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Photoshop Work Needed

Need to have some creative photoshop design work done with some existing photos.
Photos are of a group of designer luggage. We are looking to change the entire backround with some more creative ideas. We had thought maybe a backround scene of the ocean, on a luxury yacht, on the titanic. You get the idea.
Lets make some cool stuff
I have attached an example pic, but have other shots for winning bidder.

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Javascript/AJAX Photo Browser Component Enhancements

Javascript development to enhance the photo browser component of the JellyFields photo discovery and navigation application.
The existing application can be viewed by going to and logging in using the following account credentials:
– user name: jellyfieldsguest (at yahoo dot com )
– password: guest.JF

To see the browser view, click on "THE WORLD". Photo thumbnails are loaded as you scroll down. Clicking on a photo will zoom
into that photo and display photos that the community surrounding that photo found to be the most appealing. You will be enhancing the thumbnail and zoom views. You should use chrome or firefox to inspect the element DOM and the javascript used to render the page. Of interest is the thumbnail rendering loop within the "display" function of the ResourceDetailspresenter class and the zoom image renderer at the top of that function. It renders the images based on the JSON object returned by the "JF.people.getContent" web service call (see the fetchUserContent function). You will not need to modify the web service call. These enhancements shall be verified against the following browser: Chrome, Safari, IE and FireFox.

The photo browser will be enhanced in the following ways:
1) Thumbnail view enhancements:
1.1) Thumbnail photos are currently laid out using a free flow format, without fixed img dimensions. The problem is that images tend to jump around as photos are loaded, especially on slow connections. This is because no image size is specified in the markup.
To correct this we have modified the "JF.people.getContent" api call used to retrieve the image information to additionally return the size and width of each photo, as well as the maximum column width. These dimensions will be used to specify the img elements height and width within the generated markup and to determine the number of columns to display.
1.2) A fixed number of columns will be displayed based on the browsers window width and the maximum column width mentioned above. The minimum number of columns shall be 3, but configurable with a variable.
1.3) If the browser width will accommodate more columns then an additional column will be added. The number of columns is the view width divided by the maximum column width returned by the API call. This calculation will be made after a window resize has completed.
1.4) Any additional CSS necessary for correct rendering shall also the required for successful project completion.
1.5) The method employed shall not use html tables. It should mimic Flickrs thumbnail browser in behavior:

It shall be verified that the above enhancements are applied correctly to all thumbnail views.

2) Fixed Sized Zoom Image:
When one clicks an image, it is zoomed and centered, followed by the thumbnails of additional recommendations. Again, no dimension is currently specified in the mark-up and this results in jumping around.
2.1) Rendering the zoom image is handled within the first section of the ResourceDetailspresenter: display method, before the thumbnail rendering loop. The img height and width will be specified according to the dimensions contained within the root jsonObject. These JSON attributes will be available prior to the development of these features.
2.2) The zoom image shall be centered immediately after the user clicks on the thumbnail and the JSON response is received, so that the user can see the rendering of the photos jpg and know that activity is taking place.
2.3) Centering needs to work on the following browser (Chrome, Safari, IE and FireFox). Note that centering is currently not working properly on IE.

We shall provide source files, so that a working subset of the site can be installed on your local machine. This package with your modifications shall be returned for verification. You will need mysql, apache and php installed on your box.

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Prestahop Store For Pets

We are looking for someone highly experienced and knowledgeable in PrestaShop. We need to create an online store selling fashionable pet accessories. Only those with a portfolio and previous reviews should bid for this project. We will want to see similar projects you have completed. You will need to be a highly skilled graphic designer with an eye for detail and be able to implement style and sophistication in your designs. You design will be the future face of our company
All products, pricing, photos, graphics, descriptions, shipping options will need to be added to the store by the graphic designer/developer. Paypal will need to be installed and the site will be in both English and Spanish. We will also require a short teaching manual advising us on how changes can be made to prices, descriptions, sizes, coloures and photos. The site will need to be registered with search engines yahoo, google and google analytics etc
If you have a lot of work and a busy schedule please do not bid, we need someone who has time, if you say you will deliver the project within a certain time we expect it to be delivered. We however are not looking for someone who will rush our project. Communication and honesty is also very important to us

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XXX Editing


Me and my girlfriend are making some funny stuff where we need your editing.

youll be given a set of xxx photos, and your task is to edit it.

kindly contact me, total number of 20 photos required for editing!

required timeframe: upon accepting bid, you need to deliver the 20 high quality XXX-edited photo within 72 hours.

Editing task would be to take a xxx photo and replace the faces.

Please do not hesitate to contact me!


1. I will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. All work is not to be reused in any way for any reason.

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Before And After Photo Website

Hi Freelancers,

I want to have a one page website created similar to a style. Except it will be 2 photos the user can upload for a Before and After comparison.

Rather than have a side by side display, and if possible use (or modify) the below Joomla 1.6 extension so you can drag the bar left and right to show the differences. This will be the main feature and centre display. An option available to click a link and switch to a side by side view.

* Only registered users can upload photos.
* The uploaded pictures will require a Title and Description field that can be filled in.
* Public visitors will be able to vote (1-10) on the photo comparisons.
* Registered users can comment on photos submitted.
* A simple Search Function
* A section on the left or right for Newest and Highest Rated photos.
* Uploaded photos require admin approval before publishing them.
* Category pane so users can search specific categories which changes the centre display category.
* Privacy and Terms and Conditions link.

Create a logo design according to my theme.

additional skills – Web 2.0 and SEO

Payment made in full once I am happy with the final product. If happy with service and product will use same freelancer for future updates to the site.


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Model And Evaluate Swimwear

We are looking for three or four females, age 18 or older, to model and evaluate swimwear. The swimwear is three sets of two-piece bikinis. All tops and bottoms are full/moderate coverage. No modeling experience is necessary, but you must be physically fit and well toned.

This assignment is part of the development of a new product line for the upcoming summer season and it could lead to future assignments.

We provide you with the three bikinis by mail. You arrange to have the photos taken at your expense. We need separate photos of the front, back and side of the swimwear, so we need a minimum of 3 photos for each bikini, for a minimum total of 9 photos altogether.

You also complete a survey for each bikini that evaluates the quality, durability, and fit of the bikini. Each survey should take 5 – 10 minutes. Most questions simply require you to check off an answer.

In addition to payment, you get to keep all three bikinis for your personal use.

Feel free to PM photos of yourself, preferably in swimwear. Or feel free to provide a link to your online portfolio if you have one.

If you have any questions, please ask via PM. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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I need a website created for a new Record Label

It needs to be very similar to!all

So with the big logo up the top on the left side with the photo on the right, (which i will supply you of course)

Home, About, Calander, Music, Videos, Photos, And a join mailing list.Pages

I need it to be able to be easy for me to add calendar events, add photos, music videos etc.So like a blog. And so people can post comments on the videos and images. like on diddydirtymoney

Please PM me with previous websites you have build similar to this project


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Private Project For Rajesh Srivastava Only

Private project for Rajesh Srivastava only

148 photos

All backgrounds to white
Skin smoothing, make up etc

Jewellery photos to white background, mark removed

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Create My Weekly Store Emails

Can you create a weekly email template that will capture attention and generate sales for a childrens clothing boutique. We constantly have new merchandise coming in and need to reach our customers with great photos and descriptions. All photos will be provided as well as files of past newsletters and emails. Must be very familiar with working with Aweber. Please show me some past work. Kid oriented not necessary, but some apparel knowledge would be preferred. Need to have the ability to update the photos and text.

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148 PHOTOS FOR Rajesh Srivastava

Private project for Rajesh Srivastava only

148 photos

All backgrounds to white
Skin smoothing, make up etc

Jewellery photos to white background, mark removed

Thank you

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250 Product-photos – Resizing An Optimizing For Webshop

I have 250 product-photos for my client´s onlineshop

Most of the products are displayed on a white background, so this is only cutting out and fit it into the right size (one small 158×184 Pixel and one with the same apsect ratio but in the highest solution possible.

In some photos is a blue background – this should be turned into light grey.
Some photos show the product in different model/colour versions – here must be every version cuttet out and displayed in various photos every colour alone.
See as example here:

The photos themselves have mostly very poor quality so it is necessary to get the best out of it with colour optimizations, filters like unsharp mask, modify the curves a bit and so on – so you should be an expert in photoshop!

We are on a very tight budget – so please don not bid too high!

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New Complete Website With A Glass Shower Doors.



Here is a brief description of wat you have to do.

On the mane page will be like a gallery, must be about 10 photos which you will have to edit in photoshop . The photo are in hight quality, downloaded from loyalty free website. You have to make edges of it, make them like rip and flow together with a back ground. So you must make it not standart. Also you will have to put text on it with price and little description. On the left side will be bar with menue, there are going to be at least 5 Hyperlinks. the back ground should be some metallic gray, on the web site i have provided above back ground is more like i want. But dont forget it should be almost for whole webpage. and it must be slide show with slow motion, one picture for about 3 seconds and then next for 3 seconds. AND ALSO YOU HAVE TO EDIT THIS PHOTOS TO MAKE IT MORE BEAUTIFUL AND ATTRACTIVE.

The next important page will gallery. There are will be about 8 categories. You will have to make icons for each category from my pictures. Under each categorie will be photos, you should show me design of pop up gallery you can install other there.

The last and most important page will be like here.

You will need to make the same type of icons but but something looks good and beautiful. To be clear you are almost have to copy that, but to make it different from there, turn on your designer skills and try to make it beautiful

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Photographic Retouching

We are an online urban clothing retailer. We have approximately 12 photos that need to be digitally retouched before I upload them to our website.
The photos require the backgrounds to be graded and our logo to be appended to the garment in each shot. This should be a quick and easy job.
Please get in touch to discuss further.

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Images Required — From


I need some images to be purchased from and give to me. Any one with a subscription for can give me the image.

Please contact asap

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Medical Web Site

want to have a website for a medical practice , for a neurology practice with emphasisi on epilepsy , would appreciate someone who previosuly built medical practice sites , simple ,elgeant and have some photos, I dont have any photos to post.

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WordPress Expert – Custom

I currently have an exsiting wordpress blog which I would like to customise slightly. some things I would like to do include:

– create a static page with a rolling front page of new postings I have made
– create more menu options
– create a blog within a blog or posts within a page. Eg, I would like eg 6 categories/pages and when I do a post, be able to direct it to the correct category/page
– some help with the chosen templates photoplog feature – currently a tag system but cant seem to select exactly which photos I want displayed. Shows all photos despite not tagging them
– how to make the blog load faster. Very slow!

Must have quick turn around.


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Looking For Someone In Japan Sendai

We need someone for these services in sendai japan.

We want to organize a charity show in sandai japan ,we need an individual who could help us with these activities in sendai japan.
The person should be able to organise people to give us

1. Handwritten Appeal for Donations
2 Every person profile with the problems they are facing.
3 Things they have lost in the earthquake
4 Photos and video which are not available on net means the video and the photos of people which are there in senator

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MLS Integration

I need someone who is familiar with RETS/IDX and the MLS to integrate an MLS data feed into an already designed real estate website similar to (familiarize yourself with before bidding).

I want to integrate photos only into a map based real estate search website. Photos only will be integrated into with current website data.

Do you have the experience to do this?

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Mail Chimp Newsletter Template

I am looking for a creative a exciting newsletter design created on the mailchimp website that I can adapt for my customers (real estate agents) to use.

The key headings on the newsletter are:

Space for company logo, profile photo, name and contact details.
Space for introduction and general news – 200 characters
Recent sales stats – up to 40 propery addresses
Space for 3 property photos and brief descripion
Separate space for 1 property photos and brief descripion
Rental statistics – 100 characters
Separate space for text 100 characters.

I dont want a boring symmetrical arrangement, the finished look needs to be interesting and catch the eye.

i will be looking to make up to 20 different templates if the person that takes the job does a good job.

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Animation IPhone App

We would like to create an iPhone app which lets you take series of photos using the iPhone camera and then create an animation sequence which tells a story. For example – using Lego characters and background and taking photos and moving the lego characters slowly and then the app can be used to create a movie/story from it. See the youtube video my 11yr old made He used a digital camera and then upload to computer and then use picasa to make it.

What we would like to do is create an app which will take photos and then process it with the following
– once all photos are taken, open the app and then u can highlight all the photos u want from the camera roll
– then decided on the frame rate,, eg 16-24 frames(photos) per second
– able to add a frame – which can be used to create a title or text to add to the story – also be able to duplicate frames – as one frame would be instant and not be readable.
– once its create, you can view, make changes, remove frames etc..
– then be able to post to YouTube and also Facebook and other social media

Also you must create the icon for the appstore too

If you interested you must agree to the following
please email some of your work
All source code will be handed off once project is completed and sign off
App must be in our ios dev account
This will be our first app – please advise if there is anything else we need – also advised if this app violate any Apple rules etc. If this is sent to Apple and they do not allow it, no payment will be made.
So we need someone with experience who can guide us through the process and work with us to make minor changes and updates in the future

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Looking For Professional Photographer In Dubai

We are looking for a professional freelancer in UAE, Ajman/Dubai/Shj to:
-Take photos of our 6 categories consist of total 40 products( skin care products; creams,mask,toner,cleanser).
-Edit an prepare good professional photos to be used in our website and broacher.
-Design a good looking attractive broacher.

So, if you feel yourself can do this work, then please send me your best price and a profile showing your experience on the same.
Kindly, contact me for any further clarifications on this regard.


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Model Agency Site + Database

In short:

Some features needed in this model agency site are:

* site opening automatically in local lenguage.
* member login – user chart with personal details (models with possibility to upload a limitation of photos, auto resize, etc)
* search engine
* blog
* votacion (of photos) possibility
* "most visited" appear on homepage, "most voted" appear on homepage
* "VIP" chart with more possibilities for user (+ payment module)
* Interaction of messages between members
* An "admin friendly page" where I am able in an easy way to administrate all possible tasks/updates/changes etc.

If you are 110% sure to set up this site, all info will be send to you in a private message

Thanks and regards,

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WordPress Site Photos Blurry And Stretched

I have a user-submitted photo-blog on word press and need all the photos posted to appear PROPORTIONAL and NOT stretched. i figure its a line in our stylesheet or something, idk but im positive its no project.

its a small bug that must be fixed

I hired one guy who couldnt do this in three days so please dont bid if you cant fix this

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WordPress + SEO Virtual Assistant

We are looking to hire an experienced virtual assistant. Please read all the points below carefully:

1. You will be paid per task and not per hour.
2. You will be provided very specific instructions and all the tools that you need to accomplish your job, so you dont need to be tech savvy.
3. Even though its not a strict requirement, experience with WordPress and writing articles is a definite advantage
4. If you would like to be considered for the job, please submit a CV and portfolio.
5. We dont care how much time you work or when you work – we will assign tasks and deadlines (payment and time frame will always be more than fair). As long as you deliver, we dont care about keeping logs or having you online doing nothing. You organize your time however you find it suitable.
6. Looking for individuals, not teams.
7. English proficiency is a must.
8. You will mostly have to write articles, install WordPress plugin, use different tools we provide for building links, do Google research.

Final and most important point!
Once again – you will be paid per task and not per hour. So here is a sample task:

"Find 2-3 photos of the same 20-30 year old guy. The photos must have a minimum width of 500px. The photos must look natural, not made in a studio. The photos must be free stock – we should be allowed to us them on our website."

This is a very simple task for an experienced VA. You would receive $2-$3 for the task, once our team has approved your results.

If you are interested in the task read all the points carefully, send a CV & portfolio and optionally complete the sample task.

Please bid $30 to begin with.

Were looking for the best!

Good luck bidding 🙂

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100 Photos Retouching For Rajesh Srivastava

This is for Rajesh Srivastava

100 photos to have background to white
Rings taken off the fingers
Skin smoothing however still keeping it look real
Keeping the original colours of the clothing
Some clothing pieces have the bra lines coming through the fabric this needs to be removed also.

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Photo Blog Administrator

I am looking for someone who can maintain and write posts on my photo blog, include photo editing, article writing & re-writing. You will be the administrator of my photo blog. Photos around 50 and blog post needed for the photos are around 5 posts. So you will need to make a story from the photo that I will provide and you will need to edit and upload those photos.

I want my photo blog same like this blog:
Basically, I want to hire someone to make a blog that similar with

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Creative Photoshop Retouching

Im looking for a creative photoshop photo editor for adults,kids, and babies photos. (There will be more work on the way)

-10 to 15 photos
-someone creative who can change background if necessary to make subject stand-out
-glamorize/re-touch/skin airbrushed/lighting-effects etc.
-color correction
-when ready to start we will be uploading the photos in RAW format to an FTP server
-final work must be submitted to the FTP server (PSDs/JPEG)

Experienced and experts only. Must have some work to show.

$5 to 10 per photo

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Create Facebook Page For Interior Design Company

Small interior design firm with a website wishes to create a Facebook page presence that enables her to post updates, photos, etc. to her FB page.

The FB page should have:
-banner at the top with 5 specific portfolio photos
-at least one photo album
-Like button / Suggest to friends

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Feng Shui Dimensions – Web Site

Hi – I require a web site that can be hosted either on my own server or third party but must be editable easily by myself – nothing worse than an out of date site.
The web site addresses the two separate parts of the business:
1. Feng Shui related services which are based upon Chinese Metaphysics such as BaZi (Destiny) reading, Date Selection for contract signing, marriage, moving in to an office or home, travel, etc, personnel selection based on natal charts, ie matching individuals to a specific job and team, advice on house sites and plans with respect to Feng Shui, landform and the flow of Qi.
2. Second part is Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) mainly within the oil & gas industry both on and offshore. Everything from behavioural change to incident investigation, OHSAS18001 management systems and audit and review of every aspect of the industry.
I want a web site that is intuitive – ie easy to work – and has only 5 ot 6 pages max. Photos, logo (to be designed), servoces provided, testimonials and companies worked for. Simple but effective use of colours – deep rich reds for example – and as I said easy to navigate through with links such as contact us, what we do and so on at the top & bottom of each page.
Bottom line – simple, rich colours, quality photos and easy to use.

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Pull Tagged Photos Of Facebook Page Into WordPress

I want to pull photos that users have tagged of my Facebook page and display them in my WordPress site. This can be done by a plugin etc, I dont care. Should be very simple for someone familiar with Facebook Graph API and WordPress.

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Blog Articles – Real Estate Neighbourhoods And Landmarks

I need someone to write 40 articles about neighbourhoods in my community, using and as resources to collect statistical data. Approximate article sizes should be between 400 and 500 words. Each article should also include photos found online.

I also need articles about 8 area landmarks, using the same criteria as above (size and photos). Resources for these landmarks can be more far reaching.

Excellent english language writing is expected.

So, in summary… thats 48 articles at about 400-500 words each.

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Photoshop Experts To Edit 10 Photos Of A Model.

I am looking for photoshop expert to edit 10 modeling photos. I am looking for some good result. You need to send some photos edited by you with your bid.

I have attached a sample file.

If i like your design work you will get regular work.


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Design Restaurant Menu

Redesign a 17×11" trifold menu for our restaurant. We currently have one that you can use as a sample. Need to have skills and experiences to make the food sound and look good. We will provide some photos, however stock photos can be used. Looking for someone to work for long term because we change our menu every 6 months.

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