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PHP Expert In Pune Only

Am looking for a PHP expert in Pune. He should also be good at AJAX / MySql / PHP based Frameworks / MVC Architecture. I require it for one of my projects and I may need to meet this person on weekends occasionally. He should be professional enough to meet the decided timeline. I want only individuals to apply and No companies. I prefer if you are from Pune.

I will require this person to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure/Non Compete) agreement with me. Remuneration can be decided as a flat rate or per hour rate once the scope of project is disclosed.

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Sign Script Requiring UniversalXPConnect Privilege


I have a website which uses some functionality implemented in the Firefox extension, which I developed. JavaScript script on one of my webpages requires UniversalXPConnect privilege for communicating with XPCOM component implemented in my Firefox extension.

By default, when my script tries to enable this privilege for accessing XPCOM component:"UniversalXPConnect");

… the following error occurs:

Error: A script from "" was denied UniversalXPConnect privileges.

To enable this privilege currently users need to manually edit "signed.applets.codebase_principal_support" setting in "about:config" Firefox page.

From this page: I learned that it is possible to explicitly sign my webpage containing script which requires this privilege. After I sign my script users will not need to manually edit above mentioned setting.

I will provide you path to test webpage. Website is hosted on Linux platform.

I would like you to give me detailed step-by-step instructions on how do I sign my script (what tools should I download, how to create certificate, etc.), such that after following your instructions editing about:config setting will not be necessary.

Thank you,

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