been creating a website using google sites where fellow final year students and new graduates can up-load a photo and their CV. I collect the data using google forms but to display it on the site I have to enter it manually. I have recently purchased domain and linux hosting with MySQL databases.

I would like my current site to be recreated (or a similar looking site) on this new domain and hosting. I also want the site to be dynamic database driven so that users can enter their details and photo and they automatically appear on the site in the relevant sections and users are able to edit their entries themselves.

The form on the Sign Up! page shows the data I want collected, but I do not want the users email, surname or phone number to appear on the site, as these need to be accessible by me alone. Each user needs their own page with their CV and photo on. People searching for vets need to be able to filter through all the vets on the site by:- the locations theyre looking to work in in the UK; the type of practice (small animal/equine/farm/mixed/exotic); other parameters.

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Javascript/AJAX Photo Browser Component Enhancements

Javascript development to enhance the photo browser component of the JellyFields photo discovery and navigation application.
The existing application can be viewed by going to and logging in using the following account credentials:
– user name: jellyfieldsguest (at yahoo dot com )
– password: guest.JF

To see the browser view, click on "THE WORLD". Photo thumbnails are loaded as you scroll down. Clicking on a photo will zoom
into that photo and display photos that the community surrounding that photo found to be the most appealing. You will be enhancing the thumbnail and zoom views. You should use chrome or firefox to inspect the element DOM and the javascript used to render the page. Of interest is the thumbnail rendering loop within the "display" function of the ResourceDetailspresenter class and the zoom image renderer at the top of that function. It renders the images based on the JSON object returned by the "JF.people.getContent" web service call (see the fetchUserContent function). You will not need to modify the web service call. These enhancements shall be verified against the following browser: Chrome, Safari, IE and FireFox.

The photo browser will be enhanced in the following ways:
1) Thumbnail view enhancements:
1.1) Thumbnail photos are currently laid out using a free flow format, without fixed img dimensions. The problem is that images tend to jump around as photos are loaded, especially on slow connections. This is because no image size is specified in the markup.
To correct this we have modified the "JF.people.getContent" api call used to retrieve the image information to additionally return the size and width of each photo, as well as the maximum column width. These dimensions will be used to specify the img elements height and width within the generated markup and to determine the number of columns to display.
1.2) A fixed number of columns will be displayed based on the browsers window width and the maximum column width mentioned above. The minimum number of columns shall be 3, but configurable with a variable.
1.3) If the browser width will accommodate more columns then an additional column will be added. The number of columns is the view width divided by the maximum column width returned by the API call. This calculation will be made after a window resize has completed.
1.4) Any additional CSS necessary for correct rendering shall also the required for successful project completion.
1.5) The method employed shall not use html tables. It should mimic Flickrs thumbnail browser in behavior:

It shall be verified that the above enhancements are applied correctly to all thumbnail views.

2) Fixed Sized Zoom Image:
When one clicks an image, it is zoomed and centered, followed by the thumbnails of additional recommendations. Again, no dimension is currently specified in the mark-up and this results in jumping around.
2.1) Rendering the zoom image is handled within the first section of the ResourceDetailspresenter: display method, before the thumbnail rendering loop. The img height and width will be specified according to the dimensions contained within the root jsonObject. These JSON attributes will be available prior to the development of these features.
2.2) The zoom image shall be centered immediately after the user clicks on the thumbnail and the JSON response is received, so that the user can see the rendering of the photos jpg and know that activity is taking place.
2.3) Centering needs to work on the following browser (Chrome, Safari, IE and FireFox). Note that centering is currently not working properly on IE.

We shall provide source files, so that a working subset of the site can be installed on your local machine. This package with your modifications shall be returned for verification. You will need mysql, apache and php installed on your box.

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Simple Multiple Photo Retouch!

Hi all,
I have batches of family Images from the 90s.
Current batch is approximately 100 images. There will be plenty more.
I need very light photo editing done to them.
1. Color correction (mostly take out yellowish hues).
2. levels (but see next point).
3. Shadow and highlight control. Make sure there is enough detail in shadow and that they are not too dark. Try to maintain detail in highlights. Do this also by screen or soft light layers but only in right places.
4.Increase vibrance.
5. Of course crop and rotate if needed.
Please see example images

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XXX Editing


Me and my girlfriend are making some funny stuff where we need your editing.

youll be given a set of xxx photos, and your task is to edit it.

kindly contact me, total number of 20 photos required for editing!

required timeframe: upon accepting bid, you need to deliver the 20 high quality XXX-edited photo within 72 hours.

Editing task would be to take a xxx photo and replace the faces.

Please do not hesitate to contact me!


1. I will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. All work is not to be reused in any way for any reason.

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Photo Matching

I need a program which searches for similar photo from database/list of photo.
User will be uploading his/her photo via browser, and you will be writing php program which searches for similar photo from thousands of photo online.
I am thinking of preparing more than 1000 photo.
Examples would be, Google Similar Images.
You dont have to create websites, just php script for searching.

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Android Barcode Camera App

Barcode Reader and Camera Application for Android/iphone.

1.) Product will allow users to register/login in with facebook account.
2.) Read 1 or more barcodes and keep track of UPC codes
3.) Take a Photo.
4.) Upload the combination of photo and UPCs to a website

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Photo Marketing Website

Photo marketing website required with online image hosting.
Preferably CMS based
Site needs to be clean and contemporary in look.
Images from events and promotions will be uploaded to the site. People can then view the pictures and add them to their Facebook page/profile. Also need are;
Password protection of galleries option.
Photo search function.
Facebook and twitter integration.
Google/Facebook analytics.

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Photo Recognition Website

Go to this website. And see the "try me". I need my own website that can upload to their servers and get results like the example above.
They give each user theyre own account with an API code.
Most of the coding is done

It also needs to let the users to upload a tag what is it.
(i.e Upload a photo of britney spears and tell the servers its britney spears)
I would also need a admin section so i could edit the tags
If you log in youll see what im talking about it

However I need it to be able so the user can upload a website with the tag
(i.e if someone took a photo of britney spears it would to their servers and return britney spears so then my website takes them automatically to the website above.)
I presume the script would be on my server which i need to get.

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Photographic Application For Iphone

i would like to hire the developer for making the photographic app.

The application consist of different photo effect

*By pressing one button application can turn your shot into a photo from 60s or 70s, a picture drawn by a pencil, oil paint, or done in a Modern Art style.

*Various Lo-Fi effects, Vintage, Bizarre, TiltShift, Sepia, Glow, Grunge, Blur, Textures FX Photo Studio has them all and even more.

*Apply single or multiple effects to one image

*the application manually tune every single effect

*Crop, flip, rotate, adjust gamma of your pictures

*Save combinations of effects to PRESETS and apply on other images with just ONE TAP

*application can also SHARE PRESETS with other people

*Application can share in facebook and other social network places

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Website Design: Apartment & Room Rentals

I need a complete redesign of this temporary website:
This job is a fairly basic, simple design requirement but I realize that price may go higher than the simple project ($30-250)
No super hurry on design.

Temporary site is a few hour effort by me using jalbum and Dreamweaver editing the jalbum HTML & skin but I need a real design.
Two language site – Home page click for either English or Spanish – I will supply English to Spanish translations for identical Spanish site so only knowledge of English required for site design.

HTML and is fine but CMS is OK if I can edit (Maybe I can learn sufficient CMS Made Simple to edit????)
I am too lazy to learn Joomla! but maybe that is best?????
Mostly one time design but maybe small maintenance required later.

I have 3 sites registered at GoDaddy but redirects to above temporary site right now.
Or maybe use these but too long of a name so probably redirects only:

Paid for about $150 for 3 years cheapest premium site at but no site design done yet. They seem to have auto installers for most scripts including popular CMS progs and were recommended by several designers I know so hope they are OK.

Job Details – Do not want a super elaborate or fancy site since local prospective clients here in Nicaragua are simple. But site should look "nice" and modern and not real cheap whatever that means:
1) Home page similar to existing but maybe Photo at top and links at left instead of bottom.
Same links on every page. Prominent English/Spanish buttons on home page.
2) Add 1 text page for pricing details. No Shopping cart or vacancy info – Customer response only by email or phone.
3) Add 1 page for location in city map of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. I can supply map based upon modified Google maps or modified Google Earth.
4) Will eventually need Photo albums for about 10-15 total Apartments or Rooms similar to the 4 photo album pages now.
I could copy and modify a basic design to add photo album pages myself later but maybe CMS is easier.

I am open to advice and recommendations since it has been 10-15 years since I did a lot of HTML site design and I am lost and out of touch with modern site design.

Thanks for reading all of this ;-))

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We need a SKILLED Joomla expert to add the attached photo gallery to our Joomla website today. We are using Sobi2 for our listings and need this photo gallery installed for our each new listing. Another programmer tried installing and failed. The photo gallery is partially installed, but no guarantees that it is installed correctly. It does not work. You must complete the entire job today, as this is not a big job.

Be sure that the photo gallery works in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Please see the attached file for more information.

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Photo Manipulation And Photo Editing.

Hi there,

Im looking for someone who is good with Photoshop or Gimp mainly photo editing.

Skill Im looking for is making brushes from photos, seamless textures, colours edit and so on.

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Before And After Photo Website

Hi Freelancers,

I want to have a one page website created similar to a style. Except it will be 2 photos the user can upload for a Before and After comparison.

Rather than have a side by side display, and if possible use (or modify) the below Joomla 1.6 extension so you can drag the bar left and right to show the differences. This will be the main feature and centre display. An option available to click a link and switch to a side by side view.

* Only registered users can upload photos.
* The uploaded pictures will require a Title and Description field that can be filled in.
* Public visitors will be able to vote (1-10) on the photo comparisons.
* Registered users can comment on photos submitted.
* A simple Search Function
* A section on the left or right for Newest and Highest Rated photos.
* Uploaded photos require admin approval before publishing them.
* Category pane so users can search specific categories which changes the centre display category.
* Privacy and Terms and Conditions link.

Create a logo design according to my theme.

additional skills – Web 2.0 and SEO

Payment made in full once I am happy with the final product. If happy with service and product will use same freelancer for future updates to the site.


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Photo Editor

I need help developing a photoeditor in flash, the tool need have the following:

the user can be upload the picture (ready)
clone stamp tool (i need help)
healing toold (i need help)
blur ( i need help)
watermark (ready)
zoom in and out (i need help)

i need help urgent with this matter, please contact me as soon as ypu can.


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I Need 500 Likes, Facebook Photo Contest

I need to get 500 likes on Facebook. You have to get a LIKE on one page then LIKE on one photo.

Will pay $45 – $60

PLEASE, I dont want all the likes at the same time. I prefer 40 one day, 80 another day an so on…

The photo contest end 23/03/11.


People must be from Mexico or USA (Mexico 85%, USA 15%).
Each person must have 5 friends min.
Each person must have photos in her/his profile.

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Photo Manipulation And Photo Editing.

Hi there,

Im looking for someone who is good with Photoshop or Gimp mainly photo editing.For the right person it can be full-time job.
Skill Im looking for is making brushes from photos, seamless textures, colours edit and so on.

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Photo Enhancement

I need about 5 -6 photos to be edited in photoshop.

Only play with colors to make more vibrant and colorfull

They will be used for printing

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Photo Uploader For Zen Cart

We run a Web shop. We would like to have the same photo uploader as the on the page:
But the uploader needs to be done under Zen Cart.

We would like to have the same options as on this site. We will have the same range.

When you enter the page is in the upper right corner are "votre photo".
They wanted us to enable the client to upload photos, he chose what he wants: a picture on canvas, sticker, wallpaper, etc. For a preview of the image size when you type should appear showing the area which will be truncated and the client can move to the area. if klent make the choice to picture options selected should be visible to us, so we know what we must cut.
We would like have choices of all materials (even those excluded).

After the selection like wallpaper appear to the left of 5 options. These options are the same in all materials. From the material chosen depends on option work or not. For the wallpapers are included in Options 1 and 2 (for the wallpaper does not select either the frame or the option of cutting on the parts).

The canvas paintings (the first option to be selected in materials) are now 4 options to choose from. See 3 the options. There are sizes available. and near size, eg 60×60 in blue marked 1,2,3. How to choose the size youll see that the image can be purchased as one, two and three-piece. The image will be the most 5 parts. We will do the same. (Image here is a sample-we deliver all the necessary graphics.) Click on the image of 3 piece. Select the frame and now look. You see your picture here and the red frame will look like your picture in three parts. This can move the red frame. This too would like to have. Options below it (outils and couleur). For the canvas photo is everything.

Now back to the material and select the poster. 1,2,4,5 options here work.
You can choose frame in option 4, and 5 (passe-partout), choose a background. These options also would like to have.

Connection with a basket in the zen-cart is very important.

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Photo Editing, Colour Correcting And Manipulating

Looking for candidate with experience in clothing/garments photo editing. Candidate must have done edit of photos of clothing for websites.

You must prove it! On the following link is example of what the item should look like after. I have also attached a folder with images you will use for sample to show me your skills. You can download the file here:

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Post-Production Of Product Photos For Web Store

We are looking for several professional photo post-producers. We pay per set of images post-produced. Each set usually consists of 7 pictures/poses of the same product (mainly shoes). The pictures are provided by us as RAW files and have to be delivered (uploaded) as compressed JPGs with a specified resolution and size.

The required work steps comprise:
– importing the Raw File
– cutting out the product
– adjusting light, color and size of the image
– retouching dirt and damages on the products
– reducing reflections
– fit products within a defined position / frame
– saved and upload

We provide a detailed manual for all steps. The required programs are Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photo Shop. Before contracting we would like to make some tests, to see if the delivered quality fulfills our requirements. The volume can vary on a daily basis.

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Photo Retoucher

We are a wedding photography company looking to hire a retoucher to help us with the workflow.
The project is150 photos from a wedding that need to be color adjusted, some recroped, some transfered to black and white, some need beauty retouching. In general it takes about 3min per image.
If happy with the result it will become an ongoing collaboration with 1-2 projects a week during the summer.

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Web Design Needed For A Social Network

In need of a talented web designer to create a design for a social network website. The design will include:

– Frontpage with a large banner showcasing a image, latest blog entry, and an request invite form.
– User profiles that has users avatar, personal information, list of photo galleries, a guestbook.
– Photo galleries page – list of all photo galleries
– Individual photo page

Each page will have a header area with a navigation menu, logo, and user login area. There is also a footer area with misc links.

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Jquery Fancybox

I need some help with regards to using fancybox/jquery within my dynamic php site.

This is my html/php code…

<a id="example6" href="uploads/originals/news/<?php echo $rows[news_photo]?>"><img src="uploads/120×72/news/<?php echo $rows[news_photo]?>" alt="example6" width="120" height="72" class="friendpicsborder4" title="view larger pic" /></a>

This is my jquery code…

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
titlePosition : outside,
overlayColor : #000,
overlayOpacity : 0.9

The issue I have if more than 1 image is outputed (from the php query), the fancybox does not work.

If 1 image is outputed the fancybox works perfectly, however in reality there will be lots of images.

Any ideas how I can get the jquery to load fancybox?


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5000 Untargetted Likes On A Photo From A Fan Page

We are looking for 5000 likes on a photo uploaded from a Facebook fan page. So basically, there would be two likes that each account would do. One like on the fan page itself and one on the photo.

– All fans should be real person. (NO BOTS, NO SPAM, NO FAKES)
– Fans can be untargeted and can be from anywhere in the world.
– Facebook accounts must be active!
– Most importantly: Do not let each account post his/her comment on the photo, STRICTLY.

You will not be paid for invalid accounts. We will check accounts MANUALLY so please do not dare breaking the rules.

– You will report to me how many likes you have delivered – every day.
– $10 for every 1,000 likes
– Additional $10 if you are able to bring me 5,000 likes or more within two weeks.
– You agree on being paid after 1,000 likes and wait for at least two weeks more before getting first payment (this is for us to check if fans are real and not disappearing.
– Disappeared fans must be replaced.

– Do you agree on getting $10 for every 1000 likes?
– Can you deliver 5,000 likes? If not, how many and whats your price?
– How many days/weeks are you able to finish delivery of the likes?


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Fixing And Rewriting Website

Website was created using CMS Bitrix that is known in Russia only and has very limited functions. Goal is to rewrite website in different CMS that will have ability to deliver photo and video material to and from the clients.
What should be done:
Design one additional static page similar to current welcome page. New dinamic pages related to video upload, download, viewing.
Programming – Fixing all current functions :
Ability for clients to upload photo and video files.
Ability for Administrator to upload photo and video files to specific cliet.
Payment processing with credit card, paypal, google check out, …
New stuff:
Calculation of delivery cost with all major US carriers(USPS, UPS, Fedex) and include in order
Accepting and calculations of discounts and promotionals.
Ability for client to watch and download movie uploaded by administrator, in all major formats
Fixining bunch of minor error on website
I will provide detail information by your request
P.S. If you are Bitrix programmer and you can do it under Bitrix environment please let me know.

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Gallery Website

Dear all,

I need a simple website with 4 pages and focus on the gallery:

– some requirements for the gallery

– easy to upload album
– automatically watermark
– tag face (optional, just as facebook)
– show hits per album
– add comment on picture or album
– notify adminitrator when people comment on image
– like button.
– colors of the gallery need to fit with website design.
– automatically resize

Gallery need to work fast.

I want to make a simple logo of his own photo. (cartoonize his photo),

This website is for my little brother starting a photography career so, i would like to have a fresh young and cool design.

as this is a gift, budget is very tight.

look forward to your bid.

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Large Photo Scraping Project

So theres a website out there with small photos, then you click on the photo and it opens up in flash, and you can zoom into the photo…

After you zoom into the photo, you cannot see the entire image unless you move it within the box.

I need somebody to set it up for me so it can be automated and save the entire image, and then set it up on my computer so I can enter in the URL.

I also want it to create a database or excel spreadsheet which has the item number, description, picture names, date of scraping, all of these details. It must be all automated.

I am using a Windows 7 PC with very high performance, if that matters.

Please send me a message and Ill tell you the website. I think this is a difficult job give me a fair price and well get started.

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Photo Editing And Photography

I am seeking a professional photographer with photo shop experience. My goal is to have someone examine the photos(some are on a CD and the others are copied) and to methodically provide relevant facts on regards to each photo. Must display knowledge of image editing (cropping, resizing, retouching), correcting images, white balance, exposure, and layer masking.*****Please note: This is a trial project.
Thank You!

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Facebook App, Iphone And Android

I need 3 programs. They all do the same but i need them for facebook, iphone and android.

What the program needs to be able to do, I will not give the full description until I have hired someone.
The program needs to be able to upload video/photo from phone/computer and post it to your friends on facebook, they then need to be able to upload a video/photo back to you and all of these actions should appear on your facebook wall.
There should be a special app on the mobile devises to do this but a special application inbuilt to facebook to do this in your computer.

This is the first part of the project, there are few things I am not telling about but they are minor.

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Convert Homepage To .html, ADD SEO And Photo Album

My SIte, is great. However, the first page is redirected to an asp site. I want it html and I want it optomized for search engines. you gotta be good at what you do. I also want to add add words and a few section on the page, google adsense, and specials via text banners and add my phone number on the top. Anything else would be great from the artist.

I also want to add a photo library so people can share their photos with us. And of course, put our twitter and facebook page links on the site.

DO a good job and we have lots of other work. Be proactive and make suggestions!

THis is a $50 tops project. DONT BID ANYMORE. I have the .html template if you want to use it.

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Web Page Modification

i want someone to do some modification on my watch photo page. i to add:

1. Set homepage button with small banner
2. Banner size height 90
3. Facebook comment box
2. Share box under the picture.

Here the sample of active page

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