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Twitter & Digg Button Doesnt Work Properly Php Professional

biggest concern is 2 developer didnt make it is that twitter count always 0 they blame twitter

i will provide you source code and ftp access to look at it

1) twitter no longer accept + and %20 for space i think url needs to be encoded i dont know how to do
2) twitter and dig button is work but doesnt count always shows 0

project must be finish as of today. in 3 hours

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MY Site Need Support

I already have a website and its ok but i need some expansion and add somethings to it.
I need someone expert in php
i like to work with some one per case

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PHP Developer

We are looking for an organization that gives us a comprehensive service and interconnected.
Expertise in management and development of websites and platforms for intranet and extranet.
Simple and efficient designs
Programming with automated answering service for users.
Ability to adapt and join other platforms and services online.
Continued and close work on our projects.
The selected person will be part of a working group.

Please provide examples of previous jobs.

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Looking For A PHP Programmer To Fix Website Bugs

ABOUT THE WEBSITE: The website is a male massage directory.

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: A expert programmer in PHP with web design skills.

ABOUT THE WORK: Programmer must correct bugs. (not much work)

You must be able to write English well.

We expect to get things done promptly.

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Pakistan PHP Programmers

Hello all,

Talented individual programmers for full time work.


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PHP JS Experted Needed For Helping Me With Projects

I need a freelancer to help me with my projects. That would mean that the winning bidder has to help with the code when Im stuck, must listen my ideas, share with me his ideas, work with me as a team.

Romanian bidders have a +.
I need a freelancer available on skype or google talk almost all the time.

Happy bidding.

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Regular Work Available For PHP Developer

Regular site Maintenance on Multiple sites, all PHP/MySQL and WordPress

I run several music related websites which all use complex functions
such as e-commerce, CMS, user accounts etc. Some of them are WordPress based so if you have experience with WordPress that would be good.

My sites are all constantly evolving and need regular updates, bug fixes
and new functions.

I need a PHP/MySQL programmer that can be reached daily via instant messenger
and email. I want a freelance individual that I can use for regular work on a long term basis. I do not want a "team", group or translator.

I have lots of regular work for the right programmer so this could be the start of a long working relationship if you are the right person for this project.

1 – Must have fluent English typing skills
2 – Must always be available on MSN messenger
3 – Must have extensive PHP/MySQL/HTML/Javascript/AJAX/CSS skills
4 – Must have e-commerce experience with different payment providers like Paypal.
5 – Must be reliable- for example if you say you will deliver a solution by a certain time you must honour that.
6 – Must stand by your work. If your work fails and is not tested properly you should fix it.
7 – Portfolio – You must be able to show genuine examples of passed projects. Please do not send me examples using bogus template sites or quick mock-ups hosted on your own server.
8 – Must be the actual programmer. I dont want to deal with a middle man or translator.
9 – I may ask you to provide references from past clients who can recommend your services.
10 – Please provide honest and realistic estimates for the completion of tasks. I have lots of development experience so I know how long these jobs should take to complete.
11 – You will have to sign a none disclosure agreement before you can gain access to sites.
12 – You must be able to work cleanly and professionally. That means that you may not leave any files or folders on sites open to exploitation (such as chmod 777). It also means that when you have completed a task that you send me an email detailing what was done, which files have been changed or created, how it works and how long it took to complete.

I know these seem like very basic requirements but it still shocks me how many professionals struggle with these basic concepts.

I have many ongoing projects that are constantly evolving. If you like the idea of regular work this might be ideal for you.

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PHP Class For Livedrive API

Create a generic PHP class, easy to reuse in several web sites, for communicating with API.
All API functions should be included.

The API uses SOAP, so you must have good skills in programming SOAP applications in PHP.

I provide the API documentation from Livedrive for your reference.

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Need PHP Programming, Design Elements, WordPress Work, XHTML

Currently I have one person that does PHP, another that does CSS/XHTML, few more that do design work, and someone else that does WordPress stuff. Managing it all is just too tedious. Im looking for someone that can do it all. Off the top of my head right now the outstanding projects I have:

1) Design elements for a website (graphics).
2) PHP work done on a server monitor that reports on a web page if a service on one of 100 servers is up or down (can give examples)
3) PHP modifications to a custom made order system/shopping cart.
4) PHP and CSS/XHTML work on one particular page of a website.
5) Various edits to complete a few WordPress based sites (design elements, some content and ideas).
6) Various PSD edits on design work already done.

We have a website done in PHP that is a bit complex which needs work all the time (the server monitor, shopping cart work above).

The successful applicant will have a nice portfolio that covers all the above. Id prefer 1 guy/gal, or a small team of 2 or 3 maybe (your team) where I still have one point of contact.

Once the outstanding stuuff is cleared there will be more work.

Posting this in the $750-$1500 bracket but obviously each thing will need to be individually priced by the web developer and will take place over a few months. First want to find the right person/team, and continue from there.

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Need Professional Php Programmer Team For Monthly Salary

i have many project in php AND some java want to make … and others want to maintence and upgrade.

i need Professional team for that 24 /7 in msn online.

they will have monthly salary for that. need him to be really Professional .. fast respone.. really maintence and give suggist.. can make projects from 0.

pls insert your bid.. and pm me about your skills and how many preson on your team AND SIMPLE OF YOUR WORK.

note: the bid will be for all .. i dont care who they Divide betweem thim.

if u r not series and have other works pls dont insert your bid.. this work for team will be with me all the 24/7/365


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Php Coder Needed

Need help with support 500 a month would like a coder
who works during CDT during the day.

please let me know what time your available
how many days a week you work and your skill set.

thanks and good luck.

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Need A Cubecart / PHP Expert – Ongoing Programming Work

Need a Cubecart / PHP expert to get random things done on an ecommerce site that uses it. Right now we have an issue where the last programmer is hard to reach and I believe they did some custom coding that Im not familiar with but the right person can probably figure out quite quickly.

If you can fix the problem, then will probably have you start doing monthly maintenance work – i.e. integrate a blog, import products, clean up coding…

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data processing

I am looking for someone to do 2 things
– extract data from a site ( i allready have a program to extract the data
so you only have to run my program )
– the extracted data must be checked by a second program of mine ( also just run my program )

i want a bussines or someone that has more than one internetconection for speeding things up
( the second program works with a site and that will block the ip afther a while )

it are +- 100 subjects that must be extracted first and then checked by the second program

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