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Trade Portal Like – Website Design

* Similar to
* An extra function – Tender/reverse system similar to freelancer .com.
* Face book like chat.(also, message history should be store in server, user can view it any time.)
* Should be clean a Layout.
* Flash knowledge is mandatory.
* Admin panels and website statistics.
* Freelancer should able to prepare the site contents in multi lingual theme (English,Chinese,Taiwanese,Malay,Korean). Strictly , no translation softwares.
* Communication should be excellent and we want freelancer to to available online with us , at least 1 hour a day.
* Freelancer should able to maintain the website for regular updates and corrections , with an yearly charge.

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Website / Portal

We are now in the process of developing a new website for The site needs an overhaul in response to the growing attention he is receiving in the media, and we need the services of a capable web developer to first re-do a comparably static website with the use of Flash and other engaging media devices. We will eventually need help developing a more interactive element involving online quizzes, questionnaires, and other sophisticated tools for the user to enjoy and require that this initial design can eventually accommodate those needs.

We would like the site to be clean and modern and be an information portal like webmd users can create their own personal profiles and track results of there activities.

Please see attached word document for full details.

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Family Website, Portal,

I am looking for a freelancer to build family portal with all the below features. I am looking for something similar to,,,
One paid registration only, then paid registrar invites family members to join their secure and private site (extra family password or authorisation code required). One family gets one private subdomain. Family members have individuals email/password. They can invite their friends (permission to view only!) to visit their family site, friends can come in after they type "invitation code".

I am looking at all features like family networking including:
– family photo albums,
– family history,
– family videos,
– notebook,
– recipes,
– calendar,
– events organizer,
– address book,
– chat,
– blogs,
– emails,

Website (homepage) needs to be integrated with payment options (paypal). There will be one off payment on registration only. No monthly or any other payments after then.

I want to see some samples before deciding.

I will have good and future relationship with the developer for future upgrades and development work on this and more projects.

I accept only serious bidders and programmers and i want complete site within 14 days and should support for small upgrades.

I need to know if it will be your own 100% genuine code or commercial or open source software, cms or whatever.

It needs to be easy to work on it for users and for admins.

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Website Development And Design

We are loooking for someone to develope website for calling cards selling. for example see this…….

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Development Of Financial Website

Develop a financial dynamic website

1:) Show live quotes from NSE and BSE
2:) User Can create their own protfolio
3:) Show stock quote ,if searched
4:) Stock market game (Like )
5:) Visitors can post comment on articles and also can vote.
6:)Top 5 gainers and looser
7:) Ample space for ads
8:) Blogs(will show on home page)

We can talk more about requirements in later stage.

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Website Development And Design

I am just about ready to start working with a web developer / designer to build a website for me. A lot of the basic design concepts have already been developed (logo, basic identify etc) but i will still need some support in this area. It will most likely need a custom HTML / Java front end but i would also like to use either WordPress, Drupal or DotNetNuke for some of the other functionality such as forums and groups. The site will need to integrate with a fairly simple SQL back end database which will also need to be configured.

The site is focused on active traders in global stock markets. The revenue model will be both adsense and other direct sponsored advertising. I need to work with a developer who has proven ability to build effective ad revenue generating sites and knows how to effectively integrate with Adsense.

I need a person who can act as my technology partner as i am keen to get the site up as quickly as possible but this means that a lot of other functionality will need to come on line once we have the basic site looking good and working. The site will initially not be complex but is likely to develop over various iterations as we develop the initial concepts.

My assessment is that it should be possible to do a lot of the basic structural work and development within 1 to 2 weeks for an experienced developer / designer. I will use this process to identify a few strong developers with whom i will share more information so you can adjust your quotes accordingly.

Obviously the site will need to be SEO which should also inform the design and build of the site.

Only those with feedback should apply.

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Website Development And Design

We are loooking for someone to develope website for calling cards selling. for example see this…….

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E-commerce Development From Design

E commerce site to be made from PSD. Should be pixel perfect. Either magento or custom cart. Wholesale and retail store level. Please only apply if you classify your self as an expert in magento.

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Dolphin Mods

Job Description

I require several custom modules to be developed for the Dolphin Platform.

These are interesting and exciting projects, but the developer must be very good. If you have little or no experience with Dolphin please do not tackle this as it is time sensitive and on a tight budget.

If you are interested then we will provide in greater detail the scope of each module.

Here is a brief synopsis;

A) A jobs search and posting module. A seeker and employer both can post, one seeks and one hires.

B) A business product/buyer/seller directory which will allow for a B2B and B2C search ability.

C) A classifieds module which will allow members to post their products/services/wares etc to all members

D) A website portal which will be based on the existing module but with a bit more detail such as contact info and the ability to add more URLs

E) Project Portal which will allow a member to post a job he wishes to complete and another to bid for the posting. They can contact each other via email, contact info can be either public or private.

All these will need to be installed using the standard Dolphin method and should not touch the core program.

There will also be other modules which will be needed on a regular basis as we move forward

The softwares intellectual property will belong to us.

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Phase 1 Of Website Dev

Phase 1 of website development $200

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PHP Simple Catalog Website Development And Basic Design

This is a PHP Simple Catalogue Website development and Basic Design, It is a very quick and simple project, it is just consist of Category and Products. There is no shopping cart integration or any other extra functions. It will only have request a quote option.

1. Back-end Administration with secure login.

a. add new user, delete user, reset password
b. add category, delete category edit category. ( Category name, category image,submit)
c. add product, edit product, delete product (Product Code, product name , product description , product image, submit)

2 Front End

a. a quick search function
b. a category page (with full list of categories with image or icon for each category)
c. product page (each category is a separate with full list of products with smaller image and product name so when they click on image it will take it to description and quote page.)
d. description and quote page( (Product Code, product name , product description , product image, contact details, )

Plus maybe some help installing.

That is all it is very simple project you may already have the script ready somewhere that is fine by me but I will need full script as I will need to use it on couple of other mirror site. I really need this very fast just bid if you think you can complete with in 3 days.

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Development – BUZZ_WEBSITE

We are looking for a developer to maintain and develop a web 2.0 look and feel interface for our website.

Developer is required to maintain store and store database, implement new technologies and follow work orders as per SLA.

The start date for the project will be January 1st 2011.

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Website Design And Development – Flash Sale / Group Buying

Seeking a developer to design and build a flash sale site. The site will function like, but has a

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Website Rework #2

Rework a site that I own that needs some development improvement

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E-Commerce Shop – Update Design + Development


I have an online shop that need work done to it, the job involves Editing OSCommerce and creating a plugin/mod so I can import XML feeds and map them into the correct categories easily!

Could you do this? It doesnt need to stay with OSCommerce.

I basically need this website completed professionally asap!

I would rather have someone do the whole lot design and Development, do you think you can do this? In total this is what I would need:

>1 Logo
>Home page design (re-design)
> Product Listing Page (re-design)
> Product Details page (re-design)
> 1 textual based page (re-design)


>Create a plugin so I can easily add new XML Feeds
>Have the plugin Tested
>Make everything run smoothly
>Add a facebook like button to all shoes
>add a wish list and a login system for the website

What is the best price you can do this for?

I can assure you if the website is completed and works well and looks good I can guarantee you I will give you a nice bonus at the end of the product completion.

I would like to make a long term partner I can work with regularly.

This gap needs to be filled.




The website is already live if you message me I will send you the link.

OSCommerce is already installed so basically just a mod which is easy to use will be fine for the importing of the XML feeds.

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Backend Functionality Design For My Website

I am looking for a freelancer who can design the backend functionality for one of our product selling websites.

The website will need to have an online store where customers can purchase the product and pay through paypal.

I also need a database at the backend for the admin where they can capture all information of the customer who is purchasing the product from the website. The website will need to carry a secure processing environment as this involves capturing credit card payments of the customer.

Also since there will be affiliates involved selling our products we also need a backend system to track the number of sales that the affiliates does per month and a portal for them to enter all the sales information. There should be also a facility to track the sales done by the affiliates along with the commission paid to the affiliates for the sales.

I do not have a big budget for this project. Please bid only if your a freelancer and can do this job for a small compensation. I am not looking for a big company to carry out my work. I have a timeline of 7 days to get this completed. If you can do this work completely please bid for my job.

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Classified Listing Portal

I want to build a site for classified listings.
Bids are required from the people who already have worked on the classified listing portals.

Send your work done and i will be happy to send you the details for the project which i wanted to be done.

* Nice Design and Development Required.
* Has to create mobile edition too
* 6 months free work maintenance required.

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Website Design And Joomla Template

We need a website designed and then a joomla template created. We will also require a couple of pages of content completed as well as the main front page.

It will require a front page and then a content page that can be replicated. There will be a 3rd page that will be a

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Flash Portal Website Development – Leaderboard/Points/Badges

I will accept readymade solutions with the features listed below…

You can also build on existing solutions like Avarcade or myarcadeblogpro.

I already have license for myarcadeblogpro (wordpress) and avscripts (avarcade).

ABSOLUTELY NO ADVANCE PAYMENTS – This just invites trouble.

Must also show me a portfolio of sites with the features listed below that you have built.

1. Template Layout to Style – I will do the actual design of the template. You need to do layout. However we need to keep it simple, so all i need to do is replace images to change design or something along those lines.

2. AJAX Sidebar Attached to Flash Games – This will have information about game, leaderboard, achievements and tournaments. Think Kongregate.

Tournament Like

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Needed Website Designers#2


Web Designer must successfully redesign our company website based on specific criteria

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Design Website Utilizing Joomla

Design Website utilizing Joomla
– Need to develop/create and utilize features of a new website with corporate theme utilizing Joomla.

– Ability to publish and set home page message

– Ability to create new pages from admin and ability to post the link on menu system. WYSWGT Editor

– Integrate design into Wiki Module for Joomla ( see:

– Additional Details will be sent via PM.

Work will have to be uploaded on our server during review process. I will work along the development phase. Graphics will be provided.

This work is subject to modification / additions.

This will be a work, with 4 reviews before final handout.

Payment terms will be escrow only in 3 payment phase. First payment will be released after serious work is started and some progress is seen. If you dont accept escrow payments, then dont bid.

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Daily Coupon / Deal Website Design And Development

We are looking for professional web developers as we are interested in buying a Groupon-like website. Would like the website to have all the functionality of Groupon. Would like to be able to use a demo of the website so that we may check the functionality prior to purchasing. Users receive an email; visit the site to buy the deal, the deal becomes valid once a certain number of deals are bought. Once the deal is valid, users

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Need Adsense Website


I need a adsense website that can get top ranked fast for some low ranked keywords that can earn atleast 10$/day, with a lot of room for improvement/expanding with minimum maintainence.
You will be making me a "Starter Website" that i can expand on my own to increase my desired revenue.

Before your work is done it will have to make atleast 10$/Day for 14 days.
I will pay you 50% of the income the first 4 weeks after we reach 10$/Day trough paypal transfer each sunday.

Some Requirements are:

* It must be legal
* All copyright belongs to me.
* Nothing that will get me banned from google adsense,adwords or any other site.
* Unique and not stolen content.
* Easy manageable by myself, so the site doesnt end up dead after a few weeks.

I will buy domain and hosting after your specifications.
I will provide adsense account.

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Photo Contest Website

The website is for an Annual Photo Contest.

We are looking for to create a functional website very similar to (photo voting contest).

Part 1: Contestant Registration and Submission

1) Contestant must be able to register and then can join contests by uploading a limited number of photos per contest.

2) Application Form must include a pull down menu for contest categories, fields for applicant information; allow multiple photo uploads, field for text descriptions, and fields for entry specifications.

3) All photos can be then administered to be displayed in the gallery home page with search filters based on category and final ranking (at the end of the contest).

Part 2: Photo Voting System

The second part of the project is a voting system for all photos selected from Phase One.

1) Selected Photos (10-40 photos) will be displayed in a user friendly format to be voted on.

2) This will include a thumbnail view all of all entries on a single page, and another page to showcase each individual entry with selected fields regarding the content/photo.

3) The a

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Website / Portal

Hello all,

I have a client who wants to build a website which is out of my skillset. Not to go into very specific details, the site must do the following in travels for example: a client wants to go from Paris to Rome and the website should look into the existing offers and select the best options according to what the client prioritized.

How do you propose to do it and what is the price you require for this project? Past experience in similar projects will be an advantage.

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Website Development (design Ready)

I would like to build a website for my company, the design is already done so it just needs to be built.
Only the first page requires very little flash, rest is static.
A few things we need:
1) A way for people to click and send us an inquiry that comes directly to my email
2) We have one section of the magazine that will need updating almost every week. Can you create a background program for us that will help us to easily update the information, etc?

I would like my website to be running as soon as possible, so the project is urgent please!


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City Portal

I will need to be built a city portal using php, jquery and Ajax functionalities.
Similar or clon of and functionalities in Admin side.
Portal will be multilingual and will include following functionalities:
Real estates list, with categories
Restaurants Guide with categories
Businesses and Services
Interactive google Maps
Weather gadget

Also possibility to have subdomains.

All URLs should be SE friendly, static pages with option to add metatags. All entries should be done multilingual. Generally SEO is very important.

Design and html implementation, partial static pages should be done in 20 days, and all other unfinished modules to be added later.
Admin side should be easy to manage. Do not use any free CMS like Joomla.

When bidding, please include "city" word in your bid. Bids arround 1500 and with portfolio will be considered

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Video Introduction For A Business Website


We are looking for a person capable of making a short (30 sec max) video explaining how our ad network works, how to use it, buying examples, customers comments, etc.

This MUST be a professional design and development. We wont accept "home made" looking videos.

Detailed information will be provided once the project is won.

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Website Portal For Buying And Selling Businesses

Required : A portal for buyers and sellers of businesses.

-Buyers or Sellers of businesses will have to log in and register an account in order to post a listing.
– there will be a search function for guests to select businesses by category and /or value amount.

Member can post message to sell/buy a business
– Admin has function to edit/approve/reject any posting
– Once admin approved a posting, it will automatically displayed on business for sales/wanted listing page

Guest can only see limited posting info
– Member can see more details
– Buyer and Seller must send PM in order to get contact
– Admn control the PM and can view all Contact request log

Admin Management
-Functions to control all members: add new/edit/delete account
– Functions to monitor/manage posting: edit/approve/reject post
– Functions to control contact request: view/approve/decline

-Registering as memeber is free of charge , but when the transaction is successful, a fee (%) is payable to the website. The challenge is to ensure that the members to do bypass the admin , and there must be a control function.

-Must also need to be able to maintain our customer database and send out newsletters on a regular basis to our customers.
-Back end control panel must be easy to use.

Please send in suggestions for the kind of software for this project; and also please send in samples of similar work done before.

A similar site ( althought the business model is different :, although we are looking for something better.

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Website Design

A simple website design and development. The website will contain information about our products.
The Products are categorized by country and region.

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