I made a reading test in Flash in which a teacher or parent tests their child on 50 words to determine the childs reading level. After test completion, a page shows the childs name, date and test results. Right now parents must print out a copy of the final page after test completion to retain the test results.

To make it easier, I need to have some type of database set up that will allow a teacher to come back at anytime and view all test results for students in their class.

The best way for you to see what I want is to take the test yourself at http://www.readingkey.com/demo/Files/tests/readinglevel/readingtest-m.html

The final ReadingKEY Test Report Summary Page variables (childs name – date – test results) need to be viewable in the database with one child per row. I guess we need to make some kind of a Test Portal login page for the teacher to enter her own username and password to see all her students that she tested.

Whats important is that the teacher can test students in her class and retest anytime and be able to view all test results by just putting in her username and password.

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