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Chat Avatars


We need a set of 32 custom, small avatars suitable for an online chat. They have to be small and suggestive on 20×20 pixels. A very good example of what we want can be seen here (you can notice that they are very small yet suggestive, this is very important).

Just like the example link above, these avatars should be somehow different as subject (we dont need only "cartoon faces" or "flowers" or "stars") but the design style should be the same.

The final avatars should be at least 32×32 pixels and use progressive alpha channel (png and transparency).

Preferable but not mandatory is that the final set should be delivered as a layered PSD or TIFF file (color layers have to be separated so we can change them, no other modifications will be done).

P.S. We need to see some similar work (icons, avatars) before we start.

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We Need Custom Designed Catchy Advertising Banners.

We need some one to Design Catchy Advertising Banners.

This job is easy we need the designer to go to each website (theres 22 sites ) and create 1 animated advertising banner based on the sites selling point and one diffferent .png advertising banner from each site then take the same .png banner and make it in two other sizes.

Please send me your design profile.

We Need You To Start ASAP.


ONLY People With GOOD FeedBack and Skills Should Apply !

Bid Low, We Are middle man – OutSorcing Wat We Do Best!
Job Could Defintly Lead To More Work With our DesignTeam.

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Split PSD And PNG And Insert Into Powerpoint


Basically I need you to spilt the attached PNG and PSD files into a powerpoint.

I need the powerpoint as my own "Iphone GUI designer". That mean I need to be able to move all the elements independent of each other.

See video for instructions:

I have also attached a samle powerpoint file, where I have put the first couple of picture.

– No need to make any double insert if the same picture is in
– Labels on buttons etc. should be editable in powerpoint (= no non-edible text)
– When one slide in the powerpoint is full you can move next to another.
– Pictured should be categorized when it is possible. (Labels, buttons…)

Important that work can be done within 24 hours.

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Convert Png To Jpg In WordPress Blogs (for Cosmin)

This project is for Cosmin

Convert all png images to jpg in my 3 WordPress blogs.

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C# ASHX Image Handler For Png’s That Are Created Runtime


I am currently working on a feature that allows a user to print a screenshot from my web application.
The screenshot and application side of the feature is already done and I have already had a
web developer work on parts of this and all work so far will be supplied.

I have a web application that sends a png as a byte stream or a base64 encoded string in chunks to a javascript. After everything is received a popup is opened where the png is to be shown through a ashx file.

The problem is that it is not displayed correctly or at all in all browsers. The feature must work in all major browsers, IE 7/8/9, Firefox, safari and chrome. So far It only works in IE 7 and partially in chrome.

Most of the code is in C# and a little bit of html/javascript. There is approximately 130-170 lines of code across 4-5 files.

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2d Graphics For Mobile Phone Game

Create high-res (at least 512×512) png files with alpha channel:
– 5 characters (humans / humanoids / robot, each with 5 different poses)
– 3 additional objects, giving in total 28 PNG files.

Preferred cartoon style.

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PNG File To PHP Joomla Template

I need my png file tweak a bit to be browser compatible. I need the template to be joomla compatible written in php. I will provide various png file to write the php codes. No content required. It should have left and right columns, content column, header and footer. All link pages should be created with same layout, except the blog link which should be wordpress compatible with same header. Feel free to improvise and make template better.

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WordPress Theme Designing – Simple Transfer Of A PNG-Picture

Job Description


my name is Eugen and i need a really simple an basic degn for WordPress. I can do it myself but i have no time at the moment.

I have designet the Theme by myself in Fireworks (PNG-Document) and that Picture shold be transferred into a WP-Theme. Totally simple. For more instructions please click here:

– There should only be two Article-Previews on the Frontpage.
– The Navigation bar is on the left and is a Drop-Down-Menue.
– Please use the Backbrounds from that PNG-Document:

or from that Photoshop-Document:

If everything will be ok i am absolutely sure there will be more business in the future.

Thanks to everybody in advance.
Have a nice day.
Eugen Bellon

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I have a PNG I need sliced into XHTML – There are two pages, PM for design preview ( budget is $30 this is an easy job).

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Image Into PSD Into WordPress Template


Simple and fast project:

I will provide you with an image (PNG) and Youll turn it to WordPress template. I need 25 templates in total (25 front pages).

Very rapid and reliable designer is what I need. I would do this job myself but I dont have the time for it.

The WP templates are used for minisites. The WP templates will contain Adsense placements and an affiliate widget.

You can use the PNG file I provide as an example for all 25 templates.

Cheers, and hope for some fast results!

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Convert From PNG To HTML/CSS

I need to convert a little png image to HTML/CSS.
Payment via PayPal.
Please, bid your prices.
My contacts:
[Removed by Admin]
Please contact me and Ill send you the image.

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IPhone/iPad Icon Design Wanted

The VocabKing app is a vocabulary improvement iPhone app intended for students taking standardized tests such as SAT, ACT and GRE.
There is an existing web site which is similar to the app.

I need icons, splash-screen and game figures as shown below. I have a more complete document which I will provide to anyone who bids on the project.

iPhone/iPad Icon Package:
Same basic icon, but 4 different variations (Just an additional layer with one word (SAT-ACT/GRE/4-5-6/6-7-8) on it )
Splash-screen is just the icon with the slogan on it.
512x512px PNG – iTunes App Store
114x114px PNG – iPhone4 SpringBoard
58x58px PNG – iPhone4 Spotlight
640x960px PNG – iPhone4 Splash-screen
57x57px PNG – iPhone SpringBoard
29x29px PNG – iPhone Spotlight
320x480px PNG – iPhone Splash-screen
72x72px PNG – iPad SpringBoard
50x50px PNG – iPad Spotlight
Size TBD – iPad Splash-screen

Size TBD – Hangman
Size TBD – Pyramid
Size TBD – Streak
Size TBD – Belt (White/Yellow/Brown/Black)

Must include the PSD/SVG (Photoshop/Inkscape) source file for your icon/splash-screen/game.

Please provide details of previous work, portfolio.
I will provide more details by private message as well as provide ideas

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Flash Clothing Generator


I am looking for someone to create me a simple, yet effective flash app that will do the following:

1) Have a preset number of clothing images and a preset number of modifiers such as stars, stripes and so on. A user can select a clothing template – I.E a dress and then change its color, add things such as stars etc to create a final image.

2) Once they are happy with their final image the item needs to be saved to their computer as a PNG image.

You DO NOT need to provide any of the clothing templates as these will be provided for you.

You will need to..:

a) Create the design of the application
b) Create a number of items such as stripes, stars etc
c) Make it so that the items can be rotated, resized, colored etc
d) Utilize a "drag and drop" style interface
e) Allow the saving of the completed image to the users computer (or our mysql database) as a png image


Please only bid if you..

– Start straight away
– Can communicate via msn messenger
– Wont dissapear for a few days
– Dont have several other projects ongoing at the moment which will take up your time

Thanks and good luck!

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Saving 250 Photoshop Layers To PNG, And Cataloging Them

This is a photoshop / data entry job.

I have 4 large psd photoshop files. Each consists of approximately 75 separate images, except for the smallest, which consists of about 30. The images are divided into groups and layers.

I need all 250 images extracted to separate PNG files. I also need a table made (text or xls) for each of the psd files, consisting of the filenames of each extracted file, and the x and y positions of the image in the original. The idea is that I should be able to import the PNG into Flash, give it the x and y value, and have it appear in the same position as the original.

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Background Template Design (.png)

Im looking for background template (.png). The design concept is about traveling. Check the links below to see the example design and lay out of what Im looking for. Im offering $60 at the most.

souce files


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Convert .PNG To Website & Add CMS

Take existing website design page layout from .png file and convert to website. Need images sliced and made ready for individual page design. Webpage will also need content managment system for approximately 7 pages.

Budget: Less than $225

Timeframe: 3 days from initial Milestone Payment

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Modify .eps Image And Export To Jpg/gif/png

I have an .eps image that I received from Shutterstock.

I need the image modified slightly, and then to be exported in jpg/gif/png format.

I need this done quickly so please only bid if you can work on this immediately.


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Graphics For A Mobile 2D Jump & Run Game (2)

What is needed are 17 sprites (40 x 40 up to 96 x 96 pixels, PNG), 18 tiles (48 x 48 pixels, PNG) and 1 title image (720 x 720 pixels, PNG) for a mobile 2D, side-scrolling jump and run game. Graphics should be similar to the existing, smaller sized, graphics.

Sprite animations mostly consist of 2 images, but varies from 1 image to 5.

These graphics have to be unique, and I must be able to retain all rights to the images.


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Graphics For A Mobile 2D Jump & Run Game (2)

What is needed are 17 sprites (40 x 40 up to 96 x 96 pixels, PNG), 18 tiles (48 x 48 pixels, PNG) and 1 title image (720 x 720 pixels, PNG) for a mobile 2D, side-scrolling jump and run game. Graphics should be similar to the existing, smaller sized, graphics.

Sprite animations mostly consist of 2 images, but varies from 1 image to 5.

These graphics have to be unique, and I must be able to retain all rights to the images.


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Graphic Designer For Simple Game

I need simple graphics for an air hockey game. It consists design of three simple objects:
1 – an air hockey mallet
2 – an air hockey puck
3 – an air hockey table

I have a detailed explanation of colours, sizes etc. You will not spend much time about these subjects. Ill give this document to you after deal is agreed.

Check this page to see an example implementation:

The aspect ratio of the board is important. It doesn

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Urgent – Particle Illusion PNG Sequence Effects

Hi collegues 🙂

I need someone who have experience with PARTICAL ILLUSION, or any other software for customized effects. I have FLASH file, where I need to place these effects, and they MUST BE EXCELLENT!

I gues that PNG sequence will work best, or can be also SWF, doesnt matter to me, since I can place it easy on my FLA file and look great..

Very easy for someone who have experience with this kind of work.. Budget is 20$!

Example of similar effects can be seen at:

Please send me SHORT PM with previous examples, and Ill give you the exact requrements..

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Child Book – PNG Format


1) Do you have "Child Book " (human, cartoon, fairy, animal, nature & etc) ready ?
1.1) in PNG format,
1.2) 1024 pixel x 768 pixel, horizontal (landscape) layout.
1.3) 8-12 pages
1.4) not more than 7,000 words
1.5) all contents ( design, illustrations, phrases, quotes , etc) of this Child Book is "COPYRIGHT-FREE",

2) Please indicate
2.1) your experience,
2.2) your work samples of 3(three) best Child Books,

3) if necessary willing and flexible to alter or amend according to my spec to complete the project.

4) Do not bid if not able
4.1) to communicate
4.2) to follow given spec
4.3) to meet deadline.

5) Do not bid if you are not interested in long term partnership

6) Payment : Full payment will be released to you within 48-hours once the project is satisfied and approved.


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Very Simple .png To Joomla 1.6

Very simple .png design to be converted into Joomla 1.6.

4 pages
1 top navigation menu
1 contact form
Google Analytics

Must install to remote server to complete project.

We do dozens of these jobs and we are looking for someone reliable, skilled and a good communicator who can do them all.

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ImageMagick: Create A Set Of Images From A PDF

I want to be able to create a set of images from a PDF document using ImageMagick.

I need a Windows batch file or a set of DOS command line functions that will do the following:

1. Convert a PDF to a set of png images.

2. The width and height of the png images should be set in the batch file.

3. The png images should be named like this:

First Row:

Second Row:

3. I need this to work on Windows from a portable stand-alone version of ImageMagick.

You can download a portable stand-alone version of ImageMagick here:

I downloaded it but had trouble converting my PDF document to a .png image.

4. I may need you to train me how to use the solution you provide.

Here is an example of how I will use this:

I want to convert a PDF document into a set of png images totaling 28800 pixels wide by 16200 tall.

Each png image should be 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. This will create 225 total png images from a single PDF document.

Budget: $100
Deadline: Saturday Night, January 22.

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Layered PNG To XHTML /CSS.

We are looking to slice/convert one layered PNG file to XHTML/CSS. Must be tableless.

# Hand Coded XHTML Strict Markup
# Semantic Markup used for SEO
# Light-weight Tableless CSS Layout
# Clean W3C Valid XHTML / CSS
# Clean & Semantic Coding
# Search Engine Optimized Pages
# Pixel-Perfect Conversion

The code should use text in place of images wherever possible.

The page need to be optimized. The page should be as small as possible and the CSS should be not duplicate definitions unnecessarily

There are multiple states for all the buttons and these need to be included (and working).

Browser Compatibility:
This should be tested with IE 7+, Mozilla (Windows & Mac), Chrome & Safari.

This code should validate @ and
CSS validation

Must be available to work immediately. Bidders must include portforlio!

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Slice One Page (layered PNG Provided) & Edit Existing Menu


Pls bid only if you can work next few hours.

I have an existing site template done already and need 1 more page sliced.

Layered PNG provided so you need Fireworks to open the file and extract the "text" content.

Also, need menu edited to include this new page.

And finally, need small edit to match up footer in all pages.

You need to be very good with css + html work, and should comment the codes as well as keep the coding style similar to what is existing.


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PSD To Valid XHTML With PNG Fix

Need to have our PSD file cut into a valid XHTML and CSS files.

we are looking for a tableless design, only divs

Some images will need to be saved as PNG to preserve the transparency.

pngfix will need to be included.

here is sample url of the layout

Low on budget and SHORT on time. If you CAN NOT BEGIN RIGHT AWAY, dont place a bid.

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Vertical Text, Horizontal Image Scroll Bars And Window On JS


We are looking for JS developer who can implement following project:

1. We need to implement a scroll bar on pure JS (please read details below)
2. We need to implement horizontal scroll on pure JS (please read details below)
3. We need to implement dragable window with voting panel (please read details below)

In both cases you are not allowed to use any third party libraries like jQuery or similar. Everything should be done by you and only you. Scripts should work on IE (above 7.*), FF (above 2.*) and Opera.

Good luck

p.s. Since we have negative experience with developers without a rating we have following requirement for them: if you have done zero projects at freelancer and you want to win a project then you will need to provide us a demo script showing that you can do it.

12/30/2010 at 0:03 EST:

The project could be divided into three small scripts which you will need to implement on JS. The price of each of them is 10 USD. Total budget of that project is 30 USD.

First part:

List of files which should be used: arrow-right.png, arrow-left.png, button-1.png, button-2.png, button-3.png, button-4.png, button-5.png, button-6.png.

The amount of items to scroll could be any from 1 up to N elements. You have to implement similar to jQuery non stop carousel. Case you do not know what it is I will show you by example. Let

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Papervision3D & Export To PNG

Im looking for a very simple flash app that:
– loads a JPG/GIF/PNG/ETC. onto a Papervision3D model (box).
– model/perspective can be rotated in all directions using the mouse
– a button to export the model with loaded texture and current perspective to a transparent PNG

Thank you for your time!

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