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Migrate Simple Iphone App To Android

We need to migrate these two similar Iphone apps to Android
The application will look 100% similar to the iphone app

In general the applications contains a set of YouTube videos with some text on each video and a lead form that connects to though WebService to our ERP

The iphone apps are available for free at:

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Port An Android App To IPhone – Simple App~


I will send Android APK file via pmb.


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My IPhone App Converted To Android

PM me if you are interested and need more details.

This is a very simple app with very little features.

Must work and look immaculate on every android device.

Include only relevant information pertaining to this job in your bid and message or I will IGNORE YOU.

Keep your bids low knowing that if this works out, I will have much more work ahead.



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Need Porting IPhone App To Android

Need a quick port of an app ( from iOS to Android platform. Its a simple database app with some search features. Involves parsing some XML.
We have the original source code (iOS) if need be.

Please review the screenshots of the app to be ported:

1) Experienced programmer with experience in both iOS (ObjC) and Android (java) platforms
2) Excellent communication
3) Fast turn around is very important as we have competitors.

Require NDA and full source code at completion of project.

When to start: ASAP

Please carefully review the iOS app we intend to port to the Android platform:
Are you able to port the features of the above app to Android?

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Porting IPhone App To Android

I need an iPhone app to be ported to Android. You can check out the app on iTunes at below link.

1. You will be provided with the complete source code of iPhone app
2. The app on app store is the "Lite" version. Pro version has some changes to the user interface.. The porting task is for the Pro version.
3. Bid with following details..
a. Amount
b. Timelines
c. urls of past Android application.
d. Devices the app will support

I can give you the original PSDs of the iPhone app, but you will have to make some modifications to align with Android layout.

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Port IOS App To Android

I have a small iPhone app with ~15 screens that I need to port to the Android 2+ platform.

The app communicates to my server via webservices and provides a platform for ordering pizza delivery

The spec will be the actual source code from X Code and Interface Builder, and the entire codebase must be ported.

If youre interested and have relevant work experience you can show me, please respond. (But please no copy-and-paste bids: I want to know youre interested in MY project!) If things look promising, Ill send you the link for you to download my current Iphone App from the appStore, so that you can understand it better before closing the deal.

The deliverable is the source code for my app, and a build showing that it works on a android phone

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SyncML App For Iphone, Android And/or Blackberry OS5/6

We would like to develop a customized app for iphone, andriod and/or blackberry for syncML the contacts, calendar, notes and possibly SMS from phone to our server. You can just do any one of them, or all three versions, and other possible versions including J2ME and Symbian.

Concerning the software, I need the full scripts where I can hardcode the required syncML settings to my clients and let me clients input other variables. Moreover, kindly note that we are in Hong Kong and will need to compatible with Traditional Chinese (although most likely they will be in UTF-8). I will need my own logo to be displayed on the app.

Thank you!!

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Iphone Android App Experts Ony Need To Apply 4 Infotech

1) please show me samples that you have done for iphone and android

2) I will need assistance in how to sell online through the iphone store

3) The app is really simple you should be able to choose a song that is already in your phone and set it up so when we put people on hold it will play the mp3 as music on hold.

4) other feature > you can change the song if you want to

5) random chose many songs to play for people that are put on hold

the one that can do it the fastest gets the contract

android and iphone is needed

the one that can do it the fastest gets the contract I need this in 10 days the iphone app and 20 days the android max experts only

6) I will pay when is completed the iphone and android app the sooner you finish the fastest you get paid.

If you can not commit to 1,2,3,4,5,6 points do not bid.

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Iphone To Android Port (no Ads/no Animation)

We have a short-term project in need of an experienced iPhone and Android developer. Successful completion of the first stage of this project may lead to one or two additional milestones (but each can be stand-alone projects).

The first stage involves porting a relatively straightforward iPhone app to Android. This app is mostly text, has minimal graphical content, no ads and uses essentially a basic UITableView to drive the entire thing.

We want to port this app to the Android platform. Replicating the user interface identically is no essential but the general mechanics of the app needs to be similar.

Please PM some example of your prior experience.

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Cash Flow Analyzer IPhone App

I have an program for real estate investors to figure out cash flow of a property on the fly. Originally, it was a spreadsheet based program, but had it developed into a Visual Basic program for Windows based computers. I would like to adapt the program to iPhone/iPad application and potentially an Android application (although iPhone /iPad takes preference at this point). Program is not complex. Consists of spreadsheet type calculations/inputs, an amortization table, and an interest rate table. I can provide all calculations and the original program that is to be converted so that the programmer has a template to work off of.

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Port IPhone App To Android

We have an iPhone app currently in the app store that we would like to port to the Android platform and sell through the Android marketplace. The app is an audio streaming app that connects to a public Shoutcast / ICEcast server, and streams audio to the device. The audio player view is very similar to the iPod app, where it has Play / Pause button, and a slider to adjust the volume. To play audio, it uses CFNetwork to capture the network packets, and AudioToolbox to convert the network packets to audio and passes them to the media services of the OS.

There is also an update process which connects to our server and downloads a new database of streams periodically. We would like to port the application over "as is", and make it look as close to the current app as possible. We would also like some guidance on getting it submitted to the Android Marketplace.

We push new releases of this app multiple times a year, so the opportunity for ongoing work with the app is a real possibility for the successful contractor.

It is not a very complicated app, so I dont expect it to be a huge project. I can provide more details upon signing a non-disclosure / non-compete agreement. This is for everybodys protection, since we will be providing source code to the winning bidder.

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IPhone Or Android App (XML File Reader)

Looking for an experienced iPhone app developer to develop an app that reads a remote xml file and displays the data accordingly.

The app will read 4 xml files like ( and display in 4 tabs in different styles
One xml file will have list of image urls and the app will display this as image gallery.
The app will have map view to get directions to particular fixed point.

If the file updates, the App should notify using Push Notification Service.
The application should be compatible with iPad

If you can develop similar android application you will be given more preference. Quote the price for android app in PMB.

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Gps Mapping Software Package Inc Iphone/ Android App

Supply a gps mapping software package. Proven developer or existing product with interactive login for each client.

recognise valid imei and confirm account is in credit

google maps, or other viewing platform.

street level reporting by name not coordinates.

Scope to incoprporate new protocols for devices.

Fleet managment, time, dist, alarm. input /outputs, sms/email/mobile call for alarm

**Only Apply If You Can Prove you can do the job by showing a device on your software when you can the first payments can start, too much time wasted with Dreamsoft4u who showed examples of work done and failed to position a device** Do not quote a cost and then try to escalate it…

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Android Port Of An Existing BlackBerry App.

We wish to get one of our Existing BlackBerry App ported to Android. The app requires creation of a database with relevant forms to add, edit, delete records, data analysis, displaying graphs and reports, import of records from SDCard, export of records and reports by email and to SDCard.

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Android Version Of Coffeegiant IPhone App

I need an android app written to be an exact duplicate of the coffeegiant app that we wrote.

You will not get the iPhone source code, but all graphics will be provided to you.

I have written the application so everything is fed to the app by JSON feeds on the server. Submissions to the server are JSON as well. The app stores the JSON data from the server on the device on a feed by feed basis and is cached only for a short while. When I feed a request to my engine I pass in also the acceptable age of the data, if the currently cached file is within that range the file is read and returned otherwise the data is requested from the server. That is the only real logic. The checkout is the only complex piece of coding there, and it is not that big of a deal either.

I would need the source once the job is finished and I must have rights to the source, we would sign an NDA and a contract with a work for hire clause in it.

You must be able to point me to an app in the google marketplace that YOU wrote and prove that you wrote it.

I would ask that you do not advertise the fact that your company wrote the software.

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IPhone/Android App Dev. And Website For Auto Wholesaler

Largest auto wholesaler in the world seeks an extremely smart and in depth person(s) to develop an iPhone/Android app based on existing iphone app called "Mobile Inspector". This app will scan VIN sticker or input VIN manually on phone, then explode VIN, from there the condition is reported manually by user, from panel to panel, to give an overall condition description of the vehicle. This condition gets recorded and linked to an icon which can serve as a standalone webpage for each car. This data gets transmitted (through a system called AS400 run by Manheim) and icon is placed on the Manheim Simulcast inventory report to its car accordingly. The customer can then click the icon and see the pictures of the car and all the in depth information which was recorded on the iPhone app.

We need a website developed that works hand in hand with the app. We want a customer friendly webfront, and also an inventory page with all of these condition reports that update live from the app itself.

Sign-on PLUS Monthly fee (compensation to be discussed) to be this app/website tech developer and support.

Please contact ASAP for more information.
Correspondence via email is best, I will screen all emails and forward information to the owner.

email me at krice DOT rhollenshead AT yahoo DOT com

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Easy Android App (Port From Free IPhone App)

I run a free website and have a a free iPhone app (eduTecher) that I am looking to port to the Android platform.

I can provide any and all artwork if that makes things easier. The app is pretty simple and can best be described by looking at it (download for free from App Store) or check out a brief video demo on my site.

The app is very simple and should be a fairly easy one to create.

By taking on this job you also can help thousands of educators. The iPhone app has been downloaded over 7000 times.

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Convert App(iPhone) To Android, BBerry, Symbian, And Windows


We have a text based app with search function for the iPhone that we want to convert and make compatitble for 1. Android phones. 2. Blackberry 3. Symbian (Nokia)



We are very easy to work with and pay promptly.

If you are willing and able to do the job please send us your bid. Before we can consider your bid you must agree to the following:


You must Finish the job within the time Frame promised. If you do not finish within the mutually agreed time frame, we will deduct 20% from the amount we owe you.


Once the price is agreed upon based on your bid, it cannot be changed before or during the process of development.


We will deposit your money for the project into an escrow (in a Milestone account on It will NOT be released until the project is complete.


You will send us a video demo of the

finished work (of a REAL PERSON) demonstrating all the functions of the Blackberry and Android apps (5 minutes each). No simulations will be accepted. Only a real person demonstrating the apps function.


You will agree to all of the above by sending a signed copy listing the above requirements, stating you will abide by the agreement. Finally you will scan and send us the signed copy via

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Android UI

Need to port a C++ Windows Mobile apps UI to Android

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Port An IPhone App To Android

Hello, I need a simple iPhone app ported to Android. The app can be found here:

Please respond back with:
– Sample iPhone-to-Android ports you have done.
– Cost of project
– Timeliness of project


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Iphone App To Android Os

Port this app to android OS

I will provide needed information.

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IPhone App To Android Version

Looking for developer/programmer who knows how to convert iPhone app xcodes to Android, to create an exact version for Android and to work along with another team.

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Port IPhone App To Android

I have an existing iPhone app that has been on market for 6 months. It required about 100 hours of code writing to finish. What is a ballpark price and time frame to port to Android market?

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Push GPS IPhone App

Push notifications iPhone app – i.e. "pseudo background" app to check GPS location at regular intervals and save it on the phone or server. I understand iPhone OS 3 allows a server to push notifications to the app at regular intervals and therefore wake up the app, at which stage it would record the location.

Also needs to then check if the recorded locations are within certain areas on the map and report on this. This can be done server side.

Being able to also write/port the app on Android and Windows mobile would be a bonus but not a requirement.

Server side app ideally based on OpenSource tech – Ruby, Java, Python, etc.

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Convert IPhone App To Android Phones

Im representing iWeed and iWeeducation,
we are currently looking for someone to convert our iPhone app over to be used on Android

Previous experience is preferred, as well as examples of work youve done.

Budget is not accurate, I will go by the one I think is best qualified for the job.

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Very Simple G-Sensor IPhone / Android App

This is probably going to be the easiest app that has been requested on here, as I understand that there is stuff already in the iPhone SDK. Id also be interested in having it developed for Android at a later date, although just quoting for iPhone right now.

Basically, the app has to recognize when the iphone is rotated a full turn in each of the 3 possible axis. It has to be able to recognize pretty fast rotations. It then displays an image and plays a short sound based on which way it was rotated. I presume it can use the compass to detect 180 degree changes in the horizontal plane too?

If it can detect when its rotated and then whether a finger is touched in each of 2 boxes simultaneously it could be even better, although this isnt compulsory just yet.

I am pretty good with Photoshop, so if Im given the resolution (I presume just hvga for iphone) I can knock the images together and find a sound file myself.

So all in all, probably a ridiculously easy one. Quote me!


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