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Facebook Aps

Looking for someone to build facebook apps using social graph and facebook api –
Examples of what I am looking for are located here:

Project budget is open and ongoing.

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PHP Developer Required

A very good project for php developers.

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Quick XML Project

Need someone to take HTML/CSS page I have created and change a side bar area to update through a XML file I can easily update

Pretty Simple and Straight Forward

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XML Parser Needed

We have a slideshow timeline script this scripts uses xml for its configuration and input array.
In the XML file you can specify the files and text used on the slideshow.
We need this integrated with a Joomla events extension Rs Events.
The events in RSEvents are held in the Joomla database, we need to match up the tables there with the input for the slideshow.
The obvious way to do this would be to use an XML parser to connect to the database and then parse the XML into the correct format for slideshow to understand it.
Also we need a few new fields adding into the RsEvents extension and small display changes in the RS Events module for displaying new events we need it to display the thumbnail of the event as well as the date time and location.

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SWF/XML Project For Pixelismdotcn

Flash/XML project for Pixelismdotcn. Convert existing Success Stories file to XML.

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XML/PHP Project Needs Finishing! (90% Complete)

Project was undertaken by a developer over a month ago, is 90% complete;

Project brief was to integrate several xml/csv feeds into our website to import selected products by category, and to update all products stock levels and price (updated daily)

Website uses OSCommerce, MySQL and is PHP based.

All major script writing is done, however there are bugs in the work that prevented completion of the project. Test files import/update without problem, whilst the full daily downloaded files from our distributors do not import/update correctly.


– Have good recommendations
– Work to a professional standard
– Be able to demonstrate previous experience with OSCommerce/XML/PHP work
– Be able to maintain contact during weekdays using MSN.

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SMS Project In PHP Light Box Window

I have a script that is in PHP. I need to have a light box created so that some of the pages can be put into the light box so users will be able to use certain sections very easily. Right now some of the extra options make the web site confusing.

Even though this is PHP it is done in Yii Frame work. You must be willing to learn this or already know it.

Whomever I give this to must be able to start right away and be willing to work on this web site for a while. i have a lot of projects in this web site.

Please send the word "casual" in a PM or you will not be considered at all.

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PHP Expert

PHP expert needed for high-end project.

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Email Parser – Consolidation Project For Rajtuhin1

Deliver all business logic, validation and SQL requirements as per project spec.

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FTP XML Parser For Feeds Module In Drupal 6

I need an XML parser written to integrate with the Drupal 6 "Feeds" module. The parser will allow for FTP connection with username and password. It will return the resulting XML format for "feed mapping" integration, and it will provide a way to filter the XML articles by category(before they are imported) so that only the articles we are looking for in the XML feed are converted into Drupal Nodes.

I will provide an example of one of the XML docs contained in the FTP server(there will be several FTP severs containing XML docs that will all need to be parsed, and in each FTP feed the XML format will vary) upon request.

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Small XML Project

I need some help with 2 different XML projects. They are both fairly simple: the first one is writing a Schema based on a provided xml file, the other is a project of creating 4 xml languages, 2 using DTD, the other 2 using schemas. I can provide more informaton for bidders.

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Java Xml Project (urgent)

Need small Java application that reads an xml file and generates an Office Open XML File Format (Standard ECMA-376) file that can be opened and edited with Microsoft Powerpoint 2007. This task requires strong java programming skills, knowledge of XML and knowledge of the Office Open XML File Format (Standard ECMA-376).
Do you have experience with Office Open XML File Format (Standard ECMA-376)??
When can you deliver??
See the attached detailed application description and let me know if you can do the work.
Thank you.

It is not so big if you use existing libraries for much of the guts of the application. It has no GUI. It is a simple command line Java program.

The single Java class below can be used to read the XML input file. This will put the input into a org.jdom.Document object.

You can also use the org.docx4j library which will do most of the boiler plate handling of PresentationML and DrawingML for you.

So the real task is to handle the relatively simple input definition file and add the appropriate shape and text objects to a slide and calculate the locations for the objects in the tree.

I could do the task myself, but I am working on other projects at the moment.

When can you deliver?

What fee would you ask for?


// *********************************************************
// Java Class for reading XML file

* Project info to:

import org.jdom.Document;
import org.jdom.JDOMException;
import org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder;

* Reads a given String filename and returns the org.jdom.Document
* object representing the XML file. The given filename must be
* a valid XML file otherwise an exception will be thrown.
public class XMLReader {

public static Document getXMLFile(String filename) throws IOException, JDOMException {
File f = new File(filename);
Document document = null;
if (f != null) {
if (!f.isFile()) {
throw new IOException(
"In XMLReader.getXMLFile, the given String filename does NOT name a file."
} else {
SAXBuilder parser = new SAXBuilder();
document =;
return document;
return null;

can pay 30$

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Experienced Coder with Travel Agent Experience!

1. Fix form
2. Fix "Check Availability" feature

CMS: Joomla
Detailed instructions attached.

Budget: 30 USD. You can bid anything, but I will assume you agree with this budget IF YOUR BID!
Time frame; 24 hours.
Payment: Paypal upon completition (no escrow – no advance before result)

– MUST have worked on similar project
– MUST speak english.
– MUST have paypal
– MUST be able to keep your words.

Continuous coding work available for right candiate.

Please mention my website URL while bidding, to be considered! Sorry for being demanding, but I am fed up with users, who start bidding without reading!

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Project For PHP Experts

Simple job for an expert


We currently utilize ActiveCollab as the core of our Project Management System.

Weve completed updates, one specifically allows clients to click a "Make Payment" link on an invoice page which directs them to to pay for an invoice.

Wed like to take the google integration one step further buy allowing the clients to make their credit card payment from within the ActiveCollab platform using Google Checkout as the payment gateway (Google Checkout API).

The user would click the make payment link and the web form for their credit card information would be shown and then processed through Google. No credit card information would be saved to the system.

The necessary web services would also be required to accept notifications back from google with regards to successful transactions and failed/canceled transactions.

The web services would update the invoice status as necessary (e.g. successful transaction would update the invoice as paid within the activecollab system).

The experience needs to be tightly integrated with the ActiveCollab platform so an expert understanding of ActiveCollab is required.

Proper user flow must be maintained at all times.

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Project For PHP Soldier

As discussed.

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Urgent Flash And Xml Project

Only Flash and XML experts who can work in this project in 1 day.

Very simple project. Details to be provided on PMB.

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PHP Project For AHT

PHP project for AHT

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Project For Andy

Advanced. NET
Advanced XML

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Project For Php4world


Hi Artyom,

We are looking for a coder with experience in PHP PDF generation to write the code for auto generated PDF files similar to the attached example (See Shoppinglist.pdf). You appear to be one of a handful of freelancers with experience in FPDF etc. and wonder if you would be interested in the brief below. If you think you can do it then we will elaborate/clarify the brief as necessary and you can liaise with our own developers to complete the project. We would like to get this project completed fairly soon, however if you have another project underway we can probably be flexible. Details of the project are listed below.



Scope of project:
The PDFs are shopping lists. The data/output requirements for the page is outlined below:

Our server will output raw shopping list data based on user preferences (see shoppinglistdata.txt) which will need to be fed into the PDF template. Along with the shopping list data our server will also provide asset IDs for the masthead [mastheadID], sidebar [sidebarID_0] and footer [FooterID].

The shopping list data is split into section headers based on supermarket aisle layout (Fruit & Veg, Meat & Fish, Chiller etc.). Your code should be smart enough to apply column breaks where appropriate and smoothly continue the graphics in the next column. It should also ensure that once a new section header is created there is enough column space underneath it to fit in all the ingredients under that heading, if not it should be moved to the top of the next column and the preceding sections graphics should be extended to the bottom of the previous column. After the last shopping list data section has been added the remainder of the last column should be filled with a

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Mutlple PHP Project (Private V) – Vin

Its a private project for my selected provider..

As per our discussion.


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Mutlple PHP Project (Private IV) – Vin

Its a private project for my selected provider..

As per our discussion.


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Decode codelock PHP files

We would like to hire a freelancer to decode a relative small PHP project. If you have the skills to decode Codelocked files, please contact me.

Kindly regard,

The Netherlands

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130_OPA : php website changes

PHP project for Sukung34

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PHP Project

Hi i need somebody who can implement an API.

Need to send their server information such as mobile phone number, amount to be billed. and then receive information back from their server and it to be logged in database or sent in a confirmation email.

Please let me know if possible. need quite quickly.

can send over the API documentation by pvt.


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Mutlple PHP Project (Private III) – Vin

Private project for my provider…


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[php project]

This private project is for ashish.

We will work on communication.
The budget will be 500$

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php project


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