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Reverse Engineering Exe File

i have exe file with some dlls – its a game. i dont have the source code.
i need very qualified reverser to make some change :
the game work with controller attached to serial port – i need to change the protocol that work with the controller
for example :
when i push some button on the controller it send the string : "80 50 01" to the serial port and the game respond somehow
i want the game to work with diffrent srtings that i will choose
(i will work with you on the strings that come from rs232)

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Port A Game To Mobile Devices

Hi ,

I am looking for people who can port a desktop and mac game called governor of poker to android , iphone and ipad .

Please bid only if u have experience in porting games .


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Port Existing IOS App To Android 2.1

– port an existing iOS app to Android 2.1
– to use appcelerator
– urgently within 10days

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Provide Custom Android Firmware With Qualcomm Diag Port

Provide a custom android firmware image for HTC Desire that gives USB access to its qualcomm diagnostics port that must work with QXDM. An added bonus would be given for a generic principle or method that allow firmwares with the same capability to be created for other Qualcomm-based Android phones.

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Port Flex Application To HTML 5 / AJAX

The application to be ported is the one available at

– Open / GPL technologies are preferred;
– Specify what framework you plan on using to do the task;
– Send a link to your portfolio.

Budget is $450.

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Best IPhone IPad IOS Development Team – Individuals

Are you a wonderful iOS development team? or individual .. we need to port a few flash games to iOS and we need fantastic talent to start with. If you have that talent get back to me. We are looking for a mobile dev team to port a Flash game to iOS. The project requires experience in iOS, AS3, C#, and Mono.

Get back to me if you have done similar stuff before (flash porting to iOS) with example and samples and show me your iOS work.

if you are greedy and only money is your objective and not long term relation then please dont bid.

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USB Keylogger HW And FW Development Based On Vinculum II

Build HW design of USB keylogger/analyzer and develop appropriate firmware for it. HW would be based on Vinculum II device from FTDI + external FLASH memory + RTC IO.

Firmware would be done in C language in Vinculum II Toolchain. (for more info read Vinculum II userguide and try sample apps in Vinculum Toolchain development SW).

Basic functions of the USB logger are:
a) 1USB port as slave connected to host PC emulating HID keyboard –
2USB port as host for HID device (keyboard) – Record keystrokes with
timestamp to Flash mem and transfer them to host PC.
b) 1USB port as slave connected to host PC emulating HID keyboard –
Emulation of HID keyboard (run preprogramed keyboard strokes to host
c) 1USB port as slave connected to host PC – 2USB port as mass storage
host for FLASH pendrive – Record keystrokes from Flash mem to Flash
d) 1USB port as slave mass storage – 2USB port as host mass storage – Pass through data from FLASH pendrive to host PC, but change PID and VID of the device
c) 1USB port as slave – 2USB host – USB logger – transfer 1:1 USB
communication from host to slave + record USB communication to Flash

Please offer the price per project, not per hour.

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Port Flash Game To IOS


We are looking for an iOS developer to port a flash game to ipad / iphone. The bid winner will be provided with the graphics, sounds, .fla and any other necessary things to complete this project.

The game is a lite shooting-strategy game. I will show the game preview to the potential bidders. Once the porting completed, the bid winner should submit all the sources to us.

Please submit your bid, along with a link to your iphone portfolio. Feel free to ask any specific relevant questions. Thank you.

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Convert/Port Joomla Themes To MojoPortal Skins

I need to convert 2 Joomla themes from to MojoPortal Skins. Let me know if you are interested and give me a quote on how much it would cost. Thanks so much!

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Creating A TCP / IP, UDP Server GPRS/GPS

Creating a TCP / IP, UDP server
Creating a TCP / IP, UDP server with parsing the data and writing them into the database (mysql, mssql). The server receives data from the tracker on TCP or UDP (protocol works at the same time) on the specified port. Each port has its own template parsing the data according to which the data is converted to the desired template and written to the database mysql or mssql (specify tick in the interface).
Also displayed in the window log rasparsinye data. If the data does not fit the template parsing data is written into a separate table, and also appears in the log window.
With the bases are read settings for the tracker. (Compliance status tracker status on the site and the data that is white in the case of this status. Notice by mail, SMS notification). After the data from the tracker pishutsy into the database.
After saving the data from the database server reads the number of commands required to send to the server and the number of teams from the appropriate file (same name file parsing for this port is only ini) sends the command to the tracker.
Interface with
1. Change the port, ip, login, password for MYSQL, MSSQL
2. Switching between MYSQL, MSSQL
3. Storing templates parsing to separate files. Easy loading of a new parsing with port work separately for TCP, UDP.
4. Log window shows the last 100 action server (database connection, error, connection tracker rasparinye data or simply a message from the tracker with the time, port, status) Errors are written to a file. The size of the file and the file specified in the interface.
Language: C + +, C #
Platform: Cross Windows, Unix

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Android Port Of Open Source Software "MMDAgent"

"MMDAgent is a toolkit for building voice interaction systems."

Official website for MMDAgent:

Demo movie:

With MMDAgent, we can enjoy talk with Mei-chan and Hatsune Miku (or any characters you like) using some script files and 3D model files. "MMD" is after "MikuMikuDance" ( (Japanese site)), the name of a Windows tool that can used for render Hatsune Miku 3D models. MMDAgent can load MikuMikuDances model and motion data (.pmd and .vmd), and render it along the scenario.
Its mainly written in C++ and intended to build in Windows, but source code is BSD-licensed and open to port. Wed like to play around with MMDAgent also in Android devices.

MMDAgent is made of a few components:
1) Julius (speech recognition;, FYI:
2) Open JTalk (Japanese text to speech; — including MeCab; part-of-speech tagger
3) components for MMD rendering (Bullet physics, GLee, MMD file parser, renderer (with rip sync), plugin manager)

The way to port might be:
* Rebuild native components with Android NDK (but for example, if raw PCM file can be used for input, you can skip porting PortAudio to Android.)
* Port messaging (plugin) parts to pure Java and bridge them using JNI
* Port OpenGL parts to OpenGL ES
* Port window management parts to Android

Some notes:
* MMDAgent is currently under RC state and subject to update. Please keep in mind to port with minimalistic approach, in order to easily catch up with upstream.
* Example files and comments in the source code might be written in Japanese.
* Port Target: Android 2.3, application must work well with Sumsung Galaxy S.
* No documentation needed. If you have some diagrams or notes, please share them with us in the archive.
* You can use libraries which is available in BSD/MIT/Apache/LGPL license for porting. In that case, let us know.
* You can keep your copyright for your port if you want. In that case, please license us your port (source code and binary) under Modified BSD.

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VB Server Program To Connect Multiple TCP Client To ONE PORT


i want a server side VB Program with source for simultaneous data transfer of binary files from and to Clients which can only communicate using TCP Protocol only.


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Port Flash Game To Ipad / Iphone


We are looking for an ipad developer to port a flash game to ipad / iphone. The bid winner will be provided with the graphics, sounds, .fla and any other necessary things to complete this project.

The game is a lite shooting-strategy game, which has 15 levels. I will show the game preview to the potential bidders. Once the porting completed, the bid winner should submit all the sources to us.

Please submit your bid, along with a link to your iphone portfolio. Feel free to ask any specific relevant questions. Thank you.

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Serial Port Message Relay

This must be in Visual Basic 6 and an Access database file as it will be developed further in house. A knowledge of serial port programing will be required.

Our fire alarm panel sends out a message from its RS232 serial port. (A)
Our in-house paging system sends messages received from its RS232 serial port. (B)

We need to change the message from the fire alarm panel before it is sent out by the paging system.

We need a simple program to receive the messages from serial port (A) and looked up in an Access database the correct message to be sent to the paging system serial port (B).

Therefore the process would be:

Serial Port (A) >> Fire alarm panel messsage received (terminated with CRLF) >> Store message in an Access database table with a time stamp as an event log >> use the message to look up the correct paging system message in an Access data base table >> Place the found paging system message in a queue >> send queued paging system messages to the pager serial port (B).

From Fire panel to program via serial port (A):

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Convert/Port Joomla Theme To MojoPortal Skin

Hi I was wondering if Somone would be interested in converting a few Joomla themes to MojoPortal Skins. Let me know if you are interested and give me a quote on how much it would cost. Thanks so much!

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Research For Ports Information (About 65 Ports)

We need to complete an Excel Spreadsheet in English or Spanish up to 65 Ports Information.
You have to research for information using search engines, data we need:
– Port Name
– Port Description (100-200 Words)
– Latitude
– Longitude
– Email
– Oficial Websites

Delivery must be done in 4 days.

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Port IPhone App To Android

The goal of this project is to quickly port an iPhone app to Android.

The app in question is this one:

All desgin and artwork will be provided. The app calls implemented webservices to retrieve all the necessary data.
iOS code version can be provided in order to better understand the webservices usage.

The developer will be selected according the following criteria:

40% existing portfolio
30% shortest time frame
30% best price

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ATMEL 89 Series Software Programmer

I need ATMEL 89 Series software programmer for the follwing controllers.

GSM/ GPRS/ GPS Module: SIM548C, Make: SIMCOM

Microcontroller: ATMEL, AT89S52/ ATMEGA32

We have complete hardware prototype, and code to receive GPS data.

We need someone who can take the code and work with our hardware engineer to send the GPS data through GPRS. Analog to digital conversion We also need a customizable screen to configure to set the port, IP address through serial port.

Once this is complete we have other project to be worked.

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Bluetooth Runtime Enumeration For Delphi/Windows/XP/W7

My company develops hardware and software for education/emergency medical/law enforcement applications. We have a product that communicates by Bluetooth to a PC using SPP (Virtual Com Port) profile. We need to find a way to determine the numbers of the outgoing and incoming serial port numbers assigned to a paired Bluetooth device. These numbers can be found in the Bluetooth Control Panel in both XP and Vista, but Windows 7 shows only the outgoing port number. Wed like to automate the process of assigning the correct incoming port number, in our software, which is written in Delphi 5. Possible solutions would include methods of accessing Windows APIs that can return the desired information…. I believe I can access an ordinary DLL (my programming skills are limited). We do not use COM or .NET.

A good solution might be directing us to the appropriate DLL or API call that can take the assigned name of the paired device, and return two parameters: the outgoing port, and the incoming port. The solution needs to work for XP, Vista, and W7.

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Port Music Making App From IPhone To Android

I am looking to port a new version of the following music making iPhone app to Android –

Ideally developer has skills in other platforms as I also have plans to port to Windows 7, BlackBerry, Flash and Mac OS.

Prospective candidates will be required to perform an assignment to demonstrate their skill in Android software development.

The candidate must have good spoken English.

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Links For Port Alfred


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3 C/c++ Comunication Components

Small c/c++ componnents


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Port An Existing ECommerce To Magneto/OScommerce

Were looking to port our existing eCommerce site ( ) to Magneto or another open source solution. The main concerns right now are:

1) Security of existing platform – We had used a platform that was proprietary to the developer we hired several years ago. There are security holes in this that concern me.

2) Maintaining the system – We cant really do any changes, and there are no updates to the code.

3) Strength of back end – This is a concern in the current system.

We are looking for the same design, look, and functionality to be preserved. The money is sent to a PayPal address in the current system.

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Java To Android Porting

We are looking to develop/port small Android apps in each category of kids education/hearing test.

This sample/original application is available in Java for mobile phones like Nokia/LG/Motorola.

Our project will require you to take existing Java app and port into a single downloadable app from Android market.

We estimate that 80% of script/code will not be changed but extensive knowledge of sound player is required (control which mp3 is being played ).

The process must be as follows: Port of screens, pictures (3), sounds (3), layout for approval – develop a TEST version, adjust errors & glitches, complete, Submit to Adndroid market for approval.

Assistance with paperwork submission will also be a part of this project.

—– Milestone payments will be set up for this project —–

There are 2 more Applications that are in need of development, some concept but little more complex ( for Android tabless and iPhone and iPad ).

We are looking to build a LONG AND HEALTHY business relationship with a company/developer that can deliver A HIGH QUALITY product.

More details will be provided in PM.

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Port An Android App To IPhone – Simple App~


I will send Android APK file via pmb.


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Port SNES Emulator To Android

Port a Super Nintendo Emulator to Android. Refer SNesoid (SNES Emulator) in the Android Market. Need two versions of it:

1. Free Version – Cannot save game progress.
2. Full Version – Can save and load game progress.
3. Must be compatible with ROM Gripper.
4. Should be able to load ROMs from SDCard.

PM with:
1. Relevant Experience
2. Name of the open source implementation you will be porting

* Should have good ratings on Freelancer
* Should have done similar projects previously, no first hands please

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Need Porting IPhone App To Android

Need a quick port of an app ( from iOS to Android platform. Its a simple database app with some search features. Involves parsing some XML.
We have the original source code (iOS) if need be.

Please review the screenshots of the app to be ported:

1) Experienced programmer with experience in both iOS (ObjC) and Android (java) platforms
2) Excellent communication
3) Fast turn around is very important as we have competitors.

Require NDA and full source code at completion of project.

When to start: ASAP

Please carefully review the iOS app we intend to port to the Android platform:
Are you able to port the features of the above app to Android?

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Port Simple App From Android To IPhone And Blackberry

I have a simple app to read QR codes leveraging zxing code and a UI. Need to be port it to iPhone (must be able to work in 3G/3GS/4G) and Blackberry. I will provide details when you respond with your previous emperience on apps on iPhone and Blackberry

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Convert SIP Capture To Database Entries

Convert SIP capture to database entries

You will start with some large (100MB-500MB) "pcap" capture files as generated by Ethereal or Wireshark, which include only SIP messages with SDP. The final goal is a database table that contains one entry per SIP message, with the essential fields inserted into the DB (source IP/port, destination IP/port, From, To, Call-Id,SDP etc). I want this so that I can perform SQL queries and gather statistics from captures off my switch.

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Port A Nuke Theme To PHPbb 3.08

I have an old nuke theme that is free under the GPL , however its made for nuke and i want it ported to phpbb 3.08

i have all the files for the nuke theme and even matching forum so the port shouldnt be to difficult. the main aspect is the header body and footer that needs to be done. all the files are provided just need to port and modify to make it work.
i lack the technical skills to complete this project. the original author has gone missing and attempts to reach him have failed. so i am looking for someone who knows a great deal of phpbb styling system who could port this.

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Fixing Cantata IMG 1010

We need someone to fix the problem we faced with our Cantata IMG 1010 described below :

Cantata IMG 1010
Type IMG
Hardware Name IMG 1010
Interface Ethernet
Version Number 10.3.3
Operating System Linux
Serial Number 10304645 / P-N: 68-8608-04

E1 No : VIL0000314
Network Setup
From Switch port 8 to Cantata port CTRL 0
From Switch port 9 to Cantata port DATA 0
From Path panel port SD/15/8 to Cantata port SIGNAL/TIMING 0

Connection Type:
E1 SS7

Parameters for SS7:

Time Slot 0: synchronization
Time Slot 1: Signaling
Time Slot 2

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TCP Reverse Tunnel


Im looking for someone who can code some C# classes for me that provide the functionality of a TCP reverse tunnel.

Basically Im having a server machine A and a client machine B. The first step is that B establishes the tunnel connection with A and telling A on which port it should listen for connection requests that then will be routed through the tunnel to B.

For better understanding an example:
On machine A runs a process that listens on port 6000. Machine B has a process running that listens on port 5000. B connects to A at port 6000 and tells it that it should listen on port 6001. Processes on machine A can then connect to port 6001 and are tunneled through to port 5000 on machine B.

Please only bid if you have experience with this kind of networking stuff.

This is an urgent task, I need the solution for it within 1 day max. It shouldnt take someone experienced longer than a couple hours to create a set of classes that provide this kind of functionality.

Do not hesitate to contact me, if youve got any further questions.


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