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Verifone Or Ingenico Wireless Modification (Dummy)

Need someone who can modify a Verifone VX670 wireless pin pad, so that it will record track 2 and pin for debit, cc transactions. Need to print out receipt and need to have a menu for Debit and Credit which if it chip card will ask you to insert card.

This will be a dummy machine, if you know what that means, and so if you can do this software modification with another pin pad model or brand, then I am also interested.

You would have to be in the Greater Toronto Area, as I am sure you will need to physically hold the hardware, if not just pm me on how you can achieve without the hardware.


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Full Website Design Including Graphic Work (1054)

Web site designed for allowing simple Second Level Authentication.
This is for security reasons, so the web site needs a theme based around security.

How the service works is the client can send an XML post to our server with some information like a PIN number or password. Also provide the phone number, and method (either SMS or voice call) and the system then either sends and SMS or calls the customer and displays or tells them the PIN number or pass phrase.

Website name is
There has been no design as yet of logo/theme etc.. so be creative!

Menu for main page:
Home | How Does it Work | How Much Does it Cost | Contact Us
Also requires a "Login" section.

After login, the top menus are also the same:
Home | Account Details | Balance: $xxxx | Add Credit | Logout
With a submenu:
Home | Messages | Activity Report

Content and more detail will come after initial concept designs are approved.

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Troubleshooting: USB Embedded System With Microchip PIC18F1

I am looking for someone who can help me with a sample application I am building.
I am using C# on the PC, and a PIC18F14K50 on a low pin count USB development board:
Ive managed to get the USB Framework working in with my PIC18F14K50 as HID device. The firmware is identical to the "USB Device – HID – Simple Custom Demo

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PIC Programming: RS485 Relay Controller


We are looking for someone to write code for a PIC processor. We will want the code to be written as we have specified below, and want to have the source code in hand and the hex loaded onto a PIC and have it working properly before we can send payment.

This PIC will be a RS-485 relay controller, pulse counter, and timer.

Here is what we need the PIC to do:

Operate over serial 2 wire RS-485, 9600 baud, 7 data bits, Even parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control. We can provide a uart to rs485 (such as Maxim Max485) transceiver on the circuit board the PIC will be mounted on.

Each PIC is addressable, address can be changed either with configuration pins on the circuit board or, preferably, over rs485

At least 32 devices on RS-485 string.

At least 8 Digital Out Pins: The pins will be able to be set to low or high over RS-485 to control relays. We need the ability to poll the PIC for the state of each pin (relay) over RS-485, and the State of each Pin must be saved to the PIC internal eeprom so that when there is a power failure the state of each relay will be saved, so when there is power for the PIC again the state of each relay will be restored.

At least 4 Digital In Pins: The ability to poll the PIC to see if each pin has been pulled low or high, by the closing of a contact etc.

At least 2 counter input pins: For counting pulses over RS-485. The number of contact closures will be counted by the PIC and the data will be saved to eeprom, the PIC needs the ability to communicate the pulse count over RS-485.

We are also considering at least 1 timer Pin: The ability to poll the timer pin over RS-485 to see how many seconds it has been pulled low or high. Time values will be either between reads or total time pin is pulled high/low. Time value periodically saved to eeprom.

We would like to send a control string with checksum over RS-485 to change the state of the Digital out pins to either low or high.

We would like to be able to send a request string over RS-485 to each pic, including the address of each PIC and a checksum. The PIC will return all of the above parameters in one response string, including the address of itself, each of the pin states, the timer count, and the pulse count, and a checksum.

Thank you for your time. If you could include a description of your past PIC projects that would be very helpful.

We look forward to working with you on this. Let us know what we need to consider, suggestions about this project, and what aspects of this project will be hardest or not possible. All bid amounts will be considered.


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ATTiny85 Firmware With Two I2C Buses, A Master And A Slave


This project is for firmware on ATTiny85 that will provide two I2C buses on the same chip
one Slave and one Master on different chip pins.

Master I2C SDA will be PB1 pin (6)
Master I2C SCL will be PB3 pin (2)

Slave I2C SDA will be PB0 pin (5)
Slave I2C SCL will be PB2 pin (7)

The ATTiny85 will re-send all incoming I2C commands from its Slave bus to its Master bus and any responce received in its Master bus will be send back to its Slave bus.
Also for a specific I2C device address it will act itself and perform actions without re-sending to the Master, it will reply only to its Slave bus.

The deliverables are the complete source codes with AVR-GCC tool and compile instructions.
The project is not involving any hardware deliverables, only the project source codes, so if any hardware is required for this development, since it is very common, is assumed that wil be already in the service providers lab and included in the bids.
Please bid only if you have experience in microcontrollers and ATTiny.

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POS Data Logger Ingenico

Need a device goes inside a POS ( ingenico i6780 ).It has to store all info of magstrip and get pin.Before it encrypts,also date ,time .Also comes with a password protection .

Requirments :: can log all data you want haves realtime CLock. Dataflash storage. Bluetooth communication or wireless communication or RF has to have the rage of 1km. laptop software to upload your card transaction without open again the pos device. also record all PIN in POS. any transaction logged in the poS will be with time stamp.

it can be a device that attaches to pos device and records everything that goes threw etc.

need it to be descreete. and need more if someone can produce such an equiptment

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POS Data Logger Ingenico

Need a device goes inside a POS ( ingenico i6780 ).It has to store all info of magstrip and get pin.Before it encrypts,also date ,time .Also comes with a password protection .

Requirments :: can log all data you want haves realtime CLock. Dataflash storage. Bluetooth communication or wireless communication or RF has to have the rage of 1km. laptop software to upload your card transaction without open again the pos device. also record all PIN in POS. any transaction logged in the poS will be with time stamp.

it can be a device that attaches to pos device and records everything that goes threw etc.

need it to be descreete. and need more if someone can produce such an equiptment

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Financial Software WANTED

Printing Plaza is one of the Leading company who are Providing Credit Card Financial Services.

Software Details as under:

*software must show OFFSET pin when we enter CC Track1 & Track2, Track3 Data in the software.
*Software must Accept All Type of CC Encryption Data Track1 & Track2, Track3.
*Software must showing OFFSET pin if Some CC Data only Have Track1, Track2.if we enter Track1, Track2 Must showing Offset pin.
*Software must decrypt any type of CC Data & Must show all Type of CC OFFSET pin after enter the Track1 & Track2, Track3 Data.
*Software must Support all Type of CC Reader & Writer Devices..
*All CC Encrypted data must Decrypt & Software must showing offset pin in iso Financial Standard which using in All Financial Market.

Software Houses / Software Engineer Must Provide Demo Version Of this Software with out any charges before Purchasing the Original Software.Must Clear Software Price.

Software House/ Software Engineer Must Providing Orignal Software with same Day with all Hidden Passwords.

Payment Cycle same day when we get Satisfaction about Software.
Payment Method Paypal, Western Union, Only.

we also need Freelancer Softwear Engineer or Software Houses who Develop Software for us when we need. We want Long term Business Relation. Bid Only Those Software Engineers / Software Houses who have such Software Only. Window Shoppers Excuse

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Make A Program For Sierra Wireless Fastrack Supreme 10

We need a program for a Sierra Wireless Fastrack Supreme that makes it possible to place a call to the modem, and then use dtmf tones to make i/o ports go high or low, and different timer profiles.

Example 1:
1. Place call to modem,
2. Press 4 digit pin code, confirm with #
3. Sound signal to confirm the right pin code.
4. Press #1, ->i/o port #1 goes high for 45 minutes
5. Sound signal to confirm the <command#1> is successful
6. Disconnect call.

Example 2:
1. Place call to modem,
2. Press 4 digit pin code, confirm with #
3. Sound signal to confirm the right pin code.
4. Press #2, ->i/o port #1 goes high infinite
5. Sound signal to confirm the <command#2> i successful
6. Disconnect call.

You should have your own Sierra Wireless platform for developing, if you live in Norway a platform can be provided.

If the right developer is found, we might do a larger step 2, involving iPhone/iPad programming.

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Small Fix Needed In The Check Out Process CreLoaded Website

We have a e-commerce website which uses CreLoaded Script.

The Check Out process on our Website was customized in a way that if the Customer is local (Based in the City where we are located) then he would only be able to choose – Cash on Delivery Option , but this was done with respect to his Pin Code / Zip Code (All customers whose pin code / zip code started with the number 4 – gets COD Option Only) …. Need to change the way this works want to give all Payment Options to the the Local customers too.

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Fake Pos Terminal

I am looking for a fake mobile pos terminal

I need one when u swipe and pin the device give sim card error and writes on paper, in English or better in dutch.
who can do this? When can you deliver? Please pm me.


I am looking for a system/ software or hardware that can be connected to a Verifone POS terminal. This system is required to log all transactions,store and wirelessly send the 3 track data and pin (time and date stamped) before the data is encrypted.

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Enfora Wireless AT Script Development

We have developed an AT Script for an Enfora Wireless GSM modem.

The current AT script is currently 30 lines of AT script code and is used to control Pin 6 and Pin 7 on the Enfora unit. Pin 6 is configured as an Input. When it receives 3.2V, an internal couter is incremented. Pin 7 is configured as an output. When we send the Enfora 1308 a command, it can either send Pin 7 3.2V or 0V. We have also programmed the Unit to wakeup every 1 hour to identify its IP Address (AT$WAKEUP=1,60) and the current script sends the current values of the counter every 4 hours (AT$EVTIM1=1,14400).

The application is currently using UDP packets back and forth from the Enfora Unit to our back end. We are not adverse to changing to SMS messages if this makes the scripting more reliable and easier to work with.

We have all documentation for the AT command set as well as the user guide for the Unit in PDF. The successful candidate will receive the AT script as it exists today as well as replied to technical questions/clarrfications.

We would like to change this AT script so that the following enhancements are made:

Problems encountered in the field with current AT script

1. We installed a unit in a location with a weak network signal. We noticed that when the Enfora unit loses the network signal, it wakes up and sends a message to our backend. This seems to cycle every minute or so until a network signal is established. We saw about 100 messages come back into our backend due to this problem in one night. This is problematic because we cannot control this situation with the current AT script. Script changes must be made to accomodate this issue. Unit should report back to our back end of network problem and shut itself down.

2. We use the command AT$EVTEST=50,1 to set pin 7 to 3.2 v. We also use the command AT$EVTEST=50,0 to set pin 7 to 0v. With this function, we are able to remotely turn on/turn off end machine. We noticed that when we turn pin 7 off, and cycle power to the unit, the pin 7 defaults to back 3.2v (on), not the last command sent. We tried AT&W to store this in the Enfora memory but this did not have any effect. It is necessary that the unit remembers the setting of pin 7 on Powerup/Resetting.

3. The IP address is dynamic and changes frequently. We are not sure how long the dynamic IP address is active so we can send it a command when required. Currently, the application has been designed to send the output to the Enfora unit as soon as it wakes up and the IP address is valid. This could be up to 40-50 minutes depending when the unit wakes up again. It would be ideal if we could send it an message at any time and have the unit wake up to receive the message. This could be accomplished either by UDP packet or by SMS message, whichever is easier/more reliable.

Finally, after these changes have been made to the curren script, we would like to copy the enhanced script and made changes so that it could handle the following application:

This application has us configuring both Pins 6 and Pin 7 as inputs. When a signal is sent to Pin 6 (machine started), a message would be sent to our backend. Similarly, if a signal is detected on Pin 7 (door opened), a different message would be sent to our backend. Our backend would then process the message accordingly.

In all, two deliverables are required, two AT scripts, one for on/off and counter, the other for two inputs.

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VirtueMart Joomla Custom Item

We need custom module/hack for Virtuemart.

We have to sale unique PIN numbers for activating our service.

For example:

Item: "PIN number for service xy1"

We have for example PIN numbers for sale:


When customer purchase "PIN number for service xy1";
VM must after payment is made, send mail to customer with first available PIN number "1215643xy". That PIN number must be after is sold "taged as sold". In admin console must be visible but taged as sold. Customers doesnt see PIN number in VM in purchasing process, they get it on mail. Mail to customer must have option to customize it.

Every item like "PIN number for service xy1" must have option to add unique PIN numbers for sale (maybe to import it also). When all PINs are sold out, item must be invisible for customers and admin must get mail, that all PINs for item "PIN number for service xy1" are sold.

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Magnetic Card Reader – Pin Pad – Electronics / Software Proj

Looking for freelance electronics/software engineer to create custom made magnetic card reader with custom made pin pad – possibility of making it wireless via gsm but not confirmed yet. will need to be able to develop software to download data from the hardware.

only experienced people only, will need to verify everything before commissioning project

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PIC10 Time Delay Program

I need a simple program for a PIC10F220 to monitor 24vdc power (PIC runs from 7805 Vreg). Upon power-up, the PIC reads a random trimmer-set voltage on pin 4 (AN1) from the 7805 supply, and functions as a time-delay. After time-out, the PIC fires a gate on an SCR using pin 3 (GP2). The time delay period will range from 0 to 90 seconds. Should the 24v power be lost, the PIC will immediately turn off the SCR and wait for the power top come back on line. Pin 5 (GP0) will drive an LED to indicate power is on but timing delay is currently active. This LED will turn off when GP2 goes active.

Pin 1 n/c
Pin 2 +5vdc
Pin 3 GP2 (SCR)
Pin 4 GP1 (Trimmer)
Pin 5 GP0 (LED)
Pin 6 NC
Pin 7 Gnd
Pin 8 NC

Will provide schematic to winning bidder. Will pay upon successful test of design. Code must be supplied in .C files as well as .hex file formats. Include all supporting comments for each line of code. Code becomes property of payor upon project completion.

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POS Data Logging Software.

Someone who can create or install a data mining software that can be transfered on to either a blank magnetic stripe card or a smart chip card and from there be either swiped or inserted by a smartchip into the pos device and from there it collects stores and sends the data to an email of my choice. the data it must store are track 1 and 2 plus the PIN. everything must be time stamped.

so in clear words i want a software that can be installed in to a POS device via magnetic Stripe card. software must collect all data passed threw it and send it to an email of choice. Tracks 1 and 2 plus the PIN.

the POS terminals i want this for are:

Verifone SC 5000
Ingenico 3070


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Iphone App Sqlite And Map

I need an Xcode project that contains the functionality of:

Display map using a google MapView of London
Populate map from sqlite database with annotation pins
When pin is clicked/selected, opens new screen showing information and image related to annotation pin retrieved from sqlite database.

If the iphone user is in London then I want to display distance to some of the closest annotated locations.

I need a basic framework of this so that I can populate the entries in the database and develop further.

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Calling Cards E-commerce Web Store


We are looking for someone who can set up a web site, which MUST be user friendly e-commerce web site database driven using ajax technologies and CMS. Our main product is International Calling card

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Punk Rockabilly Pin Up Design

Looking for a professional Flash Tattoo Old School Graphic designer to design new Title to my Pin Up rockabilly clothing site.
MUST have knowledge in the Rockabilly / flash tattoo / punk / pinup, Old School, must show samples of related design to those area that made by him.

PLEASE save the time of both of us and dont apply to this post if you dont comes from any of the related field of design.

P.S the size of the title should be around 950X200

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Zen Cart Expert Needed – PIN Checkout Solution


The Zencart ecommerce solution that you I am looking for should have the following sections:

1. A module that generate PINs uniquely and securely. (with activate/deactivate PIN options)
2. Export PINs in a zipped (password folder) CSV/PDF file for print.
3. A checkout system that allows purchases to be made using the PIN codes. (with flexibility like balance, top ups. Functions similar to gift vouchers but should not be sent to third parties)
4. An inventory system to manage PINs. (PIN usage/production history/batch/traceability)

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Virtual Store Without Credit Card

I-Store project script:

I want to sell prepaid GSM phones cards

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WordPress TDO Mini Form Customization

I am looking for someone to customize the TDO Mini Form Plugin on a wordpress blog. I need the form to be able to allow users to upload png images. Since png images do not work will with IE i would like the form to automatically convert the image to a jpg and then be automatically displayed in the post.
I also need the "Who Am I" section of the form to be customized.
I need these fields in the Who Am I section:
Twitter: @username

From the "Who Am I" section the Name, Email, BBM Pin fields need to be required for each user. I only need the "BB PIn, Twitter, and Website automatically displayed in the post.

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