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IMacros Expert Needed

Need iMacros Script for copying and pasting function

Need it to work with excel and web forms

$20 per hr…up to $150 and hr

Will go over exact process via teamviewer

The faster can get done…the more $$ will recieve

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A2Billing Expert Needed For Continued Evolution.

We are looking for a system admin that has experience managing Asterisk2billing configuring and maintaing several asterisk2billing instances up and running must understand billing and rate tables 1000%

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SEO Expert Needed, For ClickBank Long Term Partnership

I have a website were I sell dozens of clickbank products related to the self-help niche. The site is not yet online, but it will be soon. The problem is that I dont have the time or the expertise to advertise my website properly.
So Im looking for someone highly skilled in SEO and promoting clickbank products, someone who doesnt use spam, seo bots, or any other less proper means. I need someone serious who is ready to work in a long term partnership.

Heres what I offer: 50$ after I have 10000 visits between 30 to 45 days, plus other 50$ after I make my first 100$ in sales.
From this point on, you are required to continue your work promoting the website and its products, and I will pay you the following:
If I make less than 1000$ a week, you get 15% of earnings.
If I make more than 1000$ a week, you get 30% of earnings.
If I make more than 3000$ a week, you get 30% of earnings, plus a 250$ bonus.

We will work stictly by e-mail, and I will provide you with my clickbank weekly statement and my website statitiscs. Anything else you need from my part, just have to ask.
On your part, you will give me a weekly detailed report of your activities.
All payments will be made to your Freelancer account.

If this project goes well, I plan to create about 20 other websites with the same payment plan above. I hope that will give you an extra incentive!

In order to aplly, please tell me how do you plan to do this job and if possible, give some references of past projects in this field of work.
Very important: you need to be ready to work in long term, otherwise, dont apply.


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PSD > WordPress Support Needed – Expert Individuals Only!

Looking for someone to work with me full time weekly basis.

I will pay a nice daily rate to someone that is very skilled with PSD XHTML/CSS conversions

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Ska Date Expert Needed

Lookign for Ska-Date expert 20 hours at $10 per hour.

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PPC Ad Campaign & Lead Generation Expert Needed!


thanks for taking time to look at my job listing. What I am looking for is an expert who has alot of experience in being successful in PPC marketing and vaious other forms such as PPV etc…

What I am looking for is someone to help with various ppc campaigns. I am an affiliate marketer and promote various different CPA offers. In the past I have used,,, and some others to promote my offers but have had limited success in terms of generating leads from my ads.

I would like someone to design and implement me various keyword, category and RON campaigns in order to generate lots of very targeted traffic to my offers and essentially generate good conversions.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone that can help with this and I will expect you to show me examples of similar projects you have undertaken.

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Php/ Mysql Expert (Existing Site Changes)

I need a registration form and some php code changes done to an existing site. You will be taking existing forms and moving them to new template. With possibility to add or delete data fields. We will also need many site changes done on a per project basis. We can pay a full team weekly one 1 good coder that works fast and puts in the hours. We have an est over 150 hours of work needed for this site.

Please do not bid unless you are and php/mysql expert with good reviews. You just waste my time answering your questions to only find out you can not do it. The site is semi adult. Basically a portal for entertainment. The script is done and working just needs changes.

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Custom CMS & Front End Development. EXPERT NEEDED

CMS will include:

1. manage user
2. manage products
3. manage orders
4. change order status
5. change password
6. manage contents

Front end development will include:

1. my account screen
2. wishlist
3. payment gateway
4. order process

please give me examples of previous work including cms

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Pvt Project For The Ultimatejob

Academic writing, involves engineering skills and matlab expert needed

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WordPress & BuddyPress B2b Expert Needed Mostly For Consult

WordPress and BuddyPress B2b Expert needed mostly for consulting and some teaching.
MUST have experience with setting up B2B sites using WordPress and Buddypress with added
plugins for large product Galaries and ecommerce.
Must provide references and links to site that you have developed for B2B sites using WordPress and Buddypress with added plugins for large product Galaries and ecommerce.

We provide services web services to retailers and manufacturers.

During the first phase of the project youll be needed for a couple of hours per day and the pay will be $25 to $40 for each day that you provide your service.

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Data Mining/Web Scraping Expert Needed

Small company is looking to automate data entry process so content can be added automatically in our web site. The ideal candidate must have extensive and advanced knowledge on web scraping and data mining. Candidate will be responsible in developing technology/code/cron/scripts so certain content can be imported and formatted based on our sites needs.

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WordPress PHP Expert Needed Urgently Immediate Pay


I am looking for a WordPress Expert for a simple project. Must know PHP, HTML, CSS very well. Would prefer someone who has passed the tests, but that is optional if you have great reviews for wordpress development. This is a simple project but I have several WordPress projects I will need you on that will pay better. This is just the most urgent now. I know some about html, php and css not just too much experience with wordpress. Looking for a long-term relationship.

Project, I have a wordpress website installed and live at {xxx.okcglasspros.c*m} x=w and *=O
The template came with a css style changing function which would turn the link colors green,blue or orange and the header background accordingly. I took out the function tab and had it working properly in all browsers to the required color of blue but it has defaulted back to green. I need help on this and to raise the logo just a bit! This should be an easy task to the experienced wordpress developer. Nonetheless, I will have more changes to this template and other sites if this project goes well!

NOTE: Please put "OKC" at the start of the bid so I know you read this!!!!! Failure to do so will be that your bid will not be considered. Also, you must have reviews that show you have wordpress experience as a developer! Like I said we are wanting a long-term relationship with the successful bidder after the job. Half of milestone will be paid to the winning bidder and the other half when job is complete! All source files, wordpress admin and file manager with wordpress installed on the server will be provided. Budget for this is $30, it should not take more than a half an hour to fix this, but I have more work when this job is done that will pay better!!!

Happy Bidding!!!

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Market Research And MS Excel Expert Needed

We are looking for a person  to work on several market research and Excel spreadsheet projects.  All work will be done remotely. Because we have several projects please make your bid is your estimated hourly rate.

– Degree in Business Administration (or better)
– Advanced Excel skills
– Good English communication skills
– Arabic reading skills may be helpful (optional)

What to submit:
Please describe your degree and experience in market research and describe in details your Excel skills (tell us about some of the advanced functionality that you have used in the past) and let us know about your language skills. It is very important to list your estimated hourly rate. Any links to projects you have done would be very helpful

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Expert Php Coder Needed Ongoing Project

Ongoing project tt needs work from time to time.

framework is civicrm, complex smarty structure, some work will involve writing new code and some will involve modifying code. you have to be very fluent in php, sql, js, ajax.

again, make sure u can write code fluently according to reqs, no amateurs pls.

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Red5 Expert Needed Immdiately

Im seeking a service provider who has experience with Red5. The current requirements for my webcam site are:

Our applications require Flash Media Server software (FMS) for streaming audio and video. You can purchase this software direct from or purchase hosting from one of several (FMS) hosting companies.

I want to put my site on a dedicated server and need the webcam script to be compatible with Red5. I do not need the installation to the server done, only the necessary edits to the script that will allow it to be compatible.

I need this done very quickly and without delays. If you cant meet the required and agreed upon deadline please do not bid!! If you do bid, please provide links/samples of your work and you must have some completed reviews here on freelancer. Thank you for bidding.

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Linux / Ngnix/ Apache / Php Expert Needed

I need a person thats an expert in Linux / Ngnix, Apache, and php.

I would like my server to be setup with ngnix and apache. I have heard that I need apache to handle the php since I have a php script on my server. I had a couple other linux installers try it but, it didnt work correctly the server started going offline sometimes probably due to the large amount of traffic thats being sent probably and also our php scripts stopped working correctly.

If you can do this let me know your experience. You must have extensive knowledge in ALL of those categories, Linux / ngnix, apache, php,mysql (since the php script also uses mysql databases). Must be able to optimize the server to handle very large amounts of traffic.

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Phpfox Expert Needed For Theme To Be Changed In A Php Fox 20

I ll give you the psd and you will convert to html and integrate minor behaviour is needed to be changed in the system experts only

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PHP, MySQL, Paypal, On-call Expert Needed

PHP, MySQL, Paypal, On-call expert needed for frequent urgent jobs.

I need someone who is proficient in PHP, Joomla, WordPress, MySQL and interfacing with Paypal, that I can call upon a moments notice.

I have a situations that call for immediate attention and I live in California, USA, so I cant always wait for developers that live on the other side of the world to solve my situations.

If you meet the above description and live in the Western Hemisphere or are available during my day hours, I would like to hear from you. I might have an immediate job for you.

Thank you.

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WordPress Expert Needed. Project One (multiple Small Edits)

I have a list of edits for a wordpress site (running WP-commerce).

its mostly small stuff design, css and some bug fixing.

BUT… my web company is also looking for a WP expert to take on a lot of tasks (we build 20+ sites a month) so the winner of this bid could get a lot of work.

this project is a kind of test (we will still be paying of

here is the list of edits we need done ASAP (full details and more info will be given to winning bidder)

IMC Media group

the site is

– Move "related products" to underneath color swatches.

– Can related products images be larger?

– Please remove the category name when it appears in front of

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Adwords Expert Needed

Hello Everyone,
I need someone to look into my adwords campaign which is related to weight loss supplements.
I was doing very well but in last 2 weeks my QS has dropped to 4 all of a sudden and thus I am in loss right now.

I want someone who is professional enough for this particular job.

You would need to look into it and make required changes so I am back to make profits again. I have tried to make minor changes but QS has not changed.

Please bid, only if you have some positive feedback here.

Its an urgent project because I make my living from Adwords and currently I am in loss.


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PHP/MYSQL On IIS6 Security / Exploit Expert Needed

We have a custom made php / mysql application running on a hosted iis6.
We are looking for somebody who can stresstest / exploit test / vulnerability test our semi stage/semi production server.
At first stage you get the url, second stage a view-only user login, and on 3rd stage a read/write login. We might add a 4rd stage with the full admin credentials.
First Id like you to be in stealth mode, to eventually go over into more and more brutal attack mode. You will have to keep in contact through instant messenger to clearly describe when you test which kind of stage/mode you are currently testing.
Test it, but dont break it if possible.

Clearly describe in a PM what your expertise + strong/weak points are. Nobody is perfect.

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Xrumer Blast Expert Needed…

Im looking for an xrumer expert to do a BIG profile blast for me … plz no 1 timers… and plz show sites you have ranked…
its a pretty easy low competition high searched keyword so it should take long… so pm your details…

please be experienced thanks…

Bl@ckhat Only…

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For Yugene MF1.2

Yii developer , expert php development

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Expert PHP Programmer

I am an expert PHP programmer, looking for an assistant. I am located in Houston, TX, USA.

To save you time, if you cannot answer "yes" to the following question, do not read any further or bid on this project:

"Are you a PHP expert who can speak & write good English?"

If you said `Yes` to the above, read along!

I have been working at for a long time. I also have a lot of local clients. There are a lot of recurring clients, along with many new ones in the pipeline and I need to start delegating.

Here are the skills that I am looking for in the ideal candidate.

I need someone who knows how to speak AND write English. I need to be able to understand you and of course, I need you to understand me. When I say "write English", I mean correctly punctuated, grammatically correct English.

The ideal candidate will be able to communicate with me at least thrice a week. He/she can decide the days that suit him/her. I know it is not quite possible sometimes to send an update everyday. But I need to be hearing from you regularly for this to work. 3 times a week (minimum) should be fine.

Needless to say, the ideal candidate will be a PHP expert.

PHP+MySQL, the ideal combination. I need to know if you are good at SQL queries.

That is all really. Here are some optional skills, that will definitely help you boost your chances:

Your ability to
– Work with SMARTY
– Create LOGOS and/or WEB DESIGNS
– Slice PSD to HTML

So, to apply, please provide the following:
1. Name
2. Location
3. PHP Skill Level
4. MySQL Skill Level
5. English Language Skill Level
6. Ability to Communicate Responsibly
7. Hourly Rate – or tell me how much you would ask for script to display the recent 5 tweets for a Twitter user.

I will ask for website examples and code samples separately via PMB. You dont need to spend time on that right now.

– Payment will always be prompt, you wont have to ask me twice. GAF escrow preferred.

– I am very reasonable to work with. And very friendly. Half the times, I will tell you exactly what to do, saving you the brain work.

– If things work out, consider this relationship to be VERY long term. This is what I do for a living!

– I will prefer an individual for this job (as opposed to a company or large group).

Happy bidding! And thanks for reading.

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Joomla Expert Needed – Few Minor Edits/fixes To A Site

We have a site which weve just installed a new rocket theme tempate on – however we need some assistance fixing a few minor probems:

Conflct in plugins (we beleive) stopping RokSideshow
Ampcontact form needs some coding to remove styling

Quick job for someone who knows what they are doing. More detais via PMB to those suitably qualified.

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Forum Signature Link Building Expert Needed

I need an experienced forum signature link building specialist. Task is very simple. Register with various forums and make posts like every user does.

– All forums must be dofollow, well indexed and with homepage PR of atleast 2.
– You have to find forum list according to niche.
– All links must be search engines visible. (I.e. Some forums shows links only after login. We dont need such forums.)
– No Spam. You can do this genuinely.
– Maximum 10-12 posts per forums. This project is for acquiring links from 100 Different forums. (Total = 1000-1200 posts/links)
– No posts on threads with hundreds of reply. (i.e. If you post on thread where reply goes on 4th page of that thread, it wont be accepted.)
– You must know forum link building strategies.
– Reports should be submitted in XLS sheet on daily basis.

If you already did this before, provide me samples, list etc to get accepted easily. If you passed any exam here with good results, that can improve chance of being approved.

We need long term relations and have bulk work already ready.

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OpenLayers, Routing, Fleet Tracking Expert Needed

Dear coders,

Looking for someone with experience with the:

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I am looking for a PROFESSORIAL promoter to help sell2 of my Ebooks (Health and Divorce):

The book is priced at $14.99 each, however to start off with, i am targeting 500 copies in sale, within 2 weeks to a month or soon as possible.
Commissions can be paid weekly, twice a week or monthly however you would prefer it.
Commission for each book sold is $5.
Sales of each and every book will be kept track by me, and i do not hope to do any promotion myself if somebody is willing to do it for the offered commission, which means it will be easier for me to know how much i owe you.
Id prefer somebody serious about this project please, and if things go well, id also be willing to work with you further on the current book or future ones.
Im looking to start off immediately, so if u think i can trust you to handle things for me, pls send me a msg.
Payments will be made by GAF Only.

Please Bid Only if you have proven record and experience.

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