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New Website

I currently own a company called Varsity12. I am unhappy with our website at because it is slow and does not have an effecient CMS. I want to start again with a website written in wordpress.

I am after a quality website that is proffesionally done with a high class finish that is Search Engine friendly. I can provide all text and information. The website must have a CMS that allows me to add pages, text, pictures, etc independently.

The website will require:
A homepage
Approx 6 product pages
Approx 5-6 different versions of contact us pages
Approx 5-6 information pages
1 video with the option to add more
Many pages will contain numerous thumbnail pics that are linked to larger more detailed pictures.
A page where clients or us can enter testimonials which customers can view and will rotate on homepage
Ability to add articles
Ability to autosend e-mails (eg. user enters their e-mail address and then is auto e-mailed a "How To" article.

I have attached a detailed brief of what I am after.

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Simple Website Design/Build

Looking to build/design a simple website for my company. The site should be fresh, clean and simple. There will only be 2 or 3 pages to the site – A home page and contact us page that has a web submission form for emailing queries to us (possibly another page, but right now there isnt a need). If the contact us web submission form can be put into the home page, than it can be built as a simple 1 page site.

The home page will need to have the ability to show several pictures, am thinking some sort of program/script that goes through 5-10 pictures in a scrolling fashion or something similar.

The site will need to have a CMS built for it so we can edit content, and we need the ability to add different pictures over time. This project will be awarded by COB today, and will need to be completed within 5 days.

We are a new company that provides help to Ex-Pats who are looking for places to live in our area.

More details will be provided to the winning bidder.


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SEO Front Page For My Website


I have just launched a blog but because of the nature of it, most of the posts will be images.

I need a landing page written which will be displayed as the homepage which contains content to help search engines decide what kind of site i am and therefore get better rankings in google, etc.

The site is – please take a visit and familiarise yourself with what the site is about.

Theses are the main sections:

Funny Statuses – users can upload screen shots of comical stauses they have seen on their facebook
Status Ideas – Textural submissions giving ideas to use as statuses on face book
Tagging pictures – pictures users can submit and use to tag their friends in

These are the main sections i want targeting on the home page.

The content must read well as to inform users what the site is about but also be rich in keywords relevant to my site.

Please provide links to similar pages you have written if they are relevant


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Basic CMS Website


Im looking at creating a website.

– password protected
– able to upload pictures and change content
– graphic designed

I am making this site for my girlfriend and want to be able to upload pictures and update content easily.


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Passionate Travel Writer Needed


We are looking for several long-term content writer who can deliver unique/original articles that shares their travelling experiance, tips , review and story for our travelling site.


We are looking for someone who are :

– If you enjoy travelling, taking pictures and like to write and share your experiance and story about your journey,
– Topics around travel, local attraction, activities, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, etc.
– Preferably content with pictures of the places you travelled.
– Passionate writer and love to travel.
– Someone who like to have fun.

Requirement :

– Articles have to be original; rewrites is OK.
– Each Article must be around "one keyword"
– Articles must be UNIQUE and ORIGINAL(must pass CopyScape); well check them manually
– Articles can have minor english grammar mistakes but no spelling mistakes as long as they are informative
– Any writting style is ok as long as they are informative
– Picture quality can be average but not low quality.

– Payment will be made through PayPal weekly on saturday.

Were willing to pay 5/ article ( minimum 500 words with 3 pictures )
2/ article ( less than 500 words, minimum 300 words with 3 pictures )

Please PM with your writing example, and probably a quick summary of which/what/where places that you are able to share your travel experiance.

Best regard,

04/02/2011 at 13:33 EDT:

Were willing to pay USD $5/ article ( minimum 500 words with 3 pictures )
USD $2/ article ( less than 500 words, minimum 300 words with 3 pictures )

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Social Networking Membership Site

This is a website directed at Nigeria University Students in various states in Nigeria. Interface is of the utmost priority! It has to be elegant in functions and form! I dont want a site that looks like a cheap template with basically functioning tools.
I am looking to create a membership site with social network functionality, as well as a series of online web apps.
I want no flash, and I want it to run smoothly on smart phones, blackberry browser.
The regular side of the page will allow you to sign up and create a profile and select a layout from a set of templates. On this profile, you can host your pictures, interests, links to friends, bio(all like any other social networking site) as well as host videos, pictures(sort of an online portfolio) as well as list projects you have worked on or about to. The projects will usually be materials or e-books and will be linkable to friends and/or friends of friends who also want to embark on a same……

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CutterBox Audio

I am preparing a project for a Kickstarter campaign that involves audio, bluetooth etc. for Ipods and Iphones. Ill be paying for the design services myself though. Im looking to get a product design to put into the movie intro for the product. So renderings are really only thats necessary. Ill repost another project for product manufacturing and so forth after I have renderings to backup my project so thatll be a completely different posting. 3d animations of it turning around and showing all sides would be helpful but STILL shot designs are fine for now. There are two components to my project one similar to a watch and another component attaching to the audio device and headphones. Im looking to create it with a futuristic look similar to the pictures I posted. These are merely pictures i found to be used only as inspiration. Im looking for a unique design thats cleancut sleek and futuristic. My product differs slightly but the images can hopefully put you in the right direction of what im trying to accomplish once i get into details.

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Simple Animation For Website Made With ~ 20 Pictures. Flash


We need a Simple animation for website made with ~ 20 pictures. ( made in flash, jQuary or other technique… )

We need a funny animation for Pet Website, where Dog and Cat are performing a funny dance by using / mixing ~ 20 pictures. We got over 20 pictures with dog and cat in different positions ( standing, sitting, laying down, dog in the hat, cat with balloons etc.

The audio file is ~ 25 – 30 seconds long, so animation should be ~ 30 seconds long !

We have pictures and audio file ready !
Animation should have a simple intro page ( 3-4 pictures with pop up text ) and thank you page. ( static picture and text + two simple buttons )

**We need this animation ASAP ( 1-2 days ) **

You do NOT have to draw pets for animation, you got to use pictures of real dog and cat for it.

budget $40 – $60

Please provide time, technique and budget to complete this project .

thanks and good luck with bidding

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Edit Pictures

I need some pictures edited – background images removed etc. Minor work should take no more than 24 hrs. About 20 pics or less.

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SD Card EyeFi Power Modification -SD

Various Budget Bid are welcome.

I am needing to use a EyeFi SD card inside of a Bushnell 119435C to transfer pictures taken automatically to my iPhone. The EyeFi card has the software infrastructure to handle this. The card automatically transfers pictures when it is on a WiFi network and the iPhone has an application to recieve these pictures.

However, this trail camera uses a motion detecting system that power on only when something is moving in front of it, it then only powers up long enough to take the picture and save the picture to the card. At that point the power to the SD card is turned off. This does not give the card ample time to transmit the picture.

I need a solution for the power to stay on longer to give the card time to transfer. This needs to be done on the card side NOT the camera side. I need to the card to tell the camera to stay on longer. This needs to be able to work with other similar make and model cameras so updating camera software or in anyway modifying the camera is not an option.

This project is going to be pursued asap. Please provide your solution and we will begin immediately.

Low Budget with High Experience given Preference


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1000 Facebook Accounts Needed

Im looking to buy UK Facebook accounts.


Each account should have AT LEAST 3 profile pictures, and a little bit of the profile filled out. Friend count doesnt matter.

Profile pictures should look realistic NOT celebrities etc.

Names must be English

Location listed on profile must be in the usa and uk

Privacy settings set to top level – Friends only

They should be made on clean USA IPs and should offer a replacement guarantee. Im looking to buy 1,000 accounts.

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Uplift Our Present Splash Page & Facebook Application Design

We are building a fashion related facebook application and splash page.
Need a web designer to revamp our existing website splash page (3-4 pages), and facebook application (based on 5 different page themes). Would also need to restyle fonts, selected pictures, transition/animation effects, color themes, icons, logos, etc.
The splash page is a set of three pages with the first having majorly attractive pictures, some text and some hover over effects and facebook login. The second and third page have some application activity populated and activity related to users of application, some pictures and logos.
The facebook application is also a lot about pictures, where users can upload and view pictures and comment/like etc. In a sense, you can draw some parallels with facebook UI while just topping it up with some more style and glamor. Again, we have an initial design ready and we require someone to restyle elements within it.
The designer should be well versed with PSD, HTML/CSS, JScript/JQuery, Icon creation (Vector Graphics) and similar skill sets.

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Joomla Set Up Three Pictures In Yooscroller

i have installed joomla and yooscroller but not sure of the configuration I just need someone to set up 3 300 by 300 pics on the module so I can learn how it works. should be very easy the pictures can be anything will pay 35 dollars

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Create A Promotional Video (pics, Info & Music)

I need a promotional video to promote some music artists I represent. I want to have their pictures flashed on the video. I would also like their contact information flashed as well. This video is meant to brand my company as well. I would like to have an action movie styled score as the background music for the video. I want to really bring a lot of attention to our website by using our logo throughout the promotional video. I will want you to send us the file for the video so we can post it on youtube as well. The video can be anywhere from 3 to 4 minutes long. This is not a video that will have motion in it. Simply pictures, information and music. Let me know if you can do thi. Send me your experience, examples of your past work as well as your rates. Thank you.

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We need a web application based on Google Maps with the following features:
– Log in in order to have two profiles: administrator and user.
– Allow the administrator to upload or delete information: information about a geographic point, videos and pictures.
– Save all the information on a MySql Database.
– Search over the database by name, by address or by date, centering the map to see the information found.
– Allow user to see related information to the Point, video or Picture found.
– Allow pictures to be seen in 360 degrees.
– Easy to set up in any server type.

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PHP Gallery

Gallery includes:

– upload of 20 pictures
– pictures should be resized to fixed width and height
– overview with one big picture – the rest is thumbnails
– when clicked a layer will pop up and you can browse thru pics there

PAY IS $30

No escrow, do the job and get paid!

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Simple Splash Photo/Video

Project demo:

Project description:
An iPAD-only picture/video gallery that displays pictures and videos. There are two modes for this gallery – Random Mode and Ordered mode (refer to the sample top right buttons). Upon touching one of the pictures/video, the background would be blured and the picture/video animated to the forefront. In the event the media being clicked is a video, the video would be played automatically (there should be the user video control too). Else if the media is a picture, the user would have an option to click to learn more about the picture. Once the user clicks anywhere else on the screen, the media would close and return back to the gallery (any videos playing would have to be stop too).

Project features:
1. Load the pictures in random mode on startup
2. Ability to select random/ordered mode during usage
3. Ability to turn background music on/off. (default on)
4. Ability to click on picture to display more details about it.
5. Ability for video to be played on click – youtube style (basic icon to pause, play and stop should be present too.)
6. XML file to store the path to the pictures/videos as well as title and writeup of the process if any. This is for easy editing in future.
7. Ability to select different processes. (refer to demo, and see top left "galleries")
8. The display of pictures/videos should be enclosed inside a polaroid picture.
9. Some level of animation is required between transition.

Example XML:
<music path="background.mp3"/>
<background path="background.jpg"/>
<logo path="image.jpg" />
<process title="process1" default="true">
<media type="pic" url="images/pic1.jpg" title="test1" description="long description"/>
<media type="vid" url="images/pic2.jpg" title="test2" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic3.jpg" title="test3" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic4.jpg" title="test4" />
<process title="process2" default="true">
<media type="pic" url="images/pic1.jpg" title="test1" description="long description" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic2.jpg" title="test2" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic3.jpg" title="test3" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic4.jpg" title="test4" />

1. The project was done entirely in AS3 and the source would be given to the programmer.
2. All creatives such as buttons/background/polaroid pictures etc would be provided.
3. This program has to be done in C for performance reasons.
4. Project must be delivered within 2-3 weeks
5. Deliverables: source codes, compilable by xcode

Why this is simple:
6. Program only need to be develop for iPad. Also, all creatives would be provided.
7. Pictures and videos would be given in a predefined size. No dynamic resize required.
8. Not really a need to do pre-loading since the pictures/videos are all local within the ipad
9. No need to do provisioning of the app, i.e. no submission to appstore required on your part.

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We Need Proven Graphics Designer/Artist For E-book Website!

Please view immediately below the example "Sales Letters" simple website.

The above is a classic example of a Sales Pitch Page.

I personally own the following site: and my desire is to completely re-work my site so that it is structured exactly like above "Sales Letters" site template. Obviously I would be using my own words, fonts, pictures and orange/grey color schemes.

The Sales Letter site would serve as a strict GUIDELINE (almost like a template where I replace the content with my own) but it also needs numerous improvements, improved fonts, change of color scheme, different pictures and words, more bright dynamic colorful banner, footers, animations, flash, etc):

I am seeking a VERY TALENTED and CREATIVE Graphics Designer and Illustrator who could turn by banners and pictures into a high-resolution, brilliant, colorful, vivid, professional, jaw-dropping focal point!
You would be responsible for:

1. The creation of a new dynamic glossy banner/footer for homepage, including but not limited to illustrative art text effects, glossy/3D effects, high-resolution, possible vector graphics and animation/flash based on my general ideas with creative input from you. Molding a beer bottle into the B in

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Professional EBay Listining Template

Hi, i need a professional eBay Template for Listing. This Contains only one Site! For Professionals ist about 1 hour Work.

It must met our requerements, Must be Simple, Desireble, Nice.

The Template must contains Mainly only some few things. (Headder, Some Boxis, and in the Middle three or four Picture Holder for Pictures with "Mouse over Effect" Footer)

Headder Must be plaint together in the Photoshop all pictures for this i will provide to you.

Please if you dont have any expearence in designing eBay Template, dont offer your services.

I need only Proffesional eBay Designer with Experence and Reference, ONLY !

The main Subject of the Template is APPAREL. (High Top Brands for Clothing)

After this Work if it will be done to my satissfy, i will give you Orders each Week simelar (online Shop)

Thank you very Much for your attention.

Kinder Regards

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Time Picture Webstie Project

I want to create a website where users can login a upload a photo against a certain hour of the day and location
(There will only be 2 locations)
e.g 2pm – London or 4pm – New York and tag with some very basic personal information e.g. Tom aged 22 from Australia
Those just visiting the site should be presented on the front page 2 pictures from the 2 locations. This can then be adjusted via a selection to show either – The same time in both locations e.g 2pm, The time it is currently where you are and the corresponding 2 pictures, time difference between the 2 locations, and random selection.
Users show also be able to jump to each individual locations gallery where they will be presented with 24 pictures 1 for each hour that populate at random or by most favourite
Users should be able to like or unlike a picture in any gallery or page.

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Pictures Search

Hi guys
This is a little project with a simple interface with JSP and HTML that work with local files of albums and pictures that do the following :

* Upload a Picture (Upload a picture in a specific album )
* Delete a picture (Delete a picture from an specific folder or album)
* Create an Album (create a directory when you have all the pictures there from that album)
* Move Album (move and specific directory or album with all the files inside to another route )
* Delete Album (delete a directory or album )
* Comments (add a comment in to picture , could be that create a txt file with a comment according to the name of the picture )
* Rename a picture
* Rename an album
* Search a picture by name
* Search a picture by create date
* Search a picture by comment

Regards if you have any doubt dont hesitate to contact me


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Web Design

I want a web site built to be uploaded ready to run.

it will allow free users to upload pictures from hidden accounts (not easily contactable), it allow paid users to browse pictures, and vote. it will need to tally votes and calculate a monthly best picture, and allow moderated comments.

must do ecommerce link in to paypal. must have a really easy method of adding advertisers banners to outside borders of pages.

pictures must be secure, and be able to me moderated for 24 hours before allowed

easy backend for user management and photo moderation.

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Joomla: Performance, Database & Pictures Issues

:::: IMPORTANT :::::

I am hosting a Mediatemple Dedicated (VE) 4.0, with 4GB of ram, and more disk space than I will ever use. I am upgrading from their 3.5 (VE) hosting, because of the option of better performance.

What my Joomla Site is doing:

On the 3.5:
1) Some of the components that were customized due it conflicting with a Joomlart template I bought, because Joomlart using mootools, and the component used jquery. So I had a programmer here from freelance, fix this issue.
2) Then I started to notice that the same component, which was a gallery did not let me upload photos any longer. Which I still need to get fixed.
3) Last thing that was effecting the site was, pictures disappear when I refresh a page. When I refreshed an article the pictures disappeared, but if I cleaned the cache they were back. Dont know what the solution to this is, as I have not found it. But this is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Testing on the 4.0 (VE): (not yet moved)
1) So far, the migration hasnt worked.
2) Simply reuploading from the old site is causing very large use of resources on the 4.0.
3) Last thing I am going to try to reinstall a fresh Joomla 1.5.22, and then export the database from the 3.5 into the 4.0. And reinstall all the new components. Hopefully this sorts out the issues.

**** But what I need fixed are the issues with 2, and 3 on the 3.5 (VE) server I am on.

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Crop & Clean Out Background Noise In Pictures.

I need someone who is skilled at editing out background noise from pictures
so that they look like this.

Cheapest bid will win. I have many pictures to do and this will not be a one time job.
I want to pay on a per picture basis.

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High Quality PhotoRetouching

I want some one to assist me in a project of mine, (i have pictures to retouch, high quality retouching).
There are 25 pictures i need to get retouched with in two days timeframe, and off course i will select the person who can provide quality work with quick turnaround time.

(I am looking for quality and price combination).

Please provide your sample work/ reference to your work with your bid to help me judge your skills.
More details will be provided via PMB.

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Referal Website

Hi All,

my domian name:

I would like a website like the examples below,

I need the site to be very friendly and simple for the customers to use and very persuading….. I need you to do all the graphic work and design. I dont really have a picture in mind hence why im leaving it your creative skills.

But instead of the the freebiejeebies logo i want the word freebiextra but in the same color and font as the freebiejeebies.

This is a referal site where customers sign up to on of the offers through a link on the site i want created.

I want to be able to add and remove the proof pictures as and when i want and i want to be able to change the url for the youtube video that i want on the home page. so i dont know if i need cms or not? i am k with uploading and pictures onto a ftp if this would be cheaper but would need to know which folder and so on.


I also basic seo work done aswell – can you please tell me what this will include?

or if you can offer me a package with on going seo work.


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Autosports Racing Website

I have just bought a flash template but my flash knowledge is not enough for it. Mentioned template can be found here:
I will provide the info &amp; pictures (along with necessary editing) myself, but I will need you to input it in the template.
Also I will need an interface so that further uploading of shopping items and gallery pictures will be easy to do.
I think thats it, please do not hesitate to ask any more info.

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Pixprofit Software With Unlimited IDS


Pixprofit software available with unlimited ids. Now you can add as much ids as you want.

If you need this software, Send personal message.

This software is available only here at low rates.

Watch this video for more information:


Note: on other places you will not get this software with unlimited ids (you will have to pay again and again for ids to work) and one thing more, you also not to mention your password to register yourself in the software. 🙂

1. Cats and dogs auto selection script, No need to use the mouse to select all the cat photos. just press Ctrl+Shift+M and enter the result value.
For more information to watch the video visit: or
2. When you register at at start you see the training pictures. Pixprofit dont pay of these training pictures. You can easily bypass these training pictures with my software. To bypass only training captchas, Just type first 2 letters of each captcha (only in training) and training captchas will be bypassed.

The persons who want a demo software may also ask. Feel free to ask.

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SD Card EyeFi Power Modification

Various Budget Bid are welcome.

I am needing to use a EyeFi SD card inside of a Bushnell 119435C to transfer pictures taken automatically to my iPhone. The EyeFi card has the software infrastructure to handle this. The card automatically transfers pictures when it is on a WiFi network and the iPhone has an application to recieve these pictures.

However, this trail camera uses a motion detecting system that power on only when something is moving in front of it, it then only powers up long enough to take the picture and save the picture to the card. At that point the power to the SD card is turned off. This does not give the card ample time to transmit the picture.

I need a solution for the power to stay on longer to give the card time to transfer. This needs to be done on the card side NOT the camera side. I need to the card to tell the camera to stay on longer. This needs to be able to work with other similar make and model cameras so updating camera software or in anyway modifying the camera is not an option.

This project is going to be pursued asap. Please provide your solution and we will begin immediately.

Low Budget with High Experience given Preference


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Flash Site Needed

I need a flash site for my interior decoration firm. The design should be very modern with a portfoilio space where pictures of my previous interior work can be shown. There should be a backend so I can add/remove pictures. I need a nice clean work.
You also need to make a nice logo for me. My firms name is Studio Designs.

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2 T Shirt Designs

I need two designs for t shirts picked out that I need made! They are pretty simple – I have pictures picked out.

First one: a picture of a boxer that I would like cropped to his waist-up and put in front of thunder/lighting background, then just his name below it.

The second one i want an image of muhammed ali cropped out of a picture and then the saying "float like a butterfly sting like a bee" done custom. For that saying i would like a special font but then images of a butterfly and a bee inserted in place of the words.

I will then need some colors cut out of the pictures more than likely (cant print off 20 different colors) – and I may need the designs separated by color.

Overall not too tough of a project and I know what I have in mind

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