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Add OPT-IN Area That Allows You To Place (Aweber Code)

ject. Basically A PopUp That appears with a list of social networks. I want to add in an Opt-In Box After They Click A social Network. Please PM me for more details.

Skills required:




Script Install

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var protocol = (https: == document.location.protocol ? https : http);

OX.addVariable(job_type, -HTML-Javascript-PHP-Script Install-);

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resizable: true,
height: auto, // set height is not working in IE 6/7, will cause the popup squeezed. –MZ 17/10/2010
width: 400,
autoOpen: false,
modal: true,
buttons: {
“No” : function(){
“Yes” : function(){

function getDateFromTimestamp(timestamp) {
var dateObj = new Date(timestamp * 1000);
return (dateObj.getMonth() + 1) + / + dateObj.getDate() + / + dateObj.getFullYear();

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Unblockable Automatic PopUp

I need an unblockable popunder script working on page load and opening on a real browser window of latest versions of firefox, IE 6,7,8,9 , and Chrome. Not a dhtml layer popup.

If possible, I would like this popup to be automatically closed after any amount of time that I set (must be variable), or I can set it to stay there. I need the size to be variable too.

It is a similar script that some affiliate networks like cpxinteractive, paypopup etc. uses for serving popunder ads when page loads (if blocked they display pop-up/under when user click on page)…


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How To Make An Avi Video Popup An Html Code Or Open A Webpag

I am looking for someone who can make an avi file once played to popup an html code or open a specific webpage.
To give more detail. Once the movie file .avi is downloaded and played it needs to popup or open the html code or auto open a specific webpage.
Please contact me if you can make this happen.

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Virtuemart Fly Page Popup Needed

Hi I have a website, it checks the stock, but when you select the drop down of the child product the page take a little while to load. This is ok, but i need something to pop up and say "Please wait for the page to refresh befor adding your product to the basket.

Have a look

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Add Popup Intake Form To JReviews Field


I want to set up a "Request a Quote" link inside jReviews Listings for certain Listings only. In those listings, I want a "Request a Quote" icon and link to popup a javascript window with an intake form (Name, Email, etc). The form will save the data into a database along with that Listings ID as well as send that info to that company. After the "Send" button is clicked the windows should say "Thank You" and then fade away after 3 seconds or so.

Must work on Joomla 1.5 and latest jReviews.

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WP Plugin Popup

Unique popup WordPress Plugin

I am looking to have a brand new WordPress plugin created that will shows popup.

Before you bid on this project, I must stress that all work including coding and images must be 100% unique and not taken from any other plugin on or off the market.

By placing a bid, you are agreeing to this and take full responsibility for it.

popup features:
can be rotoated, each time show diffrent content inside the popup.
can choose to get thank you notification after click inside button.
can appear after every visit, but once they subscribe .. no more popups!
can disappear on amount of second time user(website owner) choose too, for exmplae popup shown for 10 seconds and then disapper without clicking the x

once untill browser is closed
one time when visit the site
every: 2 min, 3 min(option to choose how much)
when new visitors arrived
at all time.

each time when visitor leave site
each time when visitor upload site
on specifics pages
on specifics blog post
on home page
on all pages
Only show PopUp Domination once you have recieve a certain number of impressions from a particular user.

Rich Text Editor
html option
background color
border colore

seconds before showing popup
set popup location (center,left,right,custom option for input for example 34px left / 300px right)
user can also setup the size (high. width)

A lightbox effect dims the screen behind the popup
rotating lightbox(if you as proggramer now more optn i willbe happy to know)

Overall, the plugin needs to look professional and be easy to use by the end user.

I look forward to your bids as this could be an ongoing partnership for the right coder/team.

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Magento Popup Work Done

I need magento work done. Ill pay $100 for this work. Here is description:

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Joomla Modification – Open Pop-Up From Main Menu

I wanted to be able to choose the "External Link" option for the menu item, and have some options to choose if it is a lightbox(ajax) popup or regular popup, and to be able to choose the width and height of that popup.

I would like you to install a fresh copy of Joomla 1.5 on your server.

Then get this example working –

Then I want you to provide me with the modified files I need to make this work on my server. After its tested and working on my server, then I will release payment.

Max $30 – Easy Project

I need this done in a few hours – if youre not able to do it, then please dont bid.

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Popup Optin Forms

I installed a popup on a clients site using some javascript code from an old site I worked on a while ago. However, that code was given to me by someone else. I can modify the appearance, but I need someone to change it so that the email addresses/names it collects go to the proper place! I need this done asap and am on a tight budget. Im thinking this is a like a $30 job (should take less than an hour). If you know what youre doing it should be easy. I will provide you will .ftp access or the necessary files. Thanks!

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PHP Exper Needed For Unblockable Hover Popup Script

Hi. I need an exact replica of this script

When someone trys to leave the page a window pops up. The code must be different than what they are currently using so I dont get sued.

I need a 7 day turnaround time on this. I can send you the files they are using on this but the code must be changed so it can be my code and not theirs.

You have to try to leave the page to see what I am talking about.

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Popup Javascript IE Blocker Bypass

I need a javascript that IE doesnt block the popup. Window must be open when a user click on an input form.

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Popup Messages And Windows Added To Facebook Game App

I would like to add some popups like the ones found on Mafia wars by Zynga.

let me know what you think.

my app is located at

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Easy Joomla Module For PHP Guru

I have two very easy projects – I list them together, because each are only 10-20 minutes or work. Please, only bids in the $30 range.

Small Project 1: Make a Joomla Menu item that opens a popup.

1. Make a menu link that opens a popup.
2. In the popup (can be a module) – there should be three spaces – left, center, right – about 200px x 200px each.
3. Give each of those spaces a joomla "module name" so I can add modules to each space in the admin area.

You can program this yourself, but there are existing (free) joomla components that you can use to make a menu link open a popup.

See them here:
Note: "Modalizer" seems to be a good free solution.

I want these results:
You will show me, on my dev server, the popup menu link (a menu link that when clicked, opens a popup.
The Popup should have tree side-by-side spaces where I can install modules.

Small Project 2: small HTML design change.
1. I want one small change in this form:

2. In the top of the form, there is a button/link called "Choose Category and Click Update". This uses a javascript file to allow user to select a category (from a database table). I want to replace this with a drop-down menu that shows all categories. This is a very easy PHP change to a single PHP template file – about 10 minutes or less of work, if you are experienced.

Send me a PM after your bid – tell me how you want to do this project.
Please only bids in the $30 range.

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How To Make An AVI Or MOV Spawn A Popup Browser Window

How to make an AVI or MOV file spawn a popup browser window

Preferable code that works with IE and Firefox

By all means quote if you know how to do this with other media file types as well.

Demo is here of what another company is doing

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Private Project

Hello Sir.
has been completed about %70 – from another freelancer, unfornutate is there something famlie matter at the moment and therefore he can not continue..

Are you able to do the rest ready?
Rest BUDGET: $ 100 – $ 200
Please bid, you should start today

Project description:

I have a website with some bad SEO..

I must have copied my entire site from Oscommerce to Magento shop, with the entire user interface system and a brand new CMS system that has been done today.

You as a programmer to design the same site with the latest and best search engine optimization in Magento, and you should look at my old page, and design after that

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How To Make A .mov File Spawn A Popup Browser Window

How to make a .mov file spawn a popup browser window

Preferable code that works with IE and Firefox

By all means quote if you know how to do this with other media file types as well.

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Create A Content Popup Within Feng Office

Experience with Feng Office is required. We are not using a database, user data and files are stored on the server using file system.

Developing required features

* Next to the logo there will be a link
* When clicking the link, a (lightbox) popup will open with only a
* Users can type in this field, and after closing the popup the text
will be saved
* So when users click this link again, the text is still there
* This popup is unique for every user, sort of a quick notes feature

[Posting and Asking of direct contact information is strictly prohibited and will get your account suspended – Admin]

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Popup Exit Blocker

We are looking for someone to create a bit of code that can be easily customisable in html. Prerably done in javascript.

The popup blocker will basically pop up when someone tries to exit the page by either clicking back or the page x. this will give someone the option to stay on the page or leave (text can be customisable). If they leave then it takes them to another page (which i can set to whatever i want).

please see this for an example


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GreyBox Popup Help


I have Greybox installed and working, but I want the image inside the popup to be linkable and open in a new window.

For example, on this page: – I want the user to click on the image in the popup, and have a new browser window open.

Is this possible?


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Experienced WordPress Plugin Developer


We are looking to hire a professional PHP Developer and EXPERT in WordPress Plugins to be part of our projects. We work very hard and maintain a balance of quality and speed. Our Lead Developer will review all team members for bonuses periodically based on performance and ability to get work done quickly.

This project will be the first step for you to work with us in existing and new projects.

We would like you to create a plugin similar to Popup Domination. You can see the features at:

In adition to that features, we want to add the following plugins features.

So, users will have 2 options to show the popups they use. Full popup that covers the screen with the lightbox as in Popup Domination or a slide-in popup.

Also both options (pop-up or slider) should support shortcode settings (for individual page/post use) and universal settings (which will allow user to show the popup or slider in all pages without adding shortcode).

You should be available via Skype so we can regularly discuss the development of the project.

When you apply for this job, please send us an individual statement about your abilities for this job and why you think you would be the right person to work with.


– Passed both PHP and WordPress tests with good scores
– Have an intimate knowledge of WordPress functions and hooks
– Be an excellent PHP programmer
– Be able to create clean code that is performance oriented.
– Coding cross browser compatible / w3c complaint XHTML / CSS
– Must have over 3-4 year Experience
– Jquery experienced
– Must report daily to the lead developer
– We prefer to work with Independent contractor
– Must be available on Skype
– Other WordPress related duties

– Ability to create nice UI for the plugins we create
– Editing WordPress themes
– Coding HTML / CSS into WordPress themes
– Coding PSD into WordPress Themes as XHTML

Please apply for this position with:

– An explanation of your intimate knowledge of WordPress and PHP
– Examples of WordPress plugins youve created
– Examples of clean, beautiful PHP code that youve created.

PS: Our lead developer will interview the selected candidates

Please : Dont waste our and your time if you are not really professional and just started programming or think that you can "learn by doing". I already had some experience on oDesk with this kind of programmers, so i really push you to ONLY APPLY if you have more than 5 Plugins for WordPress created and more than 5 years of PHP experience.


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Flash Game Widget

Need a programmer to customize a flash applet that activates a pop-up window upon being invoked. The window will display content from and interact with an online database. The popup will be displayed when the user clicks a hyperlink embedded in an HTML email. This database does not a GUI. The admin will run it with the customary Access menus.

– Basic Flash (have licensed embedded effect code already; user only needs to create the popup wrapper with SQL links)
– Basic database work (the DataDef and table creation is complete in Access. We need the XML handshaking between the server and the client popup coded, and some basic logic and a couple update queries.)
– An HTML widget to create an "Amazon affiliates" type meta tag protocol that is created on the fly during a mass email distribution.

This is a cloud application. For the senior and reliable coder there may be equity in a startup available. We still have process and architecture questions we need to resolve depending on the approach chosen by the chosen programmer. Please reply. Once we find the right contractor well commit immediately.

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VERY Simple Project Two HTML Pages Merging Together.

I have just created a popup on a separate page to my website, however I want this popup putting on an existing page on my website.

I have tried myself but Im no good with CSS and cant manage it.

At the minute the popup opens automatically – I want it to open by a clickable link.

This must be done immediately.

SUPER SIMPLE PROJECT, small bids only please.

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Google CAPTCHA Popup – VB.NET

Using the HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse in Visual Studion 2005 (not 2008!) do a Google allintitle:"keyword" search using a proxy server. Usually doing this with a proxy will prompt for a CAPTCHA. If not after you make several requests in a row a CAPTCHA will then be pompted.

Present this image to the user in a windows form (a modal popup dialog) that has a textbox and a command button. Allow the user to enter the CAPTCHA text and click the command button to then submit their answer to the page.

This is NOT an attempt to automate or hack the CAPTCHA process – I just want to present the image as a popup for the human user to then enter the text.

I already have the majority of this in place and can provide my code. I make the original request and get back a 503. Using the webexception.response I can get the captcha url and display it in a showdialog form. The user enters the captcha and I pass a new request back. This is where I am having problems. The response back just sends me another 503 and a new captcha. So I must be doing something wrong.

I am using a cookiecontainer and do get a S=Sorry cookie and pass it back with my request. It shows that I am when I use fiddler. If I do this process outside of in a regular browser I get 3 cookies instead of the 1 I am getting in The extra 2 cookies that appear to be missing are NID and PREF. So I am not sure if that is the problem or not.


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Simple Window Popup Script Inside AJAX File

i need to insert a script inside an AJAX file which opens automatically a popup.
This is a very simple project and i will consider only low-cost offers.

Please contact me for further details.


12/03/2010 at 1:50 EST:

The PHP file contains this strings;

$tracking_number = $_GET[tracking_id];

$tt_get_receiver_url = TRACKING_GET_URL_TT;

$params = "&Ksu=0022994";

$url = $tt_get_receiver_url . $tracking_number . $params;

I simply must automatically open a new popup window with an URL of the string $url

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Ajax,PHP,Mysql Popup Alert

We have data being pushed via HTTP. We have the data being stored into the database, user(s) are assigned, and email alerts being sent.

We would like to add one feature:
While that user is logged in (session) and the server is processing the data, we would like a pop-in window alerting the user of the data entry WITHOUT a screen refresh (thus ajax).

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Javascript Form And CSS Popup

I have most of the code written for the CSS popup, and the website looks pretty good. Id like a popup similar to that on I want the user to click on the "sign up now" button and for the popup to center on the screen a graphic (which I already made) and for the rest of the webpage to fade out, (my implementation only fades out the body, but I want everything faded out). The graphic needs 3 links mapped with an on scrollover that highlights the sections of the graphic green. Two of the links go to different sign-up forms, and the third simply closes the popup. I want the forms to have a very professional looking javascript interaction just like when you create a username and password on this website. IE, a check when filled in, an "x" when the text was not entered, auto moving of the cursor to the next box for entering phone numbers, etc. At this point, I just want the form emailed to me, but with good work, I would seek the freelancer for additional improvements (ie mysql implementation and webcrawling code). This project should take less than 3 hours for completion for the experienced programmer.

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