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Website Design Project

I need somebody who is extremely skilled with web coding, java, html, CSS to design a site for me that will contain a blog/webstore/gallery and a possibly a forums. I have a very specific way I want the website to look, so please do not apply to this job if their is a chance you will not be able to do it. Also I prefer the freelancer to speak english and possibly have a college degree in something computer related, but that is not a requirement

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Website Update

Id like to make some minor changes to my website in order to more look like the website: a couple of ideas I have are:

1. possibly removing logo and instead type name in "Red Stone Title & Abstract, LLC"
2. Change to a deep red border at the top, like Blackwoods black border.
3. Add a thin gray border to very top
4. Take "red stone title" out under the quote "Protect Insure Defend" quote
4. Match fonts better
5. Possibly update quotes
6. Fix keywords on all pages.
7. Add 3 years to experiences of Team.
8. Take out "USA" from all address references
9. Add links to "Privacy Policy" and "Terms and Conditions" at the bottom.

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Classified Site And Just A Bit More

I am looking to launch a site that incorporates classifieds, including auto sales, personals, etc. IT will also have a local business section, robust real estate sales and rentals, and possibly a discussion board section.

There area a lot of extras I am interested in – such as auto notify. I am curious about eCommerce options as well.

My main question is scalability. I am looking for a solution that can be launched across countries and continents, I will need to allow people to post an ad only in one city…or possibly 5…or across countries.

Please contact me to discuss any solutions that can meet my needs

I will have other questions around social media plug ins and other options, but scalability is the key issue.

Thank you


Multi city

Social media

Spam filters


You can either decide to build this from scratch or work with a pre-made system, we are flexible. One to check out;

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Daily Deal Webpage Issues

I currently have a Deal of the Day type website up. That still has a few issues. I need someone who can quickly get the functionality bugs out. Must be able to Look at previous coding and make necessary changes to improve it. also possibly looking to migrate my page to a dedicated server, and possibly need server support

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IPhone/iPad Photo App Developer Needed

I will be willing to provide more details to the winning bidder and can increase pay up to 20% based on these newly explained requirements. The pay range should be between $250 and $500.

I need a developer to make an iPhone app that is a simple camera app where users can take pictures and are filed by location, date and time. This app will be marketed towards a specific demographic within the US..

The developer should consider the following before bidding

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49 Articles By March 1st.

We need 49 original content articles (copyscape-free) about 49 states, excluding Alabama. The Alabama article is already written up and I am attaching it to this project as an example, so that you can see what exactly is required. The articles structure should be very similar, if not identical — intro, climate, geography, agriculture.

The articles can cover topography, terrain zones, water resources, climate zones, review of agricultural activities and farming (required), and, possibly, hunting and fishing resources. You can use Wikipedia or other sites to research geography and climate, and possibly some other sites for farming/agriculture.

Time frame: need all 49 articles by March 1st. Delivered in batches of 10.
Word count: 700 words minimum

Create a sample article on any state and attach to your bid. The winner will be chosen based on the sample.

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PHP/MySQL – Create Membership Section, Family Tree, Etc.

1. Create a Member section for an existing static website. This will require a registration form, login form and a member page where they can update their profile. This will need to be database-driven (MySQL).

2. Create a Family Tree Builder tied to the member account that will require a secure payment (possibly PayPal) to create and maintain this feature.

3. Create a "Hire Me" page used for scheduling a consultation. This will require a form, a calendar and a secure payment (possibly PayPal) to reserve a date.

4. Create a page to purchase a book through a simple secure payment (possibly PayPal).

If this works out, there will be more contract work available in the future.

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Twitter Followers Provider ( Possibly Long Term! )

Need a reliable twitter followers provider.

Only WHITE HAT methods, no methods should be used if theyre banned from twitter.

List your rate and delivery time per 1k twitter followers.

Also provide 3 recent twitter accounts that you promoted within the month of November.

Advantage will be given to providers who can provide targeted followers and/or without need to login info.

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Article Writing, Possibly For Long Term Project, Need ASAP


I am looking for an article writer, possibly for a long term project. Good grammar and spelling is a must, preferably someone who speaks native English. I need someone who is able to finish at least 5 articles a day. I need one who can work ASAP, and can write about any topic.

Articles must be unique and pass copyscape premium. All rights to the articles submitted will become mine. I will pay $1.20 per article of 500+ words. This will increase if quality is continuously good. Please bid $30, for 25 articles.

I prefer to pay via GAF or paypal. Articles not up to par will be rejected.

Please attach previous work done, or include a link of your work.

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Need Writer | Possibly Long Term | $5 Per Article

I will be needing 6 articles (400 words each) and I will be paying $5 per article. The topic for the articles is health related and if they meet standards you will have a lot more work in the future (the topics will vary). I will provide the keywords…

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Vector Graphic Creation Simple From Photos.

We are looking for someone to create us some cartoony vector images of some real life plants.
we will supply the photos of the plants and we need someone to create the digital "cartoon" versions.

We are going to use these in a facebook app possibly, so if winner thinks that they should be designed in flash this maybe ok, but we would like to be able to remove/add flowers etc so the plant has several moveable parts.

Possibly 3 versions of each plant at different stages of growth.

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Two Photography Websites

Im in the startup phase of building my photography business, which is funded by my pocket, so lets start by saying that I have an idea of what it will cost and Im willing to fund it appropriately – but I am getting a few quotes to see who has the best ideas and delivers the best value.

I currently have two websites that live on, they are (photography teaching) and (wildlife photography and photo tours).

These sites need some serious help. As blogs, they work ok. But they are seriously lacking in other functionality, and Im not sure that its even within the realm of what the SquareSpace platform offers. As such, Im willing to stay on SquareSpace or to move to something that works better.

Heres the functionality Im looking for in both sites:

– Can easily be maintained and updated by me – a non-coder who hopes to stay that way.
– Has a robust blog with nearly infinite storage. The blog will include images that are not necessarily in the public gallery.
– has very attractive public photo galleries and slideshows (easily updated by me and possibly more than one on each site for different subject matter), which allows users to…
– buy prints (several sizes, with different prices for each size, paper type and possibly matting and framing) and …
– buy digital downloads with use-specific licenses (commercial, editorial, web, print journalism, etc) and …
– buy a packet of screen saver / desktop images for PC, iPhone, Ipod, iPad, and …
– buy e-books in PDF format
– is friendly to both SEO and iPod / iPhone / iPad (i.e., not a flash site)
– Has a public calendar that shows upcoming events (possibly Google Calendar) like classes, workshops and tours
– Allows users to reserve and pay for a space in events (possibly using something like or
– Can support advertising when I get to the monetizing phase.

I also have a (nearly dormant) website at, which was the former home of all of my photography functions. I split it into two better targeted websites for marketing reasons.

This site lives on Zenfolio ( which while lacking in many other areas, has a very good image and digital download function. It could be incorporated into whatever the new designs are. But Zenfolio and similar sites like Smugmug and Photoshelter all share SERIOUS weakness – theyre flash based, and of course, that has implications for both SEO and Apple devices that I dont think I can live with.

Im not currently planning a new website at, but Im including that information in case its useful in developing the other two sites.

Please be sure to include in your response what kind of ongoing support you offer and references and/or examples of photographers websites youve designed.

Thanks for taking time to read this.

Charlie MacPherson

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Facebook Group Joiner/inviter


I am looking for a program to login to accounts, then join the group i specify "maybe support multiple" but also invite all friends to it aswell.

Also possibly using the facebook emailer to invite users aswell.

And if possibly add a group creator aswell?

I need this to support proxies,threads, etc. "No PHP please!"

I might request more then I have posted so more money needed is ok.

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Web Payment Then Forward To Counselling Session

Its a simple issue. I need to be able to collect a credit card payment, then forward someone to an online counselling session. They may or may not also be on the telephone with us. We will need to show them online instructional materials and possibly push some files to them for download. The main issue is getting their payment, and calculating how long theyre online with us. Its usually 1/2 hour increments.

Id like to host this on a web server and have clients forwarded to workstations at our office or possibly a remote location for off-hours.

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MUWP Batch Photo Gallery Install And Payment Process.

Install batch processing/uploading software to multi-user word press websites sites.possibly add payment processing software. Possibly simple design work. Take it one step at a time. If we can find a good resource, we will use this person repeatedly. (we have not had success with vendors).

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FIx Database!!

Hey guys I am hosting a few websites with Bluehost. Over the past few weeks I have been noticing hangs in my site and returning an error that states there is a hiccup on my server, or cant connect to database. I checked the throttling logs and it seems I am being throttled quite a bit. They suggested that I fix the database, unfortunately im not quite sure how to do that. I repaired them in the MYSQL Database, but it didnt seem to help to much.

I am looking for someone who can perform the repairs I need and possibly serve advice for optimizing my databases completely. This is a problem for me as I have been getting alot of traffic lately and I hate my visitors are having to possibly get errors on their first attempt to visit my site.

Thanks In Advance I look forward to a reply.

The website is

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Customization To PHPWeby And Possibly WPMU/b2e

I would like to integrate phpweby ( with multi user/website builder (such as WPMU).

The idea is a web directory with 2 types of users:
1) customers signs up and automatically received updates/newsletter from site
2) businesses signs up and is allocated their own mini/micro sites like WPMU/b2e – but not in blog style.

ps. extension to the CB – community builder or SOBI2 in joomla seem good, or WPMU or B2E

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I Need A Puzzle Game Programmed For Android,Iphone/Ipad


I would like to have a puzzle game programmed to be released for the Ipad and possibly also Iphone and Android market place. The game is a variant of chinese checkers. All functionality on how the game should work is decided and would be easy to implement for programmer with relevant knowledge in this type of game design.

2-D game screen, very simple graphics,(Look at chinese checkers on computers from late 80s, only with a modern and more slick design) but obviously the better looking game, the more appealing for buyers, but playability is the keyword here. Should be made with possibility to select from 2-4 players playing on one device, where 0-3 should be possibly to select as computer player. I.e you can play alone against 1-3 computer players, or against 1-3 friends on one machine.
Also if possible, to play over a server or a game room against friends or random opponents, with the same amounts of players as specified above, would be nice, but unsure how complicated it is to implement on Ipad/phone or Android devices to work flawless.

The only variants I can see in how to complete this project,again determining the final cost, is:

– Network play yes or no
– Ipad only version
– Ipad and Iphone version
– Ipad/Phone and android versions.

For programmer with ideas/knowledge in how successfull the game could possibly be in the relevant market places, once the complete spec/functionality has been presented, there will be an opportunity to share developer cost (I.e low developer cost for me) against sharing of possible future income.

For the right person, that possibly can break down simple, already implemented MS-Dos code, and easily port AI from similar, old programs to this project, this should be a straightforward and simple job once all information about the project is revealed.

All serious developers are welcome.

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Game Development – IPhone/iPad (Possibly Android)

Im reposting this with some more specifics.

I will need a developer(s) who can create start to finish a 2d tower defense type of game for the iPhone/iPad/ (and maybe Android). Will require unit movement, particle effects, some math algorithims and probability that will be linked with gameplay.

Game will be landscape and have minor active zoom. There will be 2-3 game modes. There will be about 5 maps with varying differences in the amount of waves, one of which will be endless. There will be multitouch and multiplay only for high scores.

Think fieldrunners, think geodefense, but by no means assume the same. Thanks and happy bidding.

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OSCommerce Modifications – Minor Additions & Tweaks

I need the Product description field to be changed to WYSIWYG, possibly using the TinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML addon……

I also need a Froogle Feed Generator…..I attempted to have one added, but it does not work…possibly just some minor fixes.

I do not have much to spend on this, but these appears to be 2 fairly easy request.

I am using an OSCOmmerce system on the website.

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Generate XML Feed From MySQL Database

Hello Freelancers!

I have the following project for you:

For an real-estate agency we need to generate an xml feed from an existing database. The XML feed is included as a file.

All texts are in dutch, so possibly you will need some translation, but we will look at is, as we go on. Most of the fields are already definded in the database, but possibly some fiels in the database need to be split up; example, the database stores the adress including housenumber, but the mxl feed has to split the two.

I will look forward to your biddings. For questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.



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Autoblog Set Up

I need an autoblog set up on a WordPress format. Need someone who is experienced in designing such sites.

Need for them to pick a theme that allows for adsense & affiliate offers to be placed in columns. Need nice header, and feeds formatted to constantly feed the content. Would possibly like to set up categories. The autoblog will be NASCAR related. Would like to possibly add individual team & driver news. Do not want a black background. White or light colored background.

will also need for winning bid to transfer site to my hosting for me (hostgator).

Please submit samples of previous work with bid.

Thanks for the interest

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2 Web Pages Template Design Needed

The site will consist of a couple of dozen of pages –

each page will contain 2 paragraphs of text on average, an image or two (images dont carry functional value – just for illustrative/entertainment purposes) and advertising elements.


See the mockup here:

As far as advertising elements go, they will be mostly text-based (i.e. Google AdSense) and consist of a (1) leaderboard on the top, (2) a small skyscraper on the right, (3) possibly a small rectangle within text and, (4) possibly, a banner on the bottom. Refer to the mockup for an example.

The design should invoke book/print feel, but I dont want the design image-heavy – I prefer something light and clear.


The front page – text-based sitename/address and a "table of contents" below. The table of contents should also resemble the book design somewhat. The pages/topics will be divided into 2-3 chapters.

If you have experience in doing light/clear designs, that would be preferred.

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Make Major Money – Up To Hundreds A Day!

Hello and welcome bidders!

I would like to offer you the project of a lifetime. All that is required is some sort of IP changing software, an internet connection, and email addresses.

You will be completing quick free signups as referrals under me. The more you can do daily, the higher your commission. I pay good incentives. I even have frequent contests where you could earn various entertainment items for your hard work!

If youre interested in daily work at possibly hundreds of dollars a day, please contact me. Even if you can only do 50 signups a day, still contact me. You will have work. Im in need of as many signups as I can possibly get.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!
Branden Guess

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