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WordPress Plugin Register Players For Little League Baseball

I need a wordpress plugin to do the following…

this is the first stage of our project and we have decided to break it up instead of making it one huge project.. It will be easier on the pocket books this way.

We will want rights to this plugin to install it on another site if need be and will need to be compiled as a actuall plugin that will install via the plugin menu from wordpress.

This is what we want it to accomplish.

Registration Tab on Navigation.

When registering the user can register as the following.
Site User
Needs option to register multiple players
Staff Member
will be a site user until approved
Board Member
will be a site user until approved
will be a site user until approved
will be a site user until approved
will be a site user until approved
will be created from the parents profile
will have to pay a fee via paypal for active season
First and Last Name
Street Address
Date of Birth
Birth Certificates will need to be uploaded and stored in players account as pdf or jpeg
Account will need to be paid and birth certificate will need to be verified prior to being active for said season
If player is returning for a 2nd season birth certificate will not be needed.
Shirt size
Pant Size
Desired Jersey Number
Desired Position
Right/Left Handed?
We need to be able to track players fees for multiple seasons
Registration Date?
Years Exp? (software will determine this)
Track Seasons he has played and team (team will be coded later)
Emergency contact + phone
Doctors Name + phone
Insurance and Policy Number?
Photo (optional Upload)

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WordPress Customization / Plugin Design + Seo

Im looking for someone that is good in both wordpress customization and seo.
I need several several changes and additions done to a current wordpress site i have.
These changes include seo and possible new plugins that need to be made.

Pm me for more detail if interrested.

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WP Voting Plugin Needed

I need a custom WordPress voting plugin that can validate the voter and be able to set dynamic vote counts on an individual basis per voter (one voter can vote once while another voter may be able to vote 3 or four times on the same ballot) Also need to beable to run multiple ballots at once. just ask for more information.

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WordPress Themes And Plugin Like

I am looking for someone who has used this Wishlist membership plugin and has experiance setting up membership sites using this plugin

I need someone to set up my web site with this plugin and create the error page, registration page, etc and get it all working correctly with paypal subscription button and aweber.

I am only looking for someone who can create this themes and plugin for acution and shopping cart

i want to look my site like

my site is :

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WordPress EShop Plugin Troubleshoot


I am looking for assistance in testing and troubleshooting a WordPress website with an online store, specifically the eShop Plugin. The website is using the eStore theme by Elegant Themes, with the eShop e-commerce plugin.

The challenges with eShop Im having include:
-Paypal payments are going through, but eShop does not validate the orders, saying PayPal IPN failed, and so none of the eShop emails are being sent (eg. your order was received)
-On one site (multisite installation), the Add to Cart buttons to show up

It is important that you have experience working with the eShop plugin, and with WordPress. Some of this might involve PHP coding, but some might just be working with the eShop settings.

I will pay 50% of the project cost when the test site is working (with all emails, order processing, etc.), and then the remaining 50% when I make it live and it still works.

Thanks so much,

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WordPress Shopping Plugin Fix

Fix wp shopping plugin as discussed

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WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

Modify WordPress E-commerce Plugin. Need to hire a skilled PHP developer who can hack up the code inside the E-commerce Plugin for WordPress.

Fix Shipping Bug
Style form fields
Make more user friendly checkout

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PSD To WordPress – ECommerce Plugin

I need someone to take my psd file and turn it into a functioning wordpress site. The photshop file is from CS5. I need someone who knows wordpress very well and has great communication. I expect the person I pick to give me nightly notes.I also require them to have skype. Please make sure to send me all wordpress sites that you have done and then a approximate bid. I will pick people based on work and then send them a detailed outline.

Thanks and happy bidding

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PSD To WordPress And ECommerce Plugin

I need someone to take my psd file and turn it into a functioning wordpress site. The photshop file is from CS5. I need someone who knows wordpress very well and has great communication. I expect the person I pick to give me nightly notes.I also require them to have skype. Please make sure to send me all wordpress sites that you have done and then a approximate bid. I will pick people based on work and then send them a detailed outline.

Thanks and happy bidding

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PSD To WordPress With ECommerce Plugin

I need someone to take my psd file and turn it into a functioning wordpress site. The photshop file is from CS5. I need someone who knows wordpress very well and has great communication. I expect the person I pick to give me nightly notes.I also require them to have skype. Please make sure to send me all wordpress sites that you have done and then a approximate bid. I will pick people based on work and then send them a detailed outline.

Thanks and happy biddging

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WordPress Design With Plugin

Hi all i need a wordpress designer that can create a worpress theme and a plugin or install a plugin for my website the site will be UK based and there will be areas at the top of the page with sub areas listed in each main area when people want to add an item there will need to be an option to add image stored on my server also whether it is for sale or a swap with a description and contact details.
Only got a small budget can put link on all pages for you to say that you designed the pages.

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Small WordPress Syndication Plugin Customization

A very quick job customizing an existing wordpress theme.

add read more tags to custom wordpress theme using Syndication plugin.

-w3c validated, css based layout, cross browser supporting, tableless, neat and clean css codes.

-Good Code Comments


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WordPress Plugin Coding (Allowing Sub-post Hierarchy)

A WordPress project is almost complete, but requires a custom plugin in order to function correctly. The plugin needs to define the relationship between two different kinds of custom post types (a new feature in WordPress 3.0). The blog makes use of a custom post type called mixtape, and another called track. When a track post is composed, it needs to have a drop down menu to pick a parent post from the list of existing mixtape posts. Track posts are children of mixtape posts, and only appear on its parents post page. The track post should not be able to be viewed individually. The track posts should be attached to their parent post, and displayed after it in the order that they were posted (newest at the bottom).

This plugin should work in a similar fashion to the existing WP Sub Post plugin. Here is a link to that plugins code for reference: That plugin would be perfect for this task except for the fact that it doesnt allow the user to define parent-child relationships between two different custom post types.

The website also still makes use of the standard post and page types, so this plugin should NOT affect the way that these work at all. This plugin should be targeted specifically towards the mixtape and track custom post types.

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WordPress Migration Plugin

I need a WordPress plugin that will allow me to migrate my WordPress blog from one host or domain to another. The plugin needs to have full backup and restore functionality of the database and also needs to have simple options for either moving to a new host, moving to a new domain.

Effectively, the ideal would be to place the plugin on the original and destination domain/host, and have the end user simply enter FTP details, etc, tick a few boxes, and then have the plugin do the rest.

Basically, I need a simple point and click option for migration.

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WordPress Tuning, Plugin Enhancement


I need to have the following things done:

a) There is a WP page named "Sitemap". I need a WP theme template that I can assign to that page. The template should show the following:

<div class="sitemaplist">

(a list of WPs menu structure should be shown)


(a list of archive entries should be shown, assorted by month)


(a list of categories should be shown, assorted by name)

</div><!– /.sitemaplist –>

Meaning, that the page should get generated and updated automatically by WordPress.

b) I already have SlideDeck Pro ( plugin installed. The plugin can generate PHP code snippets that one can paste into a WP template where a slide deck should appear, such as

<?php slidedeck( 6774, array( width => 100%, height => 300px ) ); ?>

I need to have it *enhanced *in such way that it __also__ generates a WP shortcode snippet that one can paste into the WP editor where a slide deck should appear, such as

[slidedeck id=6774 width="100%" height="300px"]

c) I need to have another posts list (ordered chronologically and with pagination) apart from the default one.

Thats is already 🙂

Note 1: do not start working until 1) you have won the bid and 2) we agreed to that you start working
Note 2: Skills needed: PHP, WordPress, SVN
Note 3: Preferable: Skype and politeness, SVN and WinSCP/SCP/SFTP knowledge
Note 4: No agencies please.
Note 5: Solution must be compatible with IE7+, current Opera/Chrome/Firefox/Safari

Important: *I need this by tomorrow evening*, bidding period will end this evening!

Please commence bidding now 🙂

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WordPress Plugin > Develop Vehicle Listings Plugin

Listings Plugin for WordPress

I would like to create a simple proprietary listings plugin for WordPress that allows my client to upload and manage their vehicle listings. The plugin would display the listings on the client web site (for the public).


Listings User Functions
– user can create new listing, add description (text) and individual data like price, year, mileage, etc
– plugin must generate unique ID#s for each listing
– user can upload up to 30 pics, user can set one as the main pic and the plugin displays thumbnails of the rest (which can be viewed as a slideshow by site visitors)
– plugin should receive file, resize to a standard listing size attach to listing
– pics should have a text caption that the user can enter
– listing creation process starts a listing as a draft as the user enters the data, when done, the user can preview, then activate the listing to the site
– allows a listing to be marked as featured so it can be displayed on the home page (in a slideshow etc)
– listings can be archived (removed from site but still in db) or marked as sold (stay on the site but come up in a different section called "Just Sold")
– if a listing is marked "just sold", the plugin should stamp a "just sold" image on the listing thumbnail image (but should be reversible (ie need to be able to revert to original thumbnail if needed)

Web Site Visitor Features
– listings presented to user by category (new vehicles, used vehicles, misc vehicles, etc) in a list – each listing with a thumbnail pic
– user can sort list by price, make, model, etc
– possibly add filters so user can shorten the list they see
– clicking an individual listing link will take the user to the listing page that would include all pics, description and vehicle features (year, make, model etc)

Admin etc
– allows access to the plugin based on the WP user role (ie Admins get full access and Listings Users get access limited just to creating, editing and deleting listings)
– should be modular (just like any other WP plugin) so that it can be installed and configured on future (different) WP installs for other clients
– must integrate with latest install of WordPress. Please also comment on future compatibility (ie support / revision required? Hoping the logic and code will be developed in such a way that this requirement is as minimal as possible)

Other Things:
– provide links to 1-3 recent WordPress plugins you have completed
– meticulous, clean code and QA process
– good written and verbal skills in English
– project is starting very soon (probably looks like within 3-5 days at this point) and we would need to get it done within a few weeks.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, concerns, etc – I hope I have given you a good overview of what the project is. Let me know if you would like more info.

Thanks, eh!

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WordPress Slider Plugin

I require a wordpress slider plugin creating similar to the one found at this website;

I require the slider to show thumbnails of the end destination websites like in the above example but will link to the post itself when clicked on. Also the post title should be displayed under each thumbnail as per the example site.

The slider should show the latest x amount of posts from my site which I will be able to set i.e. 10, 15 or 20

The plugin should have the ability for me to keep certain posts showing on the slider which will not be replaced by newer posts until I decide to deselect them from the control panel.

I should be able to adjust the speed at which the slider moves across.

You will also be required to design the slider into under the logo / search box so that it fits into the overall look of the site.

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WordPress Audio Plugin Needed

I need a coder to create an Audio Plugin for a WordPress blog.

The Audio Plugin is for the Q&amp;A section where visitors to my blog with incapability of writing can record their questions in the site through the computer microphone. The recoding is up to 3 mins. The system will save and compress the recorded audio clip and send notification to the blog admin.

Audio clips will be stored in the site. The blog admin will then login to the WordPress Admin and in the WordPress Dashboard to hear the questions, and will reply them by recording the reply via audio in the site (via computer microphone). The visitor who asked the question (audio) will then be notified via email when the blog admin has replied.

The visitor has a choice of making his or her question (audio)

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Change Language In WordPress Plugin – NEED TO START NOW

I need help to change the language in the wordpress plugin:

Extra information about the plugin from the author:

Basicly i need the month names and the weekday names in danish in frontend and backend., and i cant figure out how to translate that part.

I can get the rest.. so its just The weekdaynames, and the month names i need changed.
Also i need it to display 24H times in stead of PM/AM.

I want you to work on the calendar on your own site, and when we agree that it looks right the project is accepted as finished.

I need this ASAP (max 24 hours from now)

If you have done other plugins before please show a link in a PM.
Best price wins the project.

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WordPress Plugin With Groupon And Yipit Functions -new-

I need a full featured and template driven plugin to get all the functions from with an integrated funtions from as a plugin for wordpress.
( Please see the template-engine of the wp-e-commerce plugin to know what i mean with template driven. )

Plugin must support all the functions from and

Must have a modular AJAX engine, so its possible to easily integrate it in every premium-wordpress-theme.

Must be multinlanguage ready with the default wordpress-functions (__ and _e) to translate with poEdit.

Must be full localized, so its possible to use the script in every country.

All user/member forms must be at the front-end as jQuery popup forms. The user dont have to redirect to the wordpress backend. Please see (login/register) as an example what i mean.
(Register, Login, MyAccount, myFavorites, myDeals, myNewsletter)

Cities and languages must be build with custom-taxonomies.

PayPal, Moneybookers and Credit-Card Integration. The payment-gateway should be modular to implement other gateways.

Coupons must be sended as PDF-File, created from a HTML-Template. Each Coupon must have a unique coupon-number.

Full member and supplier management.

Aggregate deals from other deal-sites like the functions from

You dont have to use any other plugin.

Please visit (and sign-up), and to review all the functions.

Project must be realized as 3 plugins :
– 1. WordPress Member Forms and Functions as jQuery Popup Forms (Login, Register, Change Password, Request Password, Edit Profile)
– 2. Yipit Functions
– 3. Groupon Functions
Plugins must work together or Standalone.

I got all rights to the script.

Milestones :
1. WordPress Member Plugin (see above)
2. Yipit Aggregator
3. First Theme integration
4. Groupon Backend
5. Groupon Front-end
6. Second Theme integration
7. Groupon Deal Processing (build coupons, processs payments)
8. Bugfixing and cosmetic changes

I only will upload the escrow for a milestone, before the milestone begins.
I only release ALL payments after the project is fully done. There will be no part payment.
If one milestone fails, the full project will be canceld without any payment.

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Non-Profit WordPress Donation Plugin

Were looking to develop a customized (but simple) WordPress plugin for accepting donations on our non-profits website.

– The plugin will need to be 100% compatible with standard PayPal as well as PayPal Pro.
– It needs to keep track of donor information (name, address, phone, donation amount, transaction ID) in the backend with a secured SQL database storing the information.
– The donation form should be able to be integrated with a [shortcode] on an existing "Donate" WordPress page.
– Preferably powered by AJAX to take donors through the process of donating and have a really easy-to-use interface.

This project is extremely time-sensitive! If it cant be finished in a weeks time, please dont bid!

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WordPress AJAX Plugin Development

We need a wordpress plugin to calculate an offer with services. The visitor should be able to choose products that he wants. At the end he can calculate and send the quote to his/her email address. A copy of the quote is automatically sent to the administrator. Email text can be changed in the backend. The admin login and can enter unlimited services and products and their prices. The plugin should be programmed as an AJAX plugin.

Category 1,2,3,4…
Service 1,2,3,4… and Price

Please only first-class work and offers. Who is not clear what we mean exactly. A similar plugin already exists, but that is far too complicated.


Best Ami

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Help Me Translate WordPress Using QTranslate Plugin

I bought a theme from
The name of the theme is DOMINION.
It uses something called the GANTRY framework.

Lets start with something simple.
If this works, more work will follow.

I need to use the qTranslate plugin to have the page available in both English and Spanish.

I need your help making sure the plugin works well with the MENU and the LINKS inside my Worpress theme.
Specifically, I need to be able to edit the menus and links myself, knowing that they will translate properly when you click on the language flags.

Please take a look at my page:
Feel free to play around with the Flags on the right hand side. See what I mean? The title of the page changes, but not the Menus or the Links at the top.

For someone with the right skills this should be fairly simple to accomplish. Good luck!

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WordPress Plugin – Associate Article With US City/county/st

I am looking a wordpress developer guru to develop a wordpress plugin that allows me to associate an article with US states, counties and cities.

Eg.: I have a post A into my blog. I want a box, below the edit article content box where I can tell the wordpress the states that I want this post associate with, the counties and the cities.

There are no limits of states, counties or cities that I can associate with the article.

I want all this working without reload the page and I want a location suggest, like the Expedia Location Suggest, but for a location. I will provide the US database with the state, counties and cities names.

It is almost like a "tagging" system, but for cities, counties and states. I want a function where I can call into my template to return an array with the associated states, another one to return an array with the counties and another one to return an array with the cities. (PHP arrays).

It is important to create a function to check if are there any states, counties or cities associated with the post.

I really want to see some examples of work you did before hire you. Show me some WordPress plugins and not random web development. I am looking a wordpress guru and not a simple web developer.

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WordPress Expert (plugin)

Looking for WordPress expert for plugin creation job. Budget $150 USD – $170 USD. Preferably in max 2 days.
Please refer to PMB.

Good english is a must.

Good luck.

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WordPress Plugin For Selecting Manual Sets Of Related Posts

Urgently need a wordpress plugin developed to edit and store sets of related posts for each posts. Heres how it should work:
Plugin settings will have 2 things:
1. Number of relation groups
2. Title for each relation group

For Example: Ill say there will be 3 relation groups: 1.Related Blog Posts 2. Related Info 3.Related Pages

Each post and page will have a new meta-box for this plugin where user will manually search and select posts and pages to assign to any of these related groups.

There will also be a widget where it lists all relation groups with their title and linking to posts/pages.

This is very UGRENT so we can not accept delays on this plugin.

Along with your bid, send me a PM with your previous PLUGIN experience.
To prove you are not a spammer, start your bid or message with "I am human".

Ask me your questions with PM if there are any.

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WordPress Membership Plugin

I am wanting to get a wordpress plugin done that I can resell to others. So it would NEED to be protected by a license key that can restrict it to a single domain name.

Here are the features that I am looking to have in the membership plugin for wordpress.

– Drip-Feed, Time-Released, Sequential access to Files and Blog posts. Configurable Drip-Feed Access to Files/Posts/Pages based on:
* Days (since purchase),
* Date (specific date, like Feb 14, 2009)
* No. of Clicks/Views (Pay-per-view or Pay-per-download)

– Supports Recurring Payments as well as One-Time Purchases
– Shopping Cart that directly supports, Paypal Express Checkout and Paypal Payments Pro. No need for 3rd party shopping carts. DAP itself becomes your Shopping Cart.
– 1-Click Upsells & Downsells
– Display One-Time Offers (OTOs) after purchase.
– Built-In Affiliate Program with Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale
– Admin Screens built right into your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Manage everything from right within WordPress.
– Unlimited Users
-Unlimited Affiliates
-Unlimited Email Autoresponders
-Unlimited Email Broadcasting (Bulk-Mail)
-Sneak-Peek: DAP will show all content from your blog posts, but only up to the

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WordPress Design And Plugin

Looking for experienced WordPress/PHP developer/s for:

-Wordpress customisation and redesign complete (new theme)
-Excellent knowledge of wordpress plugins/components
– We need a wordpress copy of this site : http://www.pre*sse-citr* same disposition / plugin theme style for another wordpress theme : antispam and emailing blog
– We give you access to the FTP and you update all theme and site.

Must :

-Demonstrate extensive Development experience with WordPress
-Be able to meet deadlines
-Be responsive to all communication
-Be able to communicate via msn

Please include only the best WordPress Custom PHP based sites from your portfolio in your reply .

This might lead up to regular work .

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WordPress Modifications – Plugin Needed

I need a wordpress theme modified.

On each post there must be 2 options.

YES or NO links to vote.

Once the user selects either yes or no, the total yess and nos are displayed.

these links must be visible on the homepage and in the posts when clicked.

There must be a Top page that displays the top 10 posts with the most YESs and the top 10 posts with most NOs

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Design WordPress Commerce Plugin

Hi – looking for a custom wordpress plugin to retail similar to The idea is to create a plugin that I can sell which will allow customers to build an affiliate site in wordpress. May consider JV/profit share with correct programmer as my area of expertise is marketing.

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WordPress Ecommerce Plugin Development For Getshopped Plugin

We are currently implementing the e-commerce shopping system called wp-ecommerce located here:

We want a plugin for the plugin above that lets us add personalizatin optionts for each products. The plugin should be based on this: and have the exact same features located here!

We need this project completed in 20 days! Payment will only be made once we can see completed work!

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