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HTML5 & Flash Audio/Video EXPERT Wanted

We have already paid a developer to create a web based audio player and a video player which has some very unique functionality. The job is 95% complete and we have all of the materials (well documented) from the previous developer. We need someone to do some Q&A and fix up some of the bugs and glitches and to potentially work with our primary developer to implement the player. This player must work across all browsers. The applicant must have experience working with video and audio players for HTML5 and Flash. The applicant needs to be very available, and willing to work consistantly over the next week until the project is done. This job is work for hire, and will require that you sign and non-disclosure agreement.

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Make A Video And Audio Player Doubling Speed & Slowmo

Hi I need a video player/audio player that makes audio and video, played over the web with flash players, speed up or slow down audio/video.

Similar to Enounce/ My Speed concept.

Can you make a custom player that does this?

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Need Flash Audio And Video Player

No money will be given till You build the final product. I need to see a demo of your work, before I award it to you.

Need Flash audio player that will play all different music formats like REAL, windows etc and have exact same functionality as,169388

and a Flash Video player that will play videos with music format REAL, Windows, YouTube etc

Dont bid over $100.00

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Audio / Video Player With Client CMS

I need a media player (mp3, .mov) that can be updated by a non-tech client. I imagine it as possibly a Flash player that is controlled with an XML file. But I need a CMS portal so that the client can "log in" and upload an mov or mp3 and fill out a form with Title and Description and have it revise the player online. Also need the ability for the client to delete and reorder the media. If it is Flash Ill need the ability (and instructions) on how to implement it within an existing Flash project/file.

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