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Install 10 WordPress Blogs On A Domain

Install 10 wordpress blogs on my domain.

Themes will need to be ftpd in.

Install and activate 5 plugins (supplied)

Edit Permalinks and URL in General Settings

Remove First Post

Create 5 Sample Pages and 5 Sample Posts

Export the above posts and pages into each blog

This is not the most advanced job in the world but I require someone with WP experience.

Could be further work..please feel free to post your WP sites etc

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PHP System

Hi there,
We would like you to create us a PHP system we call YB Manager

In YB manager there wants to be 2 options, then below the 2 options a list of existing clients.

> 1) Create new client
This should ask for a domain name, username and password for server/cpanel and AutoRetailers folder
Username and password. It then wants to create an account in the WHM for this site, create a blank mysql database upload a mysql file from a web address to that database and then also upload a bunch of files to the publc_html from a specific web address. However before uploading those files it wants to edit the file config with the database information the system created for that site and also wants to edit the file setup.pup in AutoRetailers folder with correct database information. The script also wants to password lock the AutoRetailers folder when people try to view it. Then setup is complete and it should add it to the list of clients in the client list on YB Manager.

> 2) Add Existing client
This is simple this just wants to ask for domain name and server/cpanel login details for that site and then simply adds it to the client list, this is so we can easily add existing clients we already have.

Also Each site in client list needs to have an update button which lets you upload a selection of files to that website. Then also a delete button which removes everything about the site, this should require another password for security.

Thanks a lot.

Kind Regards,
Matt Lovett

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WordPress Database Migration

I just changed my webhost from Hostmonster to Go Daddy and would like to import the wordpress database/the data (posts, comments, pages) into the new server.

Basically its Moving from one self-installed server to another self-installed server.

I have also changed the domain name used for the site.

This has to be done ASAP

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English-Spanish Translator longterm proyect

hi for this proyect we need a spanish native translator, the work is about translate article about web design , programing, web design, marketing, web hostingm and domain names DNS, servers, so we need great knowledge about this topics, please give us price for each 1000 keywords, we are looking for very low cost proyect because its a long term job.

thanks in advance

Alejandro Chavez

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Website Server Move

Looking for someone to combine multiple websites at different hosts to one consolidated server by moving code and databases. Sites include Forums(using Vbulletin) and Joomla powered sites.

Must have experience with PHP and MySQL. Must have experience with moving sites to new servers. New VPS server is up and running and ready to go. There are a total of three servers 2 of which are running CPanel. New VPS server also running CPanel.

Number of sites is not confirmed yet. 1 site is a medium sized photo sharing site running PhotoPost and VB. Also, the photo site is NOT running CPanel so we understand the transfer may be more complex.

The rest of the sites are mostly small Joomla based sites.

We are willing to handle the DNS name changes where the domain names are registered. We will also setup the accounts on the VPS servers for each domain.

If this is something you can handle, please bid.

Timeframe: While not urgent, we would like the project to be completed around the first week of June.

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Domain Name and server space for one year

i just want domain name and server space for one year

domian name that looks like : any GBS ….

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