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Update Product Useng Excell

We are looking for someone to import stock status in magento. Stock status will be in excell format. programer write php file that can be reached by user name and password to do this work

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Quick Form Job

Need a smart and quick proagrammer who can use open source available php form script for multiple file submission. I already have a form in place but i need it 2 b Smart and look more trust worthy. More details to right provider in PM. lowest bid wins.

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Place A Php Gallery In A Webpage

place a php gallery in a webpage, i have the script just needs placing in a page

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Script Modifications Required

I need someone to modify a classifieds script, do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Please see attached file for details and then provide your price and time estimate.

Do not bid over the estimated budget or your bid would be ignored.

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SEO, Web Developer And Web Desinger

Hello there;

I am looking for company or a person who has experince of SEO, PHP (MVC) and also web designing.

I am looking to make long term contract as I am plannig to out source some of my extra projects.

Please include all of your previous work in your reply. I will give more importance to the bidder who will have experice of SEO and who will provide me with some of their current work.

Well Best of luck for bidding.

Kind Regards

Mohammad Waqas

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Php Project On WordPress.


Were a french compagny looking for someone than can develop in php for wordpress.

The project is to develop something like a facebook application :
When people want other people to clic on their links, they have to clic themselves several time before they can gain "coins" and have their link clic show to other people for clic.

Thanks by advance.

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Web Design And PHP Coding

The Porject Title: Untarget Me

This is a website that offers free service that protects your online privacy by removing information that used by advertising companies to deliver interest-based ads.

Your main job is:

* · Design the website
* · Write a PHP code for the website

Note: I will be providing you the content of the website and you will be the one to place the content in the website and one more thing create a mock-up that i need to approve first before doing a design.

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Online Store Php Script Needed

I need an online store script ready to use should be a nice design and should have payment options such as paypal moneybookers and so on and should high class something like amazon. I will be selling electronics items mainly

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Facebook Chat Application Written In PHP


I need facebook chat application code written in PHP.
If you have already any such code let me know how much
it will cost. This is very urgent and I need it pretty soon.

Note: Please only bid if you have extensive exp in php and
facebook API.


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PHP Fox, Custom Build And Auction Module Assistance

we are building a social networking site based on the framework of PHPfox, we need however many customisations done to the site including the implementation of a carousel, and share/swap functionalities and adjustment of the Pbay module (phpfox auction module)

If you are experiences in PHPfox… not just php, must have PHPfox knowledge and have examples to prove your work.

This is an urgent project so please contact us ASAP.

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CS-CART Modifications

For a cs-cart e-shop I would like to be able to setup check box filters such as here where i can choose to have multiple filter options checked.

Moreover i need to be able to define to use small thumbs for filters such as the color filters here on the left

The update of the results should be instantly through Ajax such as here:

Please provide me with your offer for this and an estimated time for completion.

Only developers with previous cs-cart experience are considered, so please mention any previous work on this cart.

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Modify A Script

I need someone to modify a classifieds script, do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Please see attached file for details and then provide your price and time estimate.

Bids from cost effective countries/bidders prefered.

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PHP AGI Web Interface

We need a PHP-AGI based web interface which will show the real-time Queue statistic (Extensions on Call & Since when, Callers in Queue & Since when — One row per Extension / Caller).

Only experienced programmers pls.

Will need some previous samples of PHP-AGI work before we move ahead.

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PHP Script For Joomla – Content Fetcher

Hi! I would need a php script, which would fetch content from several websites! Script must automatically fetch and write down into Joomla database. It should be workable on Joomla 1.6 CMS platform. For any further questions please ask me. Kind regards

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UK PHP Coder Required


You must be from the UK and based here – applications from outisde of the UK will not be accepted.

We need a coder to form part of an existing team to assist in completing ahead of the deadline.

Its straight forward coding and you will be able to pick it up straight away

All expenses will be paid

Please get in touch asap with your availability and hourly rate

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Google Map

This is my website:

It is a google map with diving positions in Croatia.

I would like my map to be organized with its own sub-menu like this: , when you click on menu to go to the particular position.

Thank you for your bids.


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Cake PHP Programmer

Looking for a cake programmer with excellent english skills to check a few sites of mine and reproduce them
MUST have good written and spoken english
Available SKYPE
Please also list any other skills you have

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Flash Avatar Chat

Basic avatar style chat room like the one developed by ( ) coded with PHP, MySQL and Actionscript 3.0 Code must be unique (do not copy code from other designs/projects)
Bidders must provide examples from similar working projects (do not bid if you do not have working example).

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Script Modification

I need someone to modify a php script to do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Details will be provided to shortlisted bidders so that you can provide your time and price estimates.

Work is ready to be allocated as soon as a bidder is finalized.

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PHP Expert For Various Projects

I need someone with excellent knowledge of PHP and mysql. I have several websites and I often need minor tweaks and updates for my websites. So, I need someone who can maintain my several websites as and when needed. I need a fix hourly rate and we can discuss fixed cost each time I need something done.

If this works out well, then I might also need you to build my several sites that I will be building in a few weeks from now.

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PHP/Mysql Projects (various) – 30 Day Assignment

I have various PHP, MySQL, Linux projects in my company. The maximum salary is $1000 based on experience. I need someone who will work for one month (140 hours) on my projects. If everything is good, we may continue for more months.

Here are the requirements:

Minimum 5 years programming in PHP, MySQL on Linux.

You must speak English and be able to carry on a conversation through Skype text chat. If you can speak English over Skype voice then you will have an advantage.

Accept PayPal or Payoneer for payment

You must be capable of working during the USA business day.

You must be reliable. If I hire you to work for a month, you must be available. You would be expected to be available on Skype during the day even if you dont have anything to work on at that moment.

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PHP Developer Needed To Fix Bugs On App

Looking for a PHP developer to fix a number of bugs in a popular PHP app. Please PM me to get details of the app and what needs to be done.


* Strong PHP and Javascript knowledge. This app uses a lot of javascript, some quite complex.
* Ability to use Git and Github.

If work is done well, ongoing work will be offered.

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For Php4world – Bug With My WordPress Website

Hello php4world,
I have a code error with my website It happened while I was making some changes to the functions.php file.

The error I am getting is:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/content/22/6558022/html/sportsvibe/wp-content/themes/twentyten/functions.php on line 453

I have checked line 453 and restored the code to the default wordpress code for this portion (function twentyten_posted_in) of the functions.php code but I am still getting the error.

Can you please help as soon as possible?


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Change PHP To Apache Or Rebuild PHP With FastCGI

We have a WordPress website that was moved from shared hosting to VPS and now it is loading slowly. We spoke to the web hosting support and they told us that the reason the site is slow now is as follows:

"Regarding the slowness, it looks like its caused by the fact, that PHP is running as CGI, which causes high disk io during every single request to every single page on your site. Please try to switch PHP to run as Apache module or rebuild PHP with FastCGI support."

We need someone who understands the needs to resolve this issue, and has a knowledge of WordPress and MySQL databases, to perform the needed and help our website to once again load much faster.

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I require a php developer to copy a site that I have (100% owned by me) built last year and get the same working on another URL with no real changes but label names, paths and 3rd party account details.
It is a membership site with mysql database.
I wish to change the URL and business application to another purpose.
The code framework is code ignitor.
There is integration with facebook and twitter API.
There is also some integration with amember software.
It has some ajax functionality and auto complete search.

** No companies please.
** Work from home fine and on weekends ok too.
** Applicant to take ownership of the site on-going

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Website For A Small Hotel Is Urgently Needed.

hi im expert of developer php sites for more than 5 years.
im developer this site this is sales houses and apartments
I guarantee my work.

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OsCommerce Payment Module Customerization

I have installed oscommerce for my online store. I also installed a few OSC contributions including Points and Rewards. Everything works well so far. However, I need to add another feature to my site which I could not find any contribution from OSCommerce website. So I would like to find somebody here to help me with this.

What I need is to separate payment method for different products. There are 3 particular products that can be only purchased with credit cards, the rest of products should be only purchased with customers points.

So, I need some codes written or modified in checkout_payment.php, class payment.php (or more php files) to achieve the following: when one of the 3 products (as mentioned above) is selected, only credit card payment is available on payment confirmation page; when rest of other products are selected for checkout, only Points and Awards module shows up and the credit card module does not show up on the payment confirmation page at all.

I prefer somebody with intensive working experience with OSC and payment modules. I do some coding myself too but not experienced enough to accomplish what I need here.

Thank you very much.


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E Directory 8 Is Needed Full Version

I need edirectory 8 (in php,and with all models include cupons) if you have it ping me asap

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Flash Coding And Php Intercommunication

design a flash website

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PHP Ecommerce Site Fixes

We require a developer/design team to complete first stage fixes of our PHP coded

ECommerce site from a functional point of view, The site is viewable but has some critical

issues which are preventing us from going live.Our current developers have taken us this

far and have been unable to fix the issues.

Technical Requirements

* You should know PHP, Flash,Shopping Carts (although quick PHP fixes are our
* Be very familiar with Web 2.0/3.0 methodologies and general Social Networking Trends
* The practical delivery of Paypal Payment integration
* Understand Hosting Strategies Shared Vs Dedicated etc
* Troubleshooting pre-existing Code(particularly PHP) and correct where neccessary
* Have viewable sample sites for us to see

Personal/Team Requirements

* Must be able to speak English and have access to a Skype headset
* Committed to an ongoing professional relationship
* Be honest, contactable, and prepared to provide regular status updates
* Have an appreciation of western business practices and expectations
* Understand the user/ experience and the importance of testing

What We Will Do for You

* Pay You promptly after reaching agreed milestones
* Treat you with Respect
* Assist you in gaining additional work with our partner organisations
* Offer you additional work internally as this becomes available.

Please dont submit a quote if you cannot meet the requirements stated above, as time is at

a premium.

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Update Contents Of Mysql Php Db Using Excel File Provided

Need data in existing and functioning mysql database updated with new data that I will provide as an excel file. Old data is to be completely removed and replaced entirely with the new data in the excel file I will provide. You can see the databased involved at.

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