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WANTED! PHP Programmer W/ CURL Experience (wafaaboulwafa)

Im looking to hire a long term PHP Programmer to take care of maintaining and improving existing PHP scripts for my Internet company each month.

Here are the requirements:
1. I will only hire individuals and not a company

2. Youll have to work only 1-3 days in a month,

3. Be able to work for the long-term,

4. Have experience in:
– Javascript
– JQuery

5. Responsible, responsive via Skype and email and dedicated,

6. Have a good command of English,

7. And youll need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement *before* you are accepted

Job Scope:


1. Optimize existing PHP scripts to reduce server and database memory/bandwidth load [One Time]

2. Create new functions [One Time]:

a) Integrate DeCaptcher API support which will retry to solve the captchas on external sites for 3 times before giving error. And each time when it fails, the script need to feedback to DeCaptcher that they have given incorrect captcha solution so I wont be billed for them.

b) Individual CURL functions to extract and/or submit POST data for 12 external websites. (Youll need CURL and DeCaptcher for some of them)

c) Use of Javascript to auto-select matching options in multiple drop-down boxes all at once.

e.g. When I type John in the input field and click on a button, it will auto-select all options containing the word John for all the drop-down boxes on that page.

3. Run monthly maintenance and upgrade the script [Only 1-3 days in a month]


I can pay either by per hour or by per project basis.

My budget for the first month will be $300 because you will need to complete the one-time jobs as well. And as for the simple monthly maintenance and upgrade, my budget is $150/month.

Please bid according to the first month.

This job is simple and straightforward if you know what youre doing. PLUS, when you are accepted I will personally run you through every single function in the scripts and how they work with each other to make it a lot easier for you.

With that said, you MUST meet all the requirements and be able to complete the job scope as specified above before you apply.

If you are interested, please PM me with:

1. The work you have done before…
2. And a paragraph explaining why you are better then the rest of the applicants.

You will be interviewed via Skype before being accepted.

*IMPORTANT!*: I will not hire anyone who is not willing to explain why they are better than the other applicants.

Im looking for dedicated, committed and responsible employees only. So please apply only if you are the superstar employee that Im looking for.

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Application Installer (InstallShield)

Required to develop installation program using InstallShield.

The installation will have the following steps:

0. Before starting verify dotnetfx35 is installed, if not quit with error.
1. Create a new folder, the folder location will be an input
2. add entry to the registry with the folder name
2. Copy set of files to the new folder
3. Run vcredist_x86.exe

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Few changes and additions to subtitle site

I am looking for someone to help me with the following…

1- Slashes problem. eg. (He//////s)
2- save to html and linking eg.(/subtitles/movie-name.html instead of search.php?q=movie-name)
3- google sitemap update with the new .html format
4- yahoo sitemap to generate linking to .html

5- In the admin panel make another input field for popular searches to edit the amount of results displayed for each page.
6- Home page to display keywords ordered by popularity
7- Results page to display keywords ordered by recent searches

Popular searches = the most searched keywords (count most) and also ordered by recent searches (if popularity search fails)

Thank you

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