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Content For Travel Website – Egypt


I need help to make about 20 posts about the travel resort Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.
Written in good English.

They could be about a restaurant, a diving centers, a hotel or activites. So some research on Google will be necessary.

Pic in post are approx 600×350, ( 2- 3 pic pr post) that also can be set as Featured image.

You will get username and login to a wordpress site.

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Custom Pic Montage Script- Website

ok so I would need someone to create a scipt which allows users all over the world too upload images to a set grid… however users can upload over each others images and such and replace pictures.

The website becomes a moving image box almost and anyone can upload pictures etc…when highlighting over a small picture it will appear larger"see pic" etc… and users will have the choice to reupload over that image etc …..

ITs hard to explain:

You would for one need to contact me via PMB to discuss it further

also………. the project ammount is low at current however could be increased or long term payment can be arranged Depending on quality and confidence I have in the scripter.
It is probably best created in pearl

I am looking for someone who will be willing to help throughout the entier stage and perhaps web deisgn and implementation will be needed.


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Need 10 Designs Variations In 2 Days

you need to change the home page

make 10 variations with different theams like book , paint ….

change the css bg
the buttons

and the pic fron the home page

keep the html only change the pic

send me i all variation also separeted the pic you change and the css rows you change

use only legal pic


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Virtual Wheels

Summary :
I would like to have a software widely known as Virtual Wheels (, where my customer can see virtually how their choices of wheels looks on their car.

System requirements:
1. Must allow myself to upload new car pic.
2. Must allow myself to upload new wheels pic.
3. Must be able to change color of the cars.

For example, please visit

Do get in touch with me on your rate and etc. I need this done in 1 month maximum.

I have my server to host all this application and also my website is ready to embed this application.


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GSM With PIC Mcu

We require to communicate GSM modem with pic mcu. It should send given sms/call to desired number on an event and on recieving sms/ call fire an event.

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Photoshop Specialist To Create Custom Banner For Website


A small project indeed, fast job, fast money. I need a customer banner created for a WordPress template. The business is a British Gentleman Professional and Elegant Companionship service to ladies. I have some pictures to use already and all that is needed is the design and the development in Photoshop to measurements I inform you of. It is essential that you have past work for me to view and send me some examples of this theme/design to me for selecting; that I am after will need to be very romantic, elegant and sophisticated. For an idea have a pic of the gentleman in a suit and tie on the left, wording in the middle and ends with a pic of the same gentleman and a lady under his arm and some background i.e. a park

All in all a very simple project send me some examples to choose and you simply make a banner out of the pics I supply

If all goes well a link banner will need to be created based on the customer banner which you will do in half the time as it is exactly the same but with different wording.

Happy bidding! Any questions please email me.

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Simple Android App


I need simple andoid phone app, where user can upload a pic from phone or take a pic from camera and he can make the guy/girl Bald either automatically or by selecting hair area.

App will be free for 3 pics however then paid for more.

Bid for present specification if i want more, ill let you know and then price will be increased.

Looking for android professional and i need more apps after this one, so bid in terms of assuming me
your long term client. I am old servicer buyer and maintains 100% positive feedback.

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I need software to be programmed for a PIC or Atmel uPC for to drive a 3 digit 7 segment LED display. The input to the processor is RS232 data and the output shall drive a 3 digit 7 segment LED display. The 3 segments are made out of single leds so multiplexing might not be possible.

This is for a prototype so the software costs should be reasonable.

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PID Code For PIC In Hitech C


I need a good Adaptive PID code in Hitech C which is going to be implemented on PIC.

PM for more details.


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Selling Facebook Fans

I am looking for buyers for buying for a large number of FB accounts
All Type of Facebook Accounts

Blank Facebook 1 K = $
With Single Pic 1 K = $
With pic & Profile 1 K = $
id with 50 + Friend 100 = $
id with 100 + Friend 100= $
id with 500 + Friend 100 = $
id with 1000+ friend 100 = $
id with 5000 + friend 100 = $
id with 10,000 + friend 100 = $

if any buyers want to buy this , kindly contact me

skype id : dalmiait
yahoo : riteshdalmia

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05032011- Small Php Code Needed


I need you to create a small php code for me.

The code should read the string $mysting and replace all incident of e.x.

<img src="dummypic.jpg alt="dummy pic">


<img src="dummypic.jpg alt="dummy pic" title="dummypic">

in other words add the title where it is missing, and make the title tag have the same value as the alt tag.

some incident my have additional parameters like border, with, height – and these should be left untouched

Ask if you have questions.


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Selling Facebook Accounts On U.s And Indian IP Address

Hello all,

Selling Facebook accounts on very reasonable Cost
having more than 50,000 Accounts with me,
50,000 Account , with pic,complete profile, usa profile ., with 30 friend each with pic
interested can chk me on skype

skype : dalmiait

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PIC Microcontroller Programming

Help develop PIC program to drive a custom coffee brewer. Need to read a flow sensor, NTC or RTD sensor, 2 x rotary encoders, 6 x pushbuttons, real time clock chip. Need to drive 2 x 20 VFD display module, around 8 outputs (some perhaps PWM), 1 x analogue output (4~20mA or 1~5VDC). Need to have user friendly menus and info display. Program to execute a sequence of temperature sensing, flow rate sensing, output switching and delays – according to users selections. Users can store preset groups of settings to flash.

Future revisions may include USB configuration, ethernet, etc. First version to be done at lowest cost to provide basic operations for proof of concept.

You provide desired schematic (rough sketch OK). We will design and produce PC Board for prototyping and production. Looking for somebody to work with us long term on this and other projects.

Sydney based preferred, but prepared to work with anybody online. Please provide examples of your work.

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Facebook Acc

HI Bidders,

i need 1k facebook non pva, tell me your rates in pmb for :

acc with single pic??
acc with single pic and profile?
acc with multiple pic and profile?

also the replacment garantee.. payment via GAF escrow! offcourse the lowest bid will b prefered, i know the market rates so please dont bid high ammounts!


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Very Fast – High Density EEPROM Function In C For PIC

I need an already done HD EEPROM library (24256 and 24512) for I2C communication for unsigned char data and unsigned int data for PIC18F4550 without using ISR.

Only the C code, (mikroC in preference)



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Voltage Level Indicator

The project involves programming 2 PLC s. PIC (ideally cause we have the programer). The programmer will choos e the PIC according. One of the PIC, (PICA) to read an analog linear values (8 variations) over one analog input. and send info with a simple 2 bytes protocol (byte no one = 4 bits header + 4 bits value and byte no 2= check sum), It will transmit the info to another PIC PLC (PICB) with 8 outputs and to receive the info and output the value (1-8) on a number of the digital outputs in a binary format for the first 4 outputs equivalent to the received value, plus output on another one of 2 other o/ps, one indicating that the value is on the rise and the other that the value is falling, When the value reaches maximum, namely 8 the receiving PLC or PICB will pulse another (alarm o/p) at 120 pulse per minute along with the 2 rise or fall indicator o/ps. It will continu pulsing these 3 o/ps until the received value has droped below 15 or if a signal an i/p (alarm cancel input 1 or ?) goes low from high, This will indicate that the sound alarm generated by the alarm o/p is to stop, in which case it will stop pulsing the alarm o/p but keep pulsing both the 2 rise and fall o/ps. It will continu pulsing these last 2 until the received value has dropped.

PICA will read and transmit the values every few seconds. And if the receiving PICB doesn

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WordPress Tweaks

In WordPress:

Add a place, on a particular page (already developed)where people can upload a pic.

The process Im looking for would be a very simple &quot;Upload a Picture&quot;

where the user clicks on that phrase, The &quot;browses&quot; their computer and uploads a pic.

That pic would accompany the comment left in the comment area (already established)on that page.

The user would then accept the &quot;terms and conditions&quot; by checking a box (already established)on that page.

The pic, with their comment would go to the &quot;pending review&quot; area of the site, until I go in and approve it.

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Make Some Pic.

My name is Mark Taylor.
I have some pictures.
All you need to do just download these pictures. And make one big Picture.
That contain all my Pictures give back to me.
No miles stone allowed.

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Make Some Pic.

My name is Mark Taylor.
I have some pictures.
All you need to do just download these pictures. And make one big Picture.
That contain all my Pictures give back to me.
No miles stone allowed.

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Make Some Pic.

My name is Mark Taylor.
I have some pictures.
All you need to do just download these pictures. And make one big Picture.
That contain all my Pictures give back to me.
No miles stone allowed.

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Flash Kiosk App

Need a kiosk application to function in a touch-based screen.

The main idea behind this app is that it should display a list of items

– the elements to be shown/listed should come from an XML file on the same folder as the SWF itself
– the XML file should contain any number of items. Each item contains the following info: name, main pic, description, address, map pic, extra photos (an array) and videos (array, optional). All the photos and videos listed on the XML file should also be located on the same folder of the SWF file.

on its main screen, the app should list the items in a scrolling/scrollable way. This listing can be in 3D (eg: a carousel), but doesnt have to, as long as its visually appealing. For each item, the main screen should only display the main pic and name (from the XML file)

When no one has touched the screen for 5 minutes, it should display a call to action (e.g.: a hand overlaying everything saying touch to start or anything like that)

– when clicking anywhere on the screen, the call to action should disappear.

– when clicking in one of the items, it should hide all the others and animate to display additional info for that item: name, main pic, description, address, map pic. If there are associated photos (extra photos), these should be displayed as a scrollable list (horizontal). If there are videos, an additional list should be included. There should be a back button to take the user back to the items list

– when clicking in one of the photos or videos, it should be shown as a lightbox (on top of everything) with a close button to dismiss. The same behavior should be used for the map picture

– long waits (eg 5 minutes without any touches) should bring the app back to the initial screen

– must be done in flash 10/actionscript 3
– screen res: 1024×768
– interface must be touch-ready: bug buttons & text, drag to scroll, etc

The interface should all follow a similar look and feel. Preferably something neutral, following the lines of Apple UIs for the iPad: lots of shadows and gradients, gray/silvery items, big buttons, readable typography, etc (we should agree on the design before any extra coding is done!)

Full and documented source code must be provided along with the final result.

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Photoshop Word In Sand

I need someone who has a font to write word in sand
The pic is a beach i need to write a word in sand if it is been written by hand in the sand
ask detail will upload the pic

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Internet Radio Website Design (Shoutcast/Sam Broadcaster)


I am looking to buy an internet radio design for my new company.

So heres the info: Its going to be hip hop and rap (but I also want room to expand like a multi radio station) check out 977 hitz

(You need to know the shoutcast code, we use sams broadcaster)
So I need a full design
-Home page (With some ads, And a nice front pic of out logo and some current popular hip hop singers)
-Listen Now links
-What playing Now
(With the pic Of album)
-Whats up next
-Past 10 Songs
-Request page
-Contact Us Page
-phpbb forum integrated into the website
-Live chat box and player
-Dj page
-Contest Page
-Promote Us Page
-Pic Page
-Shop page (To buy tshirts ect)
-Also a mobile site.. Something for iphone ect.)

(manybe something else that can keep my visitors entertained)
(Must have room for google adwords)

*Please also send past jobs so i can take a look*

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PIC Programming: RS485 Relay Controller


We are looking for someone to write code for a PIC processor. We will want the code to be written as we have specified below, and want to have the source code in hand and the hex loaded onto a PIC and have it working properly before we can send payment.

This PIC will be a RS-485 relay controller, pulse counter, and timer.

Here is what we need the PIC to do:

Operate over serial 2 wire RS-485, 9600 baud, 7 data bits, Even parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control. We can provide a uart to rs485 (such as Maxim Max485) transceiver on the circuit board the PIC will be mounted on.

Each PIC is addressable, address can be changed either with configuration pins on the circuit board or, preferably, over rs485

At least 32 devices on RS-485 string.

At least 8 Digital Out Pins: The pins will be able to be set to low or high over RS-485 to control relays. We need the ability to poll the PIC for the state of each pin (relay) over RS-485, and the State of each Pin must be saved to the PIC internal eeprom so that when there is a power failure the state of each relay will be saved, so when there is power for the PIC again the state of each relay will be restored.

At least 4 Digital In Pins: The ability to poll the PIC to see if each pin has been pulled low or high, by the closing of a contact etc.

At least 2 counter input pins: For counting pulses over RS-485. The number of contact closures will be counted by the PIC and the data will be saved to eeprom, the PIC needs the ability to communicate the pulse count over RS-485.

We are also considering at least 1 timer Pin: The ability to poll the timer pin over RS-485 to see how many seconds it has been pulled low or high. Time values will be either between reads or total time pin is pulled high/low. Time value periodically saved to eeprom.

We would like to send a control string with checksum over RS-485 to change the state of the Digital out pins to either low or high.

We would like to be able to send a request string over RS-485 to each pic, including the address of each PIC and a checksum. The PIC will return all of the above parameters in one response string, including the address of itself, each of the pin states, the timer count, and the pulse count, and a checksum.

Thank you for your time. If you could include a description of your past PIC projects that would be very helpful.

We look forward to working with you on this. Let us know what we need to consider, suggestions about this project, and what aspects of this project will be hardest or not possible. All bid amounts will be considered.


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PIC Based RSS Reader With Output On LED MATRIX

Hello, i need an experienced PIC expert to do this job for me. I need pic based stand alone RSS reader wich will scrape RSS feed from pre-configured websites and show them on 8×32 Led matrix display, you can use PIC with implemented Ethernet port, or some ETHERNET to RS232 tool…

In first phase i will need theoretical thesis about this project (PIC connection, Ethernet module usage, LED Matrix display usage…)

In second phase i will need Schematic and C++ code designed for PIC (not the layout). Power supply can be used as PoE (power over ethernet) or just simple 230V adaptor…

This project must be 100% Functional! No random BIDS, i have real budget for this project.
Please include examples of your previous PIC jobs as well as how long are you working with PIC microcontrollers.

Thank you, happy biding.

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PIC Stepper Motor / Elevation Rotor Design

I am trying to build a simple elevation rotor for a satellite antenna system. Requires the ability to interface with the existing azimuth/elevation rotor controllers out there such as the fox delta kit:

I am thinking of two stepper motors connected at the shaft to combine the torque. I am thinking PIC microcontroller with stepper motor driver. Needs to be able to move 180 degrees or horizon to horizon. I can handle the mechanicals, just cant figure out the PIC and code and stepper controller.

Antenna is not that big/heavy see weighs about 10 lbs…and requires feedback for above controller. This is for a personal project…I need to be able to mount on a tripod for an expedition…

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MIcro Chip PIC 16F883 USB Iinterface

We currently use the PIkit 2 Microcontroller USB Programming kit (costs about £21) to program a Micro Chip PIC 16F883 device via a USB interface. What we need is a cost effective soltion that will replace PIkit 2 USB interface. i.e. an electronic USB interface that can be used to program the micro via a PC and USB.

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Receive DMX on PIC ready to burn – see AN1076

with double buffer (latch)


1. Serial, polled, start address, number of bytes
2. parallel, clock, real time
3. internal latched

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Blog Scrape Project

There is a blog site that posts a new picture every few hours and then 1 bonus pic that requires clicking on [1] link.

I want to save main picture as 1000.jpg 1001.jpg etc…
update a text file with that filename on each line.
Then grab the extra pic and name that 1000_1.jpg 1001_1.jpg etc

the naming structure would be a number xxxxx.jpg for the primary picture and then samenumber_1.jpg for the bonus picture

This project contains adult material…

Create a simple php script that I can run on my home server as a cron job to do the above tasks..

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Embedded C Ethernet Library Update

Brief Summary:
To update the Mikroelektronika PIC ethernet library to be able to handle 2 enc28j60 chips on a single board with a buffer in between them. This will basically create a two port ethernet switch.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:
The circuit layout is already designed, all that is needed is a modified library to allow for listening and rerouting ethernet packets to two ethernet ports. The goal is to retransmit ethernet packets not destined for the current device on port 1 out to a second ethernet port. It will function like a 2 port ethernet switch.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
Ability to read a schematic. Embedded C programming specifically for PIC microcontrollers is required.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Pic programming
Circuit design/reading

Timeframe for delivery:
1-2 weeks.

To Complete:
To fulfill the requirements for this project the programmer should return a modified version of the PIC Ethernet library and a sample application which uses it. The application should initialize one port/mac/ip address as its own and set the other port as the output for all ethernet packets not destined to it.

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