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Install Script On Xoops Cube And CakePHP..Fix Xcube Problems

Sites are made on xoops cubes and another site on cakePHP. Having problems installing the xoops cube and cakePHP on new server, if you can fix this problems let me know.
Give me sk yp e ID we can chat more and i will pay you on freelancers.

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Replace Perl FormMail Script With PHP & Install ReCaptcha

ace Perl formmail script with a PHP script. Add email validation and reCaptcha to existing form.

Need PHP script and Javascript to have functions commented so they can be modified to use with other forms. Can place some comments in separate text file where needed,

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Install PhpPennyAuction Script

I need this script installed:

I tried and got this error:

Fatal error: Class Router not found in /home/ptick/domains/ on line 283

Please help! Thanks!

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Update Custom Made Webshop

We are looking for a dedicated coder for a long term partnership who can take care of the needed updates and adjustments for our custom made webshop. The maintenance involves adding content, adjusting the simple cms and improving some layout issues. Besides from that, we need special attention for SEO.

I pay by the hour and in order to do so, we create the needed projects in detail for which we expect you to give us an estimate of hours required to complete.

**VERY IMPORTANT: To separate you from the spammers, please write "I AM REAL" as the first line of your bid. We will delete all bids that do not start with this phrase, since most bidders never read the requirements. Thank you for being one who does.

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Complete Seo Required For Lot Of Sites

We are looking to hire a team of persons or individual to work full time (40 hours a week) for SEO (On site and Off Site) and link building. if we see real results of your work after some time and we believe that you are exceptionally good i will go with you.

We expect you to build around 600 links, per month, which means youd have to build around 20 links per day for each sites. These 20 links will be distributed among 4 targeted keywords.This number can be slightly lower if you concentrate heavily on high quality, high PR links.

We want someone who is a professional SEO/link builder who knows exactly what hes doing. This means using white hat techniques only and not hurting current rankings of the websites. I am looking to gain a substantial amount of traffic as a result of your link building. This means all your links must be followed links and have a search engine benefit. You will use varied anchor text with keywords I provide you with. You can use directory submission, blogging, article writing and article syndication, social bookmarking, forum posting, and whatever other white hat techniques you choose.

You will be building 1 way, static, relevant links only. All links must be followed. Do not use any spam sites or link farms. Links will have to be related to the assigned niche I provide you with.

I will not pay anything upfront. I can pay monthly, whichever is best for you. However, I will only pay after you report to me exactly what links you built, where you built them, their anchor text, etc. I want the initial report within 3 days after the beginning of the project to see what you are doing. Every report after that should be once a week.

Please do not bid if you can not provide me with a proven track record of successful link building.

This is a long term job – if you are good I will pay you $300 every single month to keep building links for the sites. And if you do a great job, I may have more sites for you to work on in the near future.

Happy bidding!!!

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I need a custom OsCommerce template created. You will need good website design/graphic design skills. You will provide initial 3 mockup version of which we will then be able to revise until to design is the way we want it.

Also as this is for a new site, you will be required to install somewhere between 20-30 contributions.

I would expect you have had alot of experience with OsCommerce, and can show me example of past work.

This project is to be completed by 31 December.

Unless you have previous work to show me, do not bid.

I would imagine this would cost around $350.

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Freelancer Script Needed PHP

I need a freelancer script developing in php, much like the custardspoon freelancer site. it needs to be easy to navigate and must have payment integration, paypal for example.

it must be easy to customize as my experience is limited.

may also need you to install the script for me but we can talk about this later and will be reflected in the price.

send me your suggestions.


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Install A Script Into Xt Commerce (Veyton/Smarty)

I need some help to install one of these Scripts into my XT Commerce Veyton Product Page Template (smarty Template).

This should be done until this evening.

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Install Arcede Script


i need for you to install a standalone arcade script with a few ad ons firstly a affiliate tracking system, tell a friend tracking and tell a friend email out member log in email password and recovery payment gateway when people sign up there must be a erea where the can ad there alertpay details if thy dont have there must be a alertpay link to sign up i need a frontpage i will tel the winning bider of details

the winner will be the person who will complete in the fastest time and payment will be made a week after completion cos i do need to test that everything is working
if you dont agree with terms please do not bid

payment will be made by allertpay or paypal

thank you

hope we work grate together

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Install A Proxy Script On My VPS

Hi there, looking for someone to setup an elite proxy on my VPS.

Ill hire one (after consulting you about my requirements and how much RAM / cores / etc I should get) then send you the access details and you can install the script.

The cheaper the better 🙂 Not looking to spend much on this.

Please only bid if youve done this before.


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Install Alertpay On My Script


I need AlertPay to be intergrated into my script.


My Site, will be given to the winning bidder..

However, Winner should understand cgi programming… The script DOES have fully working PayPal API on it,

Main Objective:
When members buys my product through my site…After successful payment, the item should be available to them immediately.

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Convert Site To WordPress, Script Install & Widgets Required

Hi we We require our existing site to be converted to wordpress.

The site is a sports tipping website whereby users select outcomes of matches through logging in to their own admin panel.

These selections are then ticked won/lost/void by ourselves once the event has passed.

We need the new wordpress blog to be integrated with our backend, with widgets created for the different sections of our site, and sections hardcoded in.

At the moment we need the database/wordpress integration…we are not looking for a new design..

PM for more info!

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Talented Vocalist Required For Band

We are looking for a talented female vocalist to join our band that is located in the North east of England and is available for band practice as well as rerecording existing material.

The chosen vocalist must be located near the North East of England so dont bother bidding if you are not even close.

With regards payment, we can give a small fee for those who want to join us as a little incentive, and you will get a cut of gig and merchandise royalties

The band:

The band itself is an amalgamation of many different styles such as dance, electro, ebm, electronica, trance and many more.

The band would be classed as a part of the alternative lifestyle, so if your a bit weird looking the better 🙂

The band has been going as a complete band for just over a year and we are just getting material finished off. However I myself have been making music for over 10 years.

To apply:

As mentioned only bid if you are located near us
If you have a sample of your voice send it or provide a link, as well as a pic of yourself would also be handy, as we are looking for someone with the right look.

Optional info:

We would consider a male vocalist if the voice is right and they have the right look.

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I Want A Script Advertising.

I want a script advertising. script banner exchange advertising space with an advertiser and publisher a space with a complete administrative platform.

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CenturyLink DSL IP Changing Program/ Script Required

I have CenturyLink DSL internet line and need a program to change IP function. He who has experience with CenturyLink DSL and script programming can do the job… I have modem that can change IP by resetting it, but need something to reset modem from keyboard shortcut without open the modem. Goal – Need IP to change every few minutes. I can offer remote access via Logme In to check computer and test your script if it is working. Need this done ASAP

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Script For Big Blue Button & Elastix

Big blue button has created an install script for Centos 5.4. Elastix already has many of the components installed that Big blue button. This aim of this project is to create an install script for elastix and big blue button without interfering with the normal Elastix install tree.

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Complete Seo Required For A Site

We have a new travel site for which we need complete seo and link building. Send us your plan detailed plan and cost to get 10 keywords in top 10

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Php 5 License Key Removal

This is a very simple job for a php Developer.
We use a companies software that currently went out of business.
We have all of this aoftware integrated into our system.
Since the company is no longer in business we will send you original source files and we need the license key information remove so we can install it.

You need to make sure that it is fully functional before returning it to us.

Currently a php 5 program.


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AVISynth Script

Need a thorough AVISynth script to open several video files (.m4v and .mov formats), dub a soundtrack .wav file over the whole thing and compile the clips from the video files together into one complete file.

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PHP Script Writting Site Completion

Project details will be emailed, with all needed items and needs to be completed asap details already arranged.

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PHP Script Writting


I am need of a coder who is able to write custom php scripts as well as edit scripts, need work completed asap. Ongoing work can be available for dependable coder monthly. Must be comfortable with adult oriented materials.

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Install the rssmixtape

It Requires:
-pykde (debian packages python2.2-kde3 at:
deb sid main)

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wxPython ubuntu

a python coder is required to complete a small wxPython app which consists of 2 fields and 2 buttons. This is a very small and simple python task that is to provide a gui frontend to some existing bash scripts.

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Sales Script Needed, Must Be An Excellent Salesperson and Copywriter

Hi I looking for an individual to write a sales script for an upcoming telemarketing campaign.

I am looking for someone who can write a script that is aggressive, effective, yet still makes the customer feel comfortable. Script must be complete with rebuttals and statements to get the conversion back on track.

Sales and copywriting experience is a must as is a sample of previous related work.

The winner of this project, if good works is submitted, will immediately be given another project of the same kind.


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