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Photographer – Bald Eagle App

Professional Photographer is looking to create an app, which may turn into more apps of a specific subject. Should be a simple app showcasing the photographers work, and will allow the user to save a photo to their device for use as a wallpaper. Also looking for the ability to add a link to the Photographers website. 50-100 different photos in the app.

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Photographer – Clothing

Photographer required to shoot industrial clothing.

Photos will be used for display on our website.

First project is a pair of work trousers.

You need to provide a mature male model who will appeal to
the working man. ie Model should look like he has
actually worked in heavy industry, rather than someone
who looks like they belong in a boy band.

Trousers will be sent to you by post, so we can
only consider someone in the UK or mainland

Deadline: Approx 14 days.

Applicants must provide a weblink to a portfolio of
similar types of photography.

Further work available if work is of required standard.

Advanced payments will not be considered. We will
provide sufficient evidence of our good standing to
ensure you will get paid.

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Looking For Exceptional SEO EXPERT To Get Website Ranked

I want to get my site ranked – I am a freelancer and I need to target quite a few areas of creative digital media services; including photography, retouching, digital art, graphic design, photographic studio, videography, film editing..

I am also aware that I should start SEO blogging, as this is an area I have previous experience in doing for my (unrelated) e-commerce businesses. I am definitely aware that the website itself needs more content and targeted information and keywords in there… so I am thinking that it might perhaps be a good idea to get some SEO bloggers? Let me know your thoughts on this please.. (I am thinking of getting a bulk load of articles written but I will also be continuing to blog afterwards, regularly, as I like to blog too… including video blogging on my youtube channel and making tutorial vids etc..)

The site is and is built with – will there be any problems with this?

I would like to get my site ranked in many keywords, not just the main ones (i.e. – for photography, some examples would be – london photographer, wedding photographer, portrait photographer, beauty photographer, fashion photographer … and so on).

I understand SEO and the fundamentals, I am just not and expert and need someone who is TOP player in expertise and efficiency, WHITE HAT of course, Im really looking for that GENIUS who knows exactly what, how, when… and I would ideally need to see excellent track record of TOP clients for corporations that are well known.

If you think this is possible, and you seriously think that you are the best in the biz, please get in touch to –

– tell me exactly what and how will need to be done – be very detailed in your response. I want literate, concise and assertive details here, you need to illustrate you know what you are doing and talking about.

– prove your credentials…!

Any questions of course will be answered, just let me know.

Cheers, look forward to meeting you whizmasters!


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PSD To Flash Website Photographer

Make psd and turn into Website for Photographer.

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Photographer Looking For Virtual Assistant

Photographer looking for virtual assistant to help me get organized. Since so much of this list is general admin, it would be best suited for someone with a design background, a photoshop/final cut pro background or someone one with archival/media librarian training. At the moment it will just be a short term project, helping out with organization and archiving. However I would like to find someone I could work with longterm, but work would still be sporadic, even then. I also definitely require someone with strong organizational skills and someone that is comfortable using adobe lightroom.

I will need help with the following:

-Assist me with publishing my photography and blog posts online, by posting on several social media sites.
-Schedule models (can be done over email)
-Help me create a strong workflow
-Organize my files, renaming images, enter metadata and keyword them over a remote desktop (so must have access to fast speed internet)
–I would prefer someone that knows mac, since if they are organizing my files remotely, it might be confusing if they have never used a mac before.
-applying metadata and archiving photographs.
-help with organization & planning
– Catalog all my images with lightroom

Software availability and competency:
Google Docs
WordPress basic use.
Tumblr, facebook, twitter, and other basic site usage

And must have a general understanding of English.

Desired Skills
Creative Suite, Final Cut, Photoshop, Light Room, Video Editing, Quickbooks, Filemaker Pro

Wage- .50 – $2.00 an hour

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Website For Photographer With Slide Show Pro

Im a photographer looking for a designer who could design me a website, that will be running on Slide Show Pro Director.

– Need to be fullscreen capable
– Need to 100% width

Example that I like:

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Cheap Engagement Party Photographer – Friday March 4th

Im looking for a photographer for a small engagement event on Friday, March 4th @ Chandni Restaurant in Fremont. Were expecting about 80 people. Heres a quick layout of the evenings events…

– Guests arrive around 7:30-8pm
– Appetizers from 7-9pm
– 8PM-9pm well do some games on stages and intros on stage (guests will be seated at this time)
– 9pm-10pm Dinner, dessert (maybe cake cutting_)
– 10pm onward dancing

Im on a tight budget $100-150 for the evening and Im not looking for anything super fancy. Just nice pictures, some posed, some natural shots.

Please let me know what you can do for me.

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Photographer Needs Photo Editing

I am a photographer and have over 50,000+ images that needs photoediting. Brightening, skin softening, etc etc. Looking for someone who can use Photoshop action scripts and easily edit each photo. And then go over them again manually to make adjustments.

Photos are of models in bikini, swimwear, and contain softcore nudity.

Looking for someone reliable. Will give some sample work to test your skills. If you are good and offer an affordable price, I will outsource continued work to you.

You must have Yahoo IM or Skype for easy communication.

The first project is for about 100 photos and more will continue based on how fast you can get them edited.

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Data Base Entry Photographer Studios

I want to create a data base of photographer studios that in Texas USA
it need to be created on an excel sheet with the following fields columns:

must fill fields
business name
business type
contact email

recommended fields
address, tel, contact name, contact title ,

i want 1000 recoreds ,with the must fields filled in 100%
the recommended field can be filled above 60%

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Web Design Photographer Website

Need to design profile site for a photographer ,
Gallery , Info , Contact us….
all regular stuff (:
must to be unique and contain about 100-200 photos that we provide.


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Multiple Websites With One CMS

We need a CMS solution that would host multiple web sites for photographers. In this; system ADMIN creates accounts for each photographer and assigns a domain name to the site.
Photographer then logins to his account and can do the following:

1- Add content pages like “About Me”
2- Site should also have a “Contact Me” page where a form when submitted goes to the account owner.
3- There should also be a “Portfolio” page where the photographer should be able to create multiple galleries and then upload photos.

Site Admin should be able to the following

1- Login and manage any account.
2- Add/Edit/Delete accounts

The project should also include banner management. There will be banner areas on each photographer’s site and photographers wont be able to change it. Only Admin can do this.

What we are looking for is a developer who can offer a solution like “Wordpress MU, Drupal, Joomla, Silverstripe etc” and then complete the project by customizing the proposed solution. We are NOT looking for someone to write it from scratch as we believe it is not feasible.

So please contact us and let us know your approach on this opportunity. Also let us know how long would it take and how much you would charge.

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WordPress Expert Needed

I need a word press expert to help with the development of a website for a photographer. The site must have the following functionality.

I need a plugin or whatever that will be able to do the following. The Main admin needs to be able to login and create client areas on the site and set a password for that area for uploading client photos of weddings so that clients can only view their own photos.

When the photos are uploaded they must be resized and then a watermark added which will be the client

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Need Photographer – Professional Woman Model In Workplace

I am working on a new concept and need someone who is a photographer to take posed pictures of a woman for a professional "secretary" or virtual assistant-type website I am working on.

I need the woman to be in the 21-34 range, and she needs to be very attractive. The picture needs to be posed where she is sitting in an office doing several things in several shots – working on a computer, proofreading a manuscript or document, etc.

It is for a clerical services website, and Ill need several shots of her in this environment. Woman must be Caucasian ethnicity to fit our demographic.

Photographs become my sole property once job is complete. If you apply, please send a few examples of previous work. Design skills also welcomed as we will need to make sure the photographs are laid out in a manner that is graphically pleasing on the site.

Contact with any questions.

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Minimalist Photographer Website

Im a fashion and wedding photographer in need of a new website designed in HTML and CSS.

My preference would be for a minimalist website with white background and nice typo.

3 tabs required – Portfolio with submenus (fashion, portrait, wedding) – About – Contact (no contact form)

I have examples of the kind of website Im after if required.

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Photographer Website

I am a photographer and I would like somebody skilled in ASP, to finish and tweak my personal photography website.
Work is needed also on the back end admin panel , need to add some functionality and clear the interface what for me
is a bit to cluttered and in some cases doesnt make logical sense for a photographer.On the front are also minor tweaks what need to be done.Take a look at and tell me what do you think.This is my first job what I post and I do not really know how things are working here, but I presume that I need to give you the previous work what have been done what is saved in a zip file.Or maybe to the successful bidder I need to give the files. However is working I need this website to be finished fast, if your completion period is over 30 days please do not bid.
As I said I am a photographer, and you like a developer, web designer, need to give me solutions or show me previous work done, I will provide you with the password at the admin back panel so you can take a look and tell me your professional opinion.
Thank you,

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Small Portfolio Website For Photographer

Looking for programer for a small portfolio website for a photographer. Total of 5 simple subsite (gallery, studio, photographer, shooting, contact) and a little elegant photoalbumunder gallery. Design is done already. Content must be changeable over an easy to use CMS. Also gallerypicture upload interface needed.

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Product Photographer Tutor

I am looking for a Photographer who can review my product photographs and help me improve them either by exploring the camera options (I own a Canon Rebel XT) and / or by enhancing the Raw images in Photoshop (Post Processing) so that they are suitable for a magazine. This is more like a tutor job and is perfect for person who has a passion for helping others improve their photographs. The person needs to be able to communicate in English and be available for a voice chat using any messenger. He needs to have good knowledge about Camera, lenses and product photoshoot setups and experience with Canon DSLRs.

I would say I am at amature level and my picture quality is not consistent. Sometimes they are excellent and sometimes they are pretty bad. Here are some of my pictures

Please provide some of your pictures along with your bid.

Thank you for your interest.

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HTML5 Photographer Portfolio Site


I need of a clean and elegant photographer portfolio site it must working also on iPhone/iPad!
Sample sites that I like are and
Thank you for your time and bids and I look forward to discussing the project further.


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Designer/Photographer Portfolio Site W/CMS


I am in need of a portfolio site with CMS that eases the update of portfolio projects and images for design, film & video. I would eventually like to have a store running as well. A sample site that I like is Thank you for your time and bids and I look forward to discussing the project further.


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Designer/Photographer Portfolio Site

Designer in need of website for portfolio. See for conceptual reference.

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Private For Designbox16 Photographer Website

As discussed, Photography template.

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Link Building For Photographer Website

I have a photography company based in the Uk and need lots of links to my site. Only descent links using white-hat methods.

Please inform me of how youll get the links, what kind of links, how many links and the cost for the project. You tell me what you can do and for how much.

If you can do this well there will be regular work for you.


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Photographer Website

I need a compete photographer website JOOMLA

sites needs to be created and uploaded to my server.

send me sample of PHOTOGRAPHY websites ONLY. i will not look at anything else.

i will provide my logo and color scheme and photos only the rest is up to you.

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Flash Programmer For A Photographer Website

Seeking freelance flash developer to coding my photographer website, i made this in a fully layered PSD file (vector).
Must be advanced in Flash AS3, multi deep linking, XML, php skills. beginner!
Send e-mail with your info (web url), availability, examples of work (only flash)!


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Text/word Editing

From time to time we translate articles to english language.
but we need someone to proof read and correct the sentences &the phrases or rewrite contents

Below is a sample text

Rudy: Introduce yourself, who is Nancy? Where did you study and what did you work
I studied Finance at AUST and then started modeling.
Then I started presenter with ntc , also in the same time I was doing modeling and advertising.
Also I was the public image for watch Motion in the Middle East and Europe.
Also I did many music clips.
A year ago I started in Turkey I was the first Lebanese to go on a Turkish Arabic channel.
Also I did two shows.
One cooking show and the second one a big production that hosts movie stars and famous singers.
Also I did a movie that s due now to be released at New Year, with Yury Mrakadi.
Also I have recently done many other events in Greece and in Egypt.

Rudy: What are your hobbies and interests?
Sports, swimming , Music, Horseback riding.

Rudy: What advice do you give for the aspiring models?

Concentrate and choose top of the top.
Especially when starting new in modeling. A lot is offered from TVs, agencies, people whom are in the business.
Let her choose what ever will help her and present her in a pretty image.

Rudy: How do you prepare yourself for a photo shoot?

Indoor and outdoor
In Indoor photography I prefer a classy, elegant.
Make up that shows my details

Natural look also for the makeup
Cloth I would prefer confortable cloth for outside

Rudy: How would you describe working with a photographer?
I maybe worked with all photographer in Lebanon.
One important aspect is that the photographer knows the model beforehand and knows also the positions of what is the best for the model.
The photographer can see things a bit differently.
One extra thing he has to love photography, because the same way the model is putting hard work so Is the photographer.
He is living the image.

Rudy: How does a model compliment the photographer?

While he is taking photos, he has to see the whole scene; I have to be part of his art.
The concept has to be full, the mood.
The model cannot be out of the picture.
For example a scene of nature and her look doesnâ

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Photographer Website In Ajax

Photographer website in ajax

Same presentation and fonctions : (but no flash require on new project)

integrate backoffice for upload category, pictures, video & description

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Write Article Of My Photography Website

I have a list of keywords that i would like you to write between half a page to a page about which are used by seach engines to help direct potential customers to my web site, i am a photographer and need some informative articles that alour our customers to feel that we offer the products which they are looking for in speficic neiches i would like to start with fifty article but if they look sound and feel right i would like to write about five hunderd or more pieces i will supply keywork imediately an example would be. Portrait photographer, family photography. kiddie photography, couple photography or photographer, young family phography etc.

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