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Site Plan – Poultry Farm Enterprise

I require a site plan and a landscape plan drawn to scale on an A3 sized sheet, and provided to me in Autocad and PDF format. I have provided both drawings in sketched format, and I would like the plans to look similar (or better) and I am open to the freelancer making decisions on this. I am prepared to pay well for this project, and their will be an additional two plans required in a couple of days time which I will post on freelancer. If changes are required to these plans, I will pay accordingly. The aerial photgraph will show you a scale and the existing four poultry sheds. These are to be extended as well as the construction of six additional poultry sheds. All dimensions are written on the sketched site plan for these. Please ask me questions if you need clarification.



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3D Rendering For A 6000sqft Bangalow

This is a 6000+ sqft Bangalow to be 3D modelled, 3D Rendered with VRay.

Basically what I need is 2 external perspectives with landscaping.

The schematic facade in 2D will be given, however incomplete. You are free to design the facade as long as the language of the building geometry is maintained.

You will be provided with 2D autocad drawing of floor plans and elevations.

The timeframe for this project will be 2 weeks from the the winning bid date or the initial contact date.

1.) Total built-up: 6000+sqft
2.) Total perspectives: 2
3.) Resolution: 2000×1200 @ 150dpi

Provided with:
1.) 2D AutoCad drawing of floor plans & elevations
2.) Materials intended in .jpg

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Home Plans Autocad To 3d Max And Sketchup

I have the plan for my home in autocad, I need to transfer it to 3d Max and Sketch-up, I ned to be able to apply new material to it and render it further with finishes and furniture

this is a 20,000 square foot house (2000 sq Meters) with 3 levels and is detailed.

I have the cads for floor plans elevations and detailed specs.

I require the job to be done in 5 days.

Budget is 250, bigger bids please do not apply as I will not review it.

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Realestate Virtual Tour Software Package

We are after basically a mirror version of the software package offers to create virtual tours and interactive floor plans. As per the link attached we would like the end product to look and work the exact same. We will obviously want to add our own look to it but the functionality and layout will be the same.


Ultimately we would like a combined software package that lets us create virtual tours and interactive floorplans that we can upload on to the web as per the above link.

In summary what we require.

1. Virtual Tour software

2. Interactive floor plan software as per to create our own floor plans and hotspots for pop up photos.

3. Preferably a combined package that allows us to create virtual tour/interactive floor plans in one package (with all of the above)

4. Website build and design that allows us to showcase our services as realestate photograpers and host our own interactive floor plans and virtual tours. The website MUST have SEO built into it for optimisation.

If you have any questions or are unsure of what we want, please refer to and look at their services they offer.

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Business Plan: Trucking & Logistics

Need a professional to prepare a total of 3-5 different business plans for both a new start up and existing business. open to your best offer but will not pay more than $50US / completed business plan. Specifics for the content of the business plan will be given once background and references of the serious bidder has been verified. Time frame for the completed project is 1 week per business plan.

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Architectural Walkthrough

2-3 min. Architectural Walk through. I will supply the plans and some design references. The Home is 8500 Sq Ft. with about 18 rooms. I want the animation to begin at the Front entrance and fly through to each room, going into the main rooms and just looking into the smaller rooms and bathrooms.

I will provide the plans and design reference images.

There is a time crunch for the project, so please only bid if you are confident you could complete the task within a 4 – 6 week period.

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On Page Optimization, Call To Action Content, Write 10 Email

This information is confidential.

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Business Plan / Proposal

I am working on a new project and need some help with the business plan / proposal and the design of the document. It needs to be a polished end product.

I am looking for someone with experience in producing high quality business plans and case studies. There will need to be several process flows included. Some experience in Financial models, P&L and Balance Sheets would be helpful.

Please send me on some examples of documents which you have produced.

I also have a requirement for 2 logos which will be similar to each other, some other images will be needed so some graphics experience would help.

You bid amount is not too important as I am looking for someone to work for me on a part-time basis for a month or so to deliver this and a couple of other documents.

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Web Hosting Sales Person Needed (commission Work)


I will be opening a web hosting website and I am looking for someone to sell hosting plans for me based on commission.

Youll get 25% of the payment by the referred user.

Experience in selling, affiliate marketing would be nice.

Send me your plans, resume, etc.

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Joomla Module

Good day.
The work that I really need is a bit urgent.
good work is the creation of a module for joomla. is a module that will do a specific job and should be compatible with joomla vercion 1.5.1922, the module consists of:

is a simple slider that contains prices for subscription plans, well now turned his will specifically for selling hosting, the module must meet the same function that marks the switch of plans hosted on the following page: .
as you can see on this page is a slider in orange which contains a small icon that can move in the line on which it is located, and when moving pictures are colored down there, also shows the amount that each gb plan also shows the amount of bandwidth and two more parameters that have to do with the ram on the server. and down in the third panel of the module shows the amount of money that would cost each of the plans and there are two buttons that shows an information and the other shows the link to purchase the plan, this module also shows two options regarding the type of control panel that was used on the server, so that selecting virtuozzo cpanel or change the price.

as I said I need is that the module does exactly what he does this. how they see the module in the clients view consists of three parts, the orange side where the client slips on the bar icon and colored pictures. then follows the gray module 4 showing features of the plan. then follow the blue module which shows a wider choice to choose the plan that in this case its the server control panel, and also shows another text below this chooser panel, and also shows the cost and the buttons for more information or to purchase.

Thats all for the frontend orthe view of visitors to the site .

But in the area of administration, it must be possible to administer everything. Now it is indispensable must be able to set all the data and graphics even.

Since the administration need to be able to:
– decide how many plans will show if this page shows 6 different plans, but it is necessary that the module shows the number of plans that I need, and of course the module to adapt the amount of space you must move the icon to see the next plan.
"I must be able to place all the features of each plan, in this part it strikes me that the module can display, say a maximum 8 plans, and that each plan must have at least 5 items and 5 sub-themes, namely that each plan must have 10 spaces 5 parent and 5 children an example of this would
Country father Disk Space
children field: 100GB
And so about 5 fields parents and children 5 fields, so that what is displayed on the gray panel module would be completely configurable.
Each plan also must have a place to store the product link and the link information.
So when a user moves between the exchange plans to link the module as well as exchange of money. I already I have a billing system so that I have links to purchase and information on each product so it is necessary that part.

regarding the design of the module, the module consists of 3 panels and is necessary for the module system is an exact copy of the example I gave on the page:

regarding the design of the module, the module consists of 3 panels and is necessary for the module system is an exact copy of the example I gave on the page:

The module should ask for background images, that is they should make 3 fields that ask me the images, one image that I ask in this case this is orange, I ask another field image for the gray, and another I ask field image for the blue field.
module in its total width must measure 680 by 415 high.
now in the fields of the images must be ordered in widths defined images.
Orange for the image space must be 680 wide by 170 high.
For the gray image space must be 680 wide by 90 high.
for space in blue should be 680 wide by 140 high.

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Edit Business PLan Venture Capital

We are looking for an experienced copywriter who has a strong understanding of social media and has written business plans. The company we are launching is in the e-commerce/ass customization space. the original business plan was written in German and the translation turned out to be disappointing. we are looking for somebody who can edit the English version.

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Finance- Fundamental Analysis Of Company/stock

Fundamental Analysis of US stock
Typical Activities would be ……
Company – product ,service,manangement details, future plans,investor strategy
Describe the company

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2d And 3d CAD Modelers.

We are looking to make new alliances, we need 2d and 3d CAD modelers.

We need a person or a team to make architectural floor plans from sketches or PDF files and also turned them into 3D modeling if needed. It must understand construction blueprints and knows how to do working construction plans. Must be able to handle multiple projects and have knowledge of Construction Manager.

Must send samples or willing to take a test. You must know your average turn around time and delivering in the time that you set is essential. If everything works continual work will be guaranteed.

We will send detailed information ONLY to the teams that make the cut.

Thank you.

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House Plan

Need someone with Experience in Cadsoft Envisioneer (this specific software only) to draw a complete set of plans. The complete set of plans would consist of Elevation, working floor plan, foundation plan, consumer floor plan, electrical plan to code, floor covering plan, sub-floor plan, exterior sheathing plan, roof sheathing plan, and six different detail pages

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BELL Canada

We want agents or centers who can give us sales 25 or more sales per week.

You can work on BELL & SOLO MOBILITY and have to follow and for this as
it is….


PAYOUT(BI-WEEKLY ie on 15th and 30th)
$50 for plans $30 and above…
$65 for data plans…

*cannot sell $25 plan…
*make sale and get result in next 5 mins(we will be online 24/7)…
*VERFICATION would be done from our side and if you wanna do that then verification recording
will be provided by you…
*Payouts wolud be increased after every three or four months…

BELL MOBILITY will be having the same requirements and payouts…
TV, Hme phone and HS internet is also available…
For tv we have our own installer…

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SEO Experts And Researchers Needed

Hi There

This is my site. I need people to bring in traffic to my site. At present the site and the blogs related to it are all PR2. The traffic flow is around 40-50% through search engines. All i want is to INCREASE the traffic in an organic way. I need SEO plans, but specific one. I DO NOT need those $350 monthly plans for becoming number 1. I need something that can be broken down into smaller tasks and thus looks achievable.

Also, I need data extractors and researchers who can prepare lists by collecting data through the internet. I need to finish off around a dozen lists in very little time.

No escrow. Payment after the project is done, through only.

Maira Sarfraz

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Flash Flex Job


We need to fix a program on a website that involves a table planner.

We need an urgent offer for this job

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URGENT Paypal Plans Added To Membership Site + Small Issues

This is my site:
I want my site to look and work exactly like:
(the difference is VIP membership plans)

I think this should take you no more than 3 hours if youre good.
Tell me if you can start now and if you can do it.

If youre good in PHP and payment integration this is an easy job for you.
Bid asap. I need this urgently.

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Business Plan Writer For B2B Company


I need to develop a business planfor B2B company for 3 years with its profit and losses and all finacial aspects regarding a start up company in INDIA.

The business plan should have the basic information, which would be included in the business plan. The plan should also have a strong marketing plan, financial Projection, and investment plan incorporated as well.

I need someone expert in create financial business plan in order to present it to some ventures in INDIA and US for the first round of funds

More details ll be give to who ll be intrested in collaborate with me in this project.You must have experience writing Business Plans. Pros only please. If you are selected, I look forward to having a long term professional relationship with you.

I look forward to your bid. Wish you all the best! Thank you.


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Business Plan

We require an experienced business plan writer to assist us in the preparation of our new business idea.

The business plan should have five fundamental components: the executive summary section, the business section, the market analysis section, the financing section, and the management section.

Please bid with samples of the plans you have previously written from real businesses with ample proof. Also send us your CV while bidding.

Bids more than 350 USD will not be accepted. Still we look for some one who is cost-effective with good quality.

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Two Websites Needed

Looking for someone to design two identical websites, using the suggested site map below. The sites will be virtually identical; the only difference being cosmetic.
We will provide the script for the sites

The sites are "" and "Guardian Communications".

1. Home
2. Corporate
a) Data Center & Network
3. Secure Services
a) Secure Email / Hosted Exchange
b) Plans and Pricing (all mail services)
c) Mobile Email
1. BlackBerry Wireless Solution
2. Apple iPhone Service
3. Windows Smart phone & Palm Devices
4. Microsoft ActiveSync Service
d) Hosted VOIP (expansion)
1. Plans and Pricing
e) Remote PC & anonymous Surfing (expansion)
1. Plans and Pricing
f) Virtual Secretary (expansion)
1. Pricing and plans
g) Hosted SharePoint (expansion)
1. Pricing and plans
h) Hosted Dynamic CRM (expansion)
1. Pricing and plans
4. Articles / FAQ
5. Partner Program
6. Contact Us
7. Terms & Condition
8. Acceptable Use
9. Privacy Policy
10. License Agreement


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We Need Business Development Plans

We need business development plan and people for our web application development company.

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Joomla Community Builder Plans

I have a joomla site with community builder installed.
CBSubs is also installed.
I am having trouble setting up plans so that they appear properly on subscription pages.
This is what I need.

User1 Brides list – 1 plan free of charge for life. No upgrades.

User2 Vendors List – 4 plans
Plan 1 free subscription for 4 months
Plan 2 (Siilver) an upgrade for 1 year at a set cost of $29.99
Plan 3 (Gold) an upgrade for 1 year at a set cost of $39.99
Plan 4 (Platinum) an upgrade for 1 year at a set cost of $49.99


You can login here tto see what I mean:

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Web Hosting WHM & Payment Processor Intergration

I have recently signed up to a reseller hosting package and would like it to be intergrated with web hosting manager and payment system.

The site will be using alertpay as its payment processor so it will need to be intergrated with that and to whm (web hosting manager).

The site will have 5 shared hosting plans and 3 reseller plans.

I suggest people that have dealt with hosting websites bid.

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Joomla+Sobi+Community Builder+CBSubs = Custom/Set Plans


Joomla + Sobi + Community Builder


– Customize/Set CBSubs Plans
– Define separate "Community Builder" "Add-on" access from separate Cbsubs Plans.
– 12 Separate plans


Please have Skype for communication.

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Web Hosting Website

My company is going to be a hosting provider. I havent decided if we will be using WHMCS as the billing system or not or to have an Integrate / build Client management system separately – your thoughts are welcome on this.

I will be selling domains along with the hosting space.

We need a website to be designed from scratch, website would serve 3 purposes – provide information and integrate with CMS or WHMCS and domain sales panel and should also be able to integrate into my other website.

Preferably website should sit on a CMS and I should be able to manage the site easily in future.

Website should integrate with Twitter, Facebook and other Social media sites.

I also need a facebook business application for this as well and it to be integrated.

I expect the website to be a maximum of around 20-30 pages (some repeat content).

Website should be Web 2.0, professional and modern looking, more like or

Website should also be SEO friendly and hopefully you would be working/co-ordinating with an SEO expert.

If you are bidding for this project, please make sure you send me a link to the sites you have already worked on.

Some of thefunctionality that I would expect you to create is, creations of different plans, which I should be able to link them to the WHMCS/CMS plans created, so when someone clicks on their favourite package, they should be redirected to the WHMCS/CMS area for further processing. I should be able to do this from a control panel that you would create and I should be able to update the plans etc accordingly. Off-course all other functionality is already present in WHMCS but if i decide not to use WHMCS then I would need more features.

At the end of the project we should have and end to end interactive and professional site with mostly fully automated purchase and provisioning e-commerce website.

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Need 3 Diet Articles – $1 Per 500 WordsLooking For 3 Article

Looking for 3 articles for each of the following keyword phases, that 12 in all. Articles must be 500 words. Keyword phases must be in the first paragraph and 3% of article.

The keywords phases are as follows:

3 day diet plans,
zone diet plans,
fad died plans,
getting ripped diet plans

Thank you

Please send a small sample if youre interested. Thanks. Possibility for future work is very likely.

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Sell Dedicated Servers And Hosting Plans

We are a hosting company specialised in inexpensive dedicated servers and hosting plans.
We need your help to sell those services to customers.

The companys website is
We have dedicated servers starting from $39.99 with modern hardware so it should be fairly easy.
The payout is 10% of the first paid order of each customer you bring.

You can market my affiliate link anyway you want. Emails / Blogs / Social Networking / P2P / Ads

Affiliate center will be provided for you to check your stats and sales.

Thanks and happy bidding.

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