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Redesign Designer Portfolio

vizual is a small company specialized in graphic and webdesign projects.
The company is looking for some new ideas for a portfolio website.

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Static Web Banner Needed

I need a static web banner for established website. I am not sure what size I need nor sure on the exact color; however, I would like this bidding to be open to all graphic designers who have a portfolio for viewing.

If you do not have a portfolio of previous banner designs, please do not bid. It is absolutely imperative that you have a portfolio of banner design experience and the work to show for it.

This should be a simple project.

This is what I want:

1. static web banner for the top of my page. Not sure on height dimensions but I do want the banner to span the width web page and to flex under the most popular resolutions to fit the page properly.

2. the banner will be HTML compliant and pass W3C validation.

3. the banner will be compliant w/

4. The banner will contain text.

5. You must know how to incorporate the banner into the web page that it is intended for. I want you to demonstrate how the finished banner will look in the web page that it is intended for. [Home Page]

6. You only have to demonstrate how the banner looks in one page only. Afterwards, I will have the code and images and I will be able to incorporate it into my website.

once again, do not bid if you do not have a banner portfolio.


Good luck.

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Looking For Full Time Graphic Designer

We are currently taking about 3 or 4 projects a week that we need a full time graphic designer to complete. You must devote all your time to our projects as we need a turnaround time of 2-3 days. You must be very professional and be able to deliver outstanding results. You must have a portfolio of fantastic work that showcases various elements and styles. You must have amazing communication skills and be available atleast 12 hours a day through MSN, telephone/skype etc.The main projects we will be providing include:
-Brochure design
-Logo design
-Business card design
-Letter heads
-All stationary designs

Please propose what you expect as a monthly salary and provide a comprehensive portfolio of your work. We may give you on a project to test your capabilities and dependency.

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Design A Pamphlet For Camera Accessory Product

To design a pamphlet in A4 size (can also be two A5) for a camera accessory product. Output files include ai, jpg and pdf. We will provide text, photos of product and necessary stock photo/ customized photos upon request. You need to design the layout and do typesetting.

You must be:

1. An experienced graphic designer with solid portfolio;
2. Meticulous (no typo please);
3. Effective in communication;
4. Willing to give prompt response.

Please PM me your CV with portfolio (can be links to your works). Application without portfolio will be automatically discarded.

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Web Designer For Regular Work

I am looking for a High Quality Web Designer to work on regular basis for us. Please see the specifications below:

1. Must have very good designing skills with html, Photoshop, flash etc.
2. Must be detail oriented and able to follow instructions/specifications for the web design.
3. Should be available for work on regular basis.
4. Should be able to deliver results on time.

Bid amount: 50$.
Please include portfolio of you best works (If you have an online portfolio, please include that in your PM), your key expertise areas and your IM so that we may reach you if we are interested.


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Talented Web/Graphics Designers

Searching For talented designers with killer portfolio … please bid so i can give you more details.

Please dont bid if you dont have a portfolio.

Long term relationship with the selected bidder is the goal of this project.

Good Luck!

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PHP Website Development

I would like an experienced PHP designer to design some modules for my website using MySQL database. Would require him to provide me full documentation for the coding done. Contact only with portfolio. Payment will be made on a per module basis. Total 6-7 modules. Max 20$/module. The bids can be made after portfolio, reference checks and discussions on the nature of the job work.

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My Flash Portfolio Finish Up And Tweaking

Hello freelancers
i am building my own flashportfolio for month now but dont have enough time to finish it

your task will be
– to finish some navigation
– tweaking button effects
– adding content i will provide
– adding a really small CMS to edit the content
– tweak it to working in fullscreen mode
– adding a flash gallery i bought

i already did the design and some code work and its not a project from scratch, so i think that could be done quickly
you are welcome !

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Small Web Site For My Writing Portfolio — No Flash!

I need a small web site designed for my freelance writing work. The site would need:

1) a simple, clear and well-designed home page and
2) a flip-book portfolio for my writing samples.

The flip-book portfolio must NOT use Flash, but it should use JQuery and jPageFlip or something similar. I would prefer a Mac user with Adobe CS experience.


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Business Portfolio Website

Business website required, the emphasis on sleek design in a portfolio style. A logo and picture will be provided for integration into the design, there is flexibilty to change these to suit the overall site. A CMS must be included. Content will be limited to 1-5 pages only.

Below is an example of the type of quality required.

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Flash Website Customization

We are planning to purchase a flash template on

We are looking for a freelancer who can help us to customize it:

1. Change the logo
2. Add some pages
3. Add some texts and images
4. Explains us how to manage the website (using a Mac or PC)

You need to be an expert. Please provide us with a full portfolio of what you have developed so far.

Budget & Milestone
10% when DNA is signed
100% when full website is delivered.

You need to demonstrate a strong customer-satisfaction oriented skill. We are very serious and we know what we want. You need to deliver rapidly.

Bid and please send us a message with your flash portfolio so we can verify your skills.

Thanks for your attention.

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Simple Portfolio Website

Am interested in getting a quote for a basic portfolio site with a homepage and 2 internal page templates.

i can attach jpegs of the PSD files for each. If you are interested, Id love to know how much and how long this project will take?

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New Website Project

Ive a new website project I want to source out to an established company or very talented individual. I am looking for another company to partner with, so perhaps an opportunity to show me what your company is capable of for more projects?

This project is not a difficult one, however I expect HIGH standards of UI / coding and a UI that converts, your work will be checked for quality and I will expect this project to be done on time and on budget. The site will be for a new mobile app development company, therefore UI needs to be of high calibre, if you dont have a strong portfolio do not apply, I may also seek references. The following applies

– Communication / planning / execution and completion are important
– English needs to be of good standard
– Only companies or talented individuals with a proven track record and at least 5 freelancer feedbacks
– Technical documentation will need to be completed and scope mapped out before commencing work on this project
– MAXIMUM Budget is less than $500 USD
– NO UPFRONT PAYMENTS – payment on signoff
– Mockups to be done until the UI is right
– Companies experienced in designing strong converting sites will be given preference
– Companies based in China will be given preference

The site will consist of the following;

– Home page
– Services area
– iphone dev
– ipad dev
– android dev
– BB dev
– Portfolio page (AJAX display for the mobile app portfolio)
– Company info
– News
– Contact page

The site should be developed in PHP/MySQL, Im not keen on using a Open Source CMS, however will consider using a Custom CMS your company may have pre-developed…… A new company logo will need to be designed to

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Stock Portfolio For Joomla

We need a stock portfolio manager for a joomla website.

The PHP stock portfolio manager should allow a user to add, modify and delete stocks from a portfolio. Stock quotes should be sourced form Yahoo Finance.

The user should be able to edit his portfolio (Add/Edit stocks) and the portfolio manager should be able to to retrieve the stock value, and tabulate the total value of individual shares, total value of the portfolio, Total Gains/losses etc..

If further info is needed please do post a message.

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WordPress Theme Customization

Hello everybody,

I currently have a WordPress website that is running on Genesis. I have a default theme (Lifestyle child theme) running on this framework and I need a freelancer to customize the layout for me. I also require that you design an attractive and suitable logo for the website. I would like that you include your portfolio when contacting me. No portfolio = No job.

This is an easy job, also concidering the fact that it is running already on Genesis.

Place your bids.

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Add Popup To Existing Flash Template

We would like to make a small ammendment to an existing flash portfolio template we purchased for a resource website. Currently the template allows the user to paste images into placeholders and scroll horizontally to show the entire portfolio. However when the user clicks on the placeholder we would like to show the full piece of work in a javascript pop-up style within teh same browser window.

The placeholders restrict portfolio images to a set dimension and so you cannot fully see the owners work.

To get a better idea please visit her website at

She has alot more work to put on there which we can do without problem, its just she wants visitors to see her full workpiece when they click on the placeholders.

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Investment & Portfolio Management

Hi, refer to attachment for assignment. Will need it for next Thursday (10th March).

Look forward for you bid and a brief description for your experience in the subject.

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Resume/ Letter Of Interest/Portfolio

I am currently working on two things and hoping to have one person work on both for me. I need my resume updated for a particular job/ and a letter of interest attached- first off

Secondly, (my passion) I am working on my own personal website. So I need my skills, work experience, and education turned into a portfolio to include years of services in each area of expertise. Its basically going to be my bio for the company to describe the experience I would bring to their team.

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Do My PHP Programming Homework

Create a stock portfolio manager using PHP. The PHP stock
portfolio manager should allow a user to add, modify and delete stocks from a portfolio. When
a user adds a stock record, the stock tick and number of shares should be collected. The
information should be added to a file with the date and time the stocks were added. On the
same page or a separate page, a program should read the file, make the appropriate calls to
Yahoo Finance to retrieve the stock value, and tabulate the total value of those shares (multiply
the number of shares by the current stock value). Additionally, a total value of the portfolio
should be shown to the user. The user should also be able to modify the number of shares or
delete any stock record from the portfolio. The following statement will retrieve the relevant
information from Yahoo Finance:
$open = fopen("$stock&f=
sl1d1t1c1ohgv&e=.csv", "r");
The use of sessions or persistent memory is optional for this part of the assignment. However,
you are welcome to use PHP sessions for this assignment as well.
Grading Rubric

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Website Design WordPress Designers Fast Turnaround

Good day everyone,
Project Requirements

Hello Im looking to work with a small team daily who can manage my work flow.

Per project Basis of $100.00, This would be to design and code WordPress website.

You the developers would

1. Read design questionnaire
2. Provide Mock up of design for the client ( quality)
3. Provide revisions
4. Code the website on wordpress


You must be available daily through skype
Please let me see your portfolio thanks.

What is your turn around time on Designing a mockup?
What is your turn around time on converting design to wordpress?
Do you know how to manage wordpress plugins and etc?
Where is your portfolio?
Do you work by your self or with a team?
How man projects can you manage at once?
Do you know flash?
Do you know magento?
Do you know php, login logout user management systems?

What are other technologies you know?
Do you speak clear english?
Do you have magic jack?

If you have any questions let me know thanks.

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Artist Portfolio PORTAL

Only PHP and MYsql… NO CMS.

We are looking for an portfolio webstie similar to . The site is different in theirs and offers something completly different. . I need complete coding that is "bug free," simple for the bidder to use, easy for the administrators to track information and change things, and just full of pure QUALITY.

Although we have all the designs from home page to the control panel designed, you need a real eye for detail as you will modify our psds where there are minor faults. Your primary role will be coding the site whilst any major design issues will rest in our hands. THE DESIGN EYE is extremly important on this one. If you dont understand how to work Photoshop and other design Software, PLease Dont apply, I have over 8 years in design therefore will be unhappy with cheap looking graphics from peoples portfolios.

Please look at the site example and analyze its functionality and provide me with info on:

What program language is used to develop it ..and whether you have done anything as complex as this.

I have a total of less thatn 50 PSDs of the site which includes the front end, Control panels for members and a backend for site admins.

I would only work with people who have experience on these types of projects, please provide ONLY 5 LINKS and your portfolio link. Anymore I wont take a look at your works.

I dont mind where you are based as long as you can complete the project to my specs, I have another project after this which I will be more than happy to comission to the winner should they satisfy the requirements.

I will give a full explanation of the project before we commit so you have an idea of my expectations.

For questions please message me so we can discuss further.


To prove you have read this please respond with a : (NOSPAM) at the beginning of your message. Otherwise I will remove you. If you have applied to this on elance PLease dont apply here. I will remove your bid. If you feel you would like to charge me more than the amounts listed please dont bid. Everytime you bid, Please message me also.

Thank you.

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Portfolio Website

This project is for gfsoul, we have worked together in the past and Id like him to work on this project for me.

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Translate English To Italian.

This project is to translate a English Manual into Italian.

There are 9800 words in this Manual.

We are looking for someone who is an accomplished technical author / translator and that can provide a portfolio to demonstrate their writing skills.

Only Native speakers.

Send PM with the explanations of your BID, time for delivery.

Please reply with a portfolio and your CV.

Best Regards

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WordPress Theme, Config

We need to configure an installed WordPress Theme. Well provide graphics to be included in the Portfolio section and the content is being written. You can use Lorem Ipsum for now.

Pretty easy and straight forward and shouldnt take no more than a day to accomplish.

This is the theme we bought There is video on how to configure everything.

These are the pages we like to have: Home,Services,Portfolio,Pricing,Contact Us, About Us

There will be a Blog section which wont be visible and enabled for now, well add content and enable it later.

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Photography Web Site

Seeking a designer for a simple, modern photography portfolio website. The site shall showcase a selection of classified images with titles, contact details and so on. If possible, this would be delivered with instructions on replacing/adding images as the portfolio develops with a view to redesigning on a larger scale should it prove successful. There are a number of example designs in mind while also open to suggestions.

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