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Need Fish Images

i need the following images in high quality made all facing to the side:

These images must be on a transparent background and be cartoon like:
– A puffer fish
– A gold fish
– A Piranha
– An electric eel
– Fish flakes
– Fish pellets

– A background wallpaper (approx px 2000×1000) that is of underwater with sand at the bottom as if looking into a fish tank from the side but no fish or anything in it


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Blog Article Writer / LED Lighting Expertise

We are looking for a writer that is well versed in LED Lighting Technologies.

This project is for 10 articles to be written for a blog about LED lighting technology, solutions and bulbs.

If you impress this can turn into a full/part-time job. We will then hire you to write 2-4 articles per week. Writer must have experience with writing for the web and should have a good understanding of what is required to write the articles in an SEO friendly manner.

Please provide me with samples that have similar content or character as the articles we will require.

Enlgish speaking with USA dialect please….get in touch if you are interested…Thx!!!

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Bidding Portal

Our Requirement is clear. We are looking for Bidding Portal with All Functionality. If you have work on smiler project then its easy to finalize the vendor. Please provide project samples with similar project and cost.

If you understand my requirnemtn please type cheers on your bid.

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Yelp And Wiki Accounts Needed

I need 100 Yelp and 100 Wiki accounts made from different IPs so they dont get flagged or banned. I then need all account information in a spreadsheet. Please allow a few days for review of your work and be prepared to provide samples upon request. Experience in creating these is a plus.

Happy Bidding.

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Essay Editor And Proof-reader Required Urgently

I need someone to edit and proof-read about 5 essays. I am offering to pay $2 for each essay (flat). The person might also be required to add a few points to 1or 2 essays.

S/he must be a native English speaker with extensive experience. Please provide samples of your work along with a C.V.

The 1st essay needs to be edited and proof-read immediately.

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Agela And Pausl Profiles (for Long Term Condition )

I need 1000 profile page links from PR4+ sites/domains using Angelas/Pauls packages .

You may have the packages or find the sites yourself but the sites/domains PR must be at least 4.

Project time-frame is 5 days.


– Profile pages on different domains, all domains must be unique.
– DoFollow text links
– Publicly viewable text links
– 3 keywords per profile only


I require an update in Excel after every 100 profile pages with the links are created to correct errors, if any.

I require the following information:

* Names of the domains where profile pages are created
* URLs of the publicly viewable links
* profile page accounts: username + password (and email address)
* Domain/ PR
* Anchor text used

Please provide several samples of your work when bidding.

Ready to start immediately, so please bid if you are ready too.

These links are meant to be permanent.

It is likely that there will be future work as a result.

Newer are welcome but you have to experienced about angela and pauls mothods work

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Ebook Design Needed

Hi I have written an Ebook called Overcome Stage Fright- "Your step by step guide to beating public speaking and performing fear."

I need 3 possible 4 ebook covers designed asap.

Please provide samples of ones you have done or a mockup

I want something of the quality of the ebooks on this page


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200 Medical Related Articles 500 Words

Hi, I need 200 medical articles. All titles and keywords will be provided. Please provide samples of medical articles.

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Create New Wikipedia Biography With References

I want a seasoned wikipedia writer to write a new well crafted 500-1000 words on an individual, his background, career and accomplishments in a wikipedia biography. News article, reference will be provided. Biography review before submission required. Writer must be able to integrate this with a few google searches to create something that sticks on Wikipedia and does not get deleted (only issue the payment after 7 days inspect, if not delete, then, issue at the same day).

I can also provide samples and any required assistance for the content.

Please respond with a specified bid for the combined projects and links to other wikipedia posts from you, ideally biographical posts but not necessarily.

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Biotech Experts Needed!!!

I want article writers who can write on various topics of Biotechnology. UK/US/Canadian citizens will be preferred. Articles should be unique and must pass copyscape. No rewriting of articles is required.

– I will pay 0.25$ per 100 words.
– Articles should be of 600+ words.
– Payment will be via GAF.
– There will be 30 articles in first assignment.
– Please provide samples of previous work related to biotechnology only.

*** Do not waste time by placing bid if you are not a Biotech Expert***

Happy Bidding!

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Edit The Essay (USA Native Speaker Only)

I have a large amount of essay to edit or rewrite. Each essay is about 500 words.

1.Provide re-written versions that are grammatically correct and in standard American English.
Scraped content will not be accepted.
2. Edit it to until it is like the style written by a native speakers.
3.Rewritten or edit articles should pass copyscape (at least 30% different from the original). I will
provide articles to be rewritten or edit.
4.Communication via email at least once a day.
5.Please bid with a sample.
7.Accepted Rewritten articles are with full exclusive rights to the buyer, you may not use them for anything, even as samples.

1. $5 per 500 words. (notice: this is just edit and rewrite)

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Net Marketing 1

I need a new website built, it will be between 15-20pages. There is an existing site that will be used as a loose template. It is my understanding that the website is written in Joomla.

If we can establish a working relationship on this project there will be additional work on a steady basis.

If you have an interest, we can communicate and exchange samples of your work and I can provide you with the URL to the template site.

Due to the nature of the work Im interested in developers residing in the United States or Canada only. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.


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Blogging – $1.3 Per Posting


I need well written blog postings for
One every day for a full month.

Somewhere between 300-400 words.
Must clear CopyScape.

Please provide samples of your work.

Best Regards,

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Rewrite Contract Descriptions 1400 Words

S 1400 words | Report Writing | Reviews

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Rewrite Contract Descriptions 1400 words  

Rewrite Contract Descriptions 1400 words is project number 728904
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 07/03/2010 at 0:47 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

07/08/2010 at 0:47 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (20 reviews)




I have 4 contract descriptions for the following documents:


The descriptions are formated as outlines which are okay but it is the individual descriptions that need to be rewritten.

Budget $30

Please provide samples of your writing. Excellent English and grammar required.

Must pass Copyscape before delivery.

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Looking For Website Developers!

I am looking for a website developer to create a small website for me- about 5 pages.

My maximum budget for this project is US$ 50.

I have access to free templates; but am not going for any because I want a consistent provider for a number of future projects also. Therefore, please keep this in mind while bidding.

You should be accessible by googletalk.

I will need assistance in hosting the site as well.

Please provide work samples.

People or companies with SEO experience preferred as I will have more requirements in the future.

Happy bidding!


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WordPress Theme Customization

We need someone to customize WordPress themes such as Lifestyle theme, Church theme etc from Studiopress and as well as other themes.

It is purely customization Job.

So if you are an expert at CSS and are talented with design, we would love to work with.
We are willing to pay $30-$40 depending upon the customization.
Looking for 2-3 customized versions of each theme.

Please provide samples of your design work.
If you are not proficient with CSS, please do not bid.
Must be willing to interact thru Skype.

Thank you

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500 Corrugated Bandit / Yard Signs

In need of 500 Bandit / Yard signs 18" x 24"
Signs will need to be 1 to 2 colors (text only)

Please provide samples for review.

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Academic Writers

Do you think you can write academic papers such as essays, research papers term papers e.t.c. with appropriate referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Oxford and others? If you can, Kindly post samples of your previous work and provide your desired price per page. This is a long term project. Only bid if you are serious and are ready to take a 2 double spaced page test essay.

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Sharepoint Design

Looking for an experienced sharepoint programmer for following:

(1) Re-design the Homepage for the portal.
(2) Edit the Master page for rest.

Please provide samples of previous project with Sharepoint.

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Voice Over In Arabic

Need several Male and Female Arabic narrator for localizing e-learning program
each narrator part is arround 2000 Words.
Narration should be in formal Arabic with Suadi or Egyptian dailgate.
Please dont bid without providing samples for your voice.

The bid should be for 2000 words of narration.

Enjoy bidding

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Hi all.
Im looking for quotes for a redesign of the Index page only on my site. the Url is
I need you to work with in the framework of the existing structure and keep the picture sizes of the middle section of the site the same as they are now.

If you could please provide me with quotes and samples of your ideas.

Looking forward to hear from you soon

Brian Lynggaard
Hunnybox UK

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Functional business website

Looking for a fully functional website used for business

high end yet edgy design

professionally made logo is required

bears similarity to social/business networking sites such as myspace/facebook/

users must be able to create/edit accounts/profiles

users must be able to upload pictures/videos

must have a shopping cart function for payments

webmaster must be able to search through database of accounts/profiles created

must be able to send mass/automatic emails to clients

Other details:
has pages such as: Home, About Us, Login, Sign Up, Browse, FAQ, Contact Us, etc.

More details to be discussed later if you win bid.

Job should take approximately 30-40 days to complete

I will make full payment upon completion using PayPal.

Please provide samples of your work to see if you fit the job description

Type this word at the beginning of your reply so I know that you read it: "Pomegranate"

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Singing Articles and Re-Writes

I require some articles written on the subject of learning to sing for a new website I am making.

I need 2 DIFFERENT articles written and optimised for each of the 15 keyword phrases below, for a total of 30 articles.

The first of each should be 500 – 700 words long.

The second of each needs to be 400 – 600 words long and needs to written in a spin-ready format for use with an article spinner.

The syntax for the spin software is the standard {version1~version2~version3} format.

I am looking preferably for someone who has experience with this type of spinnable writing.

A full guide to the syntax is included in the attacthed pdf.

For the second, spinnable article, I require 3 VERSIONS OF EACH SENTENCE.

I will be checking closely for duplicate content, so dont plagiarize your work.

I am looking for good quality content, written in proper english, optimized for each keyword with the keyword apearing in the title, once in the first paragraph, and then 2 – 5 times throughout the rest of the article, but in a natural sounding mannor.

Please provide at least 3 samples of your work with your application.

Pleas also give an acurate estimate of when this project will be completed by.

Here are the keywords for the articles:

Vocal warm up exercises
Singing voice lessons
Online singing lessons
How to sing harmony
Learn to sing online
Online voice lessons
Teach yourself to sing
How to sing well
How to sing better
How to improve singing
Improve singing voice
How to train your voice
How to become a singer
Vocal exercises
Singing techniques

I look forward to your aplication,


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Web Graphics Needed

I need 2 web graphics produced for a site which sells an info product which teaches new DJs how to get started, including purchasing essential equipment, teaching basic techniques and other subjects.

A 468 x 60 pixel banner.
A 125 x 125 pixel banner.

Both will need to fit in with the site theme (site given over PM to the winning bidder).

Please provide samples of previous work with your bids.


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Content Writter Needed

We are looking for the content writer for the Website.


– Strong writing skills in English.
– English should be your first language.
– Have knowledge of technical document writing (business and IT)

Please provide sample work.

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Need Writers to start IMMEDIATELY – $2/500 word Article

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for someone to write HIGH quality articles on a variety of niches.

Each article must be between 400-500 words and price will be $2 per article. Must be written with good English grammar.

The article must pass Copyscape PREMIUM with 100% only. I dont need any software generated articles, Please. I will retain complete ownership of the articles and these articles must not be sold on given to no one else.

Please provide samples of your work with bid.

Payment will be through GAF every week.

In your bid mention –

1) How many articles can you do per day? – I am expecting around 15-20. Quantity may be less but THERE WILL NO COMPROMISE WITH QUALITY.

I will ask for unlimited revisions until it reaches the HIGH STANDARD LEVEL. Mention 01913752974104 in your bid so I know you have read all my hard work 🙂

Happy Bidding.!

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Write press releases for a BPO company

We need Press releases written. This is going to be an ongoing assignment if we find the right candidated. You can bid per PR written.

Experience writing press releases is required. Please provide samples.

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Travel related original articles

***Before bidding, please be sure you understand all the requirements and that you are able to deliver.***

I need to have ten articles written for a website that focuses on holiday and foreign properties.

The articles should be of interest to readers that are considering either buying or renting/leasing property in a foreign country. (Places of interest include Paris, London, Rome and Mexican destinations.)

– they should be original articles (they will be checked via Copyscape)
– excellent English is required (proper grammar, punctuation and spelling)
– no boring articles
– I will need to own the copyrights
– SEO friendly (keeping in mind the website

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