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Web Portal For Maid Service

I would like to have a similar website as gmaids dot com. The key feature I want is that it has to be equipped with an interactive calendar for user to select their service slots. The platform must be also able to port over to iphone and android app for later phases. The current project scope is focusing on the website only.

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Port Music Making App From IPhone To Android

I am looking to port a new version of the following music making iPhone app to Android –

Ideally developer has skills in other platforms as I also have plans to port to Windows 7, BlackBerry, Flash and Mac OS.

Prospective candidates will be required to perform an assignment to demonstrate their skill in Android software development.

The candidate must have good spoken English.

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Mobile Travel Guide App For Iphone / Android

What I am looking for is something like this:

We will be creating a set of travel guides similar to this one, and require the following functions.

Travel listings directory
keyword search
filter results
sort results by distance/cost
map search
each individual listing has – photos/map/description/links/phone number
ability to link between listings
ability to link to websites (that will open within the app)
save listing as favorite
ask an expert/comment on listing
MySQL compatible
Simple CMS so that we (with no programming knowledge) can use it afterwards to create our own apps.
Multiple language support – seperate apps, but we need to be able to change titles and icons within the guide.
Set-up E-mail notifications when someone comments on the app
apply to android/apple/microsoft for publishing – or at least have it ready to do so
support – fix all bugs
adding photos – creative commons search function + upload own pictures (credits to be attached to pictures)
fully updatable

If you have any further questions regarding this, feel free to contact me anytime.

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Port An Android App To IPhone – Simple App~


I will send Android APK file via pmb.


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Simple Android And Iphone

I have a budget extremely low due to my first programmer screwed me over (not from this site) and have not a clue if i am doing this right,

I am needing 2 apps 1 android 1 iphone

the basic idea of what i am needing is as follows

Click on app —– splash screen —— website

to help out ill do all the graphic work myself, just pm me what you need

the website is already mobile ready and live.

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Port IOS App To Android

We are looking for a developer to port our existing iOS App (simple eCommerce App) to Android.

We would prefer (but it is not a requirement) somebody with extensive knowledge in both iOS and Android because the following project would be to update our iOS App with extra features… So technically, we have more than one project on our hands, but this one would be the first in the chain. The only details Im allowed to share upfront about our iOS app: its an eCommerce app, basically a "mirror" of an existing shopping cart… the app allows you to browse our online store and make purchases. Simple straight forward app. More like an iOS shopping cart browser app…

We need somebody to either port the iOS App to Android or write a new Android App, whichever is easier.

Again, you dont have to be a Rockstar in iOS App programming, right now our main goal is to get a simple Android App up and running.

One more important thing is that we would like to get this done ASAP!

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Android And IPhone App

– The new iPhone app
– The new Android app

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Android, IPhone & IPad App Wanted

I want 1 application to cross over to iphone, android and potentially ipad. We may in the future look at blackberry and symbian but for now just those above.

The project scope:
An app is need to enable users of public transport to see bus timetables, bus routes, cost of bus ticket, nearest bus stop, location of bus on map etc.

3) The app should work as follows
On start-up, main screen is shown and the user then selects which option they want. If it needs location service then location is detected
The map is generated on the devices display where the user location is marked, and so are all the geo points received from the server. The map can be superimposed on some actual free map available (like Google Map, let;s discuss this). Along the map, a selectable list list of "geo points" should be displayed

– Using the COMPASS, the map is rotated so that the north coincides correctly with the true north direction
– Upon the map generation the following functionality must be available: a) zoom, move the map, and the button to go back to the default display of the users location in the center of the map; b) a click on the geo-point, either on the map or in the listbox, will result in a pop-up displaying information pertaining to the selected point; c) some change of settings, that will act as a filter on the displayed geo points – some of the will be displayed and some not.

More details will be discussed with the winning bidder only.

The bidder must have an experience in mobile apps development and show examples of the applications developed by him or his team.

Please put your best bid, even if it is under or over the budget.

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Event Ticket App – Android And IPhone

I am looking to create a Androind and iPhone app that will do the following:

I. Main Navigation
a. The main navigation will include three items: Badges, Schedule, Contact.
b. The main navigation will sit at the bottom of the application screen and will be on every page or screen of the application.

II. Badges Page
a. When user opens the app, they will land on the Badges page.
b. Text on the Badges page:

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Android & IPhone App Wrapper For Mobile Site

We are looking for both an Android and iPhone app that can be submitted to the Android and Apple stores for users to download to their mobile phones. Since the website is already optimized for mobile users, all we want is a simple app wrapper that displays a stripped-down version of the site (i.e. no buttons, address bar, etc).

The final product should include the code, along with any documents and/or projects required to submit to Android and Apple store.

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Android, IPhone App

We need help to build a mobile app for Android and iPhone. The app should be the same on both OS.

We need an app that pushes Police DUI checkpoint locations to end users. Also need a web-based interface to input the locations which are then pushed to the users. See our site App should have space for advertising and a direct click-to-call button to connect to a local taxi company.

Features for app (what we need help with):
* Login
* App should use Google maps API

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Build A Mobile App For Android And IPhone.


2. User downloads Phone App free via iTunes or Web

1. User has an option of Phone App read in Spanish or English at any time.

3. Phone App functions as a form to be filled out by user.

4. Form fileds can except "User entered text data" or "User take photo"… example "Enter a car license plate number" or "Take a photo of a car license plate". One or the other can be used.
(photo-text and photo-numbers auto translation into live text not necessary, can just be a photo)

5. Phone App can auto records the GPS location of the user and auto inserts the location in the applicable part of the form.

6. After user fills out form, the user then presses send, and all info in form text and photos are sent to one admin email address.

Thats it.

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Android/IPhone/BlackBerry Banking App

I need a programmer/team that can develop a specific app for Android/Iphone/ and Blackberry. This will be an app that allows users to pay at stores using their cell phones. The app should allow users to create an account, setup bank accounts (using a merchant whose information and instructions on how to link to app will be provided), and generate a unique barcode for each specific person that can be scanned.

There should also be a backend website that all transactions go through and are recorded. When merchants scan the barcode, they will send a signal to the website to charge the user who scanned.

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Wp7/wm6.5/iphone/android Fun App (simple List App)

Im searching for a freelance to develop a really small app (wp7/silverlight preferred first).
i also want to release this app on android/iphone if possible (should be no problem).

i wont describe it further because the idea of this app is critical.

please contact me asap if you are intrested.

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IPhone App To Android App

We have a working location based iPhone App that is currently available in iTunes and we are looking for someone to re-create the same app for the Android OS as soon as possible.

The existing app uses Google Maps API and accesses our existing PHP database that stores user generated content (no work required on database). The app also uses the OAuth 2.0 Protocol from the Facebook Platform during the user registration process. We provide all the icons and images, so no design work is necessary.

If you have relevant experience and can provide references, we are very excited to hear from you and can provide you with more detailed information.

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Iphone App For Restaurants

Need an iphone app template app for a restaurant. Including photos, menu, contact and map. Main page should allow a photo of the front of the restaurant, hours of operation address and contact.

I wish to add several restaurants and need a template, as I will change the basic information of each restaurant, location, photo, menu and map etc for each restaurant that signs up for my directory of area restaurants.

I will need an iphone app, ipad app and android app as well and will eventually post these projects as well.

so I need the project code after which I can change as need for different restaurants. I have some iphone app experience and can do this myself but will take more time than I have right now.

any suggestions are appreciated and I need this done rather quickly.

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Simple Droid App Or(port It From IPhone To Droid)


I have app already done for iPhone, now i want someone who can just port it to Droid Device or just make it for Droid from scratch, its fairly simple app.

Requirements :
rss reader with video player
requires additional page parsing for getting categories list.

The app can be found on Apple Appstore here, its free :

Original Details of the app (at the time developing the same for iPhone) are below :
App : App Name – rss reader with video player

originally we were looking for a feed from xml file
but now we have Mediacore installed at

So, I would like the app to connect users to the videos
and be able to subscribe to get a text/or email when a new video has been posted
and for the app to automatically update with new videos as they are uploaded to mediacore
Some small design changes need made to the Mediacore which uses simple html template, this is only to make better for phone visuals

I can provide PSD files of logo and such to make the images with
I will also require the app is submitted for us to itunes under an account in our name.
Please advise next step

IT would be better if you just see the appstore app link for the iPhone, you can understand much better, i suppose.


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Android UI

Need to port a C++ Windows Mobile apps UI to Android

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App Needed For IPhone And Android – Big 2 Chor Dai Dee Live


I need a programmer to do an application that is approved to be listed on Android Markets and iPhone Markets for this game:


The rules of the game can be found here:

Nice user interface
Live players playing in multiple rooms (Similar concept to Texas Holdem online live)
Ability to give all players a certain amount of cash to play on a daily or weekly basis.

Please bid for the iPhone App and the Android App.

Post a message if you need any clarifications.

Thank you

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Cookbook IPhone/IPad/IPod/Android App

Programming an Iphone , iPad , Android App for Cookbook

Functions like:

Recipe category
Create menu
Shopping list
Add category
Add recipes
Add menu
Share (email,social sites like facebook , twitter)

I will deliver concept and graphics and I will add the content (recipes)

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Port IPhone App To Android

I have an existing iPhone app that has been on market for 6 months. It required about 100 hours of code writing to finish. What is a ballpark price and time frame to port to Android market?

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Android App Based On Existing IPhone App

We recently released the iTake5 iPhone app
and we would like it to be available on the Android platform.
Design and video streams are all available and ready to go.
If succesfull we have another project for Android which follows the same principles as iTake5 (video streams), but needs the design slightly tweaked to correspond with another site we own.
In due course we would also like to add gallery viewing to the Android apps, but initial bidding is for taking to iPhone app iTake5 to the Android platform.

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