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Google Local Places Expert

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I have a Google Local places listing that I need to show up from letter A-D.
I have already started working on many local search engines and updated most of the information along with reviews.
At this time I need a professional to help me proceed and get the A-D results for a specific region in which the business is located. This is for google local results.This can be a monthly membership as long as the listing stays in its A-D spot. I will open up an escrow and will release it once the site is showing on the first page of google maps/google places for that specific term. HAPPY BIDDING


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Google Local Places Seo

I need to get into the top 3-4 of google/yahoo/bing local results for 5-6 keywords. I already am paying someone to bring me into the top ten for organic jewelry and diamond related searches; I need someone for local results. This should be done quickly and efficiently. Please bid only if you have experience. I need to be in the top 3-4 for the following words diamonds, jewelers, jewelry, diamonds houston, engagement rings houston, diamond jewelry. I must stay on the top 3-4 for 30 days for payment.

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I am interested in google local search on google maps. This needs to be done for 3 websites. 2 of them that sell moving supplies, and one that provides moving service. All 3 websites have very good SEO rankings, but local search is the only thing I am missing. Pleas provide the bid, as well as a plan on what you will be doing, and how you think this will benefit the local google search/google maps.


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Global Positioning System

I need to have a GPS made in C# using Google maps for pakistan.

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Google Local Business Results

I want to have my photography business appear at the top of local business search results for two search terms.

My website is currently number 4 on the normal results for one of the search terms.

These two terms are,

chester photography
photographers in chester

Please message me stating how much you charge, what the plan of action will be and how long it will take. Also if you could provide previous examples of SEO work you have done will be a BIG advantage.

Only white hat techniques will be permitted

The best offer with quality of service ratio will be picked.

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Google PR, Positioning And Alexa Rank / SEO

We are a recently launched niche job portal however our URL is almost 8 years old. We have already invested significantly in our URL, infrastructure and design. We now wish to improve:

1. Google Page Rank;
2. Google Position (for a variety of highly competitive keywords / phrases); and
3. Alexa ranking (the key demographics / audience must show as being from high GDP / western countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia).

We wish to work with individuals with a proven track record, who speak excellent English. Politeness, courtesy and timely results are critical.

Our websites target audience is English speaking executives / professionals / managers from high GDP / western countries.

YOU are the professional therefore when you bid please ensure you provide us with an overview of the techniques used and suggested timeframe. Please inform us of the results we will see.

We will not accept black hat or grey hat methods; only white hat methods will be accepted. Google guidelines must be followed at all times. Bear in mind, if you manage to achieve our desired results in an ethical manner we will use you for subsequent projects, with a long-term vision.

If you are going to use link building techniques all links must be included within the weekly report. All links must be permanent and from relevant, high PR (3+), English sites. Should for whatever reason we wish for a link to be removed, you must be able to ensure you are able to do this.

Google Page Rank (PR):
We do not currently have a Google PR. We wish for this to be increased. Please inform us what you propose can be achieved.

Google Position:
Currently we have three two word phrases, which we wish to ensure we are in at least the top 3 google results (ideally number 1). For one of the phrases we hover between 10

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Local Link Building

Looking for someone to help me with seo. Need link building and local result building on google maps.

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Google Local / Places, By The Maps

I get 5+ customers a week that need to be on google map. I will pay per client that is in the top 5 positions. PM me you r experience

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In a few words, I need my local listings to be #1 in MANY KEYWORDS. This will be obtained by backlinking the different urls for their respective keywords. PREFERABLY with sites that are related to the keywords. But, I also want many backlinks in sheer numbers. So if many links have to be placed on some "associate sites", that will do (for hundreds of links). Like I said, I would like many many of them to be related. This will make sure that related keywords would return #1 listing for local google listing.

I already have established local listings that get a lot of traffic but I need to be #1 with no competition. I have dominated some keywords like this. I need this for many keywords.

You need to also have an understanding for facebook, twitter, etc. I would like these sites to be major backlinking campaigns by themselves. I would like these to feed to my website also.

If a staff can write unique technical articles for me, SEO them, place them in my website, facebook, any other place it would be an advantage, I will pay for quality time and effort.

I am looing for a long term relationship. I currently have another project for web design for my website alone (STILL AWAITING RESPONSE FROM THEM). So you may work with them, or possibly do everything. QUALITY AND FAST PLEASE.

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Google Local Listing / Reviews To Write


I have 3 google (Ads) listing,on Google local business .
i need someone to post good reviews on each listing and to give it 5 starts( each review is under different gmail users of course ) and to do it in a period of time of 3 weeks OR 4 listing a day per location ( i cant have 10 reviews in 1 day ).

I need on each listing 10 reviews , that means 10 reviews X 3 listing.

the text for the review HAVE to be different between one to another as the gmail user name (if u can do different ip it will be great !)
the text should be short and to the point, its for locksmith service , Exp: "the locksmith service was great, thank you". OR "thanks for the fast locksmith, he got me to the house fast"

Reviews must be written in fluent american english so they look real. I will not pay for reviews that are do not look real!

NOTE: If you have a way to get the listing up to be the first, u will have Advantage !!!

Good Luck

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Template For SEO Of Google Local Maps Website

I am looking for a website design template (simple one-page) that will allow me to sell my SEO for Google Local maps.

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Google Local Maps Listing

I am a business owner that works in the computer repair field here in Las Vegas,Nevada Usa and i want to rank high on the front page of the google local maps listing, Yahoo local maps and Bing local maps. I need an expert to submit the listings and then maintain the ranking over time. This is an on going project with clients being added with result of a high ranking listings (page one)

keywords to a certain extent i belive would be las vegas computer repair, computer repair las vegas, onsite computer repair and so forth..currently the websties i run are and

Please contact me with any questions.

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