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Hi there,
I need someone experienced with Google adwords to review my campaign
I got some alerts regarding low quality keywords, and my cpc is very low
im getting all new traffic from ad network instead of google search.

all keywords and website is in polish (its basically one landing page, built using drupal)
so Polish speakers desirable.

Im private buyer not company, so please keep that in mind when bidding.

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100 Polish Articles Needed!

We need 100 articles about 300 words in length. We provide you with the topics, its all food related. We need you to write the articles optimized for SEO – this means a keyword density of 2% – 3%. Besides that it should relate soly around the topic given. Every article has to be in Polish.

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Translate Webpage Content From English To Polish

Translate webpage content from english to polish aprox. 3500 words

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Polish Translators For Sports And Gambling Articles

We are looking for Polish native speakers who can translate English articles into Polish. There will be a wide range of article topics but most of them will be related to sports and gambling including

sports betting
gambling in general

Article about other subjects may be requested too but they will always be doable after having done some research.

Your Polish skills should be nothing short of perfect – We will ask for you to send us CVs and your test articles will be proof read by Polish natives who work for us and study both Polish and English:

Do not bid if your Polish grammar, spelling, writing and style of writing is not excellent
Do not bid if your English grammar, spelling, writing and style of writing is not excellent
Do not bid if you have no experience with the topic listed above – as they require a certain (difficult) terminology inexperienced writers are not needed.

Any other additional languages skills are not an absolute must but definitely helpful and appreciated as long as they are on a level of a native speaker.

This is a full time project it will stay open for some time.

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Need A Blog Translator – Polish To English & Blog Writer

We want a person who can translate our Polish blogs into English. Send me your pricing for converting one blog post into english. We also need a Blog writer who can write new blog post on Career, Jobs, etc

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Evaluate, Polish And Bring Up 2 Websites

1. I have previously designed and hosted two websites which I need to polish with good design, change homepage, look website like ecom website, competent with global websites. [comparative websites I will provide].
2. I do not wish to change Joomla virtue-mart, payment system that is already done.
3. I have thought over and I would prefer lowest bid to work upon.
4. Also there are some functionality changes which are needed to be done. I have listed many changes for one of them and the other is in process.
5. My aim is to finish the websites and bring them up fast.
6. Dont ask for an upfront fee, you will be ignored. We pay on predefined milestones.
7. I need both done fast, but first one is really urgent and needs to be done in 4 days from hiring of candidate.
8. Following details are must in cover letter
a. Send me samples of websites you have designed and developed on Joomla and virtuemart.
b. How many days you will take to complete editing including designing and small pending points of functionality.
c. Do you have designers, so we need to change homepage design to make it to compatible with international websites.
d. Can you upload the products too as a part of package? [I may ask it later]
e. Will you provide free support for the development you have done for next one year?
f. If all details are understood type

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Android Application — Must Have Experience

I have a project Ive been working on for a few months on the Android platform. I need someone with experience and education to take over this project from another developer who is having problems implementing certain features. i will likely hire based on an hourly basis rather than project since this will be an ongoing development. will require signing of nondisclosure agreement and knowledge of svn. polish developers preferred!

02/10/2011 at 23:48 EST:

Please state your hourly rate in PM and state whether you are Polish as well.

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Translator And Content Writer English – Polish


Im looking for a native translator from Poland to do translation from English to Polish

I have to translate 1 article about online gambling that need to be translated + rewritten in 2 different ways , so ill have 2 unique article in Polish.

Please send your bids

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Translate From English – Polish


Im looking for English – Polish translator for 1 page article of 450 words.
If you are not native Polish from Poland, dont bid please.


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English To Polish Translation

Looking for someone who can translate approximately 10 pages of source text (size 12 font – no microscript) from English to Polish. Preference given to someone who is available to start working on this project immediately, and/or can finish relatively quickly after starting.

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Commerce Web Site In Polish

New help in bulding e-commerce web site in polish for the market in Poland. Some flash and must have spot to put you- tube info commerical. Site must have an order form for product. safe site for credit card payment and pay pal. Need admin site to change you-tube informercials and pricing. Very simple product. I would say it would be about no more then 5 to 10 page site.Must be tailoried to Polish market. Site mut be social network friendly.

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Country Manager Poland


We are a fast growing international internet company based in New York City. We are currently looking for a YOUNG, smart and sharp individual to translate and localize website content into Polish. Potentially, we will hire this individual to be our country manager for Poland.

No translator API (Google Translate) is allowed.

Good knowledge of Polish internet market is a must.

Good communications skills in English is a Must.

Other main responsibilities, will include:

Content Management, Basic SEO skills, Internet marketing,

Must have flexible hours to accommodate time difference between Polish and New York, Unites States.

This is an ongoing work with long term commitment.

Monthly pay will be determined upon the skills.

When sending private message, please include your SKYPE id and/or GTALK.

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English To Polish Translator


We are planning to hire a great English to Polish translator.

500 words English to Polish.

We will proofread the text and only then release milestone.

Willing to pay $30 the best.


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Polish(Poland) Translation

We need a person, who is a native Polish(Poland) language speaker, for doing a translation from English. We have a website, that needs to be translated. We will also need some research for Poland.


1. Native Poland citizen(an advantage is if the service provider lives in the capital city of Poland)
2. Excellent knowledge of English language + Polish language
3. Fast working

We will NOT accept any automated translations for our project – ONLY HUMAN TRANSLATIONS!

Please, attach some copies of previously done translations in the PMB, when bidding.

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English To Polish Translation


We are planning to hire a great English to Polish translator.

Please submit your CV with full details that will help us know what you are best at and how we can use you in our projects.

I request you to mention everything in your CV like name, age, interest, email, cell, educational qualification, where did you worked so far, what you are best at, email id, when to contact best, availablitiy and whatever you think is good and help you get work with us.


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Private Project For Musikduck – Polish Voice Over

Private project for musikduck only – please do not bid.

Polish voice over video job.

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Translation From Polish To English – General/sports Specific

Hi, I require a translation from Polish into English.
Please email me only if you have done this before and send me a copy of your previous work if possible.
these are going to be sports/specific texts, on various aspects of strength training.

I realise that some vocabulary can be very specific, so I do not mind occasional word or phrase left in bold colour in translated text, and I can sort it out quickly myself.

No google/machine translation please. If you use any translator, youll need to go through everything and do/re do regardless. In essence real human translation, please.

Please note, I do know both languages so will be able to assess the quality of your work well. The only problem is I do not have time to deal with it now, but need things translated pronto.

Please quote your fee per A4 page or number of words.

All goes well, we could get some regular translations in the future.

Thank you and dziekuje,

Good luck,

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Ebay Listing Translation To German, Spanish And Polish

Hi, I require a translation from English to German, spanish and Polish. Only one skill per person, preferably native or residents. Please email me only if you have done this before. Please send me a copy of your previous work before bidding. No google translation please real human translation. £7 per page

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Backlinking On A Polish Website


We need someone who has experiance in link building. They must be relevent to the subject which is car insurance.

The website is in Polish and so will the back links so you will need to be able to speak Polish.

We are looking about 20 links of high quality, which are relevent.

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Polish Speaker To Transfer Emails/website From Polish Host


We have been using a Polish hosting company ( We need all information transferred to a English speaking hosting company ( . This includes emails, joomla websites. Most domain names are already with 123reg. You will need to be able to speak Polish to arrange the transfer.

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Games Translation

We have a potential games translation from English to German and Polish with 900,000 words around. the english text is translated from Chinese. we need native German and Polish translator with games translation experience to translate the English to German and Polish. if you are interested, please send your CV for information also please let me know your general rate. Sample file will be sent once i get your CV. thanks!

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Games Translation

We have a potential games translation from English to German and Polish with 900,000 words around. the english text is translated from Chinese. we need native German and Polish translator with games translation experience to translate the English to German and Polish. if you are interested, please send your CV for information also please let me know your general rate. Sample file will be sent once i get your CV. thanks!

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Translation Of A Polish Document Into English

We need a 1 page document translated into English.
Please provide rate and time frame.

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Translation Englisch-Polish Technical

More than 10000 word translation of technical specifications of an airconditioning unit.
We are an agency and will award future contracts. Only professional translators need to apply no subcontracting allowed. Text need to be placed into tables and under graphs as well (word, excel and pdf)
Project is due February 15 / 2011. Please give us your price per word count only.
Please contact the European Business Seminar.

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URGENT: Polish Translator In London. Easy 100 Pounds Job

Hi there,
I need an interview tranlated from Polish to English as soon as possible.
You will receive the audio file where I taped the whole interview. It is 100ish minutes long.
However, the effective time lenght that must be
translated must be around 70minutes. In my personal experience,
its a half a day job, but a lot depends on the translator (Im a non-professional
translator). I need the work done by the first of december.
Better for people based in London.
I have 100 pounds immediately available for anyone that applies for the job.
write me at

speak you soon

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Translator Wanted

Translator wanted.

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Website Finish/Polish

We have an IT services website that we have started and tried to finish off but the end result is not what we are looking for.

We are looking to have someone come in and polish up our diamond in the rough and make it a smoother website. We are not looking at a complete redesign just some rough edges that need to be ironed out.

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Translation – English To German/Polish (native Polish Only)


We need to localize a website content comprising of approximatively 1500 words in English that needs to be translated into Polish and German.

Budget is up to $75 per language

It has to be translated by native Polish and/or German only.

No translator API (Google Translate) is allowed.

Good knowledge of German/Polish internet market is a must. Potential candidate has to have medium to high knowledge of social media marketing and blogging. Must be able to commit up to 3 hours per day to help us with site launch in those markets.

We will work in close collaboration. So a good verbal English is a must. SKYPE is a must as well

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English To Polish Html File Translation

We are looking for a native polish speaker. Good command of English language and HTML codes.

We have a travel site in English and French. We need to add a polish version.

We will send the whole site in HTML and you translate it to polish.

The site is:

After translation, we will start polish seo campaign.

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