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Google Local Places Expert

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I have a Google Local places listing that I need to show up from letter A-D.
I have already started working on many local search engines and updated most of the information along with reviews.
At this time I need a professional to help me proceed and get the A-D results for a specific region in which the business is located. This is for google local results.This can be a monthly membership as long as the listing stays in its A-D spot. I will open up an escrow and will release it once the site is showing on the first page of google maps/google places for that specific term. HAPPY BIDDING


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Google Places Required Top 1 Position, Already In 7 Pack

I need my Google places listing to rank in the # 1 position.
– Already on Google 7 pack
– 2 keywords .
– Within 30-45 Days
– Escrow will be made
– Weekly work report must be there
– No Black HAT
– Only Genuine Experts.
– Only serious bidders
– Will pay only when #1 For 2 keywords at least for 7 working days.

PMB with your Experience and only the following things
– Any current 2 keywords on Google places with #1 position
– Total Experience

website and keywords will be disclosed in PMB.

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Change Style At 3-places

we need to re-design 3-5 HTML pages (including landing page in the reflection of ebay)…… we are late for SEO campaign and would only accept bids from those who will send us mock-up(s) within 36 hrs.
Preference will be given to php knowledge full providers – assisting in integrating present + features.
Please ask more details via pmb.

N.B : IF YOU ARE BUSY WITH OTHER DEADLINES THEN PLS. REFRAIN BIDDING FOR ME. (Since I am betrayed by 2 providers with lame excuses in not paying attention to deadlines) . Thanks

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Google Places Keyword Software Update

I have a software that I had created that:

1) type in a phone number
2) it will find that Google places listing info and idenify the 1st category
3) Based on that 1st category it will display keywords in our database

Google changed its layout code and not our software using alchemyapi does not see the 1st catgory. It is picking up
the address of the listing and NOT the 1st category.

==> See for illustration

Our design in communicating with Google is based on alchemyapi. So we need someone expereinced with Googles api to update our software.




We look forward to working with you… we need this project done today 🙂

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Google Places Required Top 1position, Already On Top 10

I need a website Google places top 1 position.
– Already on Google TOP 10
– Very less competitive keywords Only 2.
– Needs #1
– With in 30-45Days
– Escrow will be made
– Weekly work report must be there
– No Black HAT
– Only Genuine Experts.
– Only serious bidders
– Will pay only when #1 For 2 keywords atleast 5-7working days.

PMB with your Experience and only the following things
– Any current 2 keywords on Google places with #1 position
– Total Experience

website and keywords will be disclosed in PMB.

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Facebook App Based On Places

We are looking for a Facebook App that works very similar to

We would need you to provide all code and install this, accepted into our Facebook Developer account.We will also provide Web space and FTP for canvas page.

Insights into how to achieve the best results will be appreciated, we are looking for someone we can work with ongoing on various projects with clients.

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Google Places SEO Expert

I have a client who is a Dentist, weve optimized his website very well and hes currently ranked top 5 (organic) in Google,Yahoo,Bing – Ive also optimized his Google places listing but some reason it will not show in the top 3 of Google places. The client has over 20 positive reviews on his listing!

I need a Google Places expert to assist me on this. If you do this job successfully I will have 5+ projects per month for you! Can you do it for $30-$50? I will ONLY pay once he is at listing A or B. It is not in a high competition area.

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HTTP GET Timed Response Util

Looking for mirror of

Want to host PHP page on a server that we own to allow visitors to run tests to URLs from that server to benchmark server response and response times

There is no need to have different locations in the options as we will host the script from specific servers on our local network out to the internet.

It would be beneficial to have the ability to force traffic through a defined proxy host in the PHP coding but the end user will not see this.

The results / output for the user must display the same information as the site listed above

URL tested: <URL>
Test performed from: <hostname of local server>
Test performed at: <time & date stamp to GMT>
Resolved As: <IP address of resolved URL>
Status: <OK or FAIL>
Response Time: <sec to 3 decimal places>
DNS: <sec to 3 decimal places>
Connect: <sec to 3 decimal places>
Redirect: <sec to 3 decimal places>
First byte:<sec to 3 decimal places>
Last byte:<sec to 3 decimal places>
Size: <size of return in bytes>

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Top 3 Local Google Places Optimisation Required

We are looking for EXPERIENCED Google Places specialists who understand how to get a local business website to rank at the top of Google Places in the UNITED KINGDOM for a small number of keywords that are focused on the city the business is located in (we will provide you with those keywords).

Google Accounts
Full address and telephone information
Telephone Number for Verification
All keywords that you will require

The business is located in the United Kingdom This includes understanding the recent changes Google has made to all Google Places listings throughout the World.

We need you to check Google places account optimization, and our website optimization for the Local Search.

We do not accept methods that will result in a ban from Google.
Unless you have specific EXPERIENCE with ranking websites at the top of Google Places, please do not bid for this opportunity.

We will provide you with one website which we expect you to get ranked at the TOP 3 spots – this will be relatively straightforward and not a highly competitive terms….If you can produce results we expect (but will not guarantee until we see your work) that we will hire you on a full-time basis.

We will create a 10% of milestone payment, to start up.
The project is expected to be finished in 30 days and we only pay for successful results.

Important – please bid..only if you are confident about achieving top three maps/places listing FOR GOOGLE.CO.UK l

Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Google Maps And Places Registration

We have two websites that require multiple entries for various UK locations on Google Maps.

These sites are…

[Removed by Admin]

We need around 100 entries on Google Maps for each, so its an going project. The text and images are all done for each Google Map listing, the obvious problem to get around is the verification issue. So one one who knows how to get around this is ideal.

Please let me know your best price per entry on Google Maps based on a test volume of 50.

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Equidistant App-Find Places Of Equal Distance B/w Friends

Equidistant for iPhone will allow users to enter their address and a friends address to find local establishments such as restaurants, bars, hotels, movie theatres, etc of which are equally distant from each of them. The user will be able to specify a certain radius which is acceptable for leeway and then directions will be given upon selection.

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Local Search Results Needed – Google Places / Yahoo Local

I am seeking someone who is able to optimize local listings bringing them up to first page results.
I represent multiple clients with businesses in various industries, and if we get good results – much more work to come
Industry / category vary, and will be able to supply this info at a later stage.

I Am looking for proven track record, with some experience under your belt.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards!

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WordPress Theme -Edits

Need to change the following;
Remove a block in a certain area of the website.
Adjust the css.styles sheet so the font fit better on the website in certain places.
Remove images in certain places in a block.
Add a contact form for the contact page
Add and change links at the top of the page and create linking pages

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Page Ranking & Top 3 On Google Places, Bing , Yahoo Maps

Need improvement in page ranking and top 3 spot on google places, Bing & Yahoo maps and Description
for 7 keywords

We have already done most of the work and are not a SEO newbie.

I am already on the first page for half of my keywords. I just need someone to fine tune my work.


SEO Required
I need to be on the first page on Google or Google Places immediately.
Top of Google places ASAP 30 days for all possible variations of my search terms.
Top of Bing and Yahoo local maps within 45 days for all variations of my search terms.

also need links on below sites:
best of the web
Yahoo Local
google maps
Insider Pages
Yellow Pages

City Search

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IPhone App Development With Database

I have already have the UI made for the iphone through photoshop( 70% to be exact). I can provide some of the examples of apps and sites that I want to emulate. I would also like to see some of your work done in iOS apps(iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch)

I have a couple of apps that I would like to replicate how they work. It would be a Yelp type app. I need a database to be able to store, add and take away content. I would also like my database to give me the options to have "featured" which would be local advertisers. I want people to be able to check-in to places they are at and for me to be able to track it.

If I can get Google reviews for restaurant places embedded into the app. I want to be able to add advertisements and have in-app purchase for no-ads. Also able to add iAds/Google Ads. I would like my users to be able to type in food they want like "hamburgers", "sushi", "chinese" …etc. and be able to pull up the places that serves that.

I want a custom Google Map that shows viewers what places are open by the color of its "places pin." I would like some way to it to add/edit places as they close or change time(prefer out of app, either on a CMS or some other way). I am also looking for a way for my viewers to add their own information if they find a place I havent. I would like to approve all of these submissions as they come in. Hopefully this is enough info for now to understand what kind of project this is.

1. GPS services. ( To detect current location)
2. Social media features. (Google Places)
3. Built-in Google Map in app.
4. Robust search module.
5. User friendly Admin panel to manage the app and respective database.
6. Interactive user interface for the user to input info. Etc..
7. Advertisements
8. Facebook integration (Share location and connect with friends)
9. google analytics ( or something else for me to track traffic)

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App For Shopping, Strolling, Dining Etc To KL,Malaysia

I need a Iphone App for shopping, strolling, dining and wine tasting guide to Kuala lumpur,Malaysia and the surrounding area.
Similar to

Basically application to find place to eat/dining, drink/wine shop, shopping spots nearby location (e.g.Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding area) you search , search the nearby places i.e. name, address, phone no of places as search result, view details of particular item of search result, share and rate it,you can mark the places as favorite.

Pls give a ballpark price (very rough range is fine for now) and projected timeframe

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30 Positive Reviews On Google Places And Yahoo! Local

I need 30 positive (five star) reviews for my business on Google Places and Yahoo! Local.

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Google Places SEO Experts

Google Places Experts….I need to get my page onto google places and get it to the first page fast.

I want to be able to offer coupons via QR code as well

I need a company that can do this properly and i can rely on to keep me there.

I want a price for setup then a price to keep me there (per month)…ongoing maintanence

You have to be able to prove you can do it with examples of past work… also need to provide a framework (list) of the inputs you need to do it

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Google Places/Local Maps SEO Expert

My client is a Florist and we need assistance in getting them ranked in listing "A" on Google Places.

They already have an established Google Places listing with many positive reviews,etc.

***Please Bid for a FLAT Fee to get them listed in the "A" spot on Google Places.***
***Payment will be released when they are ranked in the "A" spot on Google Places***

$30-$100 budget

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Picture Web Research And Simple Editing (60 Pictures)


The project is the following: Research, capture/download, format and deliver pictures, from the web, depicting specific tourism related sites in a European contry.
Sites/places can be public monuments, places of interest, hotels, restaurants, churches, beaches…so on.

Most places should have usable pictures readily available in the web, others may require a bit more digging and search skills.


– 3 reasonable quality pictures (enough for web publisinh) per site (see guidelines below)
– initial pack of 20 sites

Total for this project: 60 pictures

In this project you will deliver initially the pictures for 5 sites (15 pictures total) to assess quality and so that I can provide you feedback.

If the quality is not good enough, I may cancel the project, although I WILL ALWAYS PAY your work. In this case I always pay the inital 25% of your bid.

After that, you will deliver in packs of 5 sites (4 packs in total, 15 pictures each) as soon as you have them, so that I can check it.

I have personal knowledge of most sites that Im sending you, so if I detect "wrong pictures" (pictures are not related with the site) I will not pay for them. So you must be good with your research.

If, for some reason, you are unable to find pictures regarding one site/place let me know and I will replace that site with another one.

I need a lot more pictures than this, but Ive never "outsourced" this task and I want to see how it goes: quality, price and accuracy (not providing pictures from wrong sites).

So, if your price is right (low…) and work is good, you can count on a lot more coming your way.

If you think you can do this, fast, with quality and for a good price..go ahead and bid!

looking forward for your proposals (PLEASE SEE PICTURE GUIDELINES AFTER SIGNATURE)



1) The picture shoould be of reasonable quality.
1.2) Dont use poor quality originals
1.3) Never do enlargement of originals (originals should always be bigger than the size Im targeting)
1.4) Dont perform successive resizing operations or format transformations (always work from the original)
1.5) Dont change the proportion ratio of the original, because it will distort the picture.

2) Suitable license: No royalties. Doesnt require payment or specific authorization: e.g. public domain, CC with attribution, etc..
Or if its from a commercial place and comes from their own site(e.g. hotel, restaurant, since they usually dont mind good publicity.). Or still from owners that although not specifically authorizing re-use, hint that they wouldnt mind it, since we are talking about public places and never includes persons.

2.1) Never use pictures that are specifically copyrighted/protected and/or where the author specifically requires payments or other form of compensation (besides attribution or recognition). Examples: Commercial sections ofpicture sites.

3) Each photo NEEDS TO INCLUDE author name and site/url where it came from, so that I can include attribution and I will check that the photos are suitable to use.

4) Photo should provide a good perspective of the place/site and/or of its special features

5) Picture should be visually pleasant. No ugly perspectives, dirty places or completely crowded places (unless its a place where crowd is ok like a bar/club for example). If you have any doubts ask me!

6) Picture Size: 425×280 (picture can be bigger if it keeps proportion ratio)

7) Format: .jpeg

8) Minimum resolution: 72dpi

9) picture file size: in the range 40KB-60Kb

10) Editing tool: You can use any tool that allows quality picture resizing, cropping and jpeg output. I like to use GIMP, but as long as quality is good you can choose whatever you like..

Together with your bid let me know if you have already done something like this and quote "PICTURES" in the beggining of the message so that I know youve read this far…

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Compile A List Of Contacts From Google Places

This is a very simple project requiring no special skills. A step-by-step video will be provided that shows the exact actions needed to perform and complete this project from start to finish. The freelancer must have a Google Docs account and Microsoft Office Word 2007+ (must be able to save in the ".docx" format).

There are basically three steps to this project:

1. Search Google Places for the 100 search terms we will provide,
2. Enter the names, addresses, and phone numbers of up to 15 listings per search term into the Google Docs spreadsheet we provide,
3. Copy and Paste a screenshot of the search results and the names for each search term into a Word document.

In all there may be between 500-750 listings and 50-75 Word documents (possibly more, but will not exceed 1000 listings or 100 docs). No writing or content creation is required, only copy and paste.

This project must be completed error free and in a timely manner.

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Local Marketing

I need a person to submit and claim local business listing on multiple local search marketing websites, including Google Places, Facebook Places, Foursquare, Yahoo Local and Bing Local.

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Google Places Expert

Looking for someone that can get me listed in 10-15 citys for multiple keywords. Dont know if its possible but let me know. Must have multiple reviews on being a google places expert.

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Google Places Local SEO

My client is a Dentist and we need assistance in getting them ranked in listing "A" on Google Places.

They already have an established Google Places listing with many positive reviews,etc.

***Please Bid for a FLAT Fee to get them listed in the "A" spot on Google Places.***
***Payment will be released when they are ranked in the "A" spot on Google Places***

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Promote My Iphone APP 120 Places

I need you to post my link to my app on various websites youtube forums at least 120 places for people to view

budget is 30$

01/07/2011 at 7:59 AKST – Additional information submitted
budget is 30$
budget is 30$budget is 30$budget is 30$budget is 30$budget is 30$budget is 30$
budget is 30$budget is 30$budget is 30$vbudget is 30$vbudget is 30$budget is 30$

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Google TOP Ranking #1 SEO. Google Places Search SEO Expert.

#1 Background:

My business website has dropped Google page rankings for keywords that are focused on the city it operates in and the services it provides.

#2 Scope

Looking for an experienced provider to significantly improve Google page rankings and primarily focus on Google places organic search listing.

– need Provider to optimize existing Google places account for local searches
– need Provider to optimize our existing website for the Local Searches.
– We do not accept methods that will result in a ban from Google. Google guidelines MUST be followed and no way should be compromised. *** ONLY WHITE HAT METHODS ***
– Require Provider with specific EXPERIENCE at ranking websites at the top of Google Places,

#3 Deliverable

Get our business website ranked at the TOP 3 spots of Google Places for google for specific keywords that are focused in our city.

#4 Payment:

We will create a 33% of milestone payment, to start up. We anticipate the project will be finished in approximately 2 months and we only pay for successful results.

#5 Reporting:

We expect a weekly report of what actions are you taking on the project.

#6 Other
– The successful service provider will have ongoing work
– Any comments in PMB not relating to this project will be ignored.
– Please type

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5 Articles Write And Submit To 100 Places Each

5 Articles Write and Submit to 100 Places Each

for New York Area.

Subject is about Luxury Travel Services in NYC Such as Chauffeuring and rentals

Need to develop 5 keywords Anchors

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Interactive Map For WordPress Site

Hello. I am in need of an interactive map for a wordpress site. It is preferable that this not be flash based.
This map will need all of the countries of the world defined. A user must be able to zoom in and out of the map and when they click on a location, that country will change color and cause a corresponding checkbox to be checked. If they click the same location it would go back to its original state. Same behavior for the checkboxes. The user then saves the map and all the checkboxes are saved into a database. When the user looks at their map again, all entries from the database are populated on the map.

Wish list:
Ability to custom define areas on the map. So if a country changes or additional places (such as individual states in the United States) are added, the map may be easily updated to provide this new information.

Ability to have other information drawn on the map such as multi-color pins for various lat/long locations.

This is for a travel website that lets users check off various places theyve traveled. We track countries of the world and States in the US and Canada currently. It also has other lists such as world heritage sites that I would like to be able to be displayed on the map as well. So when the user zooms in on a particular area, all the places theyve been have a pin in the lat/long provided.

I can get you more details as you need. This site is based on wordpress, php, and mysql. Please let me know of any questions.

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Google Places (Local) SEO Expert Required

We are looking for EXPERIENCED Google Places specialists who understand how to get a local business website to

rank at the top of Google Places for a small number of keywords that are focused on the city the business is located

in (we will provide you with those keywords).

All businesses will be located in the United Kingdom. This includes understanding the recent changes Google has

made to all Google Places listings throughout the World beginning in early November 2010.

We will provide you with completed websites that are already live on the Internet and have a local address and phone

number assigned to them. You will then take over and get the website to rank at the top of Google Places. You will be

required to supply all necessary tools to complete the rankings, which includes having quality proxies located in the

UK, Google/Gmail accounts, and any other tools or resources that you believe you will need to get the job done.

Unless you have specific EXPERIENCE with ranking websites at the top of Google Places, please do not bid for this


As an initial trial, we will provide you with two websites which we expect you to get ranked at the TOP 3 spots of

Google Places. After you have demonstrated your ability to get top Google Places listings.

These 2 trial sites are:



Ranking Search Terms (positions 1-3 should be achieved for 2 or more of these terms below)
"Florists Edinburgh"
"Edinburgh Florists"
"Edinburgh Florist"
"Florist Edinburgh"

Based on our experiences, we expect that you will be able to achieve top rankings within approximately 60 days for

these 3 trial sites.

During your initial 60 day trial period for this project we only pay for successful results where a successful result is

position 1-3 in google local listing for the target keyphrase.

Until the time we invite you to work for us on a full time basis, (ie. for this project) we will pay the successful bidder

$10 to start and $25 after the first 30 days, to show that we pay. When the results are achieved – (positions 1-3

should be achieved for 2 or more of the requested Google search terms) we will pay the full amount of your bid.

Again, please do not bid unless you have experience in this area. Please type

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Google Places Scraper

Hi all

I need a simple Google Places scraper created. The purpose of it is to scrape all Google Places pages that are NOT verified.

What does a Non Verified Google Places page look like?,25907,27642,27743,27879&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&cp=12&qe=cGx1bWJlciB0b3Jv&qesig=NIpSv1LKbKRu2hS6eo5BNg&pkc=AFgZ2tmZYFi2Rs9VLUkjT2HxNzDREQw2cjqZwCNJf9hD0MMsvX5wSzqFC92a6CeohV-lHrqdLr2aD2sgCK5UiJjTVVlK48StNg&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=s&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=plumber+toronto&fb=1&hq=plumber&hnear=Toronto,+ON,+Canada&cid=2833758785293093065&ei=Tvn2TLqRI9HtrQelpsiPBw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=placepage-link&resnum=4&sqi=2&ved=0CEAQ4gkwAw

Notice how it says "Business Owner?" That means the owner has not claimed the listing and its free for anyone to do so.

What does a VERIFIED Google Places page look like?,25907,27642,27743,27879&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&cp=12&qe=cGx1bWJlciB0b3Jv&qesig=NIpSv1LKbKRu2hS6eo5BNg&pkc=AFgZ2tmZYFi2Rs9VLUkjT2HxNzDREQw2cjqZwCNJf9hD0MMsvX5wSzqFC92a6CeohV-lHrqdLr2aD2sgCK5UiJjTVVlK48StNg&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=s&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=plumber+toronto&fb=1&hq=plumber&hnear=Toronto,+ON,+Canada&cid=13793783470128330368&ei=Tvn2TLqRI9HtrQelpsiPBw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=placepage-link&resnum=5&sqi=2&ved=0CFEQ4gkwBA

Notice how it says "Owner-verified" listing?

So basically what I need is a simple scraper where I type my search phrase just like in Google and it starts to scrape the Google Places results.

I want all the non verified results to be stored in a MySql db then exportable to .csv format.

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