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Jw Player Intergration (works With IE)

1. Im currently developing a website that uses the jwplayer to stream my videos.

2. I need the jwplayer basic (compatible with IE browser) help installed on my site,

Basically you would have to simply email our developer the player and thats it (this version if possible)

Must be compatible with (matadata) seeking ability (i think almost all jwplayers are)

3. This is a small simple project, the lowest bid will probably win (because no coding is really needed)

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Stream Videos From Megaupload

I need a script or wordpress plugin to stream videos (mp4) from the filehostings directly – (megaupload mainly- if megaupload works i dont care about others). You can see a working example from m o v i e z e t DOT com.

Stream from Megaupload
Use player and load subtitles

I need this working for firefox, chrome, safari, IE and opera. I dont care if you copy part of the code from other sites or the player is a free player. I have a pretty clear idea of the php files it calls and javascript files that are called. I also have downloaded these files but I cant seem to get them to call each other correctly. I am pretty sure it is all there, just that the frame is not being called correctly. I can provide what I have if it reduces the workload and completion time. I really do feel like someone with a little more experience can work with the files i have retrieved from their site and get it together fairly quickly.

If you visit the site – you can see that the plugins for all the browsers are there. these can be downloaded locally, and then the files called inside can also be downloaded. When it is all said and done, the user-side script calls another server side script, which calls another which calls 1 of 3 php files, and then finally loads the fetched video on the swf player. I am pretty sure I have all the files that are called.

I have a wordpress test site running on a random domain that can be used for this project. I can provide via private message.

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Need An Mp3 Placed In An Iframe On An Html Page

We have a website which is html based wordpress with wpremix theme being used.

We need the top header to be static on the site as it will contain a flash based music player which we have already made.

We would like it so when a person visits the website, the music player will auto play in the header section and when a person clicks to go to another part of the website, the top header stays there and music continues to play.

We would either like the top header iframed or the main content section below iframed. Preferably the top header would be better for SEO purposed.

Let me know your thoughts.


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Football Player Cartoons

I have several players that I will post photos of as separate jobs that I would like illustrated in colour as cartoons exaggerating their unusual features

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Integrate Buffering Into Custom Flv Player/editor

Updating a custom built -but open source- FLV player and clip editor built for the Stories Matter framework with buffering/gradual loading functionality. The current player does not buffer the movie file and thus only allows to play it after the whole movie is downloaded. We have to use this player as it is custom built to be able to create/play clips (fragments) of a larger file (through timestamps) and to create/play playlists consisting of several clips. It is used in a drupal environment but syncs with an Adobe AIR application that functions a bit like iTunes. This AIR application also uses the same flv player. The player uses actionscript3 and javascript. So, only bid if you have knowledge of these languages and if you have experience with FLV player. There is not a lot of time for trial and error as the strict deadline of the project is April 15th, but the earlier the better.

An example of the problem can be seen on this page:

The black box sits there for a couple of minutes until the full movie (audioclip in this case) is downloaded.

The current FLV player files are attached.

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WordPress Development (Multisite/buddypress)

OK, so I previously had posted an integration project between Magento and our CDN. That has been scrapped. Magento is just not what we are interested in anymore. Just too problematic.

So, what I need is someone who is an expert in WordPress Multisite and Buddypress. We will have at your disposal the resource of . We will need you to incorporate a series plugins, and will need you to customize our network.

We will have our main site that will be a buddypress site that integrates Cart66, where we will sell pay-per-view videos. You will need to integrate this site with Amazon Cloudfront. They have a lot of tutorials, and it shouldnt be too hard. You will need to set the site up so the site is streaming securely, streaming RTMP, SWF. JW Player has an integration already up on their site at
So this should be fairly simple.

We will create a few other blogs as subdirectories (not subdomains). These will be individual channels for artists or companies. We need to customize the network so that only the superadmin can create new blogs, not the users. We also will use the "New Blog Templates" plugin to create new blogs in the network as occasion arises.

So, an important aspect of this is that we need someone that we will work with on this project, but also on an ongoing basis to add new blogs, and to keep things working.

So we look at this as an ongoing project, though we will start with this project.


1) Set up main blog WP Multisite with buddy press and Cart66
2) integrate JW Player with Amazon Cloudfront
3) create a first blog (template) as a subdirectory that we can clone to create multiple other blogs with.

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Kaltura Video Player Theme


Im looking for someone that could style the Kaltura video player with a skin designed by me. The skin is simpler than the actual Kaltura skin player, you can get the source at:

– It should look the same has the design for the HTML5 and Flash version.
– It should maintain the same original structure of the Kaltura framework, only need a skin.
– The image rounded with the circle need to be loaded from the skin directory so it could be change later (this image will be a transparent PNG) need to work the same in Flash and HTML5 video version.
– The skin should look the same in every browser: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3/4, Opera 10/11, Safari 4/5 and Chrome 10/11.

Please see the attachment to see how the video player skin should look. I will provide the original file so you can style it.

Thank you

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Joomla/Invision Board – Sports Player Rater/profile

We are looking for a software to be developed from scratch.

Our website is dedicated for fans of a football (soccer) club, developers wishing to bid should have a basic understanding of football as it will make it easier.

After every match played, an online poll will be launched on the websites forum (invision power board) asking members to rate each players performance, based on those who played the game. This poll should only be able to be created by a moderator or administrator and will ask members to score each player out of 10. The poll should only stay open for 24hrs. The poll will display results for each player based on an average.

I would also like the software to include referees performance, and management (ie tactics, substitutions) in the poll.

The information harvested from this poll will then be able to be used by Joomla, either as a plug in, and in real time. Site users will be able to track players statistics via a joomla profile for each player (see attached file). The information will also be used and attached to the bottom of match reports posted on Joomla, showing the player ratings from that particular game. There should also be a page showing players ranked by performance.

We are wanting a comprehensive system here, and are looking for an experienced person, with a portfolio of past work to carry out this job.

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Project Synchronize Db/WP

Project Synchronize db/wp
The following requirements apply:

1.A plugin for wordpress should be developed for a client that pulls data from and presents it formatted at fitted on our clients website.
2.Our client has a list of their players presented on their website. On every single player there should be a link to the statistics pulled from the soccerassociaton website. As mentioned the data pulled should be implemented at our clients website.
3.The keeps records of how many matches a single player has played and it is constantly updated. Therefore the plugin should be able to pull data every week and update it on our clients website.
4.The soccerassociation website has a subscription service. Username and password will be provided.
5.There should be a link placed next to the player(s) on our clients website, that shows the statistics of a particular player upon clicking. When showing the player statistics there should be an option to PRINT the statistics or EMAIL/SEND the it as a PDF file

Our clients website is developed in WordPress.

I need a qoute for development of this plugin.

Please feel free to contact me, if you need further information.


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Wanted: C++ Developer

I am looking for a strong C++ developer regarding the development of an improved version of the open source software of Vlc Player. Furthermore it is important that the developer is a Vlc Player expert. This because I have a couple of questions with which an expert could help me with.

I would appreciate it when a Vlc Player expert could explain to me all functions, so that I will become a Vlc Player expert as well. Furthermore I am interested in adding some more features in the Vlc Player, so that an improved Vlc Player version can be realized.

On basis of an extensive clarification of all possibilities within Vlc Player and possibilities regarding Vlc Player extensions a work description will be realized. This work description will then be the starting point on which a new improved Vlc Player version will be developed.

Concerning the communication of all aspects of the Vlc Player a hourly tariff could be arranged, preceded with a proposition of the expected hours. Regarding the development of a new and improved version of Vlc Player a tariff for final delivery will have to be agreed on.

Just send an e-mail for more information about this project.

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Flash Game For Facebook


I am looking for someone to develop flash Facebook game for me. Actually I hope for long-term cooperation, but this will be the test project. It will be simple ski-jumping game with some Facebook integration.

It goes like that:

1.) there is a Facebook app – if you add it, you can play the game.
2.) You have your data (name, photo, location) taken from Facebook
3.) You start the game, there are rules explained

There are 3 jumps for each of them:

3.1) Player draws the expected length of the ski-jump (value between 100 and 150)
3.2) Player select the power and angle of his jump.
3.3) There is wind variable (direction and power varies randomly) it affects the jump.
3.4) Players score depends on how far from the expected length of the ski-jump he actually jumped
4.) You can challenge your friends from Facebook. If you do that friend gets a message he had been challenged and link to application. After challenging your friend you make a jump, if your friend accepts the challenge he makes a jump. The app publish the result of the challenge on both boards.
5.) There is also the global standing (high scores) of the ski-jumpers (all of them). Of course it publishes on your board info when you break your high-score. It uses player names and pictures from FB

Thats more or less all.

If you dont know what ski-jumping is -you have an example here:

Oh one more. I will not even consider offers that you add without reading this description, so If you have read the description, understand it and believe you are the right person/team to create the application for me add the word

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For Aragorn Only – Flash Game: Put The Note On The Staff

Project: Create a childrens flash music game that helps them learn to place/write notes on the treble and bass staves.

Outline: Game is to be created like past games (same colors, format, etc) and has score card and email sender. The game basically includes levels 1,2 and 3 where a note is lit up on a keyboard and the player needs to "drag and drop" a whole note on the staff line/space that indicates the keyboard note. The staff highlights a certain area on the treble or bass staff so that player knows which octave the keyboard note is within.

Let me know if you have any further comments.


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JW Player Add-ons And New Features

We require having our JW Player edited so that we can have the following features on our Music and Video page.
1. File (mp3 or mp4) title
2. Artist name
3. Date added
4. Number of downloads
5. A

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PHPMotion V3.5 Video Embed & Video Player Embed Feature

Add a feature to PHPMotion v3.5 to allow embedding videos and/or alternate video players from other video hosting and streaming services.

Concept is to paste video embed codes AND/OR alternate video player embed codes from other video hosting services into a form in PHPMotion admin area along with video title, description, tags, PHPMotion category classification, sub category classification, (plus a new data field indicating the source video hosting service or Amazon S3 bucket, etc,) and then have PHPMotion manage and display the video thumbnail and code and/or alternate players as if the videos were locally uploaded files on the PHPMotion server.

PHPMotion v3.5 provides a PowerTool add-on that allows embedding YouTube Videos and it has functionality similar to that described here; however we are interested in displaying videos and alternate video players provided by other video hosting services. (Kaltura, iPlayerHD, Limelight, etc., etc.)

We are primarily interested in displaying secure streaming videos and preventing user downloads.

We would like the option to display externally hosted video files (i.e. stored on an Amazon S3 bucket, etc.) through the Flow Player already on our site (we have commercial license) which has been installed as another mod.

AND we would like the option to display a different video player for videos hosted on remote specialty video hosting services. (iplayerHD, Kaltura, Limelight, etc.)

For example, videos hosted on iPlayerHD (Hi Definition and mobile video hosting) can be configured with their video player and we would like to be able to display their video player in PHPMotion behind the PHPMotion Subscription Manager paywall.

All videos and/or video players would appear in PHPMotion search results, categories, restricted access inside paid subscriptions, etc. and would play in the PHPMotion site.

This video embed // video player embed feature needs to work seamlessly with all existing site features.

We will be selling streaming video subscriptions (no downloads) and we need secure streaming and file download prevention.

Current plans are to host the PHPMotion site on Wowza Media server 2, use RTMP streaming and implement streaming security features accordingly to secure any locally hosted video files. Of course alternate video hosting services will have their own video security methods in place, so we would just be limiting user access to their players as embeded in our site behind our paywall.

Please ask any additional clarifying questions or propose an alternate means of achieving these goals.

Phil D

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Baseball Scouting APP

I scout baseball players and need an app that will allow me to just type my notes about a player right into the form on the phone and then save it. So if I was watching the players from a team, example, the Mudcats. I would save the notes I took on a certain player under Team Name: Mudcats, age group: 9-10, Game Location: Belton, TX, date: 02/25/2011. Player #: 27. I would not know the players name, just their number so I would save it under these criteria and the parent or coach can search for his team name and see that I wrote scouting notes for player #27. Then they could purchase my report right there on their phone, (or thru the website if you think that is a better option for this) open it and read what i had to say about their kid and steps I think they could do to improve. The reports would be short, possibly 250 words or less.

So to put it all together the idea is: I scout the game, watch a players mechanics and write down the mechanical flaws I see and how to fix them. I save it under the players number. The parent or coach can check the phone or maybe just go the website,sometime after the game or even during the game to see if I saved a report about their child. If so they can purchase it, open it and read it. Then relay the advice to the coach or player, or their private lessons instructor.

Would like for this to be setup in a way where I can not only use this app myself, to scout games/players, but sell it to other baseball professionals where they can use my website, but scout on their own also. In other words, I guess they would have some kind of administrtaive rights so they can scout using the app and then post their reports online and get paid directly from their clients?? you may have suggestions for how to do this.

You can use your creativity to make this setup work best based off the idea I have here.

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A Branded Radio Player App.

A branded radio player app.

Hi, I want you to find source code for a simple free radio app and then re-brand it for my broadcast.

Ill need a version for both the iPhone and Android.

The streaming server will be running Icecast.

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Flash Player Embedded In DirectX Application

We need to embed flash stream player into our application which is running in DirectX and Flash is DRM protected.

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Radio Streaming Player

We require a Streaming player for a Radio Website. The Streaming player must have :

Ability to have a mp3 advertisement before the stream starts to play.
Room on the player for a advertisement banner
Now Playing, and Just Played text (from our DB which we will supply)

Streaming player must work for Mac and Windows and work with all browsers also not have too much load on the server and be able to handle lots of connections.

Looking for someone to be able to complete in a short amount of time.

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Mp3 Music Player With Paypal Checkout

Hi all,

i am looking for a mp3 player that is linked to PayPal to allow the sales of instrumental beats from my website (

the player would also need to send the buyer a link to their email address where they will be able to download the purchased music after which the link would expire.

something very similar to the one here:

hope to hear from some1 soon.


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Flash Expert Required

A video player required to be converted from AS2 to AS3

If youve built a player from scratch, that will be an added advantage.

If this project is successful, an ad integration into flash video players might be required in later stages. That would be a different project.

Kindly mention the deadline and relevant experience with your bid.

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Mobile Application Design (MIDP 2.0)

I-Tech Solutions and Consulting UK Ltd. are looking for a freelancer to complement their team for a project in MIDP 2.0. We would like the selected person to do a "PAID" Proof of Concept in the form of a small project (Brief Enclosed Below).

i-Tech Solutions and Consulting UK Ltd. are a UK based consulting company with client base in UK, Europe, US and Far East. They are looking for a freelancer to work with their pre-existing team on a newly acquired project.

The proof of concept involves designing a Mobile Application for the board game SCRABBLE. This game is to be specifically designed using MIDP 2.0 and run in Wireless 2.5.2. The objective is to display the 15×15 scrabble board each of which will accommodate a single letter tile. At the start of the game, a set of 7 random alphabet tiles will be given to the player. The player will then have to make legitimate words which will be verified using the dictionary. For every unverified word the player will be asked to resubmit their entry. At the end of the game a score is also to be displayed.

This is an urgent requirement and hence the interested candidates should contact i-Tech Solutions and Consulting at the earliest.

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Video Capture Player In Flash

I am looking for a flash programmer to build a swf file that will play video from a local video capture device, I will want all source code for this project.

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Flash Player For Web That Plays Mp3, M4a, Ogg

Write an Adobe Flash player capable of playing mp3, ogg, m4a (similar to ffmp3, but supporting m4a/aac + javascript API). Even though ogg is not natively supported by Flash, it could be done using Haxe, the source of ogg decoder is available in Haxe.

Javascript API should provide the following functions:
– play URL (any http link to an ogg, mp3 or m4a file)
– play from RTMP (only mp3 or m4a files)
– seek
– pause/resume
– adjust volume
– callback: onStart, onFinish, onPlay(secs_played, percent_loaded), onVolumeChange, onSeek

Besides Javascript API player should be able to autoplay from provided init parameters.

The GUI needs to be skinnable. It has to display play/pause button, time played, volume and a seek slider.

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I need a player like

But only admin can upload rss url links…

Or the player like this one

to display videos from different websites and channels (Rss feeds) like youtube, vemeo, dailymotion and more.

It should display latest videos on top

Milestone will be done only when you can show what you have done, before you install to our website

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Flash Website Like ""

I want a website just same as "" With few Flash games both in Single player and Multi Player. I want some one with previous experience with same type of successful Project.
Only serious bidders, no time wasters.
Bidders with out portfolio on this topic (Flash Gaming website) will not be considered at all.
First see the "" analyze it then place your bid.

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JQuery HTML5 Audio Player IPhone Android & File Upload

Need a cross-platform, cross-browser audio player (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav) that will work in all modern browsers (IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) as well as on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android). Needs to have "auto-play" feature toggle, playlist support. Will provide design for player via photoshop mockup.

Also need a cross-platform, cross-browser file uploader (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav) that will work in all modern browsers (IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Will provide design for file upload via photoshop mockup.

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Card Game Online

I want start a 4 player card game online.

-2 teams. each team has 2 player.
-all card are in play. Game is simple.
-register member -> can play 1 game each month with user rondom selected.
-Register gold member can join a competition.
-there will be several legues. depending on the mebers quantity.
-payment provider is multisafepay.
-admin panel full with WHMCS

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Flash Flow Player Embeddable Ads Needed

I have a Flash Flow Player which needs to be recoded to have ads for the embeddable function. There would have to be a 300×250 ad zone in the embed player and a pop-under.

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Music Player App Project Work

I need a music player made. A site will be made, but you dont have to make that. Just the application. Ill pay $200-$225 for this work. I have tiny bit of it done. Not much really.

The first page (home page) the person will see is divided into two horizontal segments: the first segment (25% of the home page space) is the username and password (login) segment. The remaining space on the home page will be the autobounj section.

The autobounj section will look like this:
1) The left panel will have a list of instruments just like the profile page pic we sent you
2) The right panel will have a list of featured compositions (1st half) and a list of lastest compositions (2nd half)
3) The center panel will look like a play button with AutoBounj written next to it.
4) Instead of the "MY COMPOSITIONS" panel shown in the picture we sent you, there will be Genres.
5) So when the user clicks on a Genre and hits the AutoBounj button, the respective music instrument notes fly from the left panel and get stacked on each other over the autobounj (center panel)

Also note, we will have a streamer of newly composed songs scrolling across the screeen for each profile page.

Player functionalities:
1) Play
2) Stop
3) Pause
4) Download
5) Bounj (when this button is clicked, all the different instrument tunes stacked on the player collapse and it is added to the "MY COMPOSITIONS" window)

The "MY COMPOSITIONS" window has a list of all compositions created by the user and each composition has a play button that plays the composition, a facebook logo (that lets them paste it as a link on their facebook page) and a download button (that leads to the paypal page where we charge a centain amount for them to download the composition).

When the user visits the website, he should see a screen with 3 horizontal segments.

Segment 1(The top segment): Will prompt the user to enter his email id and password to access
his console or for a new user, will prompt him to create a username and password.

Segment2 : AutoBounj segment which means that on the click of a button the player should
randomly pick a bunch of loops (instrument tunes) and compile a song. There are going to
be a preset list of genres from which the user will choose and ach genre will have a list of
instruments associated with it from which the autobounj tune is compiled.


Once the user logs in, on his account page he will see:

1) Libraries of loops grouped by genre
2) His own compositions / favorite tunes will be available
3) The music player /editor itself with drag and drop functionality (User should be be able to
drag and drop loops and compositions onto the editor/ player)
4) The player editor has the ability to play / record voice / pause / stop/ rearrange loops in
terms of timeline/ post composition on Facebook /download composition.


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Quebec Classic Card Games Collection

Quebec is a province in Canada. We got in our culture some card games that is not available on internet.

Create 7 Card Games

-The Beef
-500 ( A mod for The Beef )
-Ass Hole
-The tief pack
-Take in the Lake

I tryied to translate the games in english but i know only the french names.

-The Beef : 4 Player
-500 : 4 Player
-Ass Hole : 4 Player
-The Tief pack : Up to 4 Player
-Take in the lake : Up to 4 Player
-Hockey : 2 Player
-Speed : 2 Player

The main game is The Beef. Competitive, Inteligent and Smart game.

Online Support for The Beef and Ass Hole is a must.

I Will Buy Hosting in Quebec for the Server Software for online play

I will sell the game on a web page and let people play online

I wish i can get a client like the poker sites got. But i dont need statistics.

The language use for the client and the server software is choose by the programmer.

The web site will be create after the package done. Its another contract.

30% of the profit will go to the creator.

Everything will be manage with legality in Quebec.

Possibility to create mods and more stuff later.

I need a partner. Not a robot.

Very small project is selected in this case… Benefits is share.

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Flash Audio Player

No money will be given till You build the final product. I need to see a demo of your work, before I award it to you.

Need Flash audio player that will play all different music formats like mp3, m3u, windows asx, wav, etc

With a determinated style that ill give to you.

You will be using Ajax call to receive song urls from server. I have a lot of streaming radios and in every logo i have the link to the streaming, then clicking in the logo, the streaming of the player must be renoved with the new url.

I do the part of ajax, but i need that the player in flash can play a new streaming url passed by ajax.

Dont bid over $100.00

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Minor Flash Scripting

I would like to customize a free flash player and brand it as my own player complete with a logo.
This will involve connecting it to a library for a related product.
If project is successful I will rehire for updates and adjustments from time to time.

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Kids Music Game – Identifying Instrument.families

Flash Instrument Identification Game for Kids

Company: Music Discovery for Kids

Project Description:
We are looking for a game developer to help us create a game that teaches children what part of the orchestra each instrument belongs to (i.e. the viola belongs to the string family). We have the graphics we would like to use for this game.

Basic game: The game would have various instruments presented on the bottom of the field where a single instrument would randomly appear. The player would need to drag and drop the instrument to its orchestra family area. Instruments would need to have a short sound played when player clicks on them before dragging it to the family area. Once the player has placed the instrument in the family area and lets go of the mouse, the "Thats correct" or "Incorrect" sign would appear. Players are given 10 questions at a time. After each set of 10 questions, the player can send their score/report card to their music teacher via email action script in the flash.

Note: The winner bidder of this project may be asked to create a second instrument game: identifying instruments in the orchestra.

Project price: $30 US (negotiable) per game. This project is to bid on creating ONE game.

Serious inquiries only.

We do have other projects to bid on – check out our projects area.

Feel free to PM us if you have further questions.

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