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Site Plan – Poultry Farm Enterprise

I require a site plan and a landscape plan drawn to scale on an A3 sized sheet, and provided to me in Autocad and PDF format. I have provided both drawings in sketched format, and I would like the plans to look similar (or better) and I am open to the freelancer making decisions on this. I am prepared to pay well for this project, and their will be an additional two plans required in a couple of days time which I will post on freelancer. If changes are required to these plans, I will pay accordingly. The aerial photgraph will show you a scale and the existing four poultry sheds. These are to be extended as well as the construction of six additional poultry sheds. All dimensions are written on the sketched site plan for these. Please ask me questions if you need clarification.



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SEO Expert Needed, For ClickBank Long Term Partnership

I have a website were I sell dozens of clickbank products related to the self-help niche. The site is not yet online, but it will be soon. The problem is that I dont have the time or the expertise to advertise my website properly.
So Im looking for someone highly skilled in SEO and promoting clickbank products, someone who doesnt use spam, seo bots, or any other less proper means. I need someone serious who is ready to work in a long term partnership.

Heres what I offer: 50$ after I have 10000 visits between 30 to 45 days, plus other 50$ after I make my first 100$ in sales.
From this point on, you are required to continue your work promoting the website and its products, and I will pay you the following:
If I make less than 1000$ a week, you get 15% of earnings.
If I make more than 1000$ a week, you get 30% of earnings.
If I make more than 3000$ a week, you get 30% of earnings, plus a 250$ bonus.

We will work stictly by e-mail, and I will provide you with my clickbank weekly statement and my website statitiscs. Anything else you need from my part, just have to ask.
On your part, you will give me a weekly detailed report of your activities.
All payments will be made to your Freelancer account.

If this project goes well, I plan to create about 20 other websites with the same payment plan above. I hope that will give you an extra incentive!

In order to aplly, please tell me how do you plan to do this job and if possible, give some references of past projects in this field of work.
Very important: you need to be ready to work in long term, otherwise, dont apply.


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Web Page Project

Dear programmers!
I have idea and need to finish it but no skills and knowledge in programming task what so ever.
So far I have this:

Its suppose to be writing community page like those:

This sites are complicated, have lots of features, paid membership and loads of options members can be amused and interested in. My page is made on free platform, as example what I am going for. It doesnt necessary mean that it will stay on the It is up to you. You can both offer me upgrades only or entire design from scratch including domain.

From you I want detailed plan and program how to improve its features to resemble more to site I mentioned above, the one with paid features and etc.

I would like you to made list of necessary changes and your ideas about my page, include price you will charge me for every step, both graphic and programming changes; you are free to offer me lots of things considering your programming services which could help my site in any way so I can choose what to pick and which programmer have the best point in what I want to achieve.


I am not likely to pick you in day one, because I am very creative and demand the same from my designer.

Do NOT bid if you dont have elaborated steps and plan for this project.
Do NOT bid if you dont have samples of previous work.
Do NOT bid if you dont have outstanding feedback from your previous employers.

All considering payment, communication and deal will be done trough freelancer and only trough escrow service, no other way of payment or no other way of communication will be possible before and during work.
Payment description: 1 ( one!) milestone, payment release after testing you product.

I will modify my budget to suite your offer price and changes you will made on page and changes and prices stated in your project plan. Till the I am in seek mod, please bid on amount 100$ in 33 days and key word cash only in your PM, all other plan proposals will not be taken in notice.

No frauds, no fakes, no lousy done job, no pushing the toll with prices.
If I dont find satisfactory party to make this project I will simply open another one and start my search again.
I am not in the time run, and I have all the time on the world so I will choose wisely.

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Write MLM Compensation Script For WBO

I need someone to write a script for a video we need to produce of an MLM compensation plan, its very unique and I need a very creative writer that can put what the visual should be for the video as well, Please do not bid on this project if you have not written a script for a MLM compensation plan or do not understand what one is, I am sick and tired of people who know nothing about mlm bid on these projects and then I spend all my time doing the project that I am paying them to do. You will be responsible for creating all the ideas for the visuals and the script to go with it. You will also in your bid include the time to direct the production of the video and I will pay for the production. Please do not bid on this project unless you send me a compensation script that you have written for a MLM compensation plan, thank you very much. I am attaching the compensation plan so you can look at it and when you write me you can comment on some ideas that you have that are creative concerning the uniqueness of our plan.

Danny Levie

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I.S Final Installation And Support Plan Report

Need someone to write an Final Installation and Support Plan Report based on a case study. I have attached the case study along with a briefing outlining the main guidelines that should be followed to produce the report. Please read it carefully before posting.


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Exchange Server Set Up On SBS 2008

Have a new server set up running Exchange. But set up is not quite the way we need. We have multiple domains that we need to be able to send email out from. Most users use Outlook. With the current set up all users can receive email from any domain but it goes to one account for that user to check with outlook. That is not at problem but it is a problem that the user cant select any account to use from Outlook when sending the email. We need to get that straightened out. Also while doing that I need you to verify that all MX record and DNS records that would affect email are set up correctly. DNS problems cause bounce backs that we do not need.
I will need you to do this in two stages.
First: Check out the server setup, investigate the problem and search for DNS issues. Then let me know what your plan is to fix the issues.
Second: Once have we agree on a plan of action. You will need to help me make sure we have good back up in case you plan does not go as we hope.(it happens – nobody is perfect) Then make you the changes you proposed.

This is a live server with about 20 active users So we will need to plan with the least down time as possible.

We will probably need to discuss this on the phone or skype. I dont care where you live but I do need you to speek very clear english.


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We are URGENTLY In need of some drawing in Auto CAD

basically its an outdoor adventure park with shipping containers as admin and storage areas

There are 4 shipping container for the office so buildings very basic
these are cladded with weathertex
sandstone block retaining wall 400x400x1100 wall around entire site with a track
chain mesh fence surrounds entire site
And the climbing tower is 15 meters in height made up of tower crane assembly

below is a request from council for the attached in Auto CAD

Dear Mr Carson

Further to our discussion earlier today, I have had a chance to review all of the information you have submitted. Please see my comments below:
The site plan you have lodged is not adequate at this stage. As part of our approval process Council must stamp approve the plans and reference them in the Decision Notice. The survey plan you sent me with the buildings included is not sufficient. We require a computer drawn plan (site plan) which depicts the subject site and proposed uses e.g. climbing wall, track, buildings etc and the plan must also show the adjoining lots as you can see on the survey plan. This plan must be drawn to scale, have a north point, title block, accurate measurements etc;
Added to this, we are generally happy with the design and treatment of the building however once again we require a computer drawn elevation which references the style/finish and colour of the surface (being the sample you have sent to me). Please note that we are generally happy with the proposed development, however we do need this formalized through the correct documentation (i.e. site plan, elevation plan);
The arborist will finish his assessment of the tree plan in the coming days; and
The landscape assessment section do not require any further information as they will condition you to provide a landscape plan as part of the approval.

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Marketing/Advertising/Lead For Software

We need a marketing/advertising plan for our new website/software to generate lead.

The product is a PC Monitoring software for business or parents. (guardbay dot com)

You are to provide us with a marketing plan that will succesfully generate sales.

We are looking for techniques such as blogging, email advertising, social networks or any other interesting way to gain exposure to potential customers.

We are not interested in Adwords or SEO.

Please tell us what you can do for us to generate leads. No copy-paste comments Thank you!

We are looking for long term relationship with successful applicant.

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Marketing And Business Development Plan

I am looking for someone to pull together a marketing and business development plan for my professional business as a management consultant specializing in Human Resources Change Management and all associated strategic development.

I currently have a few clients but I have no real plan or strategy for me to develop new business, market my skills effectively and continue to get contracts and additional work within my area of specialism. Most work has been gained through networking and internet work.

Im looking for someone with skills in developing a strategy to improve my business presence, gain work and continue to do so into the future.

Initially Im looking at someone to pull together a report plan with recommendations and suggested strategies but this may develop into something more in the future if it is successful in application.

Tell me about your skills, experience and previous work in this area and what you can provide for me.

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Business Plan

am a small business owner who is about to start out, and i need a business plan, i have the vision but writing a business plan is not my strength, its a consulting firm that helps to facilitate opporunities for people, business and countries so the business plan will reflect the tthree sectors.

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Need A Business Plan Written

I need someone to write a business plan. i need to get investors to invest in my sunglasses company. I would like a 3-5 year business plan written. Charts etc should be included, must research the market and the ideal customer for my product. Plan must be between 20-50 pages. all bids under 250 please. i have a budget unfortunately

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Software Test Plan Authoring

Write a new test plan for a software product.

With reference to the new features listed in the User Manual produce a new test plan that covers these new features

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Market My Australian MOTEL Business For Sale

I need help to sell my Motel business ( in Australia.

I need you to decide the best way to do this and suggest possible advertising to people who wish to immigrate to Australia who need to purchase a business to do so.

I need an experienced marketing person for this and suggest writing articles on internet for inbound marketing, contacting bloggers to blog about the Motel, submit the info to various review websites, market on facebook, twitter and other social groups basically anything possible to increase the awareness about the motel for sale locally

I am looking for someone to help put together a plan as well as be able to EXECUTE this plan effectively. I am only interested in bidders who have a proven track record of past marketing and promotions.

Must be able to show previous success.

Message me what you plan to do and how you plan to advertise to sell

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Restaurant House Business Plan

This section of your restaurant business plan should describe the current state of the restaurant industry and how your restaurant fits into it. How would you categorize your restaurant casual, quick-casual or fine-dining? Is it an upscale Filipino or Asian restaurant, a pizza parlor, chicken shop or an ice cream shop?

Your business description should showcase the elements of your restaurant concept that differentiate it from every other dining establishment. Explain how you plan to gain a competitive edge and why your restaurant will be profitable.

This may require some research on the current and future restaurant industry trends. A restaurant consulting firm with a skilled research department can help you identify these trends.

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Build PHP Website From Scratch!


I would like a master of PHP can write own code from scratch for my website. Very experienced in CMS. I dont want to use any open source CMS such as: joomla…..

– High and excellent reviews
– Gold Member
– Professionalism
– Must have Portfolio on freelancer
– Expert in PHP, My SQL
– Be able to write own code
– Complete project in 2 months
– Flow chart and detailed plan is a must and update work regularly based on your plan
– Perfect in english communication
– Accept Escrow

I dont select non-review, non-gold, non-experocend freelancer. Please dont waste your time bidding AND

I have attached my requirements for this project in doc file. Please read it and get back to me with your understanding of my project and ability to complete it in time.

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Build Website From Scratch In PHP!


I would like a master of PHP can write own code from scratch for my website. Very experienced in CMS. I dont want to use any open source CMS such as: joomla…..

– High and excellent reviews
– Gold Member
– Professionalism
– Must have Portfolio on freelancer
– Expert in PHP, My SQL
– Be able to write own code
– Complete project in 2 months
– Flow chart and detailed plan is a must and update work regularly based on your plan
– Perfect in english communication
– Accept Escrow

I dont select non-review, non-gold, non-experocend freelancer. Please dont waste your time bidding AND

I have attached my requirements for this project in doc file. Please read it and get back to me with your understanding of my project and ability to complete it in time.

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White SEO Plan To Grow Traffic X2

I need a high profile professional to make a study of my website and start a big plan to grow traffic of my site x2.

These are the steps

1.- Consultancy SEO
2.- Working to grow traffic

Period: 3 months
NO BLACK SEO, no link farms, only good SEO work

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Business Plan And Presentation

I have a concept that I need a business plan and PowerPoint prepared in order to present the concept to potential investors. I will provide more info to the shortlisted applicants.

It is for an internationally driven website.

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Business Plan For Internet Business For Grant Application

I am looking for a Professional Business Plan for an Internet-based business to be used to apply for a grant in Canada.

I have the outline of the business plan required already, just need someone to fill in the sections for me. Sections to be filled in are:

Executive Summary
Business Description
Products / Services
The Market
Marketing Strategies & Sales
Offering OR Funding Request
Refining the Plan

There are subsections under each.

I will provide the business plan outline to the successful party. The completed plan should be approximately 20 – 30 pages in total and will be in English with no errors.

I am available to provide any information needed to complete the plan and the plan will need to be completed by April 1, 2011 so I have time to submit it to the appropriate offices.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Thank you.

03/17/2011 at 16:30 EDT:

PLEASE NOTE: This project is listed for 59 days, but I will be choosing a successful applicant by Saturday, March 19, 2011 in order to get this completed on time.

Thank you.

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Business Plan And Presentation

I have a concept that I need a business plan and PowerPoint prepared in order to present the concept to potential investors. I will provide more info to the shortlisted applicants.

It is for an internationally driven website.

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Travel Itinerary Planner

We are looking for travel writers to plan and write travel itineraries on cities / towns that they are living in or had traveled to. The main purpose of the articles will be to advise travelers how to plan their trips itinerary in the most effective way such that it maximizes each and every day and so that the travelers can get the most out of their trips. The writers will have to research on the tourist destinations of the cities and plan out an itinerary.

The guideline of the write up is as follows.

– A short synosis of the city / town.
– Suggest some good locations to stay. Not specific hotels.
– Suggest how to get to the places of interest if possible
– Suggest the time of the day to visit a particular POI if there is a best time to visit the POI.
– Give links to the places of interest if possible.
– Give a short description of the POI.
– Suggest good / interesting local food
– Words Count: 50 words for synosis, 150 words for each day

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Business Plan For Group Buying Website

Require a detailed business plan for a group buying e-commerce business model.

The team needs to be familiar with Group buying sites such as Groupon, Buywithme, Living Social etc.

I have a very limited budget, reproduced copy is ok as long as it will conform to the specific instruction written below.

The plan will encompass the following areas.

– The Business Concept
– The marketing opportunity
– Marketing Activities
– Business Operations
– Service Offerings
– The Company and Mission

– Mission of the Company
– Company Structure
2.1) Legal Status
2.2) Physical Location
2.3) Intellectual Property
2.4) Company Location
2.5) Company History

– Business Objectives
– Targeted Customers
– Key Initiatives
– SWOT Analysis
– Competition and Competitive Advantages
– Size of the Market
– Marketing Activities
– International Opportunities
– Sources of costs
– Sources of revenue

– Distribution
– Pricing approach
– Marketing goals
– Choice of target market segment
– Positioning
– Allocation of resources
– Marketing Mix
– Website features/functionalities & Technology used

– Management Team/Members

– Financial Needs and Use of Funds
– Projected Profit and Loss
– Projected Balance Sheets
– Projected Cash Flow
– Break Even Calculation
– Summary of Investor Return and Risk

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Target Marketing And Advertising

We are a growing information security compnay and are currently looking at conducting a targeted marketing and advertising campaign to reach out a new product and service to the Australian market place. Initially the campaign will be ttargested to CIOs in the Sydney and Melbourne regions.

Details of the product and serviecs:
1. Network Penetration Testing
2. Application Penetration Testing
3. Network Vulnerability Assessments

The above 3 products and services that we inten to launch are quite uniqe from our offering and we would like to reach out to a mass market.

Essentially we are looking at someone who can build us a marketing plan and advertising plan that will be very focused and targeted to the audience we want to reach out to.

Will share more details if required.

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Business Plan For Janitorial Business

I need a Business plan for a Janitorial Business describing SWOT Analysis, Business Objectives, Marketing plan (Marketing Objectives, promotional strategies, pricing strategies, general marketing strategis), Financial plan, organizational Plan. Part of the plan is complete but might need re wording (the Executive sumary, Company Summary, and Services.

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Medical Tourism Business Plan

Title Page and Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Overview of Company, Industry,
Products, and Services
3. Market Analysis

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Business Plan: Trucking & Logistics

Need a professional to prepare a total of 3-5 different business plans for both a new start up and existing business. open to your best offer but will not pay more than $50US / completed business plan. Specifics for the content of the business plan will be given once background and references of the serious bidder has been verified. Time frame for the completed project is 1 week per business plan.

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Market Research / Business Plan Copywrite

Need someone to do market research into australian education industry, and to copy write a business plan

contact for more information

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Stock, Plan, Trace And SOP For Manufacturers

I have a mature db system in filemaker which I now want to put on the web. Number of different company users 100+, several users per company, php, mysql, jquery, ajax. Can give you stories, er diags, use case and standalone version of filemaker db. Maybe 2 months ft work, would prefer UK/East Midlands; offsite OK.

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Social Network Marketing Strategy

I am launching a new social network niche website and Id like you to do research, analysis and marketing strategy.
Im unsure on the best method(s) to obtain revenue from my target audience or what the best approach to marketing would be.
I have ideas but Im inexperienced in this area and need your help.

I suppose my main objectives are to have a concise marketing plan so as I can…
– understand the market Im entering into so as I can differentiate my website and target promotions
– decide on the best revenue generation model (free+paid adverts or freemium+adverts or all free, etc.)
– have a revenu generation plan of action for the next 12 to 24 months with regard to online and offline marketing and promotion
– have a plan that I can use when working with third party SEO company to help drive traffic
– have a mailing list of potential customers that I can use to promote my site diretly to.
I want a market research report including tablesand graphs where necessary to help me understand gaps in the market and with competitors.
Research the top 10 competitor websites with a view to putting together a marketing strategy to enble me beat them.

Id imagine that I want a plan covering the topics below – however as youre the expert, Ill let you advise me on the most effective approach and valuable/actionable (I dont believe in documentation for the sake of documentation)
Im NOT looking for War and Peace, but I do want solid qualitative information that will support decision making.


How many of them are there?
Are the paying to join similar sites?
What practical problems do they try to solve?
What emotional problems do they try to solve?
What is the size of my market?
What is my customers price point and other economics?
Exactly what does it take to win an member?
How long does it take to win an member?
Exactly how do customers use competitive Websites?
Whats the current satisfaction with competitors?

Market Segmentation

Group customers (needs, industry, distribution, geography).
Narrow the targets.
Select targets.
Label the segments.
Consider the similarities and differences. Anything missing?


What are they doing now?
Where do competitors advertise, and how often?
What is their sales pitch?
How do competitors price?
How do they distribute?
How do competitors position themselves?
How do competitors react to threats?
How do successful competitors differ from the lesser?
What are their market shares?
Compare competitors to my organization in terms of my:


Website Position

Differentiate my Website and my service.
Find the opportunity.

Understand my customers needs.

Describe my Websites.
Describe my customers pain …

Market Testing BETA program

Show Website and promotional concepts to BETA customers.

Make Strategy Decisions
Decide on revenue model (free, freemium, paid adverts, corportae sponsor)
Decide on new revenue growth and profits.
Decide on new Website development.
Decide on membership price.
Decide on sales force, distribution, service.
Decide on customer psychological factors, not features and benefits.
Decide on Website promotion.

Write an Action Plan for the 24 months
first month
months 2-3
months 4-6
months 6-12
months 12-24

Please mention FISHOMATES in your proposal ensure that you have read the requirements – helps me quickly eliminate those who havent read the requirements.

Please dont hesitate to tell me if some/all of the reqiurements are redundant – I will take your lead on this.


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Site That Makes $5-$10 A Day

You must be able to build a Adsense site which consistantly is earning $5-$10per day. I have the following requirements:

– Select any NICHE – But except pharma, gambling and adult oriented sites.
– Must be 100% within the Google TOS
– Must be Adsense Optimized
– Traffic driven must be 100% white hat real people no bots
– Should earn earn $5 to $10 a day for 21 days
– All Content MUST be original and SEO
– Should load and display quickly;
– Be designed with cleanly and the pages should not appear cluttered;
– Contain images or graphics related to the website topic;
– Be WordPress!

You should also provide a marketing plan for maintaining and increasing revenue and traffic. (i.e how do I maintain adsense earnings…)

I will pay the amount of the bid AFTER I see a consistent income for 21 days.

Please be prepared to tell me how you plan to drive the traffic if you bid on this project. I dont want to risk an adsense account ban.


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Online Marketing Plan


We are a video and animations company and have a great track record with companies locally . We are planning to venture in the online market and require a marketing plan from people who can realize this for me. We are complete novice at this side of things so will be looking for fixed priced quotes based on the following distinctions.

These are just few things I have heard but again , I would love to see your plans and results you believe you think we can get. We are in immediate rush since our website is up and running so we want to make sure all strings are worked upon simultaneously.

here they are

1) Search Engine Optimzation
2) Search Engine Marketing
3) Youtube Marketing (Views Increase)
4) Blogging
5) Facebook
6) Twitter
7) Affliates
8) Traffic at our website.

Again these are things that I have heard. We are looking forward to individuals or company who can nail this for us.Let me know the amount of time you require.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Budget we have is $400

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Business Plan For Online Forex Broker

We are looking for a Professional Business Plan for an online Forex Broker.

The business plan must include; Executive Summary, Company Analysis, Industry Analysis, Analysis of Customers and Competition. Additionally the Business Plan should include a Marketing Plan, Operations/Design – Development Plan, Management Team Overview and a Financial Plan.

Based upon your professional input, we will provide the relevant information needed to put the plan together.

Please send us a presentation of you and how you work (your work method) and what you offer more than your competitors.

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Vpn Server

We need vpn setup with 500 unique static USA based ips. We need this setup to run for approximately 6 months. I want a person who can maintain it for this amount of time. I would also consider static ips from proxy server. I need an expert who can discuss the difference to help make a clear plan. This posting is just to find the right person to create a larger plan. We would need the server setup within 20 days.

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